(514-09-16) The Lady and the Hawke
Summary: Lydia competes in the second round of the tournament and scores a surprising victory.
Date: 09-16-514
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Round two of the falconry event sees Lydia a touch more confident, but still not entirely so of victory. Once again she finds herself standing at the start point of the sprawl from which they will release the prey, and Lilith remains hooded while she waits for the appearance of her next opponent.

And then her opposition arrives. A tall man with blonde hair, easily in his forties. On his shoulder, he carries a red-tailed hawk, the man offering a smile. "Good evening, Lady Horton. I am Hauer of Tilsdale, and I have watched you with your hawk. You have much raw talent, and fortune has smiled upon you - hopefully, you will make a better showing than your brother did earlier." he comments as he removes the colorful hood from his hawk, the creature large and majestic - as he trains falcons for sale.

"Well met, Master Hauer. Thank you kindly for your compliment; I am quite new to the sport." Lydia confesses, noting, "Your hawk is beautiful. I hope, if I do not walk away victorious, I learn much from your demonstration."

Joachim makes a check for Hauer Falconry at 18, he rolled 19.

"Ah. A demonstration. I suppose I can go first then, Lady Horton." The trainer releases the hawk, sending it skywards. As the hare is flushed, the hawk dives, but the hare makes it into cover of a bramble bush, and the hawk claws and digs at, before it flies up, without it's target. "…well. That happens from time to time. Best of luck to you, Lady Horton."

Critical Success!
Lydia checked her falconry of 6, she rolled 6.

Lydia looks faintly surprised at the failure, and offers in sympathy, "It seems a difficult course. Surely I won't fare any better." She takes off Lilith's hood, and the moment she hears the cry of release, she lifts her wrist sharply. There's no hesitation on the merlin's part; she zeroes in on her prey without hesitation and mere moments from her time of release, she's dropping the hare at Lydia's feet and landing on her wrist before preening herself with a raptorish air of smugness. Look at what she did.

As his hawk returns to him, the trainer looks impressed with the young woman's abilities and perhaps, her luck. "You are blessed with a rare ability, m'lady." Hauer offers. "My congratulations." Hooding his hawk, he moves to leave the field as the marshall is signalling victory for the young Horton.

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