(514-09-16) Sarum Summer Falconry Round 2
Summary: Place for all falconry Round 2 rolls and log to go!
Date: September 16, 514
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It seems that the Horton luck has held through the first round. While they may not do well in social situations, it seems that in the tournament, they are all doing well. News of his sister's victory has brightened his mood - and at least noone has told him what happened afterwards yet. With his peregrine rested after the feast he had in the first round, Wilhelm is slightly concerned that the second round may go differently as he steps onto the plain, where the hunting dogs wait to flush quarry for the him and his opposition to chase.

It would seem his opponent for this match, is one Lord Floyd de Bellinger. He has a lovely goshawk on his arm, hooded, and yet showing signs of being rather excited to fly, constantly ruffling it's feathers, spreading it's wings to catch the wind. As he strides forwards, the older man offers a cheerful enough nod to the knight, "A good hunt to you, Sir." And then, with marshals signaling, it's time to let the dogs out to flush forth what prey they might find for the birds.

Wilhelm checked his falconry of 10, he rolled 14.

Releasing Chauncy, Wilhelm nods. "And to you as well, Lord Bellinger." the knight offers as he turns his attention to the graceful manner that his falcon travels in. Spotting flushed quarry, the peregrine dives down, but misses out on taking in the prey, returning to his master with empty talon.

Enfys makes a check for Floyd Average falconry at 15, she rolled 7.

Letting Wilhelm go first, Floyd takes his time, watching the way that Wilhelm's bird flies. There's a soft tsk given when the bird returns with empty talons. "A pity.." The man offers before letting his own bird go. It's not the dog that flushes out a rabbit, but one of the beaters who sends up a dove from the brush, the larger hawk diving down to catch it out of the air, carrying it back to the lord. Not the biggest of prey, but better than nothing! "You have a fine bird there, Sir Horton. If you ever decide to get rid of her…" The offer is made good naturedly before they might head back to Sarum.

Ah well, at least he made it out of the first round, and he will be able to cheer on his sister, at least. "Good show.. and no, he's a fine bird, I plan to keep him." Wilhelm offers as he moves to place the hood back on his falcon and watches the man head back to Sarum before he parts in another direction to put his falcon away for now.

Cyndeyrn checked his falconry of 10, he rolled 8.
Brynmor makes a check for Young Knight's Falconry at 13, he rolled 17.

After his victory over the long-bearded knight, Cyndeyrn seems to be matched against another youngster, who looks equally surprised to have gotten as far in the contest as he has! Once more, the huntsmen go out to flush some prey, and this time, the Dinton flies first. Sian continues in her best form, darting down to catch some flitting prey amidst the grasses and returning with some sort of vole. A goodly fat one, at least! His opponent, sadly, sees his own bird return empty handed, which seems to mark a second victory for Cyndeyrn, and leaving him among an increasingly elite and intimidating group of more experienced hawkers.

Letha checked her falconry of 10, she rolled a 12.
SirKay makes a check for Old Man Yates Falconry check at 18, he rolled a 10.

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