(514-09-16) Round 3 Falconry
Summary: Round 3 for Falconry!
Date: 9/16/514
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Lysanor makes a check for Cyndeyrn's Sir Getoff de Mylawn's Falconry at 18, she rolled 10.
Cyndeyrn checked his falconry of 10, he rolled 13.

After several rounds of hawking, Sir Cyndeyrn de Dinton's luck finally seems to escape him. While on the past releases his bird has returned with prey in hand, this time, the goshawk is gone for longer than the rest, and when it has finally returned, it comes with empty talons. Naturally, this is not the case of the seasoned falconer he once again faces, and so the upset of his first round performance is not repeated. Perhaps the knight will look a little relieved as he retreats to the back of the group - to spectate over the remaining rounds, as there is a certain awkwardness to winning out over an obvious better.

Joachim makes a check for Average Falconry at 15, he rolled 6.
Lydia checked her falconry of 6, she rolled 9.

Lydia may recognize her third round opposition - it is the same Lord that put her younger brother out of the tournament. Lord Floyd de Bellinger steps into the field with his goshawk on his arm, the man offering a subtle smile. "The Hortons seem to only get more lovely the more I face them. Praytell, if I defeat you, is there an even lovelier prize waiting further up the ladder?" he asks with a slight tease as he prepares to unleash his bird, removing the hood from it.

"I'm afraid I shall be the summit of your experience, sir." Lydia says politely. "I am only here by sheer luck. Pray release your bird, and on my go we shall see if it has held."

"Alas. Your brother's bird was well-trained. Let us see if he passed that on to your little starling." Yes, he knows what type of bird she has, but Floyd is confident in his abilities as the goshawk is released, sending the falcon high into the air. As the hunt begins, he dives down, capturing a small hare. "Well done." he says to his bird as he awaits Lydia's result.

Lydia checked her prudent of 16, she rolled 14.

Lydia makes no comment in reply, nor does her expression betray her irritation at the man's insult to her merlin. But he's managed to throw her off, and when it's her turn to release Lilith, it's not quite fast enough for the bird to catch her prey. The hare makes it to the brush, and Lilith re-settles on her mistress' wrist without success.

"A shame. The same result Sir Wilhelm had, I fear. If you ever decide you no longer want your bird, I would be happy to take her from your hands for a fair price." the falconer offers to her.

"I would not readily abandon my sweet Lilith for one disappointment, Sir." Lydia says politely. "But thank you for your kind offer." With a nod of her head, Lydia turns to depart, certain her family, both old and new, will be proud of her efforts nonetheless.

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