(514-09-15) They All Fall Down
Summary: Sir Letha and Sir Martyn's second round of jousts.
Date: 15 September 514
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Martyn checked his tourney of 8, he rolled 16.
Letha makes a check for Sir Jackson tourney at 18, she rolled 1.
Martyn checked his lance of 13, he rolled 6.
Letha makes a check for Sir Jackson lance at 18, she rolled 13.
Letha rolls 6d6 and gets (5 5 1 2 3 6) for a total of: (22)
Martyn checked his horsemanship of 14, he rolled 16.
Martyn rolls 1d6 and gets (3) for a total of: (3)

Sir Jackson is an older knight, with just a touch of grey to the temple. But his eyes are still bright and his body fit, and he's prepared to prove it on the field. Seated atop a chestnut stallion, he offers a salute to Martyn across the field. "Are you ready, Sir?" the older man calls out to Martyn, an affable, patient smile on his face.

Having taken care of his preparations, Martyn is now mounted and ready to face the older Sir Jackson. Offering the man a nod and a smile in return, he grins. "Ready whenever you are, Sir," he offers.

Sir Jackson's faceguard is brought down with a confident -clink- and within moments he is hefting his lance and spurring his horse. The gallop of his stallion is rhythmic and confident as it proceeds forward, and the knight leans into the thrust of his lance as it heads inexorably toward his opponent.

His own horse thundering forward, Martyn gets his lance into position to strike. But this time, unlike the first round of the competition, he doesn't manage to strike anything solid, while the older, more experienced knight manages to do just that, sending the Baverstock flying from his saddle. Hitting the ground, Martyn rolls around once, then remains down for a few seconds, before starting to stir again. Looking up to the older knight. "Well struck, Sir Jackson. Well struck."

"Ahh, yes indeed." Sir Jackson's horse is promptly wheeled around as the elder knight calls out to Martyn. "Good to know that my skill has not left me despite the greying of my hair. My thanks for an excellent match, Sir Martyn." And with that, Jackson turns, and presenting a favor wrapped around one bicep of his armor to the crowd, which cheers appreciatively. Particularly a lady of middling age who even stands while offering her applause. Most likely his wife.

Letha checked her tourney of 7, she rolled 10.
Martyn makes a check for Olwyn Tourney at 17, he rolled 10.
Letha checked her lance of 14, she rolled 5.
Martyn makes a check for Olwyn Lance at 16, he rolled 11.
Martyn rolls 6d6 and gets (1 4 4 5 2 6) for a total of: (22)
Letha checked her horsemanship of 13, she rolled 17.
Letha rolls 1d3 and gets (3) for a total of: (3)

Letha's copper mare makes an appearance on the field, with her facegard already down. She seems reticent to play the crowd this time, and perhaps that does not serve her, seeing as that since most of the crowd doesn't recognize her, they have no cause to cheer for her. She simply waits in silence for her opponent to appear, her horse pawing at the ground with one hoof somewhat impatiently.

Arriving on the field with his helm in his hand, Sir Olwyn looks to the crowds with a smile, before he looks over to the knight he's facing in this round. "Good luck, Sir. May the best knight win." Offering a nod and a smile, he puts on the helm and gets ready, taking the lance offered by his squire, before a gesture is offered to show he is ready.

The corner of Letha's mouth upticks. Someone calls her Sir, and she appreciates it. But the smile vanishes as quickly as it appears, and with a sharp sounding, "HA!" she spurs her horse into movement, lowering her lance and half lifting in her stirrups as she comes down the lane. Sadly, she does not predict the outcome of her risk successfully, and as the pair clash, not only is her lance reduced to splinters, but she is knocked off her horse. Twisting mid-air, she comes down on her side with a harsh grunt, the sound of her body hitting the ground causing many of the crowd to wince and make sympathetic sounds. Indeed, for a second she does not move at all, and when she does, it's with visible effort. Nothing appears to be broken, but like as not the woman knight is going to be quite badly bruised.

It would seem Sir Olwyn has some skill at jousting, as he remains in the saddle after the clash of lances against the knights. As he gets to the end, he turns his horse around, pausing as he sees Letha having gone down. There's a sigh of relief from the man as he can see she moves, and he offers her a polite nod. "Well fought, Sir. I hope you are not seriously wounded." Making his way off the field again after those words are offered.

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