(514-09-15) Story And Song
Summary: Letha and Bradwyn compete in the Performance competition.
Date: 15 September 514
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Critical Success!
Letha makes a check for Average Knight Orate at 15, she rolled 15
Critical Success!
Bradwyn checked his orate of 10, he rolled 10.

The young knight who steps forward and offers a story to those present apparently grew up hearing about faerie at his mother's name. His story is one of romance, as members of the fae conspire to use a flower which has dew that serves as a love potion, and the manner in which one impish sprite confuses two couples, causing them to fall in love with the wrong people and the chaos that thusly ensues. By the time he's finished, several people are laughing with glee, almost to the point of weeping with laughter.

With the youth finished in his telling another stands, dwarfing the boy in size as Bradwyn de Idmiston takes the stage as it were on the night for storytelling. "I present you tonight a story of Iorveth, the foul murderer and the one who helped to spark a war. Yet this is the story of his fall and how in the end justice was done for Salisbury."

Clearing his through Bradwyn begins, "I am here to tell you of a fiend most foul, a murderer named Iorveth. A man lacking in all honor, a man lacking grace or respect. For he aided in the murder of one tis true. Cut down for an identity untrue. Sir Hadyn de Tisbury was his name, yet they refused to hear it. Then they fled with a party as foul as they. Murdered once more the rightful owners of Salisbury's way."

Pausing but a moment he moves about, not dancing but gestures and energy to keep the crowd focused, "Pursuit came swift and sure, and Iorveth faced a giant avenger. Charging like a coward, unwilling to face in honorable battle Iorveth came to do battle. Yet the giant rose as his comrades faced others of savagery and murder. The lance did break as it struck the giant, bringing him to the ground. Yet a mere wound is not enough to hold back such a man. Rose up from the soil and powered by the honor of House Idmiston the murderer came 'round once more, yet his challenger underestimated. The weapon of the murder went astray but the sword of Idmiston brought low the villain and left him to lay." Bradwyn hops in place, his weight coming down with a stomp which shivers the boards of the floor so all can feel the foul man thump. "Up the foul man rose, refusing to yield but without a horse wound be better to yield. The murderer did swing after swing but could not get past shield nor armor, yet the blade blessed by family and honor struck time after time. "YIELD!" the giant called time after time, yet a man without honor has no knowledge of anything but crimes. So the twice murderer stood swaying and unsure, a mere breath would finish the villainous foe. "YIELD and face justice!" came the cry, yet he merely swung, weak and with barely a breath left. His life did then end twice for the murders done, removed was the blackness where a heart of honor should be, and fell was the head that lack all but disrespect."

As Bradwyn taps one foot then stomps the other, first for the head and the second for the body to let all feel just how dead he was. There is a great applause to rise at the telling, yet it was louder before bradwyn stepped up, leaving no doubt the youth told the better story, yet close enough it was. Perhaps with so many banns and talk of war romance holds greater sway than battles in the end.

Letha checked her singing of 10, she rolled 3.
Bradwyn makes a check for Young Lady versus Letha at 13, he rolled 16.

The singing competition is in place and a young Lady is called up. Looking a bit nervous she begins, and the sound if hardly pleasant, a verse in and she clears her throat and closes her eyes and then comes a sound like honey to the ears. The room has grown still to listen as she opens her eyes once more, and then the crowd's gazes catches her, she is the center of it all and she forgets her lines. Turning red as can be, she grows flustered. Closing her eyes and starting over once more she starts off poor but improves, yet in the end the response is a bit poor as she proves just too nervous to keep the attention of all, though her voice was a good one it seems in a few months perhaps she will gain the confidence to do a better job.

At long last, Letha rises to her feet, looming over those still seated and simply waiting. Something about the solemnity of her expression puts those chattering at her table to silent pause, and then the table next to them, and soon the table after that. And once there is relative quiet in the room, only then does Letha begin to sing.

The first two notes are sung as sounds, and just that. She has a rich, throaty contralto, husky and low. After those two simple notes, she balls up her fist and brings it down to bang on the table as she continues her lyric-less singing, only the utterance of those notes now accompanied by rhythm. The tune is odd and ageless and has an ancient air, soon the thumping of her fist is joined by those at her table. And then the table next to it joins in. As the whole audience becomes Letha's percussion, she picks up speed and tone and the wordless melody crescendos, and then with a gesture to silence everyone, she sings the final, keening note = like a prayer to God, or maybe many gods.

The sound dies away into silence, and then suddenly - the crowd roars and applauds its approval.

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