(514-09-15) Missed Connections
Summary: Vesper and Joachim arrive in Sarum, and miss Enfys de Horton entirely.
Date: 09-15-514
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Evening has come, and the Boar's Beard is enjoying some new entertainment. Seated near the hearth is Enfys who has brought in her lapharp. Nimble are her fingers as they pluck the strings, playing both her own songs, and those requested by patrons of the tavern. It would seem that she's been here long enough that her voice is starting to pay the price, as evident with the slight hoarseness that makes her cough when she attempts to begin the next song she's segued into. Apologies are given, for instead of singing, she merely offers those dining, background music to their food and conversation.

Morfyd sits nearby, and when it seems that Enfys' throat has gone a little dry, pours a bit more wine from a small pitcher on their table into a glass, and pushes it near for Enfys to take a sip from when she gets a change.

Joachim checked his recognize of 9, he rolled 11.

As the doors of the Boar's Beard open, the stout form of Joachim is the first through, with a smaller woman with delicate features shortly behind him. They share the same eyes and cheekbones, however, as the knight hears the voice - but with the hoarseness and off-pitch, he doesn't recognize the performer immediately as he moves to claim a table for him and his sister. "So what is your plans for the tournament? Have you already signed up for the performance section of it?" he asks curiously as he waves over a tavern maiden for a mug of mead.

Vesper follows behind Joachim, a trailing duckling with a mind of its own just waiting to break free. One can see it in the way her blue eyes loiter over places in the tavern they shouldn't. "I have signed up," the little lady muses, tearing her gaze from a handsome knight at the bar with a will. "To sing, of course. Perhaps a dance to go along with it, if the mood strikes. Will you come to watch me, 'Chim?" Vesper asks, fluttering her lashes at her brother dramatically. "I shall /die/ if you do not!"

Enfys checked her recognize of 5, she rolled 10.

Caught up in her music, it would seem that Enfys doesn't notice the sound of at least one familiar person's voice. At least, not right now. But then, perhaps the tavern is just loud enough to mess with her hearing such things? The song takes a pause, long enough for her hand to reach out and be given the glass of wine by Morfyd. A few sips later, and a much happier lady Horton goes back to playing her harp.

Morfyd sits nearby, often adding quiet comment aside about this or that one that she spies within the tavern, describing people or heraldry worn. Exciting is it all, and it would seem the two girls from the north, are making the msot of their time here in Sarum.

Joachim checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 8.
Joachim checked his recognize of 9, he rolled 16.

"Perhaps, sister.." Joachim says as the knight considers, going to his mead to take a long drink from it. As the music starts again, the Newton knight looks up, not quite catching sight of the blonde on the lapharp, but her quiet companion is noticed. However, Joachim's meeting with Morfyd was short-lived and he did not quite commit her face to memory as he takes another drink to lean back in his chair and grins across at Vesper. "Perhaps the young woman singing could use some accompanyment?" he starts to suggest, before Vesper excuses herself for a few, leaving the knight alone.

Enfys makes a check for Morfyd Recognize at 3, she rolled 8.

Morfyd seems to be busy describing the nearby couple who are flirting with one another over drinks. Some quiet laughter is shared between the two cousins, amused at the knight and lady. Of course, there comes the exchange of a favor for the upcoming tourney, a bit of ribbon from the lady's hair that's taken ever so graciously by the knight. Enough to make one go 'awwww'. Throughout it all,t he music continues rising and falling as the melody of a popular song is played. One that gains the occasional drunken chorus sung by an older knight off in the corner of the room.

Critical Fail!
Joachim checked his prudent of 10, he rolled 20.

Hearing the Off-Key Knight, Joachim lifts his head from his mead. "I don't think a duet is what our songstress is looking for this evening!" he calls out, his voice clean and clear - probably lifting Enfys' ability to recognize him if he's good with voices. "Let the girl provide voice to her music!"

Enfys checked her recognize of 5, she rolled 7.
Enfys makes a check for Morfyd recognize at 3, she rolled 19.
Enfys checked her singing of 15, she rolled 1.

When people begin to boo at the knight, trying to get him to hush, the man grumbles louder, turning in his seat to yell at someone. Not Joachim. Seems the knight didn't even hear him! In all of this, both Enfys and Morfyd both miss hearing Joachim's voice clearly, but they do pick up on the fact that the request for another song sung by the young lady and not the knight, is made. Giving them what they wish, she begins to play a song that might sound much like Greensleeves, words given voice in a clear tone. Not her best, but at least it's not the knight singing anymore!

Joachim checked his recognize of 9, he rolled 19.

To be honest, the evening that Joachim met Enfys - she may have been the furthest thing on his mind, his attention on her sister for most of the evening, especially as they stayed up late after the others retired, playing draught until they both lost track of time and finally parted ways. And now, two months later, reunited with the Lady Horton, all the pieces have not clicked back together as the music does bring a nod of approval as Joachim returns to his mead, scanning the bar to see where his sister may have gotten off to.

Vesper checked her flirting of 13, she rolled 11.

Where his sister may have gotten to is evident when one looks toward the bar. The pint-sized brunette is there, chatting gamely with that handsome knight of earlier. The smile Vesper gives the young, dashing knight is equal parts insinuating and removed, aided by the soft flutter of her dark lashes in his direction. Whatever she might be saying is lost to distance and the noise of the tavern, despite the cessation of the lovely music. It's not hard to guess, though.

As Enfys and Morfyd leave, the manager of the bar smiles and stands on stage. "Again, a round of applause for Lady Enfys de Horton - who may not have her sight, but her voice can cut through any fog." There's polite applause, but Joachim glances, sitting up suddenly as he hears the name and he realizes that he missed an opprotunity. Noticing Vesper at the bar, the knight sighs, sinking a little further in his chair so he can keep an eye on her for now.

Vesper makes flirtation an art form. The subtle lean of her delicate form; the quiet, intimate laughter at what was probably a terrible jest; the quick flutter of a touch, light as a bird's feather, and so brief. She leaves him with a dramatically wistful smile, trailing back towards her older brother. "Ah, 'Chim, this place is exciting! Did you not hear the player's surname? Is she a cousin of your lady, I wonder?" No further comment on the knight who watches her from the bar.

Joachim checked his recognize of 9, he rolled 17.

"Either that or her sister.. I do not remember, but I do remember she was at the manor house when I met her with Lydia.." Joachim says with a little self-depreciating smile. "If I had known she was performing, I would have nudged you to meet her, dear sister." the knight offers with a chuckle, some humor returns to him as he gives his sister's hand a pat. "Perhaps I should leave you to your own hunt, my dear sister."

"I have no hunt of my own," Vesper replies, light laughter lingering in her voice and her eyes both, directed at Joachim. "I want no hunt of my own. I like the game, but I cannot make the kill," she analogizes, casting him a shadowy wink. "Tis the chirurgeon in me, I suppose. But, now we have a focus. This lady singer, kin to your desired amor, share a common footing. I shall make this place a haunt of mine until I see her again. Tis a brilliant plan! What do you think, 'Chim?"

"It is quite the strategy, Vesper." Joachim says with a chuckle as he finishes his mead and sets aside the mug. "It is a plan to be quite proud of, but it will be on you to be patient for your quarry." he points out as he moves to rise to his feet. "I suppose I should retire for the evening. You know where our camp is - the de Horton camp is not too terribly far from us." It's a light suggestion as he places a kiss on his sister's cheek. "Do not leave them too wounded in your wake - I am not sure there is enough thread in all of Salisbury for the hearts you may break."

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