(514-09-15) Luck Of The Hortons
Summary: Nic meets his round 2 joust competitor
Date: 09-15-514
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Sir Geralt de Sutton was an average knight, he was not as good as he thought himself to be so his overconfidence was just that, overly much. He is on his horse, his name having been called. He is prepared for the match, his lance already handed over by his squire. He awaits his opponent, a cocky expression on his features.

A blue sky overhead blows clouds slowly along late in the summer. Hints of dryness in the air, as the world makes ready to turn colors. For now the trees are green even if a little dry and preparing. Si Niclas de Horton is here a the tilts, having advanced to the second round. If Sir Mari was nearby while he waited his call to arms, he would turn to her. "So, you're good luck, its true. You should absolutely give me a favor. I could show it off, make the other fellows jealous and all that." A smirk on his face just the same, but hopefuly even in his eyes. Didn't he give her one, maybe this is bad luck in their case. Then he is called off. He moves to line up against Sir Geralt. A nod given to the man, as he waits to be cleared to joust. Then he clicks his tongue to set his horse at a charge.

Niclas checked his lance of 10, he rolled 4.
Mari makes a check for Lance for Sir Geralt de Sutton at 15, she rolled 11.
Mari rolls 6d6 and gets (5 1 1 6 3 2) for a total of: (18)
Niclas checked his horsemanship of 15, he rolled 7.

A favor! Mari gives him a considering look. What did she have on her person that she could give him? With a quirk of her lips, she lifts her hands and slowly unbraids her hair, a ribbon was linked through one of the braids and she unwinds it before handing it to him. It still smells of the scented soap she had gotten from one of her cousins, so the fragrance was there from her hair. Once she has handed it over, she gives him a smile. "I hope you win." With that, she steps back so that he can go to his jousting.

With the opponent showing up, Sir Geralt de Sutton aims his lance after a salute, then rides for his opponent.

"I hope I don't embarass you for giving me this favor," grins Niclas as he accepts the ribbon. He does … lift it to his nose and inhale that scent. Not deep, but a soft breath. He indulges even, his eyes close just a little. He finds a spot on his armor to attach the favor. "But I have your luck … I can't do that now."
With the ribbon attached, he rides for Sir Geralt, his lance connects but slips away off the shield in a glancing blow. Instead he takes the force of Sir Geralt's tips and struggles to stay on. Managing that feat, he brings his stead about. It trods with the forelegs a moment pawing the ground. Then he looks for Mari, waggles brows, not embarassed yet. Lucky him. With a chuckle, he sets offf again against the the knight of Sutton.

Niclas checked his lance of 10, he rolled 9.
Mari makes a check for Lance for Sir Geralt de Sutton at 15, she rolled 4.
Niclas rolls 5d6 and gets (5 1 6 1 4) for a total of: (17)
Mari makes a check for Horsemanship for Sir Geralt de Sutton at 15, she rolled 4.

Mari is there, on the sidelines, not in the stands, watching as he rides. Holding her breath when he is hit, she doesn't dare breathe until he rights himself. When he does, she pumps a fist in the air, excited for him to still be in it. The brow waggle earns him a soft laugh, and she falls silent to watch the next pass.

When Sir Geralt de Sutton rides, he means business, sure he had made contact, but it wasn't a win, and so when he goes for the second pass, he makes a minor adjustment to the lance position but he doesn't manage to make as much contact this time. Instead, he finds himself battling to stay in the saddle this time. Once he rights himself, he rides to the end, turns and heads back towards Nic.

Coming back to where he started, he makes good contact with Sir Geralt. Good, but not enought, the other remains seated. Still he turns towards the sidelines. "See, completely good luck, I'm not dead yet. There really is something to this favor business, isn't there?" Niclas then pats the ribbon, turning his nose slightly towards it before moving back to where he should be to make another pass along the til with Sir Geralt. Not sure if he will win or lose, his spirits are lifted simply in the flirting with Mari. A finaly look to her, his horse seems high spirited and ready to run. As if, not to let Nic fool around all day, nearly taking off itself when the marshal clears them to pass. Nic almost doesn't get his lance down soon enough, starting a heartbeat later after his horse took off.

Critical Success!
Niclas checked his lance of 10, he rolled 10.
Mari makes a check for Lance for Sir Geralt de Sutton at 15, she rolled 18.
Niclas rolls 12d6 and gets (4 1 2 6 1 1 5 3 4 4 6 5) for a total of: (42)

Niclas checked his flirting of 10, he rolled 16.

Sir Geralt de Sutton wasn't faring as well as he had assumed he would having gotten to round two. He rides hard, overcompensating, and he manages to fall off his horse in the process, thanks to the lance prowess of one knight from Horton. He lands hard, stands with difficulty, grudgingly salutes his opponent, then heads off.

Mari was holding her breath and when the pass comes, she watches, watches, watches then she jumps up and down, cheering. Rather loudly actually. He had her favor after all! She celebrates, looking at Niclas, content for the win, excited. "Well done!"

Mari checked her flirting of 3, she rolled 12.
Niclas checked his tourney of 2, he rolled 12.
Mari checked her tourney of 2, she rolled 14.

Niclas goes back to the opposite end of the tilt, hitting Sir Geralt hard, taking him from his horse in the process. When he sees Mari jumping, he starts to ride for her. "We win," he calls, about to go say something silly to her. The Marshall stops him to present arms, salute and follow protocal. "Aye, yes sir, sorry. Lost my head." Grinning, but the marshal is not amused. Niclas completes just this then rushes over, jumping from his horse to run over towards Mari. "See, best of luck. You've made this the best tourney I've ever been too." In fairness, not a lot of tourney's under his belt, but still.

Mari motions towards the marshal about the time he was stopped, so when he returns to her, she laughs, quite openly. As soon as he jumps and runs over to her, she laughs again, approaching him as well. "I knew you would win," she tells him with confidence. "I have seen him perform before, he's not so talented." Course she would have said that about anyone before the laugh comes again. "Seriously though, he won his last tourney, so you really should be impressed with yourself."

A squirely brow to Mari, Niclas eyes her with mock suspicion for the moment. "You did, like witch spells, the future. You put a spell on me, I knew it was true." And he's chuckling just the same. Listening to her talk about the man, glad in her confidence. Then she mentions he should be impressed, and he considers that a moment. "I'm more impressed in your impression of me. I'm going with the favor and the luck you gave me. I think any other day, he would of had me. Today is ours! I vote sweet breads and watching the sunset today!" Of course, food or drink always comes to mind with this knight.

Mari knows him well enough to roll her eyes at the suggestion. At both suggestions, or more like all of them. "I am a witch now? Careful before I cackle and spell you." Of course she's teasing him, she definitely is. It's a considering look she gives him though, pretending to think about it. "Food and drink? I think.." she grins, "Sure, let's do it. Sweet breads, sunset, maybe some wine or something."

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