(514-09-15) Lady Vesper de Newton vs Lady Niamh de Warminster - Performance, Round 1
Summary: Vesper meets a notable singer from Warminster and manages the upset.
Date: 09-15-514
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The Boar's Beard has become the impromptu spot for first round performance events. Perhaps if Enfys had performed here first, she would have had a better shot at victory against the young bard she took on. Today, however, there's something of a celebrity in the crowd. Lady Nimah de Warminster nee Bishopstrow is a young woman known for her musical talents, and has performed for Earls and even is rumored to soon be performing for the King and Queen themselves and is using the Sarum tournament as a warm-up. Dressed in a simple black dress with gold trim, the Lady, in her late-twenties takes the stage as a name is drawn from a goblet for the honor to participate against her.

The tavern owner pulls the small trinket that Vesper de Newton placed within, and the blonde Lady of Warminster offers a charming smile. "Lady Vesper." she greets, "Your Manor's faith and piety are still strong, even in these times. It is a thing to be marveled and admired. I look forward to performing with you today." And with that, she defers, to allow Vesper to take to the stage first.

Vesper is in the crowd praying to the heavens above that her name won't be drawn. Her lips move rapidly, silently, to shape those prayers, but it seems the God she normally pays only small mind to has a distinct sense of humor. Her name is announced and the lady, dressed in a gown of brightly dyed cotton, embellished with fine black stitch, rises, shooting a glance upwards, making a face. That face smooths when she approaches her opponent, allowing for a chagrined smile to occupy her lips. "My Lady de Warminster. I shall warm them up for you," she says, with a twinkle in her eye, "and pray you still hold high esteem for my family after I finished." To the stage, she slides.

Vesper checked her singing of 13, she rolled 11.

Enfys has managed to come back to the Boar's Beard, especially after finding out this is where the competition is going to continue this day. With Morfyd's help, a couple of seats are found, a few of the patrons smiling and nodding in their direction. Seated, the blond Horton listens as the names are called. Listening at their banter, she cannot help but smile, chuckling quietly to herself as she plays with a feather stuck in the end of the braid her hair has been pulled into today.

Coming up behind Morfyd, Wilhelm gives the cousin a gentle tap on the shoulder. "May I tend to my sister for a while, please?" he asks with a smile, though apparently, his tone of voice suggests that there isn't going to be a debate to it as he waits for Morfyd to rise and slides into the seat she occupied. "Enfys." he greets warmly, sliding his hand across her forearm to let her know he's there. "Enjoying yourself at the Tournament?" The warmth is still there in his voice, but his eyes fall on that feather, and his gaze narrows, just slightly.

Lady Niamh smiles, resting her hands above her stomach. "I am sure I will feel the same aftwerwards." she demurs as the Lady is of the same faith as Vesper, so she cannot totally disapprove, can she not?" Stepping back to watch from the side, she surrenders the stage and closes her eyes to listen to the Newton Lady's performance.

Enfys checked her recognize of 5, she rolled 17.

Enfys hears her brother, smiling as he makes the request of Morfyd who quickly rises and speaks of going to fetch them drinks if Wilhelm would like one as well. Leaving the siblings alone, Enfys touches her brother's hand, tilting her head to murmur, "I am, even if I lost my own round." A pause, and she murmurs, "Did I hear right? Is that one kin to Sir Glaw de Newentone?" Newton, not Newton Tony. Whooops. Wrong House! But she does sit back to be quiet, waiting for Vesper to begin.

Vesper de Newton's performance is a thing of bouncing, bubbling joy, sang with a voice of husky claret, both smooth and rough by turns. Not only does her voice dance and tumble over the words of the song, but it does so accompanied only by the expressive gestures of deft, chirurgeon's hands.

"Where do you find the balance
To ride upon a high your high, high horse?
To look as you do
And then act as a fool,
Pride and folly together, so coarse!

And why do you tilt your chin up,
Too good to partake of my fun?
You bristle and glower
Insecure in your perfect, prim tower
Where your shine is the sinking of sun!

But it is not too late,
No, never so dark
To throw all your cares away.
Be it ever so humble,
Stow your fine grumble,
Let loose your high horse and play!"

The chorus is given over a final time, the joyous demand yet again, and it leaves the woman dimpling happily out at the patrons of the Boar, hands clasped in entreaty to them.

Wilhelm makes a check for Niamh Honesty at 10, he rolled 17.
Wilhelm makes a check for Niamh Deceitful at 10, he rolled 9.
Wilhelm makes a check for Niamh Singing at 17, he rolled 8.

"That was quite lovely, Lady Vesper.. I do hope that it was not of someone close to you that you had such words for - I would fear the venom might poison their soul." Lady Niamh comments as she moves to take the stage herself. She is a tenor, her voice clear as lake water, and she sings from her core, her hands grasp tight in front of her. Her composure remains in tact as she sings, even as she realizes that a passable performance, it is not her best one. And it seems that Vesper's song has stirred her to response.

"Where does a wild heart go?
It goes looking for freedom,
in every handspan of this ground.
It takes along in its journey,
a feeling, a longing-
and the sheer force of love.
It goes on its way,
through rain and storms,
through caves and crystals,
cold wind, gales,
the world today dawned wild,
hanging by a thread,
at the pull of a whirlwind.

What's a wild heart made of?
It's born in a quest for truth,
and in the search for a reason.
It goes with its breast filled with courage,
Longing the blue sky after the storm,
and the joy of a song.
In this strange world,
the time that slips so fast,
You cannot silence your voice,
lights, rivers, sounds, castles,
the world today dawned wild,
as if challenging,
this heart."

Out in the audience, Wilhelm shakes his head. "Newton.. they are the House of the Roman Christians just west of here. One of their number was in our home a few months back, but I missed meeting him." he admits as the young knight frowns. "Branoc is concerned for you. That you haven't left this tavern since we first arrived - and.. this." He reaches, and gives the feather in her hair a slight tug.

Up on stage, the tavern owner comes up, holding a sprig of flowers. "Alright, it's time to decide our winner." Vesper, as the sprig is held over her, draws a loud round of applause, louder than the one that Niamh earns when the sprig is passed over her. "My congratulations, Lady Newton. I do hope that you enjoy continued success in the tournament." With that, she moves to leave the stage so that Vesper may bask in her glory.

Enfys listens, a keen ear turned towards the songs sung. There's a round of applause given when Vesper ends her song, a smile to play upon her lips before she turns to Wilhelm. At his words, she frowns, "Why would he be concerned for me..?" She questions, though when he tugs on her hair, she gathers the end of the braid close, to half hide the feather stuck within the tie. "I.." But before she can answer, Niamh has taken the stage, and she hushes - it's rude to talk during a performance, after all! And then comes the decision, and she claps for Vesper, lending her own thoughts as to whom should win, and claps all the more when the young lady is named the winner.

Vesper is not above being touched by the woman's song. In fact, she seems to enjoy it more than her own, despite winning the popularity contest. "Thank you, Lady Niamh! I but pandered to the boisterous crowd," she offers, sincerity abundant in her voice, "whereas you sang with true artistry. It was beautiful!" She lowers the fine line of her chin to the elder singer, according her a grave respect before she leaves the stage. And then bask she does, turning her dimpled smile to the clapping audience, perhaps scanning for a familiar face… or a cute one. Thanks are given to the tavern owner, and then Vesper removes herself from the stage.

Wilhelm cannot help but to agree to his sister's ear, lending his support to Lady Newton as well as he watches the Lady Warminster leave the stage as he chuckles a little to Enfys. "I cannot help but to think she enjoys the attention, sister." he says of Vesper, but his attention returns to their earlier conversation. "I believe Lydia said we had an invitation to join us for dinner, perhaps you two can sing together." he suggests, a gentle hand to try to guide her away from duets from young bards that may only be looking to see what a noble's small clothes look like.

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