(514-09-15) Faithful Servants
Summary: Lady Bulford has the win, Eirian has the last word.
Date: 514-09-15
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Eirian checked her Falconry of 10, she rolled 19.

A sunny, warm day ought to be the perfect moment for Eirian to take to the noble sport of falconry. Though her falcon is a questionable creature at best, as temperamental and prone to winging around in joy on the thermals rising above the field. Hooded and clinging to her narrow wrist, Cyfnos awaits her turn to be a total troublemaker. The noblewoman brushes her fingers down the falcon's plumage, trying to soothe the creature before participating in the competition. She walks up to the line and awaits the marshal, the jesses for the bird wrapped in her fist. "Today, would you try not to fly to Stapleford? Please?" Cyfnos has not performed well, having flown off in Sarum and caused life to be… interesting.

Elrick makes a check for Average Falconer Falconry at 15, he rolled 2.

Another lady that has stepped up when it is her turn to compete as she is here to try to impress the spectators present how well she has trained her falcon, at least that would be the attempt. The noble lady would be Elinor de Bulford, a beautiful and elegant young woman who appears to have been raised quite properly. Which means her posture is stiff and there is a haughty attitude about her. There is a brief glance at Eirian, a slight sniff offered before the Bulford lady looks back to her own falcon, "Fly for me, Llufir and catch your prey!" Even her tone is beautiful, a very light lilt and when she lifts her gloved hand, her falcon soars into the air in a fluttering burst. After gaining sufficient altitude, Llufir descends sharply and his claws dig sharply at the fleeing hare, only a second grab a split second later secures the prey.

Critical Success!
Eirian checked her Proud of 16, she rolled 16.

Perfection in the sky, perfection in the birds, perfection in the glorious afternoon for a tournament. Alas that perfection may also be brittle and callous, edged and unkind. The kind smoothing of Cyfnos' elegant plumage ceases after a moment. Deliberately peeling away the leather hood from the sleek raptor reveals its huge, glittering eyes that turn pitilessly upon a competitor and another woman ill-suited for actual combat. Avian assessments precede the capricious whimsy of a newly minted Laverstock, and Eirian meets the sniff from the Bulford with a slow arc of a smile much like the crescent adorning her forehead; cold, shining, and edged all apply. "Still hunting for a choice target?" Arm held out at a distance, she gives a bit of a lift to launch the falcon into the sky. Powerful talons release from her gauntlet and a snap of her wings sends the peregrine into the air. "But I already have mine, mistress." The sweet words given to the haughty figure do not slip in the slightest from an acceptably polite track, each one selectively rendered in as mild a tone as she can manage. "I expect you might be searching for quite some time still. Perchance you might try honey instead of a serpent's tongue in your concoctions?"

Cyfnos' flight lasts not for nearly as long as one would like. She sweeps a sharp figure eight after getting her altitude and sweeps down to promptly land right back on Eirian's arm and sidles up over the gauntlet. The peregrine's shuffle ends and she tips her head, peering back at her mistress. Well, so much for that. A bit of jerky will have to suffice as a prize. Sighing, the Laverstock notes, "At least you're faithful."

Once Lady Elinor's falcon successfully captures its prey, there is a girly little squeal of delight as she claps her hands together, also somehow very feminine like, palms and fingers straight up like a monkey smashing two cymbals together. However, she immediate turns her attention to Eirian when the Laverstock speaks, frowning slightly as she apparently does not understand what the shorter young woman alludes to. The poor Bulford girl does not realize that Eirian is not speaking of birds and their prey but her future. Since she does not understand, the only thing she can do is sniff again and turn away, head held a bit higher since she was the victor, at least in the tourney.

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