(514-09-15) Failed First Impressions
Summary: Enfys and Yorrick meet for the first time, not realizing that their families are making arrangements for them.
Date: 09-15-514
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Mid afternoon finds the blind lady once more seated in the Boar's Beard, her lapharp in hand. A rousing song is coming to an end, one requested by a knight who just came in all excited about his recent win on the tourney field. Riding that win with laughter and good will towards the others in the tavern. A smile lies upon Enfys' face, laughter sometimes heard in her voice as the song continues on for just a few minutes more before finally, the harp is silenced. "And with that, I must find food and drink of my own." A few might be heard to groan at this, all good naturedly, of course. They've been enjoying her music! Enough that it would appear that the keeper of the tavern has one of his servers bring her a simple repast of bread and stew, and a glass of wine, on the house.

Stepping into the Board's Beard comes another knight. His red hair is pretty bright - even if Enfys can't see it as the young knight looks around and suddenly realizes.. he's late. But he can't be. He wasn't gazing in wonder at the city too much was he? It was first time he's really had a chance to explore, but no no, he can't have been that late. Catching sight of the tavern owner as he's giving orders to the server delivering Enfys' plate, the knight put on a most hopeful face. "The party for the morning hunt? Have they already departed?"

The owner barely contains a laugh. "Boy, you are late, it is mid-afternoon, they left at sunup. You're better waiting for the Huntmistress to gather those for the evening hunt, which will be starting here as well. Try not to miss it." The owner gives a little snort as he hands off the plate. "Make yourself useful in the meantime and buy yourself a drink. We have some of the entertainers from the performance here, and a delightful gal.." And he almost adds… she makes up for in voice what she doesn't have in sight - but it may be more fun to watch Yorrick discover that himself.

"Oh?" the young knight asks, and that's when the tavern owner points out Enfys. Getting a good look at the young woman, the redheaded knight blinks, and makes a n 'o' face. "She is… yes. She's very attractive." he manages, as he takes the plate from the server to make the delivery himself. "Ah.. m'lady?" he asks as he approaches the table. "Compliments of the Tavern?" Maybe he's hoping he's part of that package as well.

The small harp is set aside, somewhere's out of the way to keep it from getting damaged while Enfys moves to a seat at a nearby table that was kept open with Morfyd seated at it. A hint of a blush is there upon her cheeks at the compliments offered to her by the nearby patrons of the tavern for her music. "Thank you for enjoying it so." Soft is her voice, a certain pleasure shown in their words in it's tones. Once seated, she tilts her head when another's voice finally rings out from nearby, a quirk of one brow arched over an eye of blue, "Oh?"

Morfyd answers then, "Thank you, good sir… he's brought food and drink, cousin." While the first is directed to Yorrick, the last is said aside to Enfy as she takes the bowl, and sets it before the blond, then her glass of wine at two o'clock where the blind girl will expect it to be.

Yorrick checked his recognize of 10, he rolled 16.
Yorrick checked his energetic of 16, he rolled 5.

The way that Morfyd reacts and Enfys responds, at first the knight assumes that Morfyd is just being a good Lady-in-Waiting and blowing Yorrick off for her very attractive cousin. She could be making sure Enfys is kept safe for her match, after all. "Yes, well.. I had caught the end of your song when I entered and I had hoped to catch a repeat performance later.." he offers with a winsome smile. "But I'll leave you to your meal. I'll be here most of the day, just waiting for the evening hunt." And he's backing off, before Morfyd has to give him the polite brush off for her cousin.

Enfys checked her trusting of 16, she rolled 17.
Enfys makes a check for Morfyd recognize at 3, she rolled 8.

Morfyd doesn't recognize the young man, and may well take up a position to protect her cousin from any untoward advances. No doubt, the young lady has received a few since she began playing for those within the Boar. "I heard the hunt was leaving from outside Sarum… at least the one that the Earl's huntsman was leading?" The comment is offered by the darker haired cousin.

Enfys frowns a little as she listens to the man's voice, fidgetting in her chair for a mment, "Hmm.." She begins to say something, but it would seem her cousin is already filling in the young man with where the hunt was starting from. "I did hear the keeper here speak of one a commoner was going to go on for meat for his pot here though?" Maybe.

Yorrick checked his trusting of 10, he rolled 14.

"It is. But between baking out in the sun waiting for the next time, or staying in here - for the moment, I would rather stay indoors.." he starts to say, then he catches an undertone in both of the woman as Yorrick ohs quietly. "Right. Nothing wrong with waiting outside. Ah. It was .. something to meet you both." he stumbles over his words, before the young knight is beating a hasty retreat, realizing that the two Horton woman have effectively shuned him.

Enfys checked her reckless of 10, she rolled 19.
Enfys checked her prudent of 10, she rolled 4.

Enfys frowns slightly as the young man makes to leave, starting to speak up, but then considers best of it. And yet, she still doesn't leave it alone, "I hope you have a good hunt, sir? " Even if she might be uncertain about him, he was nice enough and Morfyd didn't outright try to shut him down as she did the man earlier who approached her while singing. He was crass in his drunkenness. "I wish I could go.." She finally says with a soft sigh, "And thank you for bringing the food." She adds as she reaches slowly out for the glass placed just so upon the table, to lift for a sip of the wine within. With the glass placed carefully back, she moves her hand slowly, finding the spoon where it might rest upon the bowl, though she doesn't immediately take a bite of it.

Yorrick checked his forgiving of 10, he rolled 5.

There's a pause from the knight as she speaks. "It's a dirty, messy affair.. I wouldn't want you to get your dress a muss, plus it would deny everyone the accompanyment of your voice.." and then he pauses, closing his eyes for a moment. "I apologize.." he manages, the young knight drawing in a breath as he prepares a proper apology. "If I may apologize proper for my offense?" He considers, then the redhead offers a smile he hopes touches his voice. "My name is Sir Yorrick de Cholderton. And I was so.. drawn to your voice and beauty that I dared make an approach. Though I should not, as my Uncle has other intentions for me. Do forgive my transgression, Lady..?" he prompts gently.

Enfys makes a check for Morfyd recognize at 3, she rolled 16.

The young lady listens, then smiles, "Lady Enfys de Horton, milord sir.." Again, there comes the rise of color to her cheeks at the compliment upon her singing. "Thank you. I may play a little more, once I have had food and drink.." If he wishes to stick around and listen. IT would seem she doesn't recognize his name, so perhaps her brother hasn't spoken to her about this arrangement just yet. Neither does Morfyd recognize it either, so she hasn't been eavesdropping on conversations!

Yorrick checked his singing of 6, he rolled 16.

"No, it is quite alright, Lady Horton. I fear I have cause you enough issue with my abruptness for one day and would not wish to make you or your handmaiden uncomfortable." Yorrick offers with a faint smile, before he tilts slightly in a bow. "It was nice to have met you both, but being couped up inside too long may cause me to go a little stir crazy." he winks, even if she doesn't see it as he turns to make his way from the Tavern, head hung a little low. She was quite beautiful, after all. He hums a little off-key diddy to himself as he steps out the door and onto the street.

"I.. hmm.. " Enfys stammers slightly, feeling bad now, though with a smile and sigh, she nods once, "It was nice to meet you." She can still be polite. "And yes.. there are always arrangements." Dare there be another such sigh from the blond? "May a good hunt come your way then, good sir." As he heads off singing, she actually cringes just a small bit. Off key rakes her ears!

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