(514-09-14) Talfryn's Joust, Round Two!
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Date: 514-09-14
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talfryn gwynaelle 

Sir Talfryn de Idmiston rides again out onto the field for this, the second round of jousting in the summer tourney. He smiles and waves to those he knows, before going through the actions he remembers in proper tourney form. His opponent? Sir Gillian Wilberforce, a knight of some note from the east.


Talfryn checked his tourney of 12, he rolled 2.


Glaw makes a check for Sir Gillian Wilberforce's Notable Tourney skill at 17, he rolled 10.

Gathered here for the tourney, Gwynaelle joins a few other ladies within the stands, likely there to witness how her cousins are doing in the tourney. Hearing one called forth, she smiles, cheering for Talfryn.

Sir Gillian Wilberforce is quick to ride out with his lance held high once he is called. The man's a veteran of battles, and by now also of Tourneys, in the scarce few years that they are being regulary held. A salute with lance to the marshalls, then to his opponent, even though the man probably does not recognize the heraldry of the young knight he is facing. Lowering his lance into position to show his readiness, he waits for the signal, before he spurs his horse on.


Talfryn checked his lance of 13, he rolled 4.


Glaw makes a check for Sir Gillian Wilberforce's Notable Lance skill at 16, he rolled 9.

Like the more experienced knight, Talfryn salutes his opponent before riding forth with his lance ready. He's not quite as skilled as this notable knight, but he'll do his best.

Glaw rolls 6d6 and gets (2 6 5 5 2 1) for a total of: (21)


Sir Gillian Wilberforce barrels down the lists, aiming his lance for the not-so-notable knight he is facing and while both knights aim well, the more experienced knight's lance strikes the shield first. The knight continues to the end, already turning for the next pass, knowing by the way his lance got jerked to the side that the shield deflected most of his blow and the other knight has not gone down. Once more he pauses, lowering his lance, waiting for the signal, before 'hya!'-ing his horse for a more forecefull gallop.

Talfryn keeps himself low and on the horse, his shield raised the moment before his opponent's lance strikes true- his bodyweight shifting as he's raddled on his horse, but remains quite in place as he reaches the end of the charge-way. They turn and Talfryn, grinning behind his helmet, lowers his lance again to try again. "Huphup!" he shouts, again into charge.


Talfryn checked his lance of 13, he rolled 6.


Glaw makes a check for Sir Gillian Wilberforce's Notable Lance skill at 16, he rolled 12.

Glaw rolls 6d6 and gets (4 3 4 3 5 4) for a total of: (23)


Talfryn checked his horsemanship of 10, he rolled 9.

Sir Gillian Wilberforce would be seen frowning now. If that bucket helmet allowed people to see his face. Twice he struck true, twice the other refuses to fall. At the turn, he lifts his lance then, in quiet acknoledgement of the other knight's skill at defense at least, though the cheering and the distance really do not lend themselves to verbal priase. Lance lowered once more, waiting for the marshal to give the signal before the horses once more barrel down at each other, lances pointed over the lists to seek to settle this round.

And Sir Talfryn de Idmiston seems quite proud of himself for staying up even this long. Again, he salutes his opponent- realizing the man has far better form than he. Perhaps its been luck he's still up- but its good luck. Again, the lance is lowered and the charge begins.


Talfryn checked his lance of 13, he rolled 12.


Glaw makes a check for Sir Gillian Wilberforce's Notable Lance skill at 16, he rolled 12.

Gwynaelle sits on the side of her seat, watching as Talfryn survives not one, but two of the rounds with the notable knight! Far better than he husband did - just don't mention that! Cheering once more, she claps excitedly.

Third time is a charm. Or so they say. Sir Gillian Wilberforce however might disagree, as the full tilt charge ends with a lot of clamour of lance against shields, but neither unbalances the other. Is that laughter from the older knight? Apparently he did not think the young, untested Idmiston would give him that much of a challange. This time the salute is accompied with a nod of his helmet. This has to end some way, right?

Another round where the pair seem more evenly matched. Talfryn ducks low, his shield raised as he and his opponent match lances in grand tourney style. At least he's giving a good show! The cheers, the clapping. As he turns at the end of his lane, he again lifts his lance in salute to his opponent- if anything, Talfryn is having a ball. Its great fun. Again, the lance would be lowered and a gallop urged forward when it was appropriate. "Yipip!" he shouts, urging his horse on.

Critical Fail!

Talfryn checked his lance of 13, he rolled 20.

Critical Success!

Glaw makes a check for Sir Gillian Wilberforce's Notable Lance skill at 16, he rolled 16.

Glaw rolls 12d6 and gets (6 1 5 6 4 4 4 3 3 6 5 1) for a total of: (48)

Talfryn rolls 1d6 and gets (4) for a total of: (4)

As the pair again clash along the lane, Talfryn's lance shatters against Sir Wilberforce's shield. Wilberforce's lance strikes true, and sends Talfryn flying from his horse to crash into the ground with a very loud *THUD* that's undoubtedly heard even in the stands. Its a serious hit, and Talfryn lies very still for a long minute before he struggles to his feet and removes his helmet. Wobbly, its clear Talfryn is well out of it. Still, he remains enough of himself to pass a salute to the victor as he begins to limp towards the sideline.

There's a gasp from the stands as Talfryn is sent flying, a loud one from his cousin who rises to her feet to peer over to the lump on the ground that is her cousin. She seems to hold her breath until he finally moves, struggling to his feet, said breath then released as it seems he's okay for the most part.

Sir Gillian Wilberforce ends up showing then why he is a known knight, ducked low, the shiled angled just right, and when the tip of his lance strikes true this time there won't be no shield, no lance to deter its way to the chest of the opposing Idmiston. When the horse comes to a stop at the end of the list, the older knight lifts his lance, hodling steady while the squire and marshal move towards the fallen knight, and others move to intercept the horse. It is not until the other knight moves, gets to his feet that the older knight proceeds with the formalities: the salute to the marshal that declares him the winner of this tilt and then he moves his horse at a much sedated pace down to get into conversation range with the other knight. "Well fought, Sir Talfryn.", he offers praise, offering him a nod before he clears the field for the next contestants.

"Well met, Sir Wilberforce. I do hope you'll excuse my not bowing in this case, and take my well wishes in the tourney. If I am to lose, I'd like to lose to the man who wins the whole thing- I wish you the best of luck!" Talfryn manages, as he limps on to the healer's tent.

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