(514-09-14) Summer Tourney 514: Talfryn-Round 1
Summary: Talfryn's joust against his first opponent- Talfryn wins!
Date: 514-09-14
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Sir Talfryn de Idmiston rides onto the tourney field in proper regalia- horse and lance at ready as he holds the creature fast. His helmet is on so if it weren't for the colors of Idmiston it be difficult to tell him apart from any other knight


Talfryn checked his Tourney of 12, he rolled 7.

His opponent is one Sir Bevan de Haxton, a knight who has made some fame for himself, but not much. He picks his lance up, rides to the other end of the lists and presents himself to the crowd. His tabard is of purples, blues and blacks, with a white rooster prominently figured at the center. After a salute to his opponent, he lets his horse charge across with a sharp, muttered sound.

Critical Success!

Idris makes a check for Bevan de Haxon's Tourney at 10, he rolled 10.

Critical Fail!

Talfryn checked his lance of 13, he rolled 20.


Idris makes a check for Bevan de Haxton's Lance at 15, he rolled 11.

Idris rolls 6d6 and gets (4 5 2 4 1 6) for a total of: (22)


Talfryn checked his horsemanship of 10, he rolled 4.

Critical Success!

Talfryn checked his lance of 13, he rolled 13.


Idris makes a check for Bevan de Haxton's Lance at 15, he rolled 19.

Talfryn rolls 12d6 and gets (4 1 6 6 4 1 1 6 4 3 2 5) for a total of: (43)

Talfryn raises a salute towards his opponent before he begins the charge! The first pass… it doesn't show well for Talfryn, who's struck squarely by the lance of his opponent. Talfryn fumbles his own lance- it does nothing.

Talfryn turns then for his second pass- redoubling himself before he strikes. This strike, quite unlike his previous, is hard and technically perfect- it strikes Sir Beven de Haxton true, and the man is thrown from his horse by the impact, with Talfryn's lance shattering from the pressure. When he finishes the charge and turns to see his opponent de-horsed he gives a cheer, and a salute to his opponent! "Well met, friend! Well done! An honor to face you!"

Idris raises his flag, declaring Talfryn the winner. There's a round of applause and loud cheers before the next competitors are called with the sound of drums.

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