(514-09-14) Sarum Summer Falconry Round I
Summary: All the Results for Falconry Round I should go here.
Date: 09-14-514
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Wilhelm is the unfortunate one to get a first round draw in the falconry section of the tournament. With him being the first up, it's the warm mid-morning sun that's being cast on the field as the young knight finds himself opposed to an older, experienced Lady with a trained falcon of her own. "Well met." the knight offers as he removes the hood from his peregrin, giving his beak a small rub. "Alright, just as we practiced." he says to the bird before he releases it, the jesses of the creature trailing behind it as it takes flight on the hunt.

Old is relative. The Lady on the field uses not the traditional merlin, and instead a goshawke is perched, well hooded, on her strong arm. "And you, Sir," the Lady Heather de Perrinwolde from afar, replies to Wilhelm. Her vocie is smooth, melodical, well-used to keeping an even keel so as not to disturb the fierce creature upon her leather-clad arm. "Youth before beauty, of course," she dips a smile to him, letting the knight lead.

Wilhelm checked his falconry of 10, he rolled 12.
Critical Fail!
Wilhelm makes a check for Old Falconry at 18, he rolled 20.

"Thank you, m'lady.." Wilhelm says, the young knight offering a bow of deference. "Perhaps after this match, you can show me some of your training tips?" he offers hopefully. Noticing his falcon circling, he spies a young hare and the peregrin goes swooping and diving after it, however, the hare ducks into the stables at the last moment and the falcon had to pull up, circling back to his owner with empty claws.

After his bird is launched, the Lady Heather spends a moment longer, too long perhaps, watching Wilhelm. "Some training, you say?" she murmurs, light, amused. "Perhaps, perhaps." And when his falcon returns empty-taloned, she releases her goshawk, throwing her arm high in a too-affectatious movement, designed to impress. What it does, however, is throw her bird of prey off its course and instead of finding prey, it flies to the top of the stables, and there it remains. Recovery is long, and Heather's cheeks color.

Wilhelm checked his modest of 13, he rolled 7.

"If you like, m'lady, I will wait for your bird to return before I release my own again." Wilhelm offers modestly, hoping that Lady Heather will use the time to recover and the Gosawk will return to her arm as he holds his peregrin in check for the moment.

The Lady with the black hair and piercing green eyes casts Wilhelm a look that speaks volumes of her chagrin at his offer. "No, no. Belvedere shall return anon," the Lady replies as her cheeks cool. "Please, continue." With her arm raised, she settles in for a wait that is fortunately not so long as it might have been. Moments later, the goshawk deigns to notice its mistress, and takes wing to return.

Critical Success!
Wilhelm checked his falconry of 10, he rolled 10.
Wilhelm makes a check for Heather Falconry at 18, he rolled 8.

Sending his peregrin up again, Wilhelm watches the bird circle and turns his attention to the field. Noticing a large, fat hare take off from the bushes, the peregrin swoops down, and this time, there's a tangle of feathers and fur as the creature manages to dig his claws into the rabbit and carries it back over to Wilhelm, but has to settle on the ground to enjoy his prize since it's too large to place upon the knight's arm. "Chauncey! Excellent work!" the young knight offers, forgetting manners for a moment to kneel down and give the falcon an affectionate pet.

The Lady Heather de Perrinwolde does not make the same mistake twice, that much can at least be said of the older falconer. Ostentation is cast aside for a more reserved, practiced cast of her goshawk. The bird wings high overhead, taking a different tack from Wilhelm's peregrin. A less successful tack, it's true, as it swoops down upon a large rat. The feast is brought back before Heather with little fanfare, though the woman still praises her bird. "Wonderful, Belvedere, but you must fill your belly. Something bigger, perhaps?" She casts a look aside to Wilhelm's prize.

"I think I was a fortunate one this day, Lady Heather." Wilhelm says as he stands back up to his full height. Finally, he realizes that he has won the match against the professional, he offers a bow, color hinting on his cheeks. "Thank you for the competition, m'lady. I will still hope to learn from you to control a bird o' prey as large and majestic as yours."

Wilhelm's response does much to smooth any ruffled feathers (pun intended), if there were any. "You were the stronger hunter this day," The Lady Heather acknowledges, a wry smile claiming her lips as she dips her dark head to the Knight. "I congratulate you most heartily on your win, Sir Wilhelm. Perhaps we might learn from each other."

Wilhelm checked his flirting of 8, he rolled 16.

"It would be an honor to learn under your tutelage, though I'm not sure what I can teach you in response, m'lady." Wilhelm's cheeks further redden at the thought as he gathers his bird and it's prize to bring off the field so it may finish it's meal in private.

Glaw makes a check for Kireu's Firting at 15, he rolled 11.

Sir Kireu is a simple knight in his prime, one of the household knights from one of the neighboring Counties. Having ridden out with Gwynaelle in the late morning, it is now nearing noon, and the hunter and their hounds have circled into the woods try to herd and stir up prey out of the bushes into the large open grass area that the two have settled at, overlooking it from a hill. His squire is offering the 'opposing' lady a cup of wine, then, while they wait, the blonde man to continue their light conversation, "Ah, so you have married recently? More's the pity. I visited Salisbury too late.", he dares to compliment the young lady, while he tugs the little hood off the bird of prey's head on his leather-clad arm.

Gwynaelle checked her flirting of 10, she rolled 11.

Getting out or Sarum, Gwynaelle has enjoyed the ride, her own bird riding upon her shoulder. It's a bigger creature, an owl instead of the normal small bird favored by most ladies. Off her mount, she thanks the squire when offered the wine. As to the knight's words, she smiles, soon to sigh with obvious love for her husband, "That I did, yes. Quite happily so." A hand drifts downwards,t o touch her belly lightly that can already be seen getting a little larger. Quick work did her husband make of getting her with child! Of course, caught up in thoughts about her husband, she seems to fail to realize that talking in such a way of one's husband does not make for good flirting with another!

Well, the good Sir might take a hit to his pride that the young lady is gushing for her husband — of all beings! — instead of replying in kind ot his compliments, though he is quick to recover from such. "Ah. I see. Perhaps we should ride back slower, then..", he mentions, with a bit of a frown at the faint show of belly through her dress. Then again, it might be that the knight merely sought to distract Gwynaelle, for while she talks, he makes ready the bird, and when finally the first prey animal breaks through the underbrush into the open, he is quick to launch his bird into the sky to try to make sure that giant owl of hers gets there late and might not find any prey at all. How dastardly. Ahem.

Glaw makes a check for Kireu's Falconry at 15, he rolled 12.
Gwynaelle checked her falconry of 10, she rolled 13.

Indeed, how rather dastardly of him! So distracted is Gwynaelle that by the time she realizes that prey has been flushed, she's launching her owl late. The bird takes to the sky, seeking the rabbit that has been flushed from the brush. It catches his eye, but by the time wings are tucked to dive towards it, the knight's smaller bird has already made the kill, the owl flaring it's wings and soaring back into the air at the last minute. Might have worried the knight that his bird was going to be taken by the owl! Circling, seeking prey of it's own, it's soon called back down by Gwynaelle who offers the knight a smile, "Good hunting to you, Sir Kireu. " The judge along for the ride calls the match to the knight.

With the rabbit returned to him, the knight indeed praises his bird, before giving the Lady a nod of his head. "Your owl is a formidable bird, but it is ill suited for hunts in daylight. Might wish to train a merlin or a smaller bird for such competitions." Yeah, is the knight implying the bird's too big for her to handle? Ahem. Still, he soon hands off the rabbit to his squire, then hoods his bird, before he offers his arm to Gwynaelle. "Perhaps we shall have the rabbit prepared back in town, and I can offer you half the kill over stew?", he offers to the Lady, smirking a little.

"Perhaps, but I would not give up my Nox for anything." Gwynaelle offers a slight shrug of her shoulder as she takes up the hood to draw over the owl's head. Such a beautiful creature it is, so different from the other hawks that most have with them. With the offer of a meal, she turns towards the knight, a brow lifted upwards as she murmurs, "I will have to beg off, for I will be headed to the tourney field to watch my husband in the jousts." Trying to be kind in letting the knight down should he be continuing that flirting. She is a married woman, after all!

Well, can't say the good knight did not try to tempt the young bride away from her husband! But he seems to not take too much offense at being turned down, but he nods. "Ah, of course. We shall make haste then to pack up things and return to Sarum then.". He already is looking for his square to urge him to pack up the little picknick, wine and bring the horses. If anything, he can take a hint.

Letha stands at the starting point for the falconry event, her kestrel resting comfortably on her arm. The hood has already been taken off, and the tall lady knight holds the jesses firmly as she looks hard at the running area. She says nothing for the moment, merely waits for the appearance of her opponent.

Eventually, her opponent, a short knight from Broad arrives. He finds himself actually having to look up to the tall blonde woman and is more than a little initimidated by the silence and size of the woman. Death by snu snu, indeed. "Lady Stapleford?" he asks as he considers her. "I'm Sir Ulric of Broad." he carries a peregrine, as he sets up, waiting for the huntmaster to release the hounds to send the dogs out to flush their quarry.

Letha checked her falconry of 10, she rolled 9.
Joachim makes a check for Ulric Falconry at 15, he rolled 4.

"Sir Stapleford." Letha corrects in a rumble, peering down at the young man. "I'll go first, if you do not mind." And if he doesn't stop her, she'll step when they call for the release of the hare, and confidently launches her kestrel into the air. She regards the snatch and grab with solemn approval, lifting her arm once more upon the bird's return. It still has the bloody thing in its mouth when it lands on her wrist, and she coaxes it to release the corpse firmly.

"Sir.. Sir. Right." Ulric says with a small laugh. The knight releases his own bird in time with hers, as it goes across the field. The hare it returns with is smaller than the one that Letha caught, and the knight is quick to hood his bird. "Congratualtions on your victory." he offers before he's fleeing from the field, perhaps terrified of being crushed by her.

Cyndeyrn checked his falconry of 10, he rolled 4.
Brynmor makes a check for Old Knight's Falconry at 18, he rolled 1.

Later in the day, away from the tourney grounds in the nearby hills, this time for falconry. He again finds himself rather overmatched against an ancient knight with a long white beard. The man seems utterly confident with his falcon, and the bird sits as if it knows the man quite intimately. When the hunters stir up some prey, the old man lets his bird fly and it quite expectedly arrives back soon after with some small rodent as a prize. This, perhaps, is the only grace that saves the more inexperienced Dinton, as on the next go, he releases Sian, his own favored raptor, to return with a young rabbit! At least this time, he will look quite shocked when the judges announce his catch superior, and he gets a gracious smile from the Santa Claus-looking geezer who was his opponent!

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