(514-09-14) Sarum Summer Performance Round 1
Summary: Different rounds of the Performance competition of the tourney.
Date: September 14, 514
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The day dawns bright, and for one young lady, excitement has kept her awake nearly all night! Enfys arrives to the pavilion where the performance competition is said to be held starting today, and her cousin, Morfyd, soon returns to let her know the news, "You have been drawn to go first, Enf!" The young lady ohs softly, a bloom of rose to touch her cheeks as she takes in this news, "I will simply pray to Jesu that I do well.." Held carefully in her hands in a small 12-string lap harp that shows both loving care, and a certain age to it's patina. A treasured instrument handed down within the family. Morfyd touches her arm, and then seems to escort the other into the pavilion, offering quiet words in guidance to her blond cousin as it becomes apparent to those watching that Enfys is blind.

It's then that the herald calls those gathered for the competition to order, "Good morning to all. To begin this competition, we call forth the following musicians: Lady Enfys de Horton and Aderyn of Sarum." Lady against a young bard.

Wilhelm makes a check for Young Bard Flirting at 13, he rolled 11.

As Enfys is called forth, the second name is called, Aderyn steps onto the stage, carrying his instrument in his hand, the lute. As he notices the young Lady he is facing, he smiles towards her, unaware that she cannot see the motion as warmth touches his voice. "Of all the matches I could have been offered to make beautiful music with, I have been blessed to find myself to find myself matched against a true beauty that if her abilities match anywhere near her looks, I will find myself in far too much desire to perhaps perform." he swoons as he settles upon the stage opposite the young lady, preparing and tuning his lute's strings and defers to the young Lady to begin with her selected piece first. "Beauty first, please, I insist, m'lady."

Enfys checked her play of 15, she rolled 13.
Enfys checked her singing of 15, she rolled 10.
Critical Success!
Wilhelm makes a check for Aderyn Play at 13, he rolled 13.
Wilhelm makes a check for aderyn singing at 13, he rolled 5.

Enfys does miss the flirting, at least the looks offered to her by the young bard. His compliments, however, do darken the blush that warms her cheeks. "You are far too kind with your words, good sir." A seat is pulled up for her to sit upon, her lapharp placed just so. Fingers pluck the strings briefly, adjusting the tuning as needed before finally fading into a lovely song. The fingerwork is exquisite, the melody beautifully executed. And when words are put to the music, her voice is perfectly pitched and right on key, enchanting, to say the least.

I am the song that gets inside
The one that says everything you hide
I'd give you chills up and down your spine
I am an unheard song.

I'm a Sarah joined with my Abraham
God's words flow from me
I'd whisper them all and buckle your knees
I am an unspoken love.

I am the sunset every night
Waiting for you but out of sight
I'd take your breath and give you new life
I am the unseen art.

I am a treasure lost at sea
My worth is more than you conceive
I'd make your heart skip a beat
I am an unfound jewel.

A long-lost song, I'm beauty surpassed
How much longer can solitude last?
Secret heart of mine, I'm lost at sea
Unheard, Unfound,
To you I may be Unseen.

As Enfys plays, the young bard's cheeks redden, turning thoughtful for a moment. With the approach of the climax of her song, the sounds of the lute start to twine and interweave with the harpsichord, his music working to mingle and match to hers, elevating her sweet voice and melody higher - it is what a good bard is supposed to do, raise the morale and spirits of those around him or her.

His voice is not as strong as his, reliant more on his playing ability, but he is more than willing to join in her song and add his own as hers starts to fade, his voice not quite as true as hers.

I have seen you,
Alas you have not seen me,
My heart is lost in your sea,
My heart it is true..

Turn back the heart you have turned away,
Give me your kissing breath,
Leave not my love as you have left,
the broken hearts of yesterday.

But wait, be still! Don't lose this way,
Affection is now, for you I give my quest,
May be something more; though it could be something less.

Do not allow your roses to wilt, your love is not spurned,
Trust in me, my love and truth,
Come dwell in my heart, from which you turned.

My heart is as strong as yours is aloof,
If it is in fear that you turn away,
Do not, for you may find love today!

As his song ends, he brings their songs into a twisting and gentle climax, the young man ending up close to the Lady, but still at a respectful distance before he pulls away, allowing her music to close out their duet.

Enfys allows her own music to fade, just as he begins to pick up the melody, to make it his own. Truly awed is she when faced with his own playing, uncaring that his singing voice may not be as perfect as hers. Entranced, as only she should be, she sits by, fingers dancing across the strings of her harp, making note of the way he changed and made her song his own. By the time their music comes to an end, she rises from her chair, and offers a curtsy and dip of her head in his general direction, knowing well that she was out-played by the young bard. "Beautiful, good sir.. may your luck continue in the competition." She doesn't immediately step away, but waits for Morfyd to fetch her in this unfamiliar place, to guide her to a seat with the others so she might at least, continue to listen to the others as they are called forth in this first round of competition.

As she remains there for a moment, he reaches taking Enfys' hand gently in his. "It was a pleasure to play to your music, Lady Enfys." Aderyn offers. "If it were not for the fact that you are a Lady and I am a mere commoner.. I would surely try to gain your favor to continue my quest to become a bard in full. However, if I may be so bold.." He places a chaste kiss upon Enfys' hand, and gives her the feather from his cap. "Something to remember me by, m'lady, should our paths cross again and you find your heart unclaimed, know that today, my heart you have tamed."

With that he quickly releases her hand as Morfyd to approach. He's not the most handsome young man, lanky and tall, with dark hair and eyes, but there's just something about his smile that says so much more as he slips off the stage to mingle back within the applauding crowd, leaving Enfys to be guided away.

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