(514-09-14) Glaw de Newentone vs. Arwel de Hugh
Summary: Very short first round of jousting for Glaw.
Date: 14 Sep 514
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With the end of this bout, a few squires clean up the area, preparing the field for the next competitors. Names have been drawn, and it's Sir Glaw de Newentone vs another young knight, Sir Arwel de Hugh. The latter is a big man with a rather prominent unibrow going on that leaves him always looking like he's scowling at something or someone. His squire leads his horse forwards, the man to take a moment mounting before accepting lance and helmet. Salutes are given to the marshals, then to his opponent at the other end of the field.

The marshal, one Sir de Haxton, is replaced by Sir Idris de Bodenham. So he takes in a deep breath, looks who's competing, spends sometime staring at Glaw before he grins. He reaches for a wineskin, uncorks it, and takes a deep swig before he starts announcing, "On the left, Sir Arwel de Hugh!" And he pauses dramatically for applause or cheers and jeers, "on the other, the mightiest of all, the bravest among all knights of Salisbury, Brave Sir Glaw the Courageous de Newton Tony!"

When his name is called, Glaw mounts up easily enough: Any wounds that he took during the Wedding Tournament's joust and the grueling Melee having healed by now, thankfully. Riding by the stands then, Glaw pauses near his newly-wed wife, to lower the lance, apparently expecting her to fasten some kind of favor to the tip of the…blunt lance. Well, can't be perfect, right?
Once that has been taken care of, he rides up to the unoccupied end of the lists, to listen to the — apparently slightly inebriated — marshal announce him and his opponent. Well, there is not much of a facial expression that can be seen under the helmet, but surely the tilt of it might tell that he wonders what triggered the mostly unknown knight's 'praises', but he merely lifts his lance to salute the official, before extending the same honors to the opponent down the lists.

<OOC> Idris says, "Should check tourney"

Glaw checked his tourney of 2, he rolled 17.

Gwynaelle makes a check for Young Knight tourney at 2, she rolled 4.

Gwynaelle is there within the stands, the bride looking quite radient in her dress of green. When her husband approaches and lowers his lance, she laughs softly, taking up a bit of ribbon to tie abount the blunt lance. Fingertips are pressed to her lips in a kiss that is then 'thrown' towards Glaw before he heads off to face his opponent.

Sir Arwel nods and salutes to the marshal then to the ones in the stands before finally the other knight. Then it's time to kick his charger and start the match.

Critical Success!
Gwynaelle makes a check for Young Knight lance at 13, she rolled 13.

Handing the wineskin back to some squire, or page, Idris leans against the railing for a moment, nodding to both competitors before raising the flag. "Don't worry, it's not a Saxon!" He shouts, whether that's to Arwel or to Glaw, hard to say.

Gwynaelle rolls 8d6 and gets (6 4 4 1 5 6 2 4) for a total of: (32)
Gwynaelle rolls 4d6 and gets (1 1 5 6) for a total of: (13)
<OOC> Gwynaelle says, "45."

Glaw checked his lance of 12, he rolled 4.

Glaw is not too superstitious, thankfully. Otherwise he might start to avoid getting Gwyn's favor before fights. They seem to mean bad luck for him. With the two horses charging down the lists, perhaps the fluttering cloth distracted him? Who knows. In the end, while both lances connect soundly, lance against shield, the other knight's point is placed just right to deliver the full force while Glaw's lance slides off the other man's shield. Speaking of sliding off. That's what Glaw does from his saddle, landing rather solidly on the ground.
A few seconds pass, before he rolls over to push himself back to his feet, giving the other knight a nod of his helmet, before he walks over to pick up the lance he lost, turning to clear the field without much of further words or salutes, leaving his squire to chase down the charger. Jousts. Just not his lucky dicipline.

"Dorset's waiting for you, Sirs! No time to relish in your jousting victory nor wallow in defeat!" the Knight of Bodenham calls out, clad in the blood-red and white doublet with the shield of his family and the face of a bull in lieu of a key on the lower left quarter, also in red, but to represent Norgales. "The winner!" And the flag lifts towards Glaw's side, which means the one on the opposite is the victory, "Sir Arwel de Hugh!"

Gwynaelle glances to Idris, slightly confused by the things he yells out. But, her attention slides back to her husband as he prepares to charge down the list towards Sir Arwel. When lances meet, and her husband ends up on the ground, the young lady rises to her feet so she can better see how he fairs, only letting go the breath held when he rolls over and pushes himself to his feet. By the time he starts to walk off the field, she's getting off the stands to follow after him.

Sir Arwel kicks his charger into motion, knight and beast moving down the list towards Sir Glaw. Lances meet, the young man seated well on his charger as to deliver the maximum hit he can. It's not till he reaches the end and turns about that he sees he manage to unhorse his opponent, his helmt pulled off and once Glaw moves to his feet, he salutes the other knight. Time to go celebrate for him. One hit unhorsing after the prior match that lasted FOREVER is good, right?

Once off the field, so that the next contestants can be called, Glaw soon moves towards his tent. Yep, getting out of that armor and the bruises taken care off is probably on the menu now. While he might be moving a bit stiffly, he is moving, so it cannot be that bad, right? Right.

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