(514-09-14) Clamehoot vs Dhani
Summary: Joust
Date: 09.14.514
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dhani elrick 

Dhani checked her Tourney of 10, she rolled 16.

Dhani checked her Lance of 15, she rolled 16.

Elrick makes a check for Old Knight Lance at 18, he rolled 1.

Dhani checked her Horsemanship of 15, she rolled 18.

Elrick rolls 6d6 and gets (5 6 1 3 1 5) for a total of: (21)

Hot off the heels of her first round success, one of the stranger knights is called back to face another opponent. Maybe they want her gone faster. Dhani is an odd sight. Her chain shirt is normal enough, the shield and lances standard. That face is a wild copper mask dotted and painted by iridescent lines. A firm hand clutches the reins of her grey horse, already sweating from the heat, and dust sticks to his legs. The pair of them do not complain for this change of affairs, though she chews on her inner cheek in restlessness. Pacing the horse in circles helps to keep them both warmed up while they wait for their opponent to show.

With another pair of knights due up to compete against each other in the second round, the marshal looks from one knight to the other before reading off the names of the challengers for this joust. In a loud voice, Sir Haxton begins the introductions for this tilt as he gesture, "Sarum, we have yet another pair of knights ready to challenge each other. Sir Clamehoot de Enford will be tilting against Sir Dhani de Woodborough!" With the announcement made, the crowd surges to their feet in a cheer, as there is yet another possibility of another collision of blunted lances to armor or shield.

As his name is announced, Sir Clamehoot is already mounted on his charger, one that is as aged as he is. He raises a hand towards the crowd, his helm still off to reveal an aging knight with hair and whiskers already streaked with white. But the man still holds a confident bearing as he sits astride his steed, one can easily guess he is a veteran that is getting late in his age.

The marshal, with the white flag in hand looks from one knight to another, and then raises the flag in the air. With anticipation building, the crowd goes almost silent, the atmosphere suddenly hushed. Only when there is sudden movement from Sir Haxton as the flag is dropped, signalling the charge does the spectators erupt in loud cheers of encouragement for both knights.

Dhani gathers her horse Cinder to the line and points her lance forward. When it is time she spurs into a gallop. The earlier bout of success leaves her fatigued somewhat and it will show where the moment comes. Her lance misses the knight, colliding off his shield and going high.

With the flag lowered, Sir Clamehoot spurs his old charger forward into a hard gallop, not as swift as other younger chargers but more than serviceable still. Though this performance is not the cleanest or most skillful by the older Enford Knight, he is able to make a minor adjustment at the last second, keeping the blunted lance on target. It smacks into the shoulder of Dhani, the blow certainly powerful enough to dismount the lady knight.

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