(514-09-14) Bad Bird Bearings
Summary: Sirs Siani and Perin lose to there opponents, Perin catches up with his neighbor.
Date: 9-14-514
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Its a pleasant afternoon as the tourney is underway, a group is lead out by huntsmen for the falconry competition. They head to the edge of some woods, a mix between the open field and the tree line. In the group is Sir Perin, along with Bren, his squire. Holding the falcon, Bren rides along ready to assist. Sir Perin finds himself near a mountain of a woman. He turns to her, knowing she is not his competitor. "A good day for it, I could spend more time out here with the birds."

In the group is a very young Lady Astrigis de Tytherington. Freckled of face, she has a small bird ready to go. Perhaps her only bird. She will be up against Sir Siani. She may be intimidated by the larger woman, and has been keeping quiet on the ride out to the field of competition.

Siani was okay at falconry so she had tossed her own hat into the mix by signing up for it. On her horse, she rides with another group of entrants to the tourney, speaking when spoken to, her bird prepared for release when it is time, but still in his cage for the moment. Hearing the nobleman beside her, she looks over and offers a friendly enough smile. "It's a beautiful day, Sir." Indeed it is. "The rain has kept away for a few days now, I'm impressed."

Riding with the group is older man, Sir Edynfed de Deptford, he has his own falcon ready. He looks over to the Steeple Langford and instead of offering condolences for his loss, he grins, "Heard you have an heir on the way. Good man." An eyebrow waggle in such a way only men can do when speaking to another to insinuate good things.

The hunter brings the group to a stop, and then unleashes the dogs to flush out game. The competitors allowed to release and fetch when the spot what they're after. Lady Astrigis doesn't wait long, moving to get a good spot and her time to go. She looks to Sir Siani, "Good look sir," she says, knowing her for a knight. The size may give it away, then she tosses her bird into the air.

"I could hope for a little more rain, a storm would be nice soon," returns Perin to Siani as if at random. Then a grin to his neighbor, Sir Edynfed. "Aye, maybe an heir, some of the woman are saying that. But could be wives tale, we shall see if we have a son or a daughter. I will be happy with a child either way."

Perin makes a check for Lady Astrigis Hunting at 13, he rolled 11.

Siani checked her falconry of 13, she rolled 19.

Siani makes a check for Falconry for Edynfed at 18, she rolled 12.

Once they are at a stop, Siani takes up her own falcon, using the bigger bird than the normal merlin most ladies, including her opponent use. She releases it when told, leaving it to fly off in search of game. While the bird flies off, she looks back to Perin, a smile playing over her features, "Congratulations then, a child." A curious look at the mention of the storm, but she doesn't say anything about it. There's a friendly smile to her opponent, "Thank you, my lady, good luck to you as well." Edynfed gets a nod of greeting as well.

As for Sir Edynfed, he gives a sly grin, "Never discount old wives tails. They became tales for a reason." A bit of a solemn nod given to him, but the twinkle in his eye is obvious. "A son, a daughter, trust me, you will cherish either and both will be the loves of your life. They will also be the bane of your existence, the constant worry. You won't regret it either." He gives a merry chuckle.

Perin checked his modest of 13, he rolled 10.

Her bird is off and away, going for some larger prey out there, Lady Astrigis watches intently, "Thank you Sir." Its about all she manages during the activity, moving and such a little where she is as if she has some influence on her bird while its up and away.

Sir Perin, "Thank you, I look forward to the day the child is finally here." Closer at least, one day at a time. Turning to Sir Edynfed, he nods, "I shall hope so. We shall visit you first I think." As the other man seems in good spirits about the child on the way. He chuckles along with the man then. "Best of luck between us, whoever wins, we shall meet again near home, for another match. Or at least a day of hawking and some good stews from what we catch."

When Lady Astrigis sees her bird catch its prey, she squeals with delight, then blushes and simmers down to be prorper again.

With her own bird gone, Siani watches between looking at the others, but finally she settles her attention on the hunt in progress, the competition. When her own bird comes back, empty-handed so to speak, she sighs, having lost. "Well done, my lady. I hope you do well in the further competition."

Edynfed applauds the lady but with that part over, he focuses more on his own bird and his opponent. "That would be a good day, a meal together of whatever we can catch. And good luck to you, Sir Perin. Your father'd be proud of ya." Because he knew Perin's father!

Perin checked his courtesy of 8, he rolled 10.

"Thank you Sir," says the girl, waiting for the return of her bird. Exchanging treat for the catch when it comes so that she can turn it in for tracking of the win in the competition.

With a nod to the older fellow, "Thank you, I'd like to think that." Of course, coming from Sir Edynfed, it carries more weight. A longing look for not knowing his father, yet hints of a smile of content with the encouraging words. "I can only hope to raise a good strong family now."

Once Siani's bird has fully returned empty of anything to contribute, she puts it away and rides off a short distance to leave the others to speak among themselves.

Edynfed reaches for his own bird from his squire, preparing for his own turn at the tournament. "You're a good strong man, you'll have a good strong family."

Perin checked his falconry of 12, he rolled 14.

As the birds are out, Perin turns to Edynfed, "I'll take your confidence, we could all use a little more of that this year." The birds are out and about. Perin's fails to capture the prey he sought. Edynfed only needs a catch and he has the match. His bird swoops and catches some game. "Congrats sir," says Perin to the older man. "Looks like I need to practice for our outing now. Well done." Alas, Perin is out early yet again.

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