(514-09-14) An Unexpected End: A Joust Story
Summary: Sir Bradwyn faces off against the famous Sir Earc. Guess who won.
Date: 514-09-14
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The next group was announced and Lord Knight Earc Wilton is called up against a younger knight. He is on his black charger, legs gripping the sides of his large horse while the young squire at his side offers the tools of the joust. First the helmet is slipped over his dark, cropped hair, his shield settled into place, then the lance is handed over and he accepts it with a single nod. No wasted words are given but a salute is offered to his opponent. He awaits the go ahead from Idris before he rides.

Cariste claps for Talfryn as he is declared winner, she smiles a little as she looks over the win of her neighbor.

Sitting atop his charger in full mail, Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston seeks to prove himself better this time compared to the last tourney, especially with a few hair ribbons in the colors of House Durnford tied around his left arm just above the bicep. The six foot tall knight moves up to position and slips on his helm, his squire who looks like he only recently was given the position moves to hand over the shield first, a bit clumsily due to the size difference between Bradwyn and the boy, but he manages. Secured in place the lance is handed over and the squire moves clear as Bradwyn lifts his lance in salute and calls, "May honor and skill prevail!" to his opponent then takes up position and waits the flag to signal the start.

Earc checked his lance of 18, he rolled 11.

Critical Success!
Bradwyn checked his lance of 13, he rolled 13.

Bradwyn rolls 12d6 and gets (6 1 3 6 2 2 6 2 5 6 4 3) for a total of: (46)

Earc checked his tourney of 6, he rolled 11.

Idris orders the go, and departs after tossing the flag to his substitute. "I'm going to get a drink. Call me if another man of Dorset decides to do something untoward here."

Earc de Wilton waits for the flag and signal and as soon as it is given, he rides hard towards the other end of the list, blunted lance out, aimed towards the other man's shoulder. His lance does strike, it strikes his opponent, and the Lord Knight finds himself pleased with the contact too early as a lance finds his shoulder above his shield and digs in enough to cut through his chain and force him off of the horse. The air is knocked from him but he manages to sit up. He signals to the marshal that he is fine and once he's made his way to his feet, he offers a nod to the Idmiston but there are no words offered as he walks off towards his tent.

The signal is given, the charger spurred, Bradwyn rides forward the ribbons on his arm fluttering wildly as the Idmiston giant faces off against his opponent. Luck? Skill? The power of love can make one man weep and another sing? Whatever the case Bradwyn's lance collides with the shield of Sir Earc Wilton. Even with the shield and the blunted lance the famous knight is lifted from his saddle and sent smashing to the ground with perhaps the hardest blow ever landed by the young Bradwyn. Finding himself on the other end of the list after the first tilt, blinded a moment by adrenalin and a downpour of wooden shivers the boken haft in his hand is discarded as he looks to his squire to ask for another, only then to see his opponent on his back wondering how the sky got in front of him.
Spotting the nod it is returned with a respectful nod in turn as Bradwyn calls, "Well struck!" Perhaps he might have included the name of the famous knight, but as Sir Earc turns to depart Bradwyn decides not to voice it.

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