(514-09-14) A pagan goodbye
Summary: A burial to Llwyd de Cholderton.
Date: 14th of September
Related: Battle of the Severn valley
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Sir Llwyd's death at the Battle of Severn Valley had left the manor of Cholderton without one of it's supports. And while the Knight himself was an announced British Christian, it fell upon his Pagan family to decide how to handle his death. A compromise was finally reached, as during the day, there was dark colors and quiet mourning for the man that enjoyed his battle and his mead - but as darkness fell, the somber mood slowly dissipated. As the moon rises high into the sky, at a copse of trees outside of the Manor that has been used for ceremony for years, some members of the family have gathered. A large bonfire has been built, with the knight's body place upon it, his spirit has been released, the vassal to be burnt so that the soul may find peace.
Joining Yorrick are two kegs of mead - a favorite drink of the knight, to sate his thirst on his journey to Gwynn ap Nudd. And having recently returned from his day hunt while the others mourned. Trapped and tied, the knight has captured a young boar, a sacrifice to be presented to guide to show Llwyd on his way. As the young knight, Huntsman in training, wanted to be away from the manor and out in the woods for a bit. He has put away the dogs for the evening, only bringing himself, still dirtied from the hunt as he drags forth the squealing, fighting beast and lifts it to be placed upon the makeshift altar and bonfire.

As Braelynn nears the fire, the flames throw shadows on her gaunt face. She returned from Ebble quiet and withdrawn, and her thin frame is edging dangerously on being too thin. There are shadows beneath her eyes, but she seems strangely calm. If nothing else, the events over the past several months has served to harden her, and tonight is no exception. She approaches the fire, and tosses a handful of herbs into it, her own contribution to her brother's trip into the afterlife. The scent of burning sage and lavender fills the clearing, and her mouth moves in a silent apology to the fire burning atop the fire. Her shoulders fall and she turns on her heels to begin making her way toward Yorrick, her hands clasping tightly behind her back.

Arta standing on the opposite side of the pyre to Braelynn and Yorrick. "Do you think they serve mead in the afterlife?" Arta mentions with a grim expression on her face. Llwyd was a cousin to Arta but family nonetheless. When he had gone off to the Severn valley Arta had been at Bavestocks. Informing her betrothed of the terrible fate that would befall on him. Marriage. Arta never stood a chance to help Llwyd from that far. She had the training and whatever else it takes, but this time it wasn't about either of those. If only Llwyd had survived long enough to be hurried back to Salisbury.

"If they don't, then he's got some to take with 'em, Arta." Yorrick is pretty matter-of-fact on the matter as he notices his sister approaching. "Brae. You know Llwyd wouldn't want you sulking around here looking like a petulant cow. And he certainly wouldn't want us moping over the fact that he's dead. His death was a rallying cry, and Salisbury has turned the tied on the dogs that stole his life." Brushing a hand through his red tresses as he has the boar held down, he watches the flames and the moon. The flames lick, approaching the body, and the knight adds, "And if they don't burn, Arta, that just means we have more to drink in his honor, later."

"But for now, I think it's best we make sure he secures a place at the table of Arawn, and with the end of summer near, he needs something to provide for the feast. Just as the flames start to lick and touch at Llwyd's body, the knight plunges the dagger into the throat of the boar and slices downward, rending the creature open before he moves to throw it onto the fire to join his brother. "Now you be a good pig and lead my brother to his reward and and keep him away from the Wild Hunt." he prays quietly as he steps back between the two woman, cleaning off his dagger on his trouser leg and ignoring the blood on him as the squeals of the boar join the crackling of the fire, and the sear of the mead as it starts to lap at the two kegs.

Lifting his head, the Pagan knight considers for a moment and then yells the cry of the living, trying to grab Arawn's attention and let him know company's on the way.

Braelynn glances over at Yorrick and gives him a brief smile and nod. Her answer is quiet and somber. "I know, brother. I'm trying." She flinches at the noise as her brother lets out the loud yell, but it's only momentary. Her eyes turn back to the figure of Llwyd as it burns. The flames send flickering orange lights over her face, and for a moment it appears that those red curls are themselves on fire, but they are not. Braelynn walks closer to the fire, until the heat is uncomfortably searing. There she stands, her eyes closing for a moment.

Arta checked her prudent at 10, she rolled 4.

Arta narrows her eyes at Yorrick as he compares Braelynn to a petulant cow. She would personally take that as an insult and would definitely let the unfortunate soul know what she thinks of them. However, she deems that the situation isn't appropriate for more yelling she reserves speaking her mind to Yorrick for later. Arta can only hope that Brigantia the exalted one watches over the rest of the Cholderton manor. It would be hard to say goodbye to yet another member inside so little time. "Do you want to say something?" Arta's eyes go from Yorrick to Braelynn.

Yorrick checked his awareness of 13, he rolled 16.

That's because Arta isn't used to the dynamic between Braelynn and Yorrick. The older brother is just trying to make sure his sister doesn't slip so far into grief that - oh dear, she's rather close to the fire. Not noticing Arta's sharp look at him, he comes up to take Braelynn by the shoulders and guide her back a bit. "Yeah. I have something to say." he comments as he looks at the body. "You're a damn fine brother, Llwyd. You may have liked the city too much for me, but I never doubted that we loved each other. There's so much that you're gonna miss out on - and the maidens that have gone untouched by you and the brewers you didn't get to sample should mourn your loss. But I don't. Because I know you're going to be around, and make sure that Brae and I have the fun you didn't. So you go on and have a good time in the hereafter, and save me a seat for when it's my turn."

Braelynn steps back, shooting an annoyed look at her brother. Her voice is sharp as she says, "You know, Yorrick. I didn't walk into any fires while you were gone. I don't plan to start now." This is punctuated by a smile and her voice softens slightly as she says to him, seriously, "I'm not the same child you left behind when you went to go squire, Yorrick." She then tilts her head and looks at him and the smile widens as she says, "I did miss you, though." Her eyes lift to Arta and she waves her closer while saying, "I have something to say. Come closer so you can hear me."

Arta circles around the pyre from a safe distance as to not catch onto fire herself. She makes her way to Braelynn with nary a word to say at the instant.

Yorrick checked his prudent of 10, he rolled 11.

Critical Fail!
Yorrick checked his reckless of 10, he rolled 20.

"Not worried about you jumping into the fire, Brae." Yorrick responds, a slight frown at his sister, but he restrains himself as she beckons Arta to them. Stepping back a little, the two of them are really a matched set of gingers, their hair even brighter by the fire light, green eyes equally as matching as the two could have easily been twins instead of barely a year apart.

Braelynn takes a deep breath and begins to speak. "It's not about Llwyd that I wish to speak, but about us as a family. All too often we are scattered in our own directions and doing our own things. Llwyd and I were both guilty of something, and that is selfishness. We were busy with our own concerns and our own matters." She slides an arm around Arta and Yorrick's and pulls them both closer. "Had I known he was going off to fight I could have gone with him, instead of the party I went with. It could have been his life I saved, instead of another's." She looks at both of them, her expression very serious, "Family is everything, and it's time for this family to come together and start acting like one."

Arta hugs Braelynn tightly "Well spoken, cousin." she rolls her eyes at nobody in particular "Where shall we begin? There is so much we could do as a family. I will finish my work and hand the notes over to the court musicians that provide the entertainment to the Earl's next feast. I am once more free from the burdens of my position."

The idea doesn't neccessarily bring a frown to Yorrick's face, but he looks between the two women. "I'll be dancing at both your wedding's soon enough, and especially bad at yours, Brae. We're always gonna be family, but we're not going to be together much longer, as we all have things to do with our lives. But I agree. We shouldn't just let this.." a gesture towards the fire, "..be the only time to come together. The Autumn Equinox is coming, perhaps we should take the lead in inviting our fellow Houses in leading the celebration this year?" he suggests.

The smile on Braelynn's smile widens and she nods at Yorrick's words. "That sounds lovely! Perhaps we should start readying for a feast the likes as Salisbury hasn't seen in years." She nudges Yorrick. "You can certainly provide the food." She glances at Arta and says, "You can arrange the entertainment!" She seems to think for quite some time, and she finally says, "Perhaps I can oversee the readying of the manor. We'll have it so clean it positively shines." Her head tilts as she glances up at Llwyd and says thoughtfully, "Just because Arta and I are marrying soon does not mean that we aren't family." She turns her head to Yorrick, "And you must promise me that you'll tell me if you're headed off to fight so that I might accompany you as a healer if I am able."

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