(514-09-13) A Game Of You
Summary: Joachim reunites with Lydia at the start of the summer tourney in Sarum
Date: 13 September 514
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Not sure if Lydia can read - and he certainetly can't write, but Joachim waited until he had heard that the Horton's had arrived in Sarum before he sent a message to the Horton camp in the hopes of finding Lydia's ears that the two of them could meet outside the encampments. There's a fallen tree that sits on a hill that looks to the west of Sarum, over the river Wylye, and currently Joachim is waiting there, sitting on the tree, though there's a small picnic feast set of various fruits, dried meats, bread and cheeses. Apparently it wasn't just a meeting - he was hoping to spend some time with the Horton lady.

Lydia is prompt enough to show up - but not without an escort. One of the Horton men-at-arms is present, though a respectful distance away. Lydia is in one of the finer dresses in her wardrobe, a true blue that matches the color of her eyes, her hair braided back away from her face. "Sir Joachim," she greets with a smile, eyes darting to the little picnic. "Oh," she says, her hand coming to her mouth, lips faintly curved on either side of her fingers.

Rising to his feet, the knight seems rather nervous for a moment, but relaxes a little once he sees Lydia does arrive. "Lady Lydia.. please.. you may just call me Joachim, if you wish." he offers as he rubs a little at the back of his head. "I.. thought maybe we could try our first meeting again, excpet this time I shall not splash as a fish - the nearest river is - well." his hand gestures out over the hill down to the valley far before, where the river winds, a blue ribbon amongst the green and dark patches of buildings. "If you would not mind breaking bread and spending some time with me?"

"As you wish, S - Joachim." Worrying her lower lip, she approaches, holding out her hand to him in a request for asistance to ease herself onto the picnic blanket. "I do wonder though, how long you may have planned this." Because surely he hasn't been thinking of her for all these months.

Joachim checked his honest of 10, he rolled 9.

Accepting her hand, Joachim offers her fingers an experimental squeeze, to see if she pulls away or withdraws as the knight assist Lydia to be seated before he sinks onto his own spot next to the log. "I.." the knight considers, studying her face and the lovely curve of her cheeks and lips before color touches upon his skin. "..when I learned of the Summer Tournament, I had hoped to see you again. As fortune has not allowed me to come calling upon you in Up Avon.. I decided to take advantage of the opprotunity to see you again.. if it is not too forward to be pleased to see you again after this time?" He has thought of her often, he can't hide that, especailly since he's slow to withdraw his hand from hers.

"You seem very concerned with what's forward." Lydia says after a moment. "It seems to me that how one feels is beyond control, it's what one does with it that matters." There's a tilt of her head. "So you may be pleased, if you feel you need my permission." There's a small smile, though she keeps her eyes lowered.

"It is not being concerned.." Joachim considers, his hand slipping from hers finally as he finds it's turn to worry upon his lip. "Though you asked me the question of how long I may have thought of this. Have you happened to think of me since the last time we spoke?" he ventures as he picks up a pear and starts to chew on it, and then looks out over the hill. "I wonder if I can see it from here.." he murmurs, mainly to himself.

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"Perhaps." Lydia reaches for a pear and takes a bite, using her smallest finger to push away some of its juice collected at the corner of her mouth. "Or perhaps I thought about our previous conversations. Or the way I utterly destroyed you in droughts."

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There's a faint blush, but the knight laughs at that as Lydia distracts him from his thoughts as he turns his attention from the view of the land to the much more pleasant view of the young woman. And he may feel just a little jealousy for the pear juice she wipes away, but he doesn't offer a witty retort. "Ah, did you come here expecting me to find vengance for my defeat at your more than capable hands at your home?" he asks as he gestures towards a small pack. "I did bring a board, if you wish to play. But we can simply talk, if you like?" he asks as he considers her for a moment. She said yes in as many words, but he's not sure how to broach the question yet.

"I'm partial to whatever suits you as a way to spend your time." Lydia replies forthrightly. "To be honest, I didn't know what to expect when I got your message. I didn't wish to make assumptions." Honesty, it would seem, is the best policy.

"I did have an ulterior motive outside of enjoying your company, Lady Lydia." Joachim says as he sucks in a breath, finally turning and catches both of the young woman's hands in his own, joining, but not twining their fingers. "Are you planning on participating in any of the events? I would like to be on hand to support you. I plan to participate in the joust - and I was wondering if you would consider.." Glancing down at their hands, he lifts his eyes to meet hers again. "..if you may consider granting me your favor to carry in the tournament."

"Falconry, though I don't expect to do well." she replies, "My brother gifted me with a merlin, and I've heard of an storytelling contest but haven't seen a list - " Her words stop short. "Oh." she says in genuine surprise.

Joachim checked his flirting of 3, he rolled 15.

"I believe there was going to be storytelling, I was planning on joining it myself - perhaps tell the story of the fish that met the maiden.." Joachim starts to say, though as she looks suddenly surprised at his question, the knight finds himself drawn into her uncomfortable silence, their hands linked, but no words found as he studies her eyes, concern. What if she was already claimed? Or not interested? The worry touches his features.

"I would be delighted to give you my favor." Lydia replies, after seeing the worried look on his face. "Though I confess to having wanted to tell the same story." She's not really miffed, though. "Perhaps I'll choose a different one."

"You would? Oh.." Relief washes over Joachim's features and he squeezes her hands fondly before letting go. "I would rather you tell it, Lady Lydia.." he admits. "After all, you have heard my version, I have yet to hear yours." he offers her a smile as he goes to take out the board to start setting up the draught pieces as he considers his next question. "Summer's waning, we will soon be in Autumn.." he considers her. "..and winter after that. I was hoping, if you were amicable, that we strive to see each other more often, if your brother approves?"

She lets out a soft laugh. "Why don't we see how well we get on while the tourney is going on here in Sarum?" she suggests. "You'll have my favor by your first match tomorrow. In what events do you plan to compete?"

"Right," he avoids asking her forgiveness, it is a practical suggestion as Joachim sets the pieces on the board. "As I doubt there is a draught competition for us to compete in, I was going to enter the joust and the storytelling. I did not have other plans outside of those two."

"There will be personal challenges a-plenty. But I'll look for you at the storytelling competition." Lydia says, with a small, secretive smile. "Do you know who your opponent is in the joust yet?"

"Not yet. I will know in the morning." Joachim says as he moves to set up the board in between the two of them finally. "I will wish you well at the storytelling and perhaps have the fond hope that we do not meet until the finals, should we make it so far."

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Lydia checked her gaming of 13, she rolled 9.

This time, the game takes more time, but she moves her victory no less assured. "Is that right? I don' know, I think if you can't fare against me in a competition, and neither of us can be either good loser or victor, that's a problem, don't you think?" And to make her point, she takes his pieces.

"Could I not be excited for the chance to.." and he finds himself once again enraptured and Joachim must yield. "..be captured by you and your charms once again?" It's a bold statement to make, as the knight smiles. "You won the game, you keep the board - and decide when we play next." he says quietly as he takes her hand and presses a kiss to it - perhaps with a hint of affection before he turns his attention to their meal.

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