(514-09-12) Tournament Invitation
Summary: While visiting home, Joachim learns that Bryn has yet to meet her arranged match and makes moves to address it.
Date: 09-12-514
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With Sarum gearing up for the summer tournament, it means things in Newton have been busy. As one of the manors near the castle, the people of the manor have been busy gathering supplies and making things look as nice as they can for possible visitors. However, with finances as they are, some things, even when cleaned up, still need repair. Joachim is currently in the courtyard of the manor house, watching the work being performed on a makeshift scaffolding as repairs are made to a balcony that was starting to show signs of damage and disrepair.

Things have been nothing but chaos for a while, and Bryn has dealt with it as best as she can. Today seems to be the day that she's hit the wall, however, as she hurries out of the manor house. She's certainly not dressed in her best, and is wearing an apron over the dress to protect it from the dirt from her efforts in helping to sweep the floors, a broom in her hand as she bustles out the door. She's flushed, and in a hurry, seeming to be chased by the cook who she might have accidentally upset by stirring up dirt at the wrong moment.

Laurwyn has been invited to stay at Newton during the tournament, her cousin came and dropped her off, so that she could get to know those of the house she would marry into. So, that means the tiny woman has decided to help out in whatever way she can, and somehow that means she has ended up in the stables. Why? Well the horses seem to like her and she is making her way out of said stables with the youngest of the horse following after her. Laurwyn is dressed in white, as that seems to be most of what she owns, the skirts trailing on the grown as she moves with those swaying steps like each movement is some dance to music only she can hear.

As Joachim takes a pear out of his pocket to dust off an bite into, the stout knight hears a commotion coming from the kitchen and Bryn comes bustling out. Noticing the cook hot on her heels, the second born lets out an amused sigh as he moves a little, crossing between cook and Bryn. "Ah, uh.. pardon me.." he manages, tangled with the cook for a moment, the two of them in a shifting and confusing dance as the cook tries to get around Joachim, and the knight's just not allowing it. Finally, the cook growls in frustration. "Worse than when you were children, you two!"

The cook smacks Joachim's hand with the laddle, illiciting a small wince from the knight as the cook turns to storm off inside. Glancing over to Bryn, he lick a little of the sauce on his hand and yells back. "Needs more stock!" he taunts as his eyes fall to his cousin. "Hello, Bryn. Causing trouble, I see?" he asks, as he watches the young woman - Bryn's future sister-in-law come dancing out, and the man shakes his head. "Fortunate cousin, your brother is. Maybe I will be as blessed someday." No match for him as of yet.

Bryn's quick to hide from the cook behind Joachim's bulk, holding the broom up protectively. When the cook hustles herself back into the manor she smiles a bit, a little bit of bemusement curling her lips upwards before she blinks, glancing in the direction that Joachim is looking. When she spots Laurwyn she smiles a little more, the smile itself is no longer bemused, but instead is sort of serenly pleased. "He is quite lucky. As for you.." She glances at her cousin, then pokes him with the broom, "You simply wait and you will see just how blessed you'll be."

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The tiny woman pauses as she hears all that is happening in front of her, and this allows the young colt to catch up and he starts to nibble on her dark red curls. A little surprised chuckle comes from her lips as she turns those eyes over her shoulder and reaches up to run her knuckles over the horses jaw. "Nownow, we had this talk.." She tells him in a voice that is warm and soothing, a teasing hint of joy just vibrates within the words before she tugs her hair and pushes it over the other shoulder. "If you will behave I am sure they will not mind you being out and about.." She tells him, another soft pet along this nose and then she turns back to the pair of cousins and the softest of blushes touches her cheeks as she continues closer.

Joachim almost ducks his head, but when he speaks, there's a small smile. "There is a young Lady I would wish to ask for the favor of for the tournament." Bryn manages to get him to speak on the subject, for the first time in forever, as the stout knight allows his heart an unguarded moment as he wipes his hand off and takes a bite of his pear, before chuckling. "But I am not sure she would show the same interest in me as I have in her." he confesses as the knight chews and swallows. "And shouldn't you be sweeping some young Knight off of his feet instead of sweeping the floors. I thought you had a match you were supposed to be making an impression on." It's a diplomatic point out, and it also reflects the pressure of discussing who may have finally snared a root in the knight's heart for the moment.

"Hullo, Lady Lauwryn." the knight greets as the woman approaches, and offers the rest of his pear to the horse so it can eat. "Going out for a ride?" he asks curiously. "Has your betrothed been about? I had hoped to ask him if he planned to join the tournament."

"You should ask, if you do not ask, you'll never know." Bryn informs Joachim, smiling at him before she turns to look towards her future sister-in-law, smiling again, "You seem to have found a very spirited friend there." She tilts her head to indicate the horse, even while she sort of shifts to make sure she's not within nibbling distance. "I was just speaking with Joachim here about how it will simply not do for him to hide his feelings for some lady that I am almost certain is worthy of the affection."

"Mmm, I was simply helping out in the stables and it seems I have earned a shadow.." Lauwryn explains as she turns to see the young horse nibbling on the pear and beams brightly at Joachim for his actions, and then her eyes turn to Bryn and she chuckles softly,"It is best not to do so, if Dalan had not spoken of his desires, I don't know where things would have went. Some woman can only show their regard after they know if the man has an interest. If you know her well, then I don't know why you should not simply try.." This to Joachim but she shares a smile with Bryn.

"That is a rather romantic notion, Bryn.." Joachim says, a shake of his head as a frown touches upon his features. As her finishes feeding the pear to the horse, the knight lets out a breath. "It is not up to me who my matches are made with - it is the whims of my father and who he chooses to negotiate with." This is accompanied with a shrug. "As you and Dalan are cousins, you are allowed a much greater leniency in your matches, and with my brother married, it means that any matches that I should make should be politically and hopefully advantageous for either our house or both houses." It's such a practical way to look at marriage, as he considers his hands. "There is a young woman from a northern house that may draw such.. ideas.."

And the knight cuts himself off at that. "But if I give the two of you any information further than that, I fear it will set about the rumors faster that the water wheel at Pandy Wylie." he says with an amused smile as the knight rocks slightly on his heels. "I plan to enter in the joust.. and perhaps the storytelling, it has been a while since I've had the chance to spin a good yarn."

"I'm sure that if we ask the right people we could just find out, but that does take quite a bit of work…and it'd ever be so much easier for you to simply tell us." Bryn smiles at her cousin, a hand reaching out to touch his arm briefly before she sighs, "Yes. Matches for Dalan and I may just be easier, but that doesn't mean that there has not been some….worry about it." She then looks towards Laurwyn, her smile widening just a bit. "Although it seems that my brother has his well in hand."

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Joachim pauses as he notices the concern on Bryn's face. Forgetting the teasing for a moment, he holds a finger. "A moment please, Lady Laurwyn." he begs as he steps aside to speak to his cousin quietly. "I am not sure of the actions that brought you and your betrothed together." Damned if he can remember what his name was. "Do you find the arrangement you were given unacceptable?" the knight asks, arms settling to his sides as he turns thoughtful. "If there is a problem with the match, I could speak to father to see if perhaps there could be a better option available?" he suggests.

"Unacceptable?" Bryn looks like she is highly shocked by the question, then she frowns a moment, uncertainty flickering across her face before she shakes her head very slowly. "I do not even know who my betrothed is, I know his name, but I've never met him and I'm not even sure I've seen him before either. I will do my duty to your father's wishes, however."

"…you have been betrothed how long and not seen your match?" Joachim seems genuinely shocked by the idea. "I had understood that this match was just recent and not something from childhood or the like." he says with a small sigh. "If you want to continue to try to see it through, I will not interfere." he says with a glance up to the young cousin. "My father has his wishes, but he can be reasonable if there is a true issue outside of general uncomfortableness."

"Since shortly after the wedding tournament." Bryn replies to the question, which, honestly, isn't all that terribly long ago. However, it's long enough that announcements probably should have been made, and she'd have at least met him once. She gives her cousin a very sympathetic look, a greatful one, "I'm not sure that I would have any ground in asking for things to be changed. I'm sure your father has chosen someone quite appropriate, and they may simply be busy with things. I'm sure there are reasons."

"Reasons upon reasons, I'm sure. And they're not because you swept some dust in the cook's food." The attempt at levity is made, but it's easy to tell it's a bit forced as the knight considers, Joachim reaching back to rub the back of his thick neck. "Perhaps you would like to accompany me to the tournament, Bryn? It will give you a chance to mingle with others and come across your match should he be there, and if not, perhaps start you on the path to find a new one?"

"To the tournament?" Bryn glances down at what she's wearing, then back up to him with a flicker of worry. "I'll need to change, this is…not at all appropriate for such festivities." She starts to pass the broom across to him, her hands quickly wiping across the apron, trying to knock some of the dust off. "It wont take me long, if we're leaving now. Are we leaving now?"

"I did not mean right now. But of course, you would be stunning even in a brulap sack, cousin." Joachim tries to shore up the young woman's concerns as he smiles. "We can finish our chores around here and then we can speak of the tournament and attendance and perhaps even you could join in one of the performance categories? Capture a young Lord's fancy with your talents?" He smiles and settles a hand on his cousin's shoulder, giving in a fond squeeze, though not too hard. He's aware of his own strength. "Now go on, the sooner we finish, the sooner we can see about getting you to your match and a hopeful good life together with lots of second cousins for me to spoil."

"I've heard you play your instrument, Bryn." Joachim chides gently. "You are far more skilled than I, and I would think others may want to hear you.." he points out as he starts to head in the other direction. "And perhaps your heart's desire will hear your song." he winks over his shoulder to her as he continues on to finish watching the repairs before he goes to get his gear ready for the tournament.

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