(514-08-29) The Road To Recovery
Summary: Lydia finally makes it to the bedside of her brother in Dorset.
Date: 08.29.514
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Since Wilhelm was brought in for treatement, he's been in and out of consciousness since the first treatments. Still in the bed he was placed in as he was useless for battle with the wound he took, the young knight has his hands folded over his chest, head bowed low, perhaps asleep, perhaps in prayer for those he was forced to leave behind. A container of water sits next to the bed, and there's fresh herbs that have been packed into his wounds, especially the large one in his hip.

Cariste frowns she had tried and had been there over him murmering prayers to her gods to save him. Tears roll from her eyes freely as she prays and murmers her pagan ministries over him.

There is no pause from the moment of Lydia's arrival. It took time for the message to reach the family, and then more agonizing time for her to travel from home to come and be by her younger brother's side. Literally the moment she's assisted with coming down from her horse, she's running - well, walking very quickly with a fain wince of pain, because she's not a good rider and this has not been a pleasant journey - she gets someone to attend her and tell her where her brother's bed is.

"Wil!" Upon espying him, the small blonde approaches the bed, aghast at how bad he looks. But it's better than dead. "Oh, thank the Blesssed Virgin. Are you his chirurgeon? Who are you? He won't die, will he?" This barrage of questions is fired at Cariste. That the woman mutters to pagan gods matters little to Lydia.

Wilhelm may have been asleep and only partially conscious, but hearing his sister's voice may have snagged his attention. Blue eyes blearily open back to the world. "Not so loud, Lyd. My everything hurts." he mutters, reaching for a glass of water, as he glances to Cariste. "This is Lady Cariste.. she's been tending to my injuries.." he offers, before he lifts the cup of water to draught from it before setting it down and offers his hand, pale and ashen from blood loss, to Lydia. "Cariste, this is Lydia, my older sister."

Cariste blinks as she is given the slew of questions "I…. I… I am…his…" the words fall from her as her tears do, as he wakes up to introduce her to his sister she clings to his hand tightly heaving a sigh of relief "your ok!" she calls out "thank the mother, thank the gods." The Pagan slews her religion all over many thankful blessings on the knight "I… I.. almost thought I lost you." she then is sorta pushed aside for his sister.. and she has to decide exactly who she is, for a long time she forgot.

Lydia swoops in, knees tucking under her as she grasps his offered hand in both of hers, as gently as she can. She kisses his fingers, murmuring, "Everyone is so worried for you. And praying for you. I got on a horse as soon as the message was received." She glances askance at Cariste. "My lady," she says, offering a tense smile. "Thank you for attending him. Will he be in your charge for the duration of his recovery?"

"At least you'll be able to have a reception with Lady Eirlys without me crashing it, Lydia." Wilhelm responds as he curls his fingers into hers. He might be feeling just a bit delerious. "Cariste.. was kind enough to tend to me, even after I nearly attacked her with my falcon.." he says with a throughtful look at his free hand and squeezes it. "Is there word? On the others? I must be viewed as such a coward, to be pulled away from the battle because I was unable to continue." he says with a sigh.

Cariste nods her head "I will tend him, until another skilled can, or… if his family wishes someone of his faith to administer the healing". she wipes her tears from her face, the over sensitive healer tries to settle down from nearly loosing another paitent.

Lydia remains kneeling at Wilhelm's bedside, her hands closed carefully around his. She's studying Cariste thoughtfully from the small distance between them. In fact, the silence may seem uncomfortable, before Lydia gently observes, "You seem distraught, Lady Cariste. Why don't you sit for a few moments? It matters little to me who tends my brother or who they pray to, so long as they are competent in tending his wounds." Cariste is on her feet, having stepped a few feet away with the onset of Lydia's arrival.

Cariste has tended the knight well enough to bring him at least back to being able to talk, they are resting in a small room provided to them. Her eyes flicker over the Knight and then the Knights sister. "He was my escort to a wedding, I did not want to loose him, I had recently lost another knight but… he was dead when they brought him to me, still… its hard loosing our soldiers.

Wilhelm frowns. He looks like he wants to address things for a moment, but his thoughts are so poor that he just sinks a little further into the bed. "..the others?" he asks. "Have either of you seen to any of the others? I left them.. I tried to stay, sister.. I did.. but I turned, and all I saw was the lance impale.." he shudders, his fingers gripping tightly to his sister for a moment's comfort. He's haunted, it's easy to see that in his eyes - it's the same expression he wore when he travelled to Horton to inform his siblings and their mother of his father's passing.

He offers a hint of a smile towards Cariste. "I did. I warned you I would be hard to remove.." he says quietly, though there is very little humour or flirtation in his tone. He's broken at the moment.

In a sickbed, Talfryn sits. He is quiet, morose- and has been silent for many days. Almost inconsolable, he has refused food and sleeps badly these past few days. His regular half smile, almost always plastered to his face is gone. Instead, Talfryn wears a quiet frown as he stares into nothing."

Cariste looks to Talfryn and she moves close to him softly "have you had anyone look at you?" she asks as she moves over him checking his body for any bandages that need to be changing.

"These are no mere soldiers. These are knights, my lady. The noblest and best of men." Lydia replies to Cariste. "Though yes, it is hard to lose anyone. They are all someone's child, someone's sib." Turning back to Wilhelm, she says gently, "I'm just in from off the road. I've carried no news, though perhaps someone…" she trails off, looking around and spots Talfryn. "Perhaps he'll know. I'll go ask, if it's your wish."

At first, Talfryn says nothing- piercing blue eyes turning slowly to gaze into Cariste's. His silence continues as she checks him. He barely moves, before finally speaking. "I'm fine." he whispers, voice soft. "All I want right now is a good, hard drink."

Indeed, Tal's wounds are not particularly serious- he's certainly in no state to be running into battle again, but neither will he see any long term damage. "If you're not here to get me a drink, I ask you kindly to leave me to my thoughts." Can one blame him? His brother murdered so recently.

Cariste looks to Talfryn she had seen him in much better spirits just a few days before. She nods her head to him as she leaves him to his thoughts. Her eyes flicker to Wilhem and his sister for now saying very little to either of them. She will busy herself with cutting more of the dressing cloth so that it can be used later.

Wilhelm barely lifts his head, his eyes finding his sister for a moment, and the tears start to form again. The utter cruelty and failure of it all takes hold and his head dips, unable to hold it anymore. He's just as broken as he was after his father's death, and after that, he disappeared from the home for weeks and ended up talking to Pagan priestesses for what seemed like an eternity until he finally just returned and seemed to be mostly normal.

Talfryn turns his head- gazing at the wall in his morose and quiet way. He returns to silence- his loyalty and faith shaken. "My thanks." is all he can offer to Cariste as he takes a slow, quiet breath. He closes his eyes, looking over towards Wilhelm- catching those tears. He can not help but feel much the same- turning away again as he lays flat and gives his own wracked sigh.

Lydia's brows lift when she gets no response from Cariste, but then her gaze is drawn to Wilhelm. The worst is seeing him weep. "Oh," she says softly, "Oh Wilhelm, no, all will be well." She half rises, only to re-seat herelf so she can lean forward and embrace him. "You were very brave, and you will be well, and your family loves you greatly. Shh, don't cry." Her gaze turns toward Talfryn even as she's embracing Wilhelm. "Sir. Please. If you have any news of the field, I beg of you."

"They were murdered.. I couldn't.. I.." Words are lost, as Wilhelm is just a limp ragdoll in his sister's arms as she tends to him, tears staining her dress as he weeps uncontrollably, the failure and loss of it all just crushing the parts of his soul that had just recently recovered within him as he grips the edges of the bed, a tremble wracking his whole frame as he chokes on another hard sob.

Cariste too felt the same way watching these knights broken, she nibbles on her lips softly, the least she can do is get the Knight a drink, her eyes look to Wilhelm her own heartstrings twitching "do you want a drink?" she asks .. her eyes draw over the sister and she nods her head to the help she is giving, before calling to one of the helper healers for the order.

"We were routed. My brother is dead." Talfryn states quietly. "My brothers in arms all escaped, most worse off than I. We discovered the fate of those who went before us… murdered by Dorset dogs. And we ran." Talfryn states, talking into the wall. "Its nothing like the stories we heard as children. Lies, all of it."

Lydia listens to Talfryn, closing her eyes with a sigh. Allowing Wilhelm to weep against her, she is quiet now, and for a few long minutes afterward before saying gently to her brother, "Wil, you must stop weeping now. It will make it more difficult to get well, and you need to rest. I won't go anywhere, I promise. I'm here as long as you have need of me." Her eyes flick to Cariste. "What may we do for these poor men, Lady Cariste? You are the chirurgeon. I can only offer kindness. Is there something else?"

The tears eventually quiet from the young knight, his grip slipping as Wilhelm sinks back into the bed, that haunted and withdrawn expression returning to his face. He lifts his head to look towards Lydia, but his stare goes right through her, focused on some far away object as the young knight is obviously lost at the moment to the lost passion in his heart.

Cariste shakes her head as she gets the drink from one of the helpers, she moves over to Talfryn as she tries to see what she can do for him, while Wilhelms sister provides moral support for the tearfilled knight. She has the drink in hand and she greets him gently "Merry meet". She says in a soft voice, before she says a soft pagan prayer as the healer comes over she hands him the cider that the aid was able to secure, "blessings be upon you, for you fought well, you upheld your honor, the Mother has kept you safe.." she risks him punching her in the face as she attempts her administrations. While he might not hit her, he might struggle a moment long enough for her blessing to be admisitered and for her to get out of the way before he thinks about it more.

Talfryn is silent, looking over to Cariste as she begins to speak- eyes narrowing when she starts to speak to him. He takes the cider, though, and looks into it- drinking quietly. He still seems unreached. He remains, for the moment, patient and quiet.

Cariste checked her Love for gods of 17, she rolled 12.
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Cariste looks to the knight as he looks to her all stotic and she shakes her head trying again, she is not a clergy member or a priestess but she really tries to reach him through the shared faith. "You … are worthy, you can not give up hope, you did good and you are here."

Still, Talfryn listens as Cariste continues to speak on their shared faith. "Why am I so worthy?" Talfryn asks, his blood boiling as he stands and smashes the glass against the wall. "That I must outlive my cousins? My Sister? My brother?! How is that a measure of worth? What plan is there for us if we fail at even saving those closest to us?" Talfryn shouts as he turns to look at Cariste- tears in his eyes. "I don't want to be worthy. Not like this." he says with a quiet sigh- but he looks up to Cariste again. "Thank you." is all he manages, "Your words are kind- and I know them true on our great mother and father… but.. my heart remains raw." he sighs- there is a change, though. A change in how he carries himself. How he moves- which is right for the door. "I'm going to get another drink…."

Lydia watches the pair, and how Cariste inspires Talfryn to move. Perhaps she'll speak to him later, get a sense of how she may better help Wilhelm. But she makes no move to inspire Wil so, instead simply remaining seated at his side and holding his hand, reminding him of her presence.

Even as Cariste is snapping Talfryn out of his funk, the more heavily wounded of the two turns his head away. It may not be best to agitate young Wilhelm, with his wounds as bad as they were, or he may agrieve himself worse. Instead, he remains quiet, with his sister at his side, unsure of himself and the world now.

Cariste looks to Wilhelm and her eyes shift, she knows she can not break him with religion, she is not his family… and her passion for Robert has been questioned and she would not fall back on that to save her own life. Her eyes flicker to his sister "I wish you well I will come again later."

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