(514-08-28) Bad News for Idmiston
Summary: Talfryn returns to Idmiston bringing with him the news about his brother's death.
Date: August 28, 514
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It's been a about a week and a half since Talfryn left for Dorset after he joined to ride with some other Knights on behalf of Earl Robert. He rode in earlier today, keeping quiet as he went about the business of 'getting home'. He spoke first to his uncle- quiet words between the heir to the head of the household. After that, he spent his time in the solar.

Talfryn sits now, quiet in the solar- drinking and staring into a fire. In his finger's he rolls a ring attached to a chain. Family members would recognize the ring as having belonged to Talfryn's sister who died many years ago. For now, he just stares into the fire in silence. Morose and quiet.

Bradwyn had been unavailable to join the ride to Dorset, not due to a lack of a desire or duty ut of timing and logistics. Leavign his chambers and entering the solar the six foot Idmiston takes note of his cousin and nods asking, "What troubles you cousin?" with clear concern. Say what you wish of Bradwyn, family is always first in his mind. Making his way over he slides a chair free of the table, leaving it to the side to sit across from Talf so his long legs stick out from where the removed chair once rested, a common practice so his long legs have a place to stretch comfortably.

There were things 'forgotten' by Gwynaelle, which accounts for her presence here in Idmiston this day. While Glaw is loading a few things up in a wagon, she has ventured into the family's solar, heading towards her old room where she believes a few scrolls were left. Spying her cousins, she offers them both smiles, though it might well fade a little upon picking up on the mood, "Good day, Talfyn, Bradwyn.." Someone's looking even more radiant today - married life is surely agreeing well with her!

"Tomas has been murdered by the dogs of Dorset." Talfryn states simply, "He was hung like a criminal." the young heir relates to his family quietly as he rolls that ring between his fingers. "We were unable to save him- routed." Indeed, Talfryn still wears bandages- his wounds mostly healed, but its clear he had been in battle. "All I know is I hate Dorset. I hate them, and all they stand for. They have taken from me my brother."

Bradwyn smiles softly to Gwyn and says, "Well look who is shining like the son, enjoy your bedding that much?" winking playfully no doubt trying to make her blush. Adding, "Come join us." even patting his lap, likely for the sake of silliness, and while she could sit in his lap to humor him there is still a free chair. Then comes the blow and all humor leaves Bradwyn as he actually sneers, "All because the Earl denied them justice. Their people murdered Hadyn and his family avenged and now in retaliation they take from our family as well." He is clearly seething based on his tone, but he is holding it in for now, likely as there is none under this roof he'd lash out at in anger, though if he comes across any Dorset…. Who knows.

Gwynaelle actually does blush at Bradwyn's comment, laughing softly as she makes her way closer to the two men. And yet in the next moment, the smile and laughter fades, and she's left staring at Talfryn as he drops the news. "Whaaat?" Surely she did not hear him correctly. Cheeks once rosey with the blush, soon pale, and she drops to sit on the chair she stands before. "He.. they.." Tears gather in her eyes, to slowly roll down her cheeks, words escaping her in that moment.

"He's dead." Talfryn replies quietly. "I've already let Uncle know. Now, I sit and drink." he continues quietly. "Great highs and deep lows of late in this house." There is anger in Talfryn's voice- a quiet kind of anger. Not the rage that boils in some. A quiet, cold kind of anger. One his brother was famous for- so rarely seen in Talfryn. "I plan to hurt them, deeply." he states simply. "Not now. I don't know enough now. I'm not as skilled as their lord- but one day, I will be. On that day, I'll humiliate Dorset." he whispers quietly, "But, that day is not now. Now is the time for mourning. Tomas was my brother, and I loved him deeply. Now, I have no brother. I have no sister. It is only me and Idmiston and my cousins."

Bradwyn is actually visibly reddened with anger, but he doesn't voice it much, seeing Gwyn the tall knight simply moves from his seat, kneeling at her side and wraps his arms around the former heir, attempting to draw her close so she knows she isn't alone and has a shoulder to cry on if needed. At Talf's words Bradwyn does speak, "You won't be alone. I have my siblings, yet I also have cousins I love as much as any brother or sister." clearly indicating Gwyn is like another sister and Talf another brother, even if they are more distantly related than that, in his mind there is no gap.

Dropping her hand upon Brad's shoulder as he moves to kneel and offer her a hug, Gwynaelle returns the hug given to her while her tear-filled eyes continue to stare at Talf. "You have us, Tal.. we are all family." But surely she understands the pain he's in after loosing her own brothers. "Did… you get to bring him home?" She dares to ask, uncertain whether or not the body was returned to Idmiston, or left for whatever reason.

"No. We were routed. We couldn't get there and get him or the other Knight that was with him." Talfryn says, "And our scout- that same man you called a poacher- he was lost in the battle as well. He fought well, and helped keep our battle more manageable by leading a knight off. A man, undoubtedly more than his equal in combat. I can only hope Balanar survived- he may know more of what happened." he says softly, "I know I have you, Gwyn, and Bradwyn. Its… just odd." he says quietly. "I can't really give words how I'm feeling. I just. I don't want to believe it."

Bradwyn's arms tighten around Gwyn, though not enough to cause discomfort or pain he does know his own strength, as he tilts his head down to supportingly and lovingly kiss the top of her head. He simply nods to Talf, mostly as unlike the other two here he's not lost brothers or sisters so he can't truly know what Gwyn and Talf feel.

Gwynaelle ohs softly, nodding, and soon wipes at her cheeks with one hand. "It will be difficult for a while…" She says softly, then continues, "The reality is, you will grieve forever for them both. You won't ever get over it, but you learn to live with your grief. In time, you will heal, and you'll rebuild yourself around the loss of them." A deep breath is taken, then released as she adds, "You will be whole again, but you will never be the same as you were before when they were alive." Leaning forwards, she touches his hand or knee, whchever she might, "It's different than loosing your parent, or a cousin. This I know. It is hard to explain to another who does not know what it is like to be a sister or a brother. "

"I'll figure it out." Talfryn assures Gwyn quietly. He reaches over to the small keg he's brought from the cellar and refills his glass as he drinks slowly, quietly. "I just need time." he says softly, "Its different this time. This time I could have done something." he continues, "If I'd fought better… just maybe.." he sighs again, shaking his head. "I could have done something." he shakes his head again and leans back- giving Gwyn's hand a little squeeze. "That makes it worse, somehow."

Bradwyn loosens his grip around Gwyn allowing her to offer the support she can. Unless she moves to stop him the Idmiston giant stands to his full height but remains in arms reach of Gwyn for now. Hearing Talf's words Bradwyn says, "Wrong. You weren't the only one there were you? Did you all just give up or did you fight and hold out as long as you could? You did all you could and at times it isn't enough, but falling back means you all still live, word got out about what happened, and next time we will be more prepared and next time you'll have the chance to avenge your brother with every Dorset you fell to ensure they pay for what they have done. As long as you did all possible you are not a failure. Some things cannot be helped, but as long as you survive you can return later, stronger, better prepared, and you can end them. The blame here is on them, THEY did this to Tomas, and THEY will pay for it by all the gods and goddesses." Anger fills his tone, but also a certainty uncharacteristic of the normally jovial cousin. He is serious, he's not going to accept talk of failure, and he is going to ensure as many Dorset as possible fall in the recovery of Tomas. Not only is Talf going to have another chance to make them pay,he is going to have Bradwyn to help him in one way or another.

Like Bradwyn, Gwynaelle is not going to allow Tal say he could have done more in some way. By the time that the bigger cousin has his say, she is there to question, "How? How could you have done more, Tal? You were there, you fought. Did you go easy on them at any point? Or did you fight so you might continue on to the next one who came before you, only retreating when the leaders said to do so?" She might not be a knight herself, but she has some knowledge of battle. "They will pay, all in good time, and when they do… they will pay threefold for what they have done to our family." This she is certain of.

"I was one of the last to escape." Talfryn admits, "Although, I'm not sure if that was by design if I'm being wholly honest." he sighs, as he takes another drink. A slow thing. Still, he does smile quietly to Bradwyn and his assurance to have his back. "I know you will, Bradwyn. I've always been able to count on you, and I doubt that will change." he assures his cousin. "I do have more to learn. It was the first time I saw combat- I mean, real combat as a Knight." he admits again, "Its a strange, strange thing." he says. "For now, though… for now, I'm going to drink. And remember happier times with my brother."

"I suppose we should prepare a funeral, as well." Talfryn says quietly. "I'm.. not looking forward to it."

Bradwyn nods and says, "No doubt Gwyn's father is seeing to that. I am sorry I could not have been there with you, but I was caught up on the road to join the party. When I arrived it all had left at least a day prior and I wasn't able to catch up lacking knowledge of the path taken. I understand battle I saw it with Hadyn's murderers. I tried to act in justice but that fool refused to yield and so I took his head for Hadyn and to give justice where I could. The Dorset will be no different." Spoken as though he could just stride onto the battlefiled and cut through the enemy like scythe through wheat.

"We shall see to having a memorial, until we can bring him home to rest with the others of our family." Gwynaelle says quietly, nodding when Bradwyn mention her father likely already speaking to the local priestess about such. Rising from her chair then, she seeks out a few extra cups kept on the sideboard, and brings one over to Bradwyn, to pour them each a cup of wine, "Then shall we drink to Tomas, to his memory, to the good times and even the bad ones?"

"Let us hope that is true, Bradwyn. But, as I said- that is for later. Now. Now we mourn Tomas. We don't have his body…" Talfryn sighs quietly. "I'll need a Priest or Priestess." he says to himself, "They'll know better how to approach this the proper way. To ensure Tomas' spirit will not linger or suffer." he notes, "I'll also want his falcons well taken care of. I suppose I should learn to do so myself, if only to Honor Tomas himself. He'd rather hate if if I hired a commoner to take care of his birds." he says softly.

Bradwyn takes the offered cup, filling it and nods to Talf saying, "He'd break your arm if you did. Yes learn to work with them, if only to care for them I am sure he would be honored by that." raising his cup, "To Tomas. Pig-headed but a good man." lifting his cup in toast before downing it fully. Bradwyn always had a healthy appetite but he rarely drains a cup, even water, in one go.

"If you have need of help with them, I do not mind lending a hand." Gwynaelle offers when mention of his falcons are made. "I took my owl with me to Newentone, but I could come back here every so often, to help you with them?" She is a fairly good hunter, and it's well known, that she's a sucker for any animal as well. With the toast made, she lifts her glass, then takes a sip of the liquid within.

Talfryn quietly lifts his glass- but its clear he has little more to say. He nods the affirmative to Gwyn. "I know only the very basics." he admits, "But, in his honor, I should let the birds live the life they're for. Learn how to better care and hunt with the animals." he continues. "Tomas, my brother. I will miss you deeply." he says softly, before tipping the glass back and drinking deeply.

Bradwyn nods respectfully to Talf's words and then says, "Sorry, but there is another that needs to be informed of this and I'll have a ride ahead of me. I'd like to gather my things before I am called by the Earl to ensure they are told." He then looks to Gwyn with a bit of a sorrowful look, she no doubt knows who Brad means and why he feels such a need to hurry to inform them.

Gwynaelle smiles then at Tal's words, "Then, let me know when you wish to work on learning how to fly the birds, and we'll work together with them. Any time you wish.." She offers, though at Bradwyn's words, she turns and ohs, once more a note of sadness to show, "Yes.. she should be told. And it would likely be best from you. I… I would go, but.." Well, it's a bit of a ride, and she is new to being married with duties back at Newentone, "Let her know she can come back, if she wishes?"

"I'm not sure whom you speak of." Talfryn notes simply, "But, if it must be done- do it." he offers simply, as he refills his drink and sits back to look again into the fire. "Do excuse me if I grow quiet. I… just want to think."

Bradwyn nods to Gwyn and says, "Of course. I'd even invite you to join me, but between your new home, and helping Talf, I'm sure she'll understand." Helping Talf with the birds, dealing with the loss, or both though? Walking over he moves to give Gwynn a kiss on the cheek and a whisper in her ear and then walks over to clasp Talf on the shoulder and says, "We'll make them pay brother." While not biological brothers, he is showing that in terms of the bond they have as family and as knights he is a brother in Bradwyn's book. Lingering a moment he gives Talf's shoulder a couple supportive pats and then moves to leave the solar and the manor. He has a message to deliver, one not likely to be taken well.

Hugging Bradwyn, Gwynaelle nods once, then blushes and laughs at the whisper, or at least part of it. "Take care, and may the Gods and Goddesses watch over you on your travels." She will watch as Bradwyn leaves to gather his thing before heading out, soon to turn back to Tal, shiftin to sit closer to him. If quietness is what he wishes then, so be it.

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