(514-08-27) Once Good Men
Summary: After the Newton Tony and Idmiston wedding, travelers on the road to Sarum encounter a group of bandits who are up to no good.
Date: 514-08-27
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NPCs and Rolls


Weddings bring out the best in some. Even with a war raging for the control of Britian with Arthur battling against uprising Kings, and neighbors scuffling and fighting over the slights and pricks of justice, a wedding brings many together. Often for a happy purpose. The lands near Idmiston are bustling after the recent marriage of Newton Tony and Idmiston. While the ceremony has ended, and the party has concluded (except for the most dedicated of drunkards) the roads are still filled with travelers moving about after the celebration. Many make way to return to Sarum, before they set off to Norgales or south to Dorset. The roads see the travel of lord, lady, merchant, peasant and knight alike. Your party has gathered together not of singular purpose, but that as traveling companions. The roads become a bit more manageable when you have someone to talk with or just share food or drink around the camp fire. As your party nears the Bourne River, the trees from Chute become more sparse, though there is a final pocket of tightly grouped trees that are settled before the road. The road bends along the side of the tree, and you hear voices and sounds filter down from that bend, out of sight…

Bradwyn checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 18.
Aluksander checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 4.
Deryn checked her awareness of 10, she rolled 12.

To those with sharp ears:

"Come on yeah git. You put the wheel on! Like this!"
"Like that?"
"No- No! Argh! We should hook you up to the cart not the dumb ox."
"But you call me a dumb ox all the time."
"My point stands."

To this group of travelers comes two knights from Pitton on their way to report to the Early in Sarum. They travel in armor with squire in attendance. Their own honeymoon might be over with, but Sirs Aluksander and Deryn are still caught up in one another as may be normal for two in love. It's enough that Deryn misses the nearby voices, while her husband, does not. Likely a good thing he seems more aware of his surroundings than she!

Setting out a bit later than others, a horse approaches a mid-day camp. A tall figure in the saddle, drawing close enough to see who camps there, yet showing no signs of hostility nor any attempt to avoid notice. The sight of countrymen promotes the rider to draw close as the six foot man ahorse wearing traveling garb says, "Merry meet, may we share in your fire?" Sir Bradwyn, which at least some might recognize as the cousin to the recent bride Lady Gwynaelle, now of Newentone. Coming up behind him is a young lad, recently made a squire leading a horse carrying the gear of Sir Bradwyn, who is armed only with his sword and dirk.
Riding with his wife, Aluksander quirks an eyebrow as he hears voices from up ahead. He clicks his tongue and slows his horse up, reaching his arm out to make sure his wife follows suit. "Merry meet, as well," he calls back, assuming Bradwyn had meant him. "But, we hadn't planned on camping." And while he may be calling back towards Brad, his focus is quite clearly on the bend in the road that's been obscured by the trees.

Around the bend in the middle of the road is an overturned cart. Three men attend to the cart, trying to repair a wheel that seems to have fallen off after it ran into a ditch. There is no horses though, and it is a wonder what the cart was transporting as it is empty and bare wood, though large enough to transport a dozen or so people. A giant of a man is leaned down into the dirt and mud trying to fit the wheel right, while a taller and slimmer man, with rather striking and handsome features stands above him. Near the front of the cart a third man loiters, going through a series of packs. The tall handsome one notices the approaching travels, and kicks the wagon to warn his companions. He waves his hand in greeting, "Merry meet good Sirs! Oh good sirs! Could you help us in righting the wheel of our wagon? Our horse went lame when its hoof got caught in a ditch and the wagon tumbled. Wagon is a mess and the horse is with a nearby blacksmith getting his shoe refitted! If we could get some help with the wagon and a bit of coin to pay the smith." He talks too fast for any good to come of his words, and the way that smile flashes. Something is off about the man. But he seems well enough! Fine clothes, perhaps a well off merchant. No weapons either. He can't be too bad, now can he? The man looks between the three knights, seeming delighted for their appearance.

Aluksander checked his trusting of 10, he rolled 17.
Aluksander checked his suspicious of 10, he rolled 8.
Aluksander checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 15.

Deryn checked her suspicious of 10, she rolled 9.
Deryn checked her prudent of 16, she rolled 9.
Deryn checked her awareness of 10, she rolled 5.

Bradwyn checked his suspicious of 10, he rolled 11.
Critical Fail!
Bradwyn checked his trusting of 10, he rolled 20.
Bradwyn checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 18.
Critical Success!
Bradwyn checked his religion of 2, he rolled 2.

When Aluksander calls attention to the road ahead, Deryn's attention shifts, and like her husband, draws back on the reins to slow her charger. Behind is her squire, the young lass holding on to the pack horse and keeping it close by to her. "Merry meet.." The greeting is offered, her gaze sliding from the men with the wagon to the other knight, a dip of her head offered to Bradwyn before her attention returns to the seeming merchants who are attempting to fix their wagon. At the call to help, she is quiet, not immediately moving to lend a hand, nor to request her squire to do so. Something just feels extremely off to her, and a comment is whispered to Aluksander.

Aluksander's eyebrow crooks even higher as John Moschitta explains about his cart. Too swift and too smooth for Al's tastes. He nods to his wife briefly and holds his hand up to indicate she should hold still while he edges his horse forward and out to the side of the road So that he can get a better look at the cart and its constituents. "Well, friend, that's some trouble you have there. But, I do find it a little odd that a horse that's gone lame from throwing a shoe might overturn a cart. Especially one that isn't loaded," he replies casually, watching the man carefully for his response.

He speaks too fast… and that clothing. The nice fitted tunic and surcoat with silver fringe work. If he is a merchant, he is rather well off and would likely be working with a team of wagons and a dozen people. Not one large oaf and someone who lurks far away and never looks at the Knights.

Bradwyn will notice the the framing and etchings on the wagon almost instantly as various old gods and their images have been carved into the wood as blessing for the travellers who used it. Likely monks or priests of the old gods who travelled from corner to corner of Salisbury to tend to the needs of their faithful, working blessings on farms and vanquishing the spirits who bother the common and noble folk alike. Bradwyn well also take note of the necklace that dangles across the handsome man's neck. A knotted root, often a marking of an elder druid. This man is no elder druid.

Deryn will take note of the wrinkle in his dress. The crease along his shoulders where they ride too high, fit to tightly. And of course… the blood stain on his chest. He hides it well with the second tunic, but the clothing shifts to reveal the mark of death.

Aluksander, gets distracted by the large oaf dropping the wagon with a bang. "AhhhH! OW!" he declares in a low bawl.

"Oh we had the fastest horse in the lands! Should see it go! But.. but sadly, too fast. You know. The brightest candle burns out the fastest, right?" He says with a laugh. "Won that horse from a Bishop. Gave a prayer to god, and he answered me instead of the holy one!" Hes certaintly no druid… nor Christian.

Noting the bend in the road and its ownership of a cart Bradwyn draws closer and listens to the story. Red flags spring up as he moves his hand to rest on the hilt of his sword and asks, "Tell me why didn't you just kill a lame horse instead of trying to take it to a blacksmith for a new shoe? A horse with a broke leg is useless. If you would please step back, raise your hands. I have little tolerance for those who would bring harm to priests, especially an elder druid. Not to mention no Christ follower would travel with symbols of the Old Gods all over their cart and about their neck." as he draws his sword and gestures to the knotted root about the handsome man's neck. Bradwyn looks ready to charge and cut down any man who tries to flee, even as his squire moves to secure the gear of his mentor, perhaps offering to provide escort so Aluk's wife can move away safely as well in case there is a fight.

Deryn frowns as she studies the talkative man, and while Bradwyn takes note of the cart itself, her gaze finds the evidence of blood hidden by the man's second tunic. Her hand moves to her spear, and she finally speaks, "Odd though for such a merchant, that you cannot clean your tunic of enough blood that might have killed a person, but instead, seek to hide it." Mention of the marks upon the wagon has her frowning for it wasn't so long ago when she followed those Old Gods and druids herself. "I think you should listen to yon Knight, and let us see if we can figure out just what might have happened here. Surely, with the attacks recently, you would not mind if we make sure all is well?"

"Yes, I wou-," Aluksander starts to agree with Bradwyn. But then the man draws his sword and threatens the … person, and Aluksander's brow furrows. "Whoa, whoa, hold on there, friend," he calls, holding his hand up towards Bradwyn. But then his wife joins in the challenge and Aluksander grimaces. Turning his attention back to the well dressed man, Aluksander declines his head and lowers his voice to a serious tone. "Well, then. Let's just be calm about this, then, shall we?"

Bradwyn checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 16.

Critical Success!
Deryn checked her awareness of 10, she rolled 10.

Aluksander checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 8.

"Dees ones ain't dumb boss." The oaf says as he sucks his bruised thumb, eyeing the three knights as two draw weapons. He sits in the mud, seeming content there.

The handsome man frowns, as a con man knows when his con has run its length. He raises his hands, before stepping back. "Now I wanted to do this the easy way. If you had just given some coin, we would have been content. Didn't even let me get to my part about begging for coin. I had that script perfected! Perfected!"

The third scoundrel leans on the wagon, eyeing the three Knights. "I say we kill the men. And sell the girl to the Saxons. They like them Briton girls." he says with a sneer filled with rotted teeth.

The handsome one raises a hand, high and in the air. "One step and we will you with arrows. Drop your weapons. Drop your packs. Drop your jewelry. And we let you go on to Sarum with a few less holes." he says.

Suddenly to each side of the road two dozen figures make an appearance, and the distinct sound of bow strings being drawn back can be heard. A trap! Of course Aluksander will notice only some of them have bows. And Deryn will see that nearly all but one of their ambushers are fake scarecrows, expertly positioned.

This group of bandits are pretty bad at their job…

Critical Fail!
Bradwyn checked his valorous of 16, he rolled 20.

Critical Success!
Aluksander checked his indulgent of 7, he rolled 7.

Deryn shifts on her horse, her movement making the charger dance a little as the stallion feels the rise of energy, the schtick of swords drawn. When mention of those others is made, her head turns, gaze sweeping over one side of the road, then the other, pinpointing the exact placement of the loan true bandit who might have the bow heard. "You and what army of bandits? The one guy there, with knees shaking so hard he can barely hold his bow level?" She gestures with her spear towards the true bandit, "For surely the others wouldn't even scare the crows in the fields nearby as sloppily as they have been made." Turning back to the leader, she smiles, though the expression is one that bodes nothing good. "If I was you, I would lay down my arms right now, or face our swords and spear and be run down like the vermin you are. Perhaps you might get luckier facing the Earl in Sarum than us."

Gaius makes a check for Little Tim Proud at 10, he rolled 4.

That lone archer shouts. "Hey! I hold my bow.. just… just fine! I hold it good! Im good with this bow!" Clearly Deryn has hit a sore spot with the archer.

Now, Aluksander has spent years working on his temper. He's really done a swell job of taking that anger and bottling it up and just glowering at every one. However, threatening his new bride? NOT something he's willing to let slide, archers be damned. His sword is drawn and his horse spurred into motion, whinnying in surprise. Aluksander rushes at the man who suggested turning Deryn over to the Saxons, his sword levelled at the man. He doesn't attack, though, shouting instead, "Say anything about my wife again and I'll have your head on a pike, you cur"

Bradwyn quiets as the ambush is spung, clear fear in his eyes, though Deryn does make him aware of the ruse it takes a bit for him to settle his nerves, though as Aluk charge at the one threatening his wife, Bradwyn starts to ride towards the lone archer pointed out. No words, no hostile actions, just a six foot tall man on horseback slowly trotting towards the quaking archer, looming over as the long shadow blocks out more and more of the non-day sun.

The scoundrel scurries back a bit as Aluksander surges forward, the motion causing the handsome one to sprawl out on the mud as he dives to avoid getting crushed by a horse. "Your wife!?" The scoundrel says in shock, as if he truly means to apologize.

"Shouldn't speak bad about a man's wife…" The oaf says with a slow nod, slowly rising up to stand on his own two feet. He is a true giant of a man, and nearly reaches the same height as Aluksander while he is on the horse.

"Oh. My. I am so sorry. No no, we won't give her to the Saxons…" he says with a look of worry on his features. "I'll keep her for myself." The dagger speaks for him at that point as he scrambles up ontot he wagon to leap on Aluksander.

The leader is furious of course, as his new clothing is ruined by dirt and mud. "Gaaaah! KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL!" he shouts out from the mud as he splashes around and reveals a sword buried in the mud that he had hidden.

The archer is tense, eyeing the slowly approaching Bradwyn with apprehension. But that damned woman called out his skills with the bow! He will show her! He will show her good. The bow string pulls taunt, before the arrow lets fly.

The oaf… as is his slow nature, slowly bends down to search in the mud for the weapon he has hidden.

Gaius makes a check for Scoundrel dagger at 14, he rolled 12.
Gaius makes a check for Little Tim bow at 13, he rolled 18.
Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 16.
Gaius rolls 3d6 and gets (6 3 2) for a total of: (11)
Aluksander fights the Bandit Scoundrel who insulted his wife.

Deryn checked her spear of 15, she rolled 14.
Gaius makes a check for Handsome sword at 15, he rolled 6.
Deryn rolls 4d6 and gets (3 4 4 5) for a total of: (16)
Gaius makes a check for Handsome dex at 15, he rolled 6.
Deryn fights the Bandit Leader

Gaius makes a check for Scoundrel dex at 14, he rolled 12.
Aluksander checked his str of 10, he rolled 16.
The scoundrel has lept and grappled with Aluksander on his horse.

As Aluksander jumps forwards to defend her honor against one of the bandits, Deryn waits only until the bandits prepare to attack. With a yell of fury at seeing her husband taking on not one, but two, she grips her speark and charges forth, making sure the leader does not get a chance to do much. For the moment. With spear in hand, it's run through the man, though obvious that he wears armor of some sort, "They hide armor!" She calls out, to warn the others even as an arrow goes whizzing by her head.

Well, that was a surprise! Aluksander just manages to get his shield up to defend himself as the lout leaps and latches on to him, though he fails to hurt Aluksander. "GET OFF!" Aluksander shouts, and then tries to beat the man aside with his shield. And it's clear by the reddening in Aluk's face that he's quite incensed.

Aluksander checked his str of 10, he rolled 14.
Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 10.
Gaius makes a check for Scoundrel Dagger at 15, he rolled 5.
Aluksander rolls 8d6 and gets (3 4 4 4 5 4 2 6) for a total of: (32)
Aluksander cuts down the scoundrel.

Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 6.
Bradwyn rolls 5d6 and gets (6 6 5 4 4) for a total of: (25)
Bradwyn butchers the archer.

Gaius makes a check for little tim Dex at 14, he rolled 16.
Gaius makes a check for little time con at 10, he rolled 11.
The archer falls and passes out.

So the fight begins and Bradwyn takes no chances. The others handled by the couple Bradwyn spurs his horse and moves to try and ride down the lone archer, a powerful blow sent into the archer. Fortunately the archer had armor, unfortunately they are left sprawled on the ground, out cold. It isn't nice to shoot at people.

It happens in a flash, as these fights are to do. The scoundrel who does his best to infuriate scrambles onto the wagon to get level with the Knight, so that he can leap and cling to the mounted and armored man. His knife tries to find purchase or entrance, so that he can slide it between the nooks and crannies of the well fitted armor. Before he can find the right spot to dig his blade into the man, that sword cuts deep into flesh and bone. Rotted teeth and mouth let out a gasp as he crumples away from the Knight with the expertly placed blow, falling back into the wagon to bleed out.

The leader is scrambling to find his feet as he pulls the sword up high, intending to drive it into Aluksander's back, but he turns at the last moment to see Deryn run her spear into his shoulder. He lets out a cry as the spear bites hard and deep. With rage and fury he raises his blade, intending to hack at the arm that has driven the spear into him. "Bastards! Bastards! You dumb ox! Put that ax to work!" he calls out to the giant.

The giant for his part takes his time, searching through the dirt and mud for the axe he hid. Finally, he raises it high into the air. "I founds it!" He declares, hefting the massive haft and blade onto his shoulder. His eyes settle on Aluksander, a frown creasing his lips. "He wasn't that bad…" he declares as the axe swings.

The poor archer was so focused on putting one in Deryn, he missed the rapidly approaching and determined Bradwyn. He lets out a cry as he raises the wood of his bow as if to deflect the blow, but the sword opens him up from clavical to rib with an expertly and gruesome slash. As he tumbles back into the woods, Bradwyn will see him tumble into a pile of bodies. Evidence of the Bandit's prior success…

Gaius makes a check for Handsome Love(Greed) at 10, he rolled 6.
Gaius makes a check for Handsome Sword at 25, he rolled 16.
Deryn checked her spear of 15, she rolled 8.
Gaius rolls 4d6 and gets (1 3 5 4) for a total of: (13)
The leader's love of gold drives him into a frenzy.

Gaius makes a check for Oaf axe at 15, he rolled 4.
Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 11.
Aluksander rolls 4d6 and gets (2 5 1 6) for a total of: (14)
Aluksander turns to fight the oaf.

Pulling the spear free as he turns his sword upon her, Deryn thrusts once more, almost seeming to growl at the man who would have attempted to attack her husband from the back. Bandit scum! Sword and spear may well meet again as she goes after the leader, her spear knocked aside by the sword's thrust, though it is easily blocked by the shield brought into play by the mounted knight. Not happy is the lady knight, not at all.

Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 2.
Bradwyn rolls 5d6 and gets (4 3 5 5 1) for a total of: (18)
Critical Fail!
Gaius makes a check for Oaf dex at 6, he rolled 20.
Bradwyn attacks the oaf as well.

Aluksander's fury is evident as he runs his sword through the fool clinging to him. And then there's another surprise as Andre finds his axe and joins the fray. Aluksander manages to parry the axe and strike the oaf, when he notices the Handsome attacking Deryn. Still seething with anger, Aluksander turns and storms after his wife, leaving the giant to Bradwyn. "Have at you, then!" he challenges as he attacks.

Bradwyn watcches the archer fall to a poetic resting palce and then turns about and spurs his horse, swinging his sword to strike at the giant engaging Aluksander. Once more Bradwyn engages against one of the few men larger than himself, clash of the titans part two, this time it's not a tourney challenge.

"You idiots… were… suppose… to… Pay! MORONS!" The leader says with a snarl, his love of gold pressing him onwards even as his comrades die. He sneers as the archer rolls down the hill with a cry. "More loot for me." he says with a wicked glare in his eye as he hacks away at Deryn with his blade, striking rapidly against her shield.

The oaf on the other hand swings with his heavy axe, though the weapon is easily struck away and parried. He lets out a low moan of pain as he is struck twice by the fierce blades of the Knights. "O-oW!" He says with a shocked look on his features. He turns to regard Bradwyn, raising his axe to defend himself. He doesn't even pay attention to Aluksander turning his back on him, and he doesn't lash out to strike at the knight who goes to his wife.

Gaius makes a check for Handsome Sword at 15, he rolled 3.
Critical Fail!
Gaius makes a check for Handsome Sword at 15, he rolled 20.
Critical Success!
Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 15.
Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 10.
Deryn checked her spear of 15, she rolled 10.
Critical Fail!
Deryn checked her spear of 15, she rolled 20.
Deryn rolls 4d6 and gets (4 2 3 1) for a total of: (10)
Aluksander rolls 8d6 and gets (5 1 6 5 4 2 1 1) for a total of: (25)
Gaius makes a check for Oaf Valorous at 10, he rolled 13.
Aluksander and Deryn team up to cut the handsome leader down.

Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 4.
Bradwyn checked his strength of , he rolled 15.
Gaius makes a check for Oaf axe at 15, he rolled 12.
Bradwyn attempts to disarm the oaf of his weapon but fails.

Deryn is doing PERFECTLY fine by herself. She'd be managing this leader quite fine without help, but NOOOOOO.. her husband will have to come and help her out. She pulls back, managing to score once more against the berserk leader, though the fact that Aluksander arrives when she thought he was engaged with the giant shocks her so much, that she actually looses her spear, her head whipping to the side to see if he's being persued by the giant after leaving his back open to attack. Thankfully, Bradwyn is there to distract the axe weilding giant… and her husband there to defend her against the leader!

Bradwyn takes note of the size difference and now he is facing his opponent alone, the mounted giant brings his sword down on the giant oaf, attempting to remove the ax from the fight, but to no advantage. Bradwyn really should have put on his mail or at least grabbed his shield before engaging. Yet those are being held by his squire who is too new to both his job and combat to know what to do, and Bradwyn's attention is on the dangerous opponent he faces. How's that for being a coward… Perhaps brave but it does brign into doubt Bradwyn's common sense or sanity.

As the formerly well-dressed scoundrel continues attacking his wife, Aluksander arrives and slashes at his flank, rending the man's flesh even as his wife gouges him with her spear. If only she'd pay more attention to her own fight and not what her husband was doing, maybe she would still have a weapon in her hand! However, when he sees her drop it, Aluksander moves his horse towards hers, intent on occupying the foe while his wife reclaims her weapon. "The wages of sin are death, fiend!" Aluksander retorts, and apparently he's quite determined to make sure the man is well paid.

The once handsome man, as he can no longer be called such with the slashes and cuts that now run the length of his body and across his face collapses into the dirt and mud, his eyes as wide as the gold coins he lusted for. Some of those coins spill out of his clothing, showing his greed and fascination extended wide and far. He cries out in utter pain as he reaches out to hoard that gold, gathering it close as he dies a painful death.
The oaf's eyes are wild with shock and fear, and all he can do is hold up his axe in a guard as Bradwyn lashes out at him. "He wasn't bad! He wasn't bad!" he cries out as he watches the other bandit get cut down in his frenzied rage. "He wasn't always a bad man! He was good.. We were all good once…" he eyes fill with tears, the axe tumbling from his heavy grasp as he falls back and away from Bradwyn, raising his hands in a pathetic attempt to shield himself. "We was good once… we was… we needed the money… we needed it… We was good…" Blubbering and sobs rising up from his oversized lungs, "He wasn't… he wasn't always mean. I promise…"

Bradwyn checked his just of 10, he rolled 12.
Bradwyn checked his arbitrary of 10, he rolled 14.
Bradwyn rolls 1d2 and gets (2) for a total of: (2)
To Kill or Arrest - Bradwyn arrests the Oaf.

Bradwyn growls at the giant's blubbering pleas and then simply keeps his sword on the giant instead of trying to kill him saying, "We have a prisoner for the Earl's justice." to the other two present. They are headed for a war camp right? bound to be someone to handle him there.

Deryn would pull her sword first before seeking her spear, only once it seems the leader is dying while scrambling over spilt gold. Shaking her head, she looks to Bradwyn as the other knight calls out, "I think the Earl will wish to hear of this.." No matter what the man is rambling about, they sought to kill them all, even after knowing they were knights and could see through their charade! "I doubt they would have stopped after being paid, as testament by their clothing, the wagon, and that gold."

As the thief-formerly-known-as-Handsome expires, Aluksander spits at his body and turns to see the giant giving up. He nods at Bradwyn's statement, and then puts his sword away, turning his attention to his wife. "Are you alright, my love? They didn't hurt you, did they?" he asks. One might wonder if he even realizes how stupid he sounds talking like that to a fellow knight.

The oaf, bulging muscle and fat that he is, is no threat. Wallowing on the ground. He simply blinks through tears and looks up at Bradwyn. "Wuts…" he stops his words half way, frowning. Theres a flicker of insight there and he looks away, closing his eyes tight to push away the tears. "We was good…" he mumbles, but the fight is done with him.

Bradwyn states, "The pile of bodies under the archer I slew is a greater testament." in answer to Deryn before adding in a more annoyed voice, "Your wife can fight, stop fussing over her as though she were a child! I had to deal with two because you were more obsessed over her health when she is a knight!" a mix of chastising and reminder who he is married to. He keeps his sword on Blubber the Giant however, willing to strike him down if needed, though that is unlikely.

Deryn dismounts her charger to fetch her spear from the ground where dropped, sliding it home on the loop on her saddle. Looking up to her husband as he begins to fuss over her, there's a slight narrowing of her eyes, though before she might answer, Bradwyn has gone and done so for her. "I am a knight, my love, and can certainly manage to protect myself especially when not distracted when you go and leave yourself open to an attack as you did. You were lucky that yon Sir distracted that man…"

Turning and gaping at Bradwyn, Aluksander just shakes his head. "Fight two? You fought no more than I, sir. Or were you oblivious to the man who hurled himself at me?" he says. And then his wife is chastising him, too? Aluksander hmphs and inclines his head a bit. "Well, I would not have distracted you by coming to your aid if you hadn't distracted me by needing it," he quips, smirking.

Gaius makes a check for oaf honest at 17, he rolled 14.

Sniff. Sniff. "I mean… I'm big enough to count as two…" the Oaf mumbles as the Knights argue.

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