(514-08-25) Love and Marriage
Summary: Kamron and Elrick talk about their loves and weddings at Littleworth.
Date: August 25, 514
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The previous night was chaos, filled with blood, pain, and bandages. Now the day dawns clear and bright, Salisbury summer at its best. Unless you're stuck in a bed, of course. Kamron knocks once on the door to Steffan's sickroom — which is to say one of the little rush-walled cubbies at the side of the Littleworth Hall — waits for a response, and then slips in past the curtain, "Sir Elrick." He is wearing the padded leather jack and pants that usually protect him from his own armor. There is a bloodstain and a slice in the leather at his left thigh, and he limps, but still offers up a smile, "How are you doing?"

"Enter." Comes the swift response from the knight that is resting inside, apparently awake and sounding hale. But when Kamron enters, he can see that Elrick is still in bed, looking somewhat displeased at how a simple cut has turned to this. "Whatever they put on the wound, under the bandges, itches more than it hurts. Can't believe it, one of those damned bandits must've used a rusted spear or something." There is a shake of head as he looks the Dinton over, "You look worse than me, Sir Kamron, I trust you will live to fight another day. And my sister, is she recovering well? We were outnumbered but lucky for us, they were not knights and armored as such." Or it would have ended badly, for them all.

Kamron nods slightly at the the description, "My condolences. I wouldn't have put it past them, honestly. They seemed… rather frantic in their dislike of us." He glances down at his leg, shrugging a little helplessly, "It will heal. It's not quite the worst I've had, not like Imber. And Arian," it should probably be Sir Arian, but it's not, "Will be fine. She was less hurt than I, really." He shifts his stance painfully a moment, then notes, "Would you mind passing a message to Sir Catryn? I need to leave today, and she is not awake yet."

Either Elrick is too tired from the injury to correct Kamron on the lack of proper titles being used, or he is more willing to accept the Dinton at this point when it comes his sister, but he disregards the lack of propriety. "I'm glad to hear that." When the other knight makes his request though, the Laverstock sits up a bit straighter and nods his head, "I will stay here in Littleworth until she has recovered enough to be able to return home safely. I heard that she was at Death's door but was brought back by from the precipice by Lady de Littleworth's skills at healing. Tell me what you would like me to tell her and I will when she is hale enough to accept visitors."

"She will live indeed, thanks to the skill of Lady Littleworth." Kamron nods when Elrick agrees, "Thank you. I wanted to apologize for the tactics which left her too far from support, to tell her that she fought valiantly and well, and that I wish her well in her recovery." He shrugs a little helplessly, "There may be bad blood between Burcombe and Dinton, but it is all true in this case."

Shaking his head, Elrick releases a sigh as he imparts how he feels about the situation of that pitch battle, "There is no apology needed, Sir Kamron. We were knights trying to sneak up on a group of bandits, while in full suits of chainmail and on grounds that they are more familiar with than we were. No tactician would have been able to come up with a better plan with what we had available to us." But, a message is a message, and the Laverstock understands the intent, "But I will pass the message to Sir Catryn. There may be bad blood between your Houses but I am sure as a knight, she will be understanding enough to place the blame of her current state on the bandits."

Kamron nods at both the reassurance and the agreement, "Thank you, Sir Elrick, but if we'd all advanced en masse, we could have supported one another better." A hint of a smile touches his lips then, "Rather like you, Arian, and I did. Perhaps I should have split us up, to support Sir Catryn with those I knew, rather than strengthening one flank at the expense of the other." He shrugs a little helplessly then, chuckling, "And perhaps I am just my own worst critic. But if we do not consider what we did wrong in the past, we'll never learn, now will we?"

"We are usually our own worst critics, Sir Kamron, but you are right, we do need to review our past actions to see if there is room for improvement. Just remember, in the end, we were successful. Most of the bandits slain, to never plague other travelers around these parts, and the bandit leader soon to be brought to justice." Elrick says as he leans back against the propped up pillow. And since the Dinton has requested the Laverstock to carry a message, the same will be asked in returned, "Sir Kamron, since we are speaking of messages. When you return to Sarum, if you see Lady Eirian, please let her know that all is well and I will be returning when Sir Catryn is well enough to do so. I do not wish for her to worry." No mention of her condition is made though.

Kamron nods again, sharply this time, "We did good work, yes. The people of Littleworth will sleep easier, even though one got away. And perhaps all of Salisbury, given how our prisoner was speaking." The request causes him to chuckle, "Of course, Sir Elrick. I'd quite forgotten that I should have congratulated you," he's polite enough not to comment on the irregularity of the wedding, and instead offers out his right hand, wincing just a little as his shoulder twinges, "I'll do my best to reassure your Lady Wife, Sir Elrick."

"It may have been for the best letting one flee, he will spread tales to others of his kind of the knight's justice that awaits them if they choose to continue with their banditry." Elrick says with a smirk, apparently not too worried about the one that got away. Raising his own hand, he gives Kamron's proffered hand a firm shake, "Thank you." Since the irregularities was not commented on, the Laverstock does not share the details, he will let the proper announcements be made.

Kamron nods slowly, apparently having gotten quite used to nodding at most everything the Laverstock says, "Perhaps. We can hope so, at least." The shorter knight clasps the other man's forearm briefly, shaking once, then releasing, "I heard something about Beltaine being at the heart of this… if you'll forgive my curiosity." Clearing his throat, he reaches up to scrub his hand back through his hair, "It was a fascinating ceremony, and I quite understand the pure emotion."

When the Christian Knight mentions Beltaine, Elrick's eyes widen slightly, mostly in surprise to hear that word out from a Christian tongue. "Curiosity is encouraged, Sir Dinton, especially if one wishes to learn more about another's faith. Though it would serve you best to ask Eirian about the faith we share as she is much more knowledgeable than I. But you are right, Beltaine was the spark for us, the Gods wishing us to walk together on the same path. From there… well…" No further needs to be said as he knows how Kamron and Arian feel for each other, he should be able to puzzle it out.

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Kamron smiles faintly at the widening of the other man's eyes, "Arian told me. And I was there, too. Well out in the crowd, but I think my sister made pressings of some of the flower petals thrown." Shrugging a little helplessly, he chuckles, "We Dintons are not the strict Romans of some of the other manors, but I have to admit that my sister and I are more interested in the Pagan faith than some others of our family." Raising up a hand a moment, he adds, "Not that we are considering leaving our own faith, of course, just that we are open to the beliefs of others." Smiling a little wryly, he adds, "And yes, I know just what you mean about 'from there…' When love overcomes all sense and reason. Rather pleasant, is it not?"

Now that is the second surprise for Elrick, as he had not known that the Dintons were present for Beltaine as well, since he was preoccupied with the battle on the main stage and what came after. He does nod his head understandingly when Kamron explains that they are more understanding than most Christians are when it comes to Pagans, "You would have to be, to feel what you do for my sister." The Laverstock is certainly not pulling any punches when it comes to feelings for his sibling and what he has witnessed thus far. As for the subject of love, Elrick can only release a sigh, "Very pleasant, but also a very dangerous emotion to possess. But any decisions I have made thus far, I would do so again if offered the chance to change the past." There is a pause before he continues, a concerned expression there now, "Since you know of what has transpired, how does my sister feel about this? Is she most wroth with me as my brother is?"

Arian can always get Kamron to blush, but now it's clear that it's a Laverstock trait, for the Christian knight pinks first at the ears, and then at his cheeks. "Yes. To feel what I do for your sister." There, he admitted it. The question that follows causes him to shrug a little helplessly, "We haven't spoken about it a great deal," which means that they have spoken about it, "I think that she is disappointed, perhaps… and I should be clear that I'm just guessing here… perhaps she feels that it suggested you thought your family would not approve of the match."

No, Kamron does not get a punch in the face for admitting such about Elrick's sister, either this one is more tempered in his moods or he is just too injured to leave his bed for now. When the Dinton Knight offers his point of view of why Arian felt disappointed, the Laverstock can only nod his head and release another sigh. His decision causing so much pain for those he loved, that is his only regret. "I can see why she would think that, if that is what she indeed feels, and she is not alone in coming to that conclusion." Lainn reacted even worse, but that subject won't be broached here. "But after Sarum and Sussex, and also all of the arranged marriages sprouting out from various families…" There is a pause before he continues with a quieter voice, "I did not want to lose her. A selfish trait, one that is perhaps unworthy of one with the title of knight. But love does strange things to you."

Kamron draws in a breath at his mention of the Laverstock's reasoning, but he nods, "I do understand. I don't know that I would agree with the steps you took, but I do understand." He shrugs a little, looking down at the rushes on the floor and murmuring, "It's why I went to my cousin and Rhi to hers. Although with both of us as cousins… I think that perhaps you had more pressure to work speedily to avoid the match."

There is no objection to Kamron not being in agreement with his decision, if this was someone else, Elrick may have also disagreed with the process but this happened to him, with his own emotions in play. "You would be in the majority, Sir. But as you say, we're only cousins, and when we returned to Sussex, one of the first things we heard was that my brother was being married off. The negotiations carried out while he was purposefully away, so he could not raise his own objections." A slight shrug is offered, "Luckily, I was only treated to the Laverstock way in the end. Lord Trystan was able to come to agreeable terms with Lord Roaman when we went to the Burcombe manor. But my decision still impacted how my family feels for me, that is something I will have to live with. But no matter what happens, I would have never abandoned my love for family."

Kamron nods his acceptance of the other man's words, "Then I wish you the best of it. May your gods and my God alike watch over you in your match." Looking out behind him, he shrugs a little helplessly, "They're your family. I'm sure that time will heal all wounds. But I should be going, Sir Elrick." There's a pause, and then he offers out his arm again, "'Rick,' if you'll allow it. And I'm Kam."

When the arm is offered again, Elrick pretends to hesitate as nicknames are offered, but then grasps Kamron's arm for a firm shake, "Very well, Kam, I shall allow it. Make sure my sister gets home safely." There is no threat behind his words, more a rhetorical statement that was made. "And thank you, for your well wishes. I appreciate it."

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