(514-08-21) Idmiston and Newentone Reception

The wedding reception held at Idmiston to celebrate the marriage of Gwynaelle and Glaw.

This is mostly Glaw's PoV due to Gwynaelle's bad internet that cut out within the first few rounds.

Date: August 21, 514
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Small shrubs line the drive from the main road allowing an uninterrupted view of the large manor castle that stands sentry over gardens and grounds. The drive loops before the front of the house, where a flight of stairs leads up to the tall iron-clad wooden double doors.

The house itself is large, and built of weathered stone gathered locally. Crenilations decorate the top of the buildings and the walls that are going up. Built of mortared stones with a slate shingle roof, it rises several stories tall, it's imposing edifice given some relief by several tall window openings bracketed by thick shutters that could easily be pulled closed if need be.

The house's service quarters (barn, pigeon house, stables, wash house, wine press house, bread oven house, hayloft) are tucked to either side of the main house, servants seen coming and going from them. There is even a small orchard to be found closed off near the kitchen gardens within the inner walls. Outside the marked off walls, men can sometimes be found training, preparing themselves for battle beneath the watchful eyes of house knights.

Reception Details

Tables have been set out int he small old grove of fruit trees next to the manor. Each one is groaning with the selection of foods and drinks placed upon the top to tempt one to take a taste. Several of the younger servants are tasted with keeping the bugs away from the food with thin willow limbs to swish over the table.

Several tables carry savory selections from boar, rabbit, venison, beef, lamb, quail and even some fish and mussels. It rivals the selections of breads, vegetables, and cheeses laid out nearby as well.

There's a dessert table with anything from tarts to pies, puddings to cookies. Many sport Idmiston's apples and pears.

The last table bears the selection of drinks. Front and foremost would be the apple and pear wines and ciders of Idmiston, followed then by local ales and brews.

There's a small cleared area set up with musicians to play, a spot amongst the trees left for dancers to enjoy the entertainment. Tables, benches, and even blankets are provided for people to use during the reception, a larger table set up for the happy couple and immediate family.

The ceremony at the Newentone glade having taken place as a small family affair this morning at sunrise, the reception is finally moved to Idmiston, where food and drink and entertainment has been provided by the father of the bride.
By noon most of the visitors surely have arrived, though some stragglers will surely arrive later. Glaw is for once dressed in more elaborate clothes, green and yellow dyed, to represent the house colors that the blue eyes Idmiston is marrying into, though he has tried the green and sable cloth around his left arm, that she gave him for the tournament in Sarum in Winter as a favor. Currently talking briefly with the father of the bride, Glaw chuckles at something said, before lifting cups of Idmiston wine with the older knight, before he soon moves across the grass again to find Gwynaelle. Where did that girl run off to again?

Dressed in green and blue is the bride, her dress a lovely affair that draws out the color of her eyes. dark hair is piled upon her head, decorated with summer blooms. Currently, she's off to one side, exchanging whispered conversation with Lysette and another older cousin who seems to be giving her some 'advice'. So serious does the bride seem, nodding her head, though the impish sparkle in her eyes hints that she's just barely keeping that expression on her face! As friends or family who she hasn't seen in a while arrives, she offers them waves or nods, slowly drawing away from the elderly cousin to mingle.

Standing proudly in support of his cousin during the wedding now the reception was here, and that meant Idmiston wine! The six foot tall Idmiston knight Bradwyn holds a goblet as he makes his way from one gathering of lesser knights from neighboring lands to rejoin the main group of his own family, and those who are such close friends to the family they might as well share the blood.
Dressed in his best and sporting Idmiston colors, Bradwyn makes his way over to the bride, waiting his turn only to give a wide grin, as though trying to hold back from saying something that will likely get at least one of them in trouble. He then leans over and attempts to give his newly married cousin a big, warm hug. If this is allowed she'll find soft words whispered into her ear.

Cariste enters in Durnford colors, she is dressed in wedding attire her house sigil embroidered on her sleeve she has a small box in her hand for the newlyweds. One hand cradling a box, the other escorting Wilhelm or is he escorting her? Its hard to tell what was which. She smiles upon seeing Gwyn and she approaches her and her new husband "Merry meet" she greets them

Its been a whirlwind few days for Talfryn- earning his spurs and then hurrying home for his cousin's wedding. By the time the reception has started he's grinning wide- standing not far from his Uncle, the father of the bride. After Glaw has moved on- undoubtedly looking for his bride- Tal speaks quietly to his Uncle. Its the first time he's had a moment. They embrace- a familial type of thing that seems fond enough.
Of course, Talfryn wears clothes befitting a noble and a knight- fine clothing for a fine occasion. "Aha!" Talfryn calls out, as he lifts his glass towards Gwyn and Glaw both. "To the bride and groom!" he calls out, "May blessings be heaped upon this joining of fine people and great houses, and may they find joy in all their days!" he almost shouts, lifting his glass with a salute, before throwing it back to drink deeply.

Having recently relocated to Wilton to accept the position of Earc's lawspeaker, Wilhelm is adjusted to the colors of Lord Knight Earc and Wilton. His tunic is clean and well maintained, his sword settled at his side as the young Christian knight takes in the view of the gardens and the gathering, a slight smile coming to his features, but he doesn't give Cariste's hand a small pat, perhaps to steady his own nerves as much as to remind her that he's near and totally don't wander off.

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Eilla enters the main hall from one of the back rooms, she had been getting ready for the party! The manor was decorated and in every corner there is a Keg. The barrels are moved in one by one as the redhaired woman smiles, "my gift onto you!" she calls to her cousin and now cousin-in-law. Her eyes dance as she moves through the room and she looks for her brother as she prowls the room, he aught to be there somewhere. Her dress is actually well done and very nicely presented for once Eilla looks very much like the lady she is.

Glaw will find his bride soon enough, soon to step back to her side, to take her hand, before he has to chuckle at her, probably spotting the look and the mirth in her eyes. Before he might inquire what has her so amused, however, there is the call from Talfryn, and he turns to grin, dipping his head a little at the man in thanks for his well-wishes, lifting his cup to return the toast at least in gesture, if not in words, for it is Cariste that arrives next, and he nods his head. "Merry meet, indeed.", he offers to the Durnford, though her escort gains a curious look, perhaps not quite recognizing the man. "Glad you could make it.", he offers, only to have another Idmiston shout at him, and he chuckles once more, watching the kegs being brought in. "One that is appreciated by all of the guests, I am sure.".

Nalia is dressed in a lovely creation put together or different parts of clothing she is known for, she has the green and gold that she favors and is wearing a ribbon in her long curls that seem to be Idmiston colors, though she herself has the badge of her own house: Durnford. She was at the wedding itself, so has had her words with Glaw and Gwyn, and is now making her way to a small spot to enjoy the music and the gathering.

Glaw's eldest sister, Seraphina is sitting with her legs up among furs, but she has brow beat everyone to be here this day. She is dressed in the tunic of Newentone colors, and her hair has been piled on top of her head, where a black and red ribbon is curled around the lovely shine of her hair. Most would know she almost lost her life not to long ago, and hense the half hidden and covered position she takes to just the left of the main party. But she can still see better than most.

Cariste smiles as she hands her present off to Glaw "I am happy I could make it, this here is Sir Wilhelm Horton - Ser Earc's lawspeaker". she smiles as she gives Glaw and his new wife a curtsy "Blessings be upon you, may you bring healthy strong children into this world and enjoy years together." she smiles as she moves on from introducing her escort, her eyes move from one person to the next and she smiles as the festivities get started. "oooh mead!" she says as the kegs are rolled in.

As Glaw approaches, Wilhelm straightens himself slightly as he has to lean slightly to be able to speak to Cariste as she's pointing out things due to the height difference between the two. With a warm smile and a bow of his head, "Felicitations and well met, Sir Glaw. I am Wilhelm, part of House Horton and recently appointed.. as Lady Cariste so graciously offered." he says with a chuckle. "I had the pleasure of meeting Lady Cariste at the Berry Picking recently and I was honored to escort her to this event." He's not about to admit it's his first pagan reception, but really, it's not much different than those that he's attended on the Christian side of things. Except maybe a little less polite. Which is fine for the young man as he chuckles at Cariste's declaration. "Shall we go partake of the feast, Lady Cariste?"

Bradwyn moves away from Gwyn as her husband moves to join her, lifting his glass to his new cousin-in-law and takes a sip of his fruity wine. Then comes his 'little' sister even if she is older as Bradwyn extends an arm to give Eilla a brotherly hug and says, "You did well with your gift Runt." in a happy, complimentary tone and a warm squeeze. A polite nod is passed around, Cariste, Seraphina, and other non-relations. Eyes settling on Nalia attempting to slip away, that cannot be permitted as as he tilts his head to the Durnford oddly wearing Idmiston colors in her hair and asks, "Shall we go and trap her so she can't get away sister?" winking mischievously. Yep Eilla no doubt knows that wink can't end well for Nalia.

Another long drink for Talfryn, followed by a clap of his hand on his Uncle's shoulder with a half grin on his face before he moves to mingle through the crowd. With music playin in celebratory style he can't help but to have a bit more of a bounce to his step as he stops at the table with all that delightful food. A dagger flashes and a rabbit's leg is cut off- not much meat, but a good flavor to enjoy with his drink.
Tal then moves over to a quiet spot- just to get a good look at who's who, and what's where. Striking blue eyes shining, his face still lit up with that seemingly always there half-smile.

A pale hand reaches out to settle on Seraphina's shoulder as Braelynn crouches nearby. She says to her patient, "You'll be careful tonight, won't you?" Before she stands, and makes her way toward Glaw. As she approaches she dips into a curtsey and then lifts her head to speak to him. "Blessings on your marriage, Sir Glaw." As she rises, ribbons in the color of the Cholderton family crest can be seen flowing in her hair, the same ribbons that Cariste handed her days before. There is a wearied look to Braelynn's face, but her smile, which she gives to the newly married knight is genuine.

Well, no comments are made of the differences between christian and pagan receptions, so Glaw does not quite peg the man as christian right off the bat. "Ah, well met and glad to make your aquintance then. Berry picking, huh?", he wonders, chucklign a little at that, perhaps trying to imagine the knight stooping to pluck berries from bushes. "Well, enjoy the fruit tarts, then. There are plenty of berries in them, I am sure.", he gives the knight a tap to his shoulder, before glncing at hte little box that is offered to them by Cariste, accepting it. "Thank you, m'Lady.", he offers, though of course does not open it at once, but leaves it for later.

Cariste nods her head as she moves away from Glaw, taking her escort with her. She looks over Braelynn and she pauses "Blessed be, Lady Braelynn". Then to her escort she whispers quietly to him a moment before she moves away and gets herself a drink, she looks like she could use it

Eilla watches her brother trying to capture Nalia and she chuckles "oooh no I am not helping you capture a maiden, that's all on you brother". She laughs a little as she watches the party and she herself sways in her place happy for a chance to rejoice in all the sorrow that has surrounded the relm lately.

Seraphina simply pats Braelynn's hand as the Healer speaks to her and she tries not to roll her eyes. It is her brothers wedding after all and she just gives a soft chuckle and a smile. "I promise to just sit here. The air is good, I have a lovely view, and you should mingle.." She tells her friend in that soft but deeply husky voice, her eyes half closed as if proving she is going to be good and now she simply goes back to people watching. Cariste and noted and her eyes flicker towards Braelynn, but she simply stays relaxed but watchful. Hey, she's a Knight after all.

"My eldest brother's idea, I fear, Sir Glaw. He thought it would be best to perhaps to meet an eligible young Lady." And it seemed that Branoc's plan worked like a charm as Wilhelm and his falcon came across Cariste. "M'lady." he offers a bow of his head to Braelynn as Cariste points out title, however, he remains close to the young woman that brought him, allowing her to point out things and speak as they head towards the kegs.

Nalia is not running away, she is just finding a nice spot to settle down and nibble on the tarts and wine, for there are gooseberry, bless Gwyn's heart, and so she is going to enjoy them and people watch. Though she does note Bradwyn and his sister and throws the pair a lovely smile and a flicker of a wave.

Bradwyn chuckles and gives his sister another warm sleeve and then leans over to whisper into her ear before adding, "Come on, you can give your baby brother a hand can't you?" with that same mischievous wink. He then starts towards Nalia's position whether Eilla joins him or not. As he draws closer to Nalia he offers a bow of his head and says, "A Lady as beautiful as yourself should never be alone." as he offers the crook of his arm asking, "May I?"

Eilla chuckles a little and nudges her brother.. "lets see you pounce." she whispers quietly to him her eyes dancing as she reaches out and somehow summons a drink from a passing server, this is pushed into her brothers fingers as they draw near a chuckle escapes her "you sure I wont be…." she trails as she leans in to her brothers whisper and she ah-hahs nodding as she smiles "alright then, Greetings Lady" she says as they come closer.

As her eyes light on Cariste, Braelynn dips her head respectfully. Her voice is quiet as she says to her, "You as well, Lady Cariste." She gives the gentleman with Cariste a polite nod as well before speaking quiet to Cariste, "I apologize for my poor manners when we met last. I was not at my best." Her voice is quiet, and her movements are practiced and proper. At this she takes a step backwards, and turns, heading toward the table of refreshments.

Watching his cousin 'go to work' only has that half smile on Talfryn's face grow into a grin as he laughs to himself, with a shake of his head. Finishing his rabbits' leg, he moves now over to the drink table to grab a tap and look over to Eilla before he gives a shout, "So then! Which is that special pear you make so well?" Tal wonders as he flutters the hammer in one hand, holding the tap with the other. "And should I let you do this- or do you trust me with such delicate work, Eilla? Its the end with the spigot that goes in the barrel, right?" he looks back with a cheeky grin before driving the tap into the clearly labeled barrel of pear mead, and just filling glasses before passing them onto servants. "Come now! Guests, let us drink! Sit not without libation in hand. We're here to celebrate!"

Seraphina has been left to the side of the gathering, in the perfect spot to watch all the going ons. She is covered from the waist down in furs and her legs have been carefully placed to keep her relaxed and out of anyone's way for tripping over them. Her tunic is lovely and she simply looks like a Lady this day, and not a Knight. She is without wine nor treats, so it is possible her companions for the evening are out and about mingling.

Wilhelm remains polite and quiet as Braelynn addresses Cariste. He is aware of the situation, and the respect offered leaves Wilhelm quietly respectful, only providing Cariste escort as she requires.

Cariste takes a cup of drink before she smiles gently and she moves over to Tal with Wilhelm in toe, she smiles softly "Here is another important figure you aught to know Ser Wilhelm, meet Ser Talfryn"

Nalia gives a tiny tilt of her head at Bradwyn, but can't help a little grin and chuckle that comes to her lips before she reaches up and touches Brad's arm, and then nudges him to take a seat, as she is very comfortable where she is. But then Eilla gets her attention and the small woman gives her a lovely smile. "Lady Eilla, it is a pleasure to see you once more. Your family speaks highly of you.." Her voice is warm and soft, clearly friendly enough for the evening.

There are likely a few representatives of Burcombe here to offer support to a union beteen fellow pagan neighbors. Numbered amongst them is Morag, who represents not just her family, but also the clergy, or at least, offering the presence of Danu's presence. Surely the Great Mother is looking down on the celebration with pleasure, and Morag is happy to celebrate on her behalf. She's already gotten hold of a goblet of cider, and the priestess seems at ease enough to be without escort, the occasional eye darting to the dancing area hopefully.

Eilla chuckles, "do they really?" she wonders "which of them has your ear I wonder?" she chuckles as she nudges her brother before her cousin gets her attention .. "Dont you dare …" she says as she straightens up and she moves away from them for a moment "ooh do excuse me, If I do not stop him we will all be covered in fermented pear." she laughs heartedly as she moves to intercept her cousin!

Gaius has kept his distance as he is a stranger in these parts. Stapleford has no ill will to either house, but their relationship could hardly be called friendship or an alliance. Another Salisbury Manor, with a Roman Christian bent and a little too much time spent in the graves of the mind. He arrived with Seraphina and others, having fought alongside her during a Dorset raid that left the other Knight nearly struck down. He soon appears behind Seraphina, placing an arm on her shoulder as he sips some wine. "You look well Lady Seraphina…" he says with a soft nod of his head as he watches the going-on of the wedding reception and party. The Christian man's eyes survey the pagans as they move about, but there is little judgment there.

"Important? Oh, not today, I'm not. Today is about my cousin, and this joyful joining of Idmiston and Newentone!" Talfryn says, lifting at least one hand as if to deflect this 'importance'- even as he offers a full cup of pear mead towards Wilhelm- and another to Cariste. "But, as stated, Sir Talfryn de Idmiston- merry met!" he offers, "And please, drink up. Otherwise, I'll have to challenge someone to a drinking contest. And you should all know- that's a game I play to lose."
Still, there's a wide grin when his cousin Eilla hurries over to help him- the tap isn't in as straight as an expert might do.. But it is in well enough to work. "I didn't do so bad." he says, with a wink.

"Well met and felicitations, Sir Talfryn." Wilhelm offers as he can't help but to be amused. His siblings miss out on all the best parties, it seems. He just imagines this type of gathering in Up Avon and he has to place a fist to his mouth to cover a chuckle. Yes, that would be quite the thing, indeed. As he takes up a container, "I believe you have a head start, sir, but I will do my best to try to keep pace." he promises as he finally partakes in making himself and Cariste a drink.

As Braelynn approaches the table containing refreshments, she retrieves a plate. After adding a number of pastries and fruits, she hazards a glance to Seraphina to assure herself that the patient is remaining compliant. A nod of her head is given as she sees Gaius with her, and she returns her attention to the refreshments. She prepares a cup of mead, and begins a slow walk back toward her patient. As she does approach she nods her head respectfully and says, "Sir Gaius. It's a pleasure to see you again." Her voice isn't disingenuous, as she says it, but it's not filled the emotion of sincerity either. She places the plate on Seraphina's lap, and rests the mead on the furs next to her.

Bradwyn takes a seat as guided by Nalia then chuckles as his sister goes off to punish their cousin as the tall knight looks to Nalia and asks, "Did the trip here treat you well Lady Nalia?" with a hint of concern in his tone.

Eilla laughs as she fills a cup and then dumps it over her cousins head, because he started to drink without her! She turns and fills her own glass "ohhhh I will see you to that challenge!" she says as she grins

Morag winds her way through the throng, seeming pleased by the merriment of the crowd until she makes her way through one group only to be surprised by one of the Christians present. "Sir Wilfred?" Her head tilts in birdlike inquisitiveness as she takes a few steps closer. "How delightful to see you, and so far from your home."

With a lull in well-wishers for a moment, Glaw leans in to give Gwyn a kiss to the cheek, handing off the gift box to her for now, before he surrenders her to another gaggle of Ladies that try to pull her aside for advice of some sort or another. Ahem. He himself soon starts to make his rounds along those present, though as the Idmistons start to make overtures to a food fight, he alters his course to stay away from that gaggle of fun. Instead his path will take him towards Braelynn and his sister. And the unknown knight by their side.

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Seraphina looks up slowly as the arm is placed on her shoulders and she can't help a little chuckle and smile for Gaius, "I look as if I can't move, but I thank you very much Sir Gaius, I hope you have been enjoying the party?" She questions with a tilt of her head and a nod to all those that are mingling her words are softer then. "Have you meet my brother yet?" But then Braelynn is arriving and she gives her the same lovely smile. "Thank you Braelynn, are you enjoying yourself?"

Cariste collects her cup and moves over to greet Naila the cousin raises a glass in greeting "Cousin!" she says as she sortof drags her Christian Knight escort around the Pagan party.

Some people might get upset that they'd been covered in alcohol- certainly those who know Tomas, Talfryn's older brother, know he would have been quite upset. Talfryn, though, after that shock wears off of being covered in pear mead laughs loudly. "Haha!" he says with a grin as he looks to the nearby guests. "Well, it seems the mead is truly on me, this evening!" he laughs out loud, and dripping still with pear mead refills his own glass to take another long drink. "On me, and in me. I suppose it had to go this way eventually. It was only a matter of time before someone spilled a drink. Anyways, please make merry, my friends." Then he gives Eilla a look, with that devilish grin. "And you, Cousin, for shame! Wasting good drink on my unthirsty clothing."
"Why isn't anyone dancing? All this chit-chat- is this how people make merry these days? Ah, well- I suppose it falls to me to make a bigger fool of myself. Already in the thick of it, after all. Might as well go for the full flush."
With that decided, Talfryn grabs Eilla's hand and begins to drag her towards the dancefloor.

"I have not.." And Gaius clearly does not know of the happy new husband as the man approaches and the Stapleford Man's gaze passes over him with no recognition, though since it is likely Glaw and his wife Gwyn are the best dressed at the party Gaius can tell the man is of some import and turns towards him. "As is you Lady Braelynn… thank you again for tending to the fighters at Ebble.. I plan to return their shortly to assist in making sure the defenses are properly prepared. It would not surprise me if Dorset starts pushing harder with the most recent news." He sips at the wine, stolen from a servant who tapped an older and not so special keg earlier. "I have to admit I have never attended a Pagan wedding. Quite a colorful event."

There is only one person that calls him 'Wilfred'. And hearing that name, Wilhelm cannot but to help to chuckle. "Priestess Morag. I suppose Felicitations are in order for your group, as your number will surely grow from this union and bear fruit." he says with a laugh, actually stepping away from Cariste to grasp the young Priestess by the shoulders in warm greetings. "Did the Lady of the Woods accompany you this eve?" he akss with a warming smile that belies the relationship the two of them have shared in the past over debates and conversation. "You are going to have to deal with me far more frequently now, I fear. I have decided to accept position as a Lawspeaker for the walled city of Wilton - I am sure that the Lady will want to have a great conversation about that.." he starst to say, that is until he feels the light tug on his arm from Cariste.
"We will talk again soon, I promise." he says to Morag before the young Christian is pulled away to be brought over to Nalia, but doesn't spill his drink, draughting from it as he bows his head respectfully to Nalia. "Merry met, I believe is the words of the evening." Wilhelm starts to say as he waits for Cariste to complete the introductions before he offers his escort a smile. "I do believe Lord Talfryn has an excellent idea. May I have the pleasure of accompanying you for a dance, Lady Cariste?"

Nalia tilts her head as she looks towards Bradwyn and simply leans against his side, not worrying about who might say what at the moment. She takes a sip of her wine before she answers with a soft chuckle, her eyes following Eilla and Tal, before she speaks, "Oh, I am fine, but we all know how these gatherings can get, it is why I am fine right here…" She then smiles at Cariste and gives a soft chuckle. "Hello Cousin, it is nice to see you in such a good mood.." She watches Wilhelm curiously but waits for an introduction, making her own. "Lady Cariste, have you meet Sir Bradwyn?" Sir Bradwyn, this is my cousin Lady Cariste.."

Eilla laughs as her hand is taken by her cousin and she laughs heartily "What am I to do with you once your Married away?" she asks him as she eagerly indulges a dance her glass of mead in her fingers is quickly downed before she passes an empty glass to a server.. and then she is off, her red hair wild and free dancing behind her as she fully enjoys the moments.

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Bradwyn nods to Nalia with a soft smile and then turns the Idmiston blue eyes to his sister and cousin and laughs loudly at the revenge calling, "Don't give up yet Runt, if he wants to dance leave his feet bruised!" cheering on the good-natured rivalry over booze. Then comes another cousin, though not his and nods respectfully, "Lady Cariste, merry met." as he moves to stand unless stopped to offer his seat to Nalia's cousin.

"I'm afraid she's elsewhere." Morag replies, adding, "So nice to see you, Lady Cariste…" And whoops, there they go, leaving Morag to her own devices. There's a twitch of her mouth, and then she takes a deep drought from her goblin.

If it were entirely of his own volition, it is unlikely Padrig would have attended an event celebrating two families unlinked to his own. As it is, he does his best to be relatively unobtrusive and to cling to the fringes of the gathering. He lingers at the spread, hands hovering over the table as if endowing the food with his blessing - or perhaps the result of indecision. A moment later, the knight settles on his victuals and slinks away, following in Braelynn's wake and offering a polite nod hither and thither. He bestows upon Gaius and Seraphina a polite smile before leaning down to murmur something in Brae's ear.

Cariste shakes hands and then smiles "Merry Meet, indeed!" she smiles to Bradwyn as he calls out to his sister she smiles, "I do miss my brother" she says then she hugs her cousin "I do not want to impose … just saying hello" she says shyly

Since Cariste isn't handling introductions, Wilhelm smiles in her stead. "A pleasure, m'lady. Sir Bradwyn. I am Sir Wilhelm of Horton, recently relocated to Wilton as Lawspeaker. Feliciations on the celebration and wedding to you both." the young knight offers as he finishes the container of mead and waits to see what Cariste decides what to do next.

Braelynn gives Gaius a small smile, and says, "I did nothing that any other wouldn't have done. Please convey my thanks again, when you are next in Ebble. They showed us great kindness there." It is then that she sees Padrig approaching, and a grateful smile crosses her lips. As he leans in to murmur something in her ear she lifts onto her toes to bring her closer to his mouth, listening.

Approaching the little knot of people that have formed around Seraphina, Glaw soon comes into conversation range indeed, and likely overhearing Gaius words he smiles faintly. "Well, we pagans like our weddings colorful. Of course, you were sorely issed earlier. I suspect my lovely sister has forgotten to inform you you were to wear a long white linen shirt and be sacrificed to our dark gods to add a touch of red to our wedding?", he offers to Gaius, smirking, and thus perhaps spoiling any true shock effect his words might have. Roman propaganda, right? Ahem. Still, he then offers a more genuine smile, nodding to both Gaius and Padrig, before turning to Braelynn. "Merry Meet, Lady Braelyyn. And the two knights I do not yet know personally.".

There is a moment where Seraphina's eyes narrow on her brother, the amber dark before that beautiful smirks appears and she winks at him before she reaches up and touches Gauis's arm. "Sir Gaius, this is my /younger/ brother and heir to the family, Sir Glaw, who somehow won the beautiful Gwyn you saw before.." It's a soft introduction and then she returns the nods and smiles for Paddy, allowing Brae to make that introduction.

Onto the dancefloor Talfryn pulls his cousin, giving her a grin before he begins to dance. Surprisingly- its not bad. Its actually pretty good! He has a hop in his step, even covered in pear mead as he is. He grins and moves with some measure of grace- dancing in what could best be called 'pagan' style. Moving with the music, and letting life flow through him.
"Hah! Really, this is a surprise! I don't typically move with any kind of dexterity. I blame your mead!" he teases his cousin.

Cariste looks around and she smiles to her escort then back to her cousin "I am going to step out." she says (sorry its too hard on me too big!)

Gaius inclines his head in greeting to Glaw, and then raises an eyebrow to the man's words. He glances over to Seraphina, especially after Glaw calls her sister. "Well… I do not believe a Stapleford has ever been sacrificed… it would be an interesting experience, one a bit different then how we normally handle death. Perhaps I could take notes for my cousin. Though I doubt I will be rising any time soon from the event." he says, taking the rather graphic jab in stride. Speaking of sacrifices and the like are would probably be enough to prickle any Knight, let alone a Christian, but Gaius seems to be playing extra nice. After Seraphina's introduction he steps back to give room for the next motion, the man bowing low with hand at his side. "Gaius de Stapleford. Blessings upon you and your new wife. Though I doubt you need blessings." He says, being just a bit cheeky. A bit.

As Braelynn drops back to the balls of her feet she glances up at Padrig. She tilts her head and seems to be studying him for a moment before her lips twist into a smile, and she gives him a slight nod. It is then that Glaw approaches, and she turns to him, giving a polite nod and a warm smile. "Sir Glaw, this is Sir Padrig. I believe we spoke of him briefly in Ebble." A glance is given to Gaius, and then to Glaw, a brow raising as she anxiously awaits the show.

Bradwyn nods to Cariste and says, "Perhaps we can speak more later then Lady Cariste." nods to Wilhelm and says, "Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston, cousin to the bride." He then looks to Nalia and asks, "I was going to get some air for a bit, would you like to join me for a walk Lady Nalia?"

Eilla laughs a little as she dances with Talfryn and she smiles gleefully as she moves along with the man who takes her across the dancefloor and she happily follows him "oy I need more to drink!" she grins as she holds onto Tal's fingers tightly, her feet carrying her over his as her brother calls out to her and she chuckles lively.

Nalia reaches up and takes Bradwyn's arm, smiling to her cousin and her escort and then anyone else who is near, before letting Bradwyn draw her off.. for a walk.

"Sir Glaw," Padrig greets in return, holding out a hand to clasp arms with the knight, should he so wish it. "And may I extend my congratulations on your marriage, good sir. Many fruitful years to you and your wife." He bobs his head in deference to the man before glancing down to the Cholderton maid beside him. While he quirks an eyebrow at her lack of response, a smile of amusement plays about his lips nonetheless. "Need you anything to drink or eat, Lady Braelynn? Dancing to distract you?"

"Ah! Watch the toes! I use those, you know!" Talfryn laughs out as his cousin decides to get all on top of Talfryn's feet during their dance. "I'm not drunk enough to not feel that.. yet." he says with a little laugh as he gives his cousin Eilla a little spin as he continues to cut the proverbial rug on the dance-floor. "Here, follow my lead-" he says to his Eilla. "And by that, I don't mean step on my toes." he teases again, still in good nature as he gives laugh.

That the man seems to take his jest in stride makes Glaw grin wider. It has become somewhat of an in-joke by now, whenever a Christin shows up all nervous to one of the pagan events, though truely, this is a feast like most others at this point. Still, when Sera introduces them, Glaw offers the man an arm, to shake it in the usual knightly-fashion, forearm grasped, rather than hands. "I heard a lot about you, Sir Gaius. And I look forward to seeing more about you.", he says, all grins at the man. "And indeed, I have been blessed a-plenty with the Idmiston jewel.". Only then does he turn to glance at Braelynn and her own introduction of the knight. "And sir Padrig", he offers, likewise clasping arms with the man. "Thank you for your kind words.". As for the Cholderton? Well, he nods. "We did talk indeed in Ebble. And I would like to echo the words of Sir Gaius here, thanking you again for the attention you gave to my /older/ sister and hurried her along on her path of mending, despite her stubborness to defy her healer.", he adds, then smirks at Seraphna, as if just noticing she is sitting. Right there. "Oh. Blood of my heart. How great for you to make it.". Like, he did not come for her to bring her home. Ahem.

Seraphina has relaxed a little see how people can take care of themselves with her brother, and a long look is thrown to Braelynn at something she has said. A tiny arched eyebrow, but then she just sighs and crosses her arms gracefully before it. "I am not sure why everyone assumes I was a bad patient. I am sitting here after all.." Ah, yes, Seraphina grumps, which is not like her at all as she picks up one small piece of fruit in her hand, and thumbs it to hit Glaw right in the cheek. There is a moment and then she looks up at him, "Opps, sorry dear brother mine, I didn't see you /right/ there.."

Eilla leans in to follow her cousins steps, and she laughs as she dances merrily - she soon stops treading on his toes and falls into more of a equal step with him. Her red curls dancing her cheeks flush as she leans in to whisper to Tal her lips dancing close to his cheek as she speaks into his ears.

Well, the benefit of everyone going their seperate ways is that at last Morag has an opportunity to speak to Seraphin. And so with new determination, the little priestess saunters forward until she's next to the knight, and with a surprising grace, folds her legs so she's seated next to her, not spilling a drop of her cider. "Merry meet," she offers brightly, and then follows the arc of the thrown fruit with a giggle.

"A lot? Hmm.." Gaius says and glances /again/ to Seraphina and Braelynn. Who knows what evils they have told about the man! Does he speak in tongues? Does he wear his shoes in door? He probably drinks his wine with the wrong hand. He clasps the offered arm as it is offered, "Hopefully our meetings are not tied to your kin being horribly wounded, though your sister fought well in battle." Of course there was more to that battle and as Gaius steps back he flicks a gaze to Padrig and gives a nod to the other man and veteran of that short little skirmish with the Dorset dogs. Gaius tips his now empty wine goblet to Talfryn and the little display he puts on. "I believe the Lord is showing you up on your own wedding reception!" he declares, as if egging Glaw on to go kill the man… with dance moves. With dance moves. "Well met Priestess." Oh it seems the Christian isn't so oblivious to pagans and their ways!

A slight flush colors Braelynn's cheeks as she is thanked, yet again, and she says quietly, "I did nothing anyone else wouldn't have done in my place." And she dismisses it just as easily. Her attention turns to Padrig and his question. "Some of that pear mead, I think would be delightful. I'm afraid my skills as a dancer are lacking, but if you don't like your toes, I'd be willing to give it my best attempt." After the mead, of course. Maybe a few glasses.

Eilla checked her dancing of 5, she rolled 10.

"Then we are evenly matched, my lady. My grace on the field does not translate so well to something artful as dance. I much prefer to loll about with the food and drink where my gustatory talents are more inclined to rise to the challenge." Padrig offers Braelynn a sardonic half-bow before lifting his chin in a gesture to excuse himself from the group. "I will fetch the mead."

And so the Laverstock knight peels himself away from the group and is thrust outward into the crowd to wind his way about until he can obtain two cups of mead. These he holds aloft like the precious treasures they are as Padrig makes his way back to Brae's side, and he presents a full cup to her in triumph. From his own he takes a sip, eyeing her over the rim briefly before turning his attention outward to those swept up in dance.

"Well then, Cousin- I think I've had enough of dancing for the moment- perhaps again later?" Talfryn asks of Eilla as he gives her a fond squeeze and helps to lead her off the dancefloor. "My poor toes can't take anymore!" he teases with a little laugh, as he snatches another cup of cider from a passing servant. He takes a long, slow drink. "We'll talk later, yes? You look tired."

Eilla chuckles and she would never be caught not attending a party or indulging in it but she did look tired. Her head nods and she laughs softly as she moves slowly for the stairs and to the the rooms of the mannor beyond.

Fruit tossed at him, Glaw merely watches it as it bounces off and tumbles to the ground, giving Sera a look. "How anyone could think you would be a bad, mean spirited patient is beyond me.", he teases his sister. As for Braelynn's dismissal of his thanks, Glaw turns to look at her for a moment. "You have my thanks regardless. As wold anyone else who had done as you have done.". In short, he was not thanking her for teh exceptional talk, but for the result. As for Gaius, he snorts a little at that. "There is only one way he can show me up this day, and that is by dancing with the bride.", he states, easily enough. As Morag appears nearby, he gives her a nod once more. "Merry meet again, Lady Morag.".

Softly at first, in the background, the Rains of Castemere begins to play, a beautiful if haunting song.

Morag lifts her gaze to Gaius, offering him a smile. "Merry meet, Sir." she greets affably. She clearly doesn't recognize him as a Stapleford, much less a Christian, as she automatically offers, "Danu's blessing upon you this night." People are talking to her, and that's a good thing. Her gaze focuses on Glaw, as she lifts a hand in benevolent gesture, "Merry meet Sir Glaw. May the Mother bless and keep you both, and fill your lives with fecundity and plenty; many fat children and prosperity in all things." The last is offered with a sparkle in her eye. A hand is lifted as she recognizes Braelynn, and while her benedicting hand comes down, the other comes up in a more secular wave of greeting for the redhead.

Seraphina simply turns and gives Morag a one armed hug, pulling the Priestess close as she glances around at those near, Braelynn and Paddy get another look and she can't help but grin at her friend before she looks up at Gaius and then narrows her eyes at Glaw, "I have no idea what you are talking about Glaw, I am simply sitting here and watching the coming and going.." Her voice is to deep and harsh with that sensual style growl for her to sound innocent but she does very much try. "Lady Morag, I am not sure if you have meet everyone, but this is Sir Gaius and Sir Padrig, Lady Braelynn's intended. You of course know Lady Braelynn and my brother, yes?"

Gaius inclines his head in greeting to Morag as they are introduced by Seraphina. "I will.. take Danu's blessing in heart…" He offers, though its clear he knows nothing of Danu. At least he isn't the type to spit her blessing back at her and demand she convert to the love of Jesus Christ! Convert! Convert! At Glaw's words of the bride and dancing, Gaius smiles just a bit, "I had heard it was Pagan tradition that the wife dance with many men. To get the fires of possession and desire burning in her dear husband until he can't resist just sweeping her off into the woods. Or was that a bard pulling my chain mail?" He asks as he jabs a bit once more at Glaw playfully. The Newenton man will find Gaius is not as dull as he might find the man's cousin! It seems Gaius keeps the serious and somber to quests and battle.

Braelynn watches as her betrothed moves through those gathered, nodding as Glaw addresses her. She gives Morag a warm smile as she is re-introduced, and as Padrig returns she takes the mead, and after lifting it toward Glaw she states, "To a long, happy, and fruitful marriage!" With that she takes a healthy gulp of the mead. She turns her eyes to Padrig and grins as she says to him, "I don't suppose there will any christian sacrifices tonight, after all."

"Christian sacrifices? What a barbaric though," Padrig replies to Braelynn, blinking at her in a bemused sort of way; his eyebrows knit together in a slight frown, and he studies her expression for a moment before he can clearly pick out the humor beneath the words. Immediately the Laverstock relaxes, and he manages to bark out a laugh and shake his head at his lady. "No, I think those are reserved for somewhat more sacred occasions, hmm?" Knocking back the rest of his glass, Paddy peers down into it for a moment before tipping the rim toward Brae questioningly. "A top off?"

Talfryn gives a wobble as he stands a moment. "Ah. There it is. That lovely buzz from a bit too much drink, with a little food." He looks to the partygoers and grins wide, "Friends, as I said, I play drinking games to lose. I do believe I've lost- and its time for me to make friends with my pillow." he says with a bow of his head. "Please, eat and drink- we are celebrating a great time for my family. We want all of you to share in our joy." He lifts that drink in his hand, pouring it back- one for the road. "Good evening, and marry meet!"
With that, Talfryn makes his way into the manor proper.

Morag's eyes light up. "Oh, Lady Braelynn! I'm so happy for you!" She claps her hand in delight while leaning against Sera companionably. "Well met, Sir Padraig. You've done very well for yourself in my fellow chirurgeon." She then beams at Gaius. "I have it on good authority that Christian blood would get us all much too tipsy. Too much of the sacramental wine." There's a solemn nod. Well, as solemn as she can make it.

With the well wishes Glaw once more smiles, thanking Baelynn and PAdri as they come, only ot smirk at Gaius, greey es to study the man. "Well, customs vary, but I would assure you the good Lady would not need to dance with any man for me to wish to ride off with her.", he seems to have no shame about such, intead he gestures around the gathering. "Yet such is our hospitality that such has to wait, and she will honor even the requests to dance from those who wish to do so.".

For whatever reason, Seraphina is silent for a small bit, she reaches over and picks up the mug of cider that was brought for her and looks from one to the others gathered around, giving a little wrinkle of her nose about the dancing. Seeing as well, she can't and is kinda stuck without moving, and unhappy about it! See she downs the mug of cider and while licking her lips peer down into before she let's out a long breath. "How have you been Morag?" She asks softly, shifting a little to raise her hand to her shoulder and patting Gaius's hand without really thinking about it.

Braelynn seems to consider the offer for a moment, looking at Padrig, but she lifts the glass to her lips and tips her head back, taking a rather large gulp, before giving her glass to Padrig. "Typically I would say no, but this is a celebration! Why not!" She turns toward those gathered good naturedly, and says to Gaius, her voice teasing, "Is that true Sir Gaius? Is Christian blood half wine? If it were so, then perhaps we could hold you in reserve in case the mead runs out."

"When the dancing has finished I would wish to speak with you Sir Glaw. About other matters…" Gaius gives another glance to the two ladies and Padrig, "Matters I assume you know more about then I imagine…" he says with a soft nod, that Stapleford somberness appearing. But then the social duel continues as Braelynn tries to stab him in the back with a dig! "Is that why those Saxons are always trying to capture me or poke holes in me? Too get to the delicious Christian wine.. it all makes sense now." Serious tone soon shifts back to the more human and playful.

Padrig seems taken aback a bit by Morag's rather enthusiastic congratulation, and he glances sidelong to Braelynn before offering the Burcombe priestess a slight dip of his head. "Of course, thank you," he murmurs by way of polite reply as civilization requires, but he is rescued from having to elaborate upon the matter by Braelynn holding out her cup. He takes it with a faint flicker of relief and uses it to salute Gaius lazily. "I am off on a quest to liberate the household of its mead, but should I find naught but dregs, you had best lift your skirts and flee, Sir Gaius. I cannot be compelled to hold back the entire crowd, you understand. I am - but the one - man."
Laughing, Padrig excuses himself a second time and disappears to fetch the drink. He shall return in due course equipped with brimming mugs, one of which he offers to Braelynn as if it were a honeyed libation.

Gaius comment makes Glaw peer back at him, his head tilting, the smile to likewise fade a little for a moment. "A talk is certainly something we should have.", he agrees, only to have Braelynn speak of half-wine-blood and Glaw has to laugh a little at that. "I think the Saxons just think blood makes the grass grow.", he insists. Still, he soon straightens a little. "But for now, you'll have to excuse me.", he offers to the little knot of attendees, surely heading off to another group of new arrivals or well-wisherrs.

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