(514-08-21) Homecomings
Summary: A homecoming of a few Knights to Idmiston. A gift is brought for an oncoming wedding.
Date: 514-08-21
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It had been days since Bradwyn left to escort Lady Nalia and his cousin Lady Gwynaelle to the lands of Sir Glaw. Returning to Idmiston manor the six foot knight dismounts and leads his horse to the stables, ducking instinctively as he passes inside. Passing off the reigns to the stablehand Bradwyn makes his way back to the manor itself.

Wearing a short tunic, trousers, shoes, gloves, and a cloak Bradwyn makes his way over to the door to slip inside. Whether he is delayed or not is another matter. A large yawn is given as he shakes his head to clear the yawn and the journey from Durnford lands nearby.

Eilla is helping set the decorations for the wedding. She smiles as servants bustle around her and she directs them as to where to put things. The older Idmiston also stands near a few kegs because - she brought them of course! This was going to be a grand Celebration in the mist of all the wars.

The door to the manor is opened once more after Bradwyn, the guards giving a suspicious look to the cloaked man who has approached with bow and arrow slung across his back, the aging mare he rides weighed heavy with the bodies of two small boars on either side. The man wears no identifiable colors, no heraldry or coat of arms graces his tunic or surcoat or the bridle and saddle of his mount. When the lights of the inner manor flicker upon him he pulls back his cloak hood, revealing the features of a young commoner. He bows his head low to the noble lords, ladies and knights who are present. "My Lords and Ladies. I bring a gift from Wilton… for the wedding." he declares in a even voice that matches his rough appearance. At least he doesn't track mud through the manor.

Talfryn has only just arrived himself- riding in not long after Bradwyn and Balanar. It seems many are arriving for the festivities in the few coming days. "Oh, well, at least we'll be eating well!" Talfryn exclaims as he catches the end of thee hunter's statement and dismounts his horse with a bit of a happy half-smile plastered to his face. "Well, its good to be home." he says to himself, as he pulls an apple out of his pack to pass it to his horse as the stable boy comes to gather the animal.

Stepping into the manor as the guards investigate the stranger bearing boars. Bradwyn looks over the hall and smiles at the decorations and then spots a woman by the kegs. A few moments and a wider grin forms as he makes his way over and attempts to pick the woman up in a great hug, at least if she is taken by surprise and not putting up too much of a fight.

Whether the attempted sweeping up takes place or not Bradwyn chuckles softly and says, "Wild red hair, Idmiston eyes, and surrounded by kegs, has to be The Runt." If he is in a position to do so he gives a loving squeeze and adds, "Good to see you again sister." with clear warmth in his face and tone.

Eilla gasps and hits her brother as he surprises her, a good wack to his head. "Bradwyn!" she exclaims as he picks her up and spins her round. Her dress splays out in the air before she is set back down. Once the surprise is over she hugs him in return "my look at how you have grown!" she says to him adoringly, her attention moves from one face to another. "have the cooks get those prepared."

Balanar steps back as Talfryn enters, his head bowing a little lower. It seems he has done his research… as he recognizes the heir of the manor. "At least a few of you will eat well, Lord Talfryn. I would have caught bigger game, but I did not want to arrive late to the wedding." the young man declares as he clasps his hands behind his back and slowly straightens. "I have taken leave for the season from Wilton, to offer my services to the other Manors of Salisbury. As I imagine many houses will need such services with so many weddings soon approaching… or the battles to come with Dorset… if you have need of such skills you may simply ask." The commoner offers. His attire marks him as a hunter, but there is clearly a more martial nature to the man then just tending to woods and game. He glances over to Ellia and Bradwyn in their embrace and there is a soft flicker of amusement in his gaze, but little more.

"Well, you've been riding a while now, I imagine. Lets bring the man a drink, shall we?" Talfryn says as he approaches Eilla and Bradwyn. "Bradwyn and Eilla! Aha! She's right, it rather looks like you've taken to getting big." Talfryn says with a good-natured laugh. "COme to think of it, we could all use a drink, I imagine!" he says, even as servants go to grab the boar from Balanar's horse to begin preparing them for the wedding feast. "So, where's Gwyn then?" he wonders, looking about as he nods to a servant. "Go and get us all drinks, won't you? Many thanks."

Bradwyn smiles and says, "Look how much you haven't grown." winking playfully as the shortest of the four siblings, but it is good-natured teasing between siblings as he continues to keep his sister close, hugging her. Clearly having missed her. Aside from being held by her 'little' brother, Eilla is still free to do her job as he asks, "I thought the wedding was to be held in Newentone. Though it has been a few days since I saw Gwyn or Sir Glaw."

He then looks to the unknown hunter and Talfryn and studies the latter a few moments and says, "Ah Talfryn, good to see you again cousin. As to drink, I'll never say no to an Idmiston wine. Tell me, have you heard anything of your brother? I figured he might have been sent off to fight, but I've not heard from him or even of him since the tourney for the wedding of the King and Queen."

Eilla was obviously not sure where the wedding was to be had though she quickly adds "Two feasts! for those that cant make the other one!" Because there is always a need to party. She smiles a little as she looks to her cousin and she watches him - as he moves closer, she extends a hand to him "Cousin, it is good to see you home as well."

A drink? Well the man will certainly not pass up a drink! "I was unsure of where the wedding was to be held. I assumed I could deliver the game into your care and you could present them at the event, regardless of where it was held…" Balanar remarks as he takes a further step into the manor, but remains slightly off to the side. As one of the servants provides a drink, he nods his head in thanks, though waits patiently for the others to take any cup or mug. His finger runs over the rim of the drink as there is mention of fighting. "I believe Dorset is making a push from the south, but there are also the events at Norgales…" he says softly, apprising of current events as he knows them.

"No. I was hoping someone else knew, to be honest. I admit a bit of worry regarding my brother's status." Tal notes, as the servant brings drinks- "Give the first one to our guest, yes?" he says- with that same half-smile on his lips.

"But, Tomas has always been one to disappear into the woods- or at least, he has been since the loss of our sister." he says with a quiet shrug. "Well, lets hope its just his being smitten with some Lady and having a few weeks of fun." he offers with a bit of a grin, "Now, my cousin Eilla makes these brews." he offers over to the hunter. "So, don't make any faces- its supposed to taste that way." he teases with a wink towards his cousin, as he takes her hand and gives it a gentle squeeze. "So, what do we call you, hunter? I am Sir Talfryn de Idmiston, these are my cousins- Lady Eilla de Idmiston and Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston. Welcome to our home." he offers simply, "Shall we take this inside? I'm sure you've ridden long, hunter, and a bit of time off your feet might be welcome." he says with that same smile as he takes his own drink- taking a long sip.

Bradwyn nods to his older sister and gives her another loving squeeze before finally releasing her, though he does remain close at least now she can move about if she has the need to. Or just hold onto her baby brother if she so wishes, even if he has turned out to be the tallest of the four even if only just.

He then nods to the hunter and says, "I'll have to check in and see about matters with the Dorsets, I recall rumors of some discontent. If they are going to war I should be there, thank you." Then to Talf he grins and says, "Yes, do not question the skills of my sister." Whether that is a threat to the hunter, or a joke is anyone's guess.

The common man eyes the drink as Talfryn reveals it is the work of Eilla. It is not that he doesn't trust Eilla's abilities… he just… doesn't know of them! And probably doesn't trust them. He slowly raises the cup in a soft salute, "I thank you for your hospitality… I will make sure to speak of your good graces to others I meet." he says as he takes a sip. Does he cough or sputter? Maybe, but he holds it down well. "A strong bite." he comments with a nod of his head. "I am Balanar of Wilton. Lord Earc is my liege and master and I tend to the manor's need for hunt and game when I am back home. But I have been allowed to travel and offer my services and assistance to other manors and Knights who need attendants."

"Well, we'll have to see if you can't be of some use to Idmiston, then. You do seem a competent hunter- a pair of fine boar for our cousin's wedding, in addition to the goose and the rest." Talfryn states as he drinks deeply again- moving towards the main hall. Trying to lead the group indoors where more comfort could be found. He walks with his drink to the door, opening it and offering Balanar entrance. "Well, Balanar of Wilton, you do your liege proud." he says simply, "For gifts that bring more joy during joyful times are always welcome." He takes another long pull at his glass. He's very keen, it seems, on enjoying his first night home.

Eilla nods her head to the hunter and she smiles a little as she looks to Talfryn "it wont go to waste at least!" she grins as she gets herself a cup of her own brew and presses one into her brothers hands "Drink!" says the indulgent red haired woman with misticf in her eyes

Bradwyn says, "Curious your liege would allow you to give your services to others. Especially with a House with no formal alliance." A bit suspicious obviously, but not accusatory of anything… Yet. Then a drink is given as he looks to his sister and asks, "If we drink it all today what will be left for the wedding?" winking playfully. He does add, "I prefer wine though sister." as it has likely been a bit since she'd have the chance to know what he drinks it is understandable as he takes a sips, and gives a bit of a 'meh' face. A moment or two later adding, "For ale it is good sister." and it may well be true he just doesn't care that much for ale.

Perhaps there is a nefarious bent to his services! "All for Salisbury is good." Balanar says with a soft bow of his head to the suspicion that Bradwyn levys to him. "I simply seek to make a means of living. My family are trackers and pathfinders. And you will find the paths of Wilton well mapped…" he remarks with a soft smile. He dares to take another sip, and finds he is enjoying and getting use to the different bite. Perhaps the touch of a noblewoman can add a little spice to a drink! "In these times I find every bit of joy should be cherished. Saxons and fellow Britons make life difficult at every turn it seems…"

"They are interesting times in which we live- but exciting ones!" Tal replies to Balanar as he finishes guiding the group into the main hall, pulling a chair from the wall for himself and setting it not far from the fire. "Set up a few more chairs, won't you?" he asks one of the servants who nods and goes to do as commanded. Chairs are soon placed near the hearth to allow for comfort.

"Come and sit, friends, family. I've been riding most of the day, and honestly, I'd like to sit and drink." he says with a grin. "Maybe even get quite drunk on my first day home- Bradwyn, surely you'll join me."

Eilla smiles as she looks round and she laughs "Ive got enough for…." she counts in her head and then she laughs a bit before she leaps up and she moves to the door, "oh no no… I think I miscounted!" she smiles and waves disappearing through the halls

Bradwyn chuckles softly to his cousin and says, "In a drink yes, perhaps not getting drunk. I doubt you'd be able to outlast me." good-naturedly. He looks to the commoner once more, clearly his doubt and suspicion hasn't gone anywhere but he doesn't say more on the matter as of yet. About to offer his sister a seat, Bradwyn simply laughs as his shortest sibling goes fleeing to attend to matters of brewing.

The man hesitates, clearly knowing his place on the social ladder. Eyes flick with a glance to Bradwyn, and the suspicion does not go by unnoticed. Balanar's hands play along the back of the offered chair as if he tries to think of the proper courtly etiquette. "Your hospitality is boundless my Lord…" he says with another bow of his head as he slowly takes a seat. It clearly means something to the man to be offered to sit at the same seat as the Heir and his family. He frowns where he sits, knowing he is out of place, and wishes he's he cleaned his tunic and cloak better. "Where.. do you ride from?" He asks as he watches a servant pour his cup full once more.

Sarum, most recently. Not a hard ride, really- but I've never much liked spending hours in the saddle if I could help it." Talfryn says with a grin. Generous by nature, Talfryn doesn't seem to see much issue with sitting with the common folk- his drink quickly refilled by a servant. "Thank you." he offers the servant simply, as he drinks again deeply. "Oh, do make sure Balanar's horse is being seen to, won't you?" he asks of the servant, who nods and is off to do as he's been told.

Bradwyn observes the back and forth and then adds to Talf's words, "I'm surprised one of the smallfolk can afford to keep a horse." After all they are very much a luxury item that knights and nobility are normally the only ones that can afford to maintain even one.

The horse can barely be called such. An old mare, worn by age and use, she will likely pass within the year. "She has been in my family since I was a young child." Balanar says as he watches the servants flit off to tend to his mount. "She was one of the only things we took from are farm stead before we moved to Wilton…" A luxury indeed, one he does not deny. "Most of my earnings go to keep her well. But she allows me to tend to my tasks so I pay that keep gladly…" Even if he has to go hungry now and then. "I beg you not to spoil her my lord.. or she might never want to leave…" Balanar remarks in a small attempt at a joke.

Talfryn grins, "Lets not call it spoiling. Lets call it a well earned rest." He offers simply, even as he looks towards Bradwyn with a bit of a curious look- perhaps unsure why his cousin is giving Balanar such a hard time. "Anyways, its growing rather late." he notes, waving down another servant. "See that a dinner is made up for our guest and bring him an old blanket. I'm sure we can find a spot in the stables for him." It seems that Tal's generosity doesn't extend up to giving the commoner a place to sleep inside the manor itself- but inside the walls.

Bradwyn states, "A mere farmstead capable of providing for even a single horse, impressive indeed." clearly there is at least some doubt to the story so Bradwyn doesn't believe such a simple family could afford even an old mare when all of them are funding it. Whether true or he just doesn't spend enough time around farmers however… The extension of a place in the stables at least seems to be met with approval.

Balanar is a loyal man, there is no doubt. He calls Wilton home, and he calls Lord Earc his liege and master. But that farmstead gave him life. That farmstead was his home until it was burned to the ground by rampaging Saxons or Foreign Knights, he truly cannot remember, it was a home he never truly knew but meant something to his family. "It was a good farm…" he remarks softly, perhaps with a quicker tone then should be tolerated. His eyes are cast down after those words, "You do me a favor that far outweighs the gift I have provided. Please… if you allow me grant of your land I will add to the bounty of the wedding. And of course I shall take none of the game you own." he says as his fingers run the rim of his cup once more.

"That is up to our Uncle." Tal notes simply, "But, I'll certainly run it by him when I see him next. Still, it might be a good idea if only to get a census on what game is on our land and where it is- to better aim our hunts." Talfryn says, as he loos over to Bradwyn with an easy smile. He takes another long drink from his glass, "So then! I'll bring that up to him, and good on you for offering. Much appreciated."

Bradwyn seems to dismiss the comment about the farm as it was never brought into question by him, only the ownership of the horse. At the favor asked however Bradwyn states, "These are Idmiston lands, all game here belongs either to our House or the King himself. If not hunting the game we own, will you be hunting the game the King owns?" His tone serious and cold. The joys of of having a liege and who owns what.

He offer is met both with consideration and suspicion. "I would hunt only what is granted by your good House, and only for the benefit of your house. A day or so and I could likely find a larger boar… or perhaps a buck. If you have your claims properly marked between that of yours and the King…" he assumes. Could assuming be dangerous? Perhaps. "I.. would ask for a rabbit for my own needs, not for profit…" he probes. A man has to eat! And if he spends all day hunting he will likely work up an appetite. He slowly brings the cup up to his lips, glancing to see if his request crossed the line.

"Come now, come now. Let us not make this an unpleasant meeting, Bradwyn. You bring up a good point, of course." Talfryn does note, with a nod. "I think this question is best left to our Uncle, though- he's the Lord of the Manor, still, until at least he decides to retire from that responsibility." Talfryn stands, "I don't imagine he'd be upset should your hunting bring a rabbit or two to your pot. Again, its not my or my cousin's choice, that. Each man has a station, after all."

Bradwyn simply nods in agreement that the matter is for their cousin, the head of the house to decide not them.

All men have their station. That is true, and a man in Balanar's position likely knows this better then most. Not necessarily because he has to be reminded, but because he lives that reality. Its not obvious the man has dreams of rising, as he clearly knows the time and place of speaking of things he possibly shouldn't speak of. He bows his head, "I shall await word then… and hope I may provide to the bounty of the wedding."

"I think I shall now retire." Tal notes, as he stands and gives a stretch. "There should be a meal ready for you in the kitchen, Balanar. And an old blanket- the stables should be comfortable. Feel free to grab some extra hay for bedding." he notes as he begins off towards the private area of the home. "Rather well met, too. Allow me to extend our thanks for the boar from your liege."

Waiting for Talf to be out of earshot Bradwyn looks to the commoner and says, "Understand if I find you have been poaching, you'll find my sword." making it very clear about the situation.

Balanar looks up to Bradwyn to look him in the eye, "I would never besmirch Wilton's honor like that…" he declares. He does not speak of his own honor, as he knows in Bradwyn's eyes he likely has none.

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