(514-08-17) Capturing a Lady
Summary: During the Berry Picking Festival, Sir Wilhelm allows his falcon out for a bit of sport - but instead of capturing a mouse, it captures Lady Cariste.
Date: 514-08-17
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The beautiful countryside near the River Nadder is full of ripe berry bushes ready for the plucking. Knights, nobles, and ladies gather for a few leisurely hours to picnic and gather berries. A chance for casual social interaction, for families to enjoy themselves, flirting and romance of all manner, and for newly engaged couples to get to know each other. There are many nobles out along the River, Pagan and Christian alike, for a little fun between the battles which were ongoing.

Lady Caristae was dressed in a heavy red dress a green belt round her waist, her eyes are far away and unfocused as she twists a berry from one of the bushes and brushes her hair. It was clear she did not know anyone here, or if she did - she remained aloof and slightly unaproachable one might say she looked troubled.

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Sure, this is a great time for people to get to know one another - especially those that have become espoused either willingly or not, it doesn't keep those that may be eligible for future discussions of such trivialities as marriage from making their way out. This is true for Wilhelm, who was pushed and nudged by his older silblings into making contacts for the House of Horton, as he was the youngest and most expendable of the lot. While this did not settle well with the knight, he made his way down to the river's edge and is keeping a rather cautious look on the goings-on, with more than a hint of prudence to his actions.

A falconer's glove rests on his left arm, but there's no bird present at the moment - he's probably released to for a bit of hunting while the young man meanders aimlessly through, trying to avoid the small groupings that are making small talk as he does so. There's a slight cocking on his jaw that may echo Caristae's own troubled look as he steps around one slightly more than armorous pairing, a lift of his chin at the act of hand-holding and tender face touches.

At the brush where the young lady is picking a berry, there's a rustling from the bushes and a large field mouse, startled by the lady's actions, bolts from the bushes and towards the treeline beyond the rivers edge. As it does so, a peregrine falcon dives in from above, but misses the mark as the mouse manages to dart into the forest beyond.

The falcon itself has a few leather jesses and ribbons attached to it as it turns to flap and rise off the ground again. Wilhelm comes over, rubbing his glove to reattract the falcon to him. "A nice try, Chauncy, but perhaps you should stick to the fat hares you are used to." he teases the bird as it returns to his arm and he places the hood back on.

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Cariste was just picking berries, un-attached and almost solitary reviling in her alone time. When her fingers rustle the home of the mouse and it darts out of its cover. The lady screams as the creature patters over her foot and she shakes it off, her heart pounding. The mouse barely touches the ground when the falcon swoops down, the sudden sound of feathers has Carie putting her hands over her head - her berries fly in every direction, "aiiiieeee" she screams again this time trembleing as she takes a step backwards her foot enters the shallow water and she breathes a sharp hiss as her boots get wet, all this is enough to nearly start the woman in tears but the words of the knight nearby keep her in check. Barely that however - cowering and startled, the Lady stays in the river for a bit of time as her heart settles back down.

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It takes a monumentous amount of willpower for Wilhelm not to just burst into laughter as the poor woman is chased into the water by his bird. Quickly placing the hood on the falcon so that it's not alert or fearful of it's surroundings, the knight makes his way quickly to where the young Lady has stepped into the water. "My apologies.." he offers, a concerned look touching on his features as he glances back towards his bird of prey. "She sometimes gets a little too quick and is used to being around people and it caused a lot of issues for…" and as he takes a further look at the attractive young lady, words fail him for the moment as he finds himself looking down at where she stands. "You have your feet wet, m'ady." he comments, flummoxed at finding something else to say - witty, smart. Those thoughts just aren't coming. So instead he ends up numbly sticking out his hand to help the woman out of the water as several people are staring at the pair and muttering and possibly pointing.

Cariste composes herself, luckily without tears. Though the experience was a close call and as the movement of the Knight comes - her eyes lift from her arms. Brown gentle eyes peer back out at him and her hair was nicely arranged with bits of flowers holding parts of her locks away from her face. Her hand touches his softly and she moves from the water.. her boots wont be good for walking in, she would have to remove them. "Well.. I suppose I will have to wait for them to dry." says the Durnford woman "it is fine, I had little to do today anyway."

Her gentle brown eyes are a sharp contrast to his sharp blue ones, the color of a cloudless day, and dirty blonde hair that's kept neatly trimmed. After assisting her from the water, Wilhelm looks quite chagrined and apologetic for the mishap, his chin slightly lowered as the near attack and outburst has drawn eyes to the pair. "At least allow me to make up for Chauncy's indiscretion by sitting with you until your boots are dry?" he offers to the young lady, before he ohs, remembering his manners. "I suppose I should introduce myself."

"I'm Wilhelm, one of the house knights of Horton. And I'm far out of my element at a berry picking event, it seems. And this fine-feathered harasser is Chauncy. She's surely sorry for startling you, but she's a bit greedy when it comes to chasing a meal." There's a smile that accompanies the comment, but that whole stringing words together to flatter the young woman just isn't up to speed yet.

Cariste tilts her head a little and she relaxes visibly. Some of the other nobles have continued their walking and picking. A few still gawk - but some have removed their own shoes to play in the river together. It was a merry event afterall one filled with hope of romance. "I am Cariste" she says quietly, her brown eyes settled on his blue ones almost memorized by their color. "House Dunford, you have come a long way..I am glad you were able to travel without trouble." The young woman seemed to know of the Norgales battle. "Are you here to lend aid to the Knights that fight for Ser Robert?" she wonders of him as she brushes her hair back slightly, "of course you can join me if you have no one else to frighten?" she teases him.

Cariste checked her flirting of 3, she rolled 12.

"Well met, Lady Cariste." the knight offers as Wilhelm considers, looking around for a good dry patch of land for them to settle upon so she can remove her boots, though hopefully she'll keep her bare feet covered by her dress. Glancing up at the couples playing together in the water, he can't help but to smile slightly. He's a romantic at heart, but not one that's been touched yet. "I try to limit myself to putting a fright to one Lady per day, m'lady." he says with amusement. "Erstwise, my sisters would gang up on me and offer no end of misplacing my gear should I not pay attention." A touch of mischief touches his smile. "Though, considering those present here.. I do find myself grateful that my falcon decided to alight upon someone that I can actually converse and spend a moment with." It would have been a shame if Chauncy had scared a married or betrothed woman after all.

"House Dunford.. I suppose I am practically at your gates here. And my oldest brother thought it would be best that we offer a token of assistance to those that are embroiled here, and seeing as I am the youngest of the men in my family, it is only fitting." he says with a slight shrug of his shoulders. He glances over at her again, unable to stop matching eyes with her and her shapely and attractive features.

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The dress would cover her feet once they are seated and she looks forlonged to her shoes. That look stays on her shoes for a little time before she sighs "no, not betrothed". Her shoulders shift slightly and she says quietly "My family had arranged something but he recently fell.." The woman seemed a bit unemotional about the fact, as she looks to her shoes she wonders "I grieve for a life lost, but….." she dose not wish to seem cold or uncaring, in fact such would be against her nature.. but Wilhelm might understand the match was not her choosing and she barely knew the man who fell.

A bit of time passes, and she is quiet, before she looks back to him to find him looking at her. She blushes slightly "will you be attending the wedding?" she asks softly "Perhaps I could introduce you to those I know, though.. it would only be Durnford and Burcombe familys."

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For a moment, when Cariste is blushing, Wilhelm almost averts his gaze, but doesn't, instead, the young knight considers the question. "Wedding? I fear I wasn't made aware of any wedding." he admits as he turns his attention back to his peregrine finally. "Is the berry picking here.. and all of the frolicking and so forth part of the tradition?" he asks, as curiosity drives the conversation more than the conversation itself for a moment. "Are both of those that intend to marry pagan? I have not been witness to a pure pagan wedding, but Lady Eirian has told me on occassion that they are quite the treat. If a slight bit scandalous to someone with my upbringing." There's a small laugh at that.

Cariste smiles a little bit as she tucks her dress a little round her toes to keep the cold from them. "Oh? yes both are Pagan." she nods her head "two great family's unite, Newentone & Idmiston" she smiles brightly then she brightens even more at the name of Eirian, "Oh yes, she would know, her family throws some intense parties." she smiles a bit looking to him a moment "Are you open enough to attend?" she wonders "or would your faith keep you from such things?" she wonders as she looks him over considering his formor question "Which tradition?" she wonders then shrugs "there are many mixed faith here." she says after a while.

Picking up a smooth stone, Wilhelm sidearms it so that it skips off the water's surface a few times before splashing in. "Unless there if a pre-wedding orgy that I'm not aware of, I believe that I should be able to attend without incident, less Ser Robert needs my assistance further at the time." the young knight responds, before he nods. "Ah. That is a rather big affair. I may have to see this for myself. Ah.. as for openness? It was a Pagan priestess and the Lady of the Woods that helped me through the difficult times following my father's death at Somerset. I owe them at least the comfort of an open mind, would you not agree?"

Cariste tilts her head and she smiles watching him skip the stone, her eyes watch it for a little bit as it skims the surface and sinks below the reflective surface. "Well, if you do go.. I will…um..be there." yup, bad flirting indeed, as she looks to her toes covered by the cloth she moves them to hide within the fabric a bit more. "be careful, it is rough at the boarders." she tries to warn him. Her eyes softly glitter and she wipes the tear from her face before it forms, her head moves slightly to his shoulder as she lets the sounds of the festivities fill her ears.

It is not very long however before she closes her eyes on his shoulder and allows herself to drift in quiet of her company. "This, is rather nice". she offers to him.

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"I know it is, Lady Cariste, but if I didn't respond, who would?" Wilhelm responds as he feels the sudden added weight to his shoulder. He freezes for a moment, unsure how to react to the woman that comforts herself on him, but he doesn't jerk or move away, instead he lifts his hand and brushes away the secondary tear that starts to form. "Your former betrothed was a knight?" he asks curiously. Flirting utterly fails, even with the attractive young woman leaned against him.

"As for you being there.. uh.. well. I mean, they are related to your family and this is a large affair for the Pagans, I assume you would.. I mean.." he coughs. "You probably already have plenty of eyes upon you, m'lady." he manages to get out.

Cariste smiles a little "yes." she nods "but…" she pauses then as she looks to him "I do not wish to speak of him.. we .. shared just one moment together skipping stones and .. I apologize - for my tears." she says bashfully and a little ashamed. Her body leans away from him almost as sudden as she was leaning, as if deciding she was putting too much on this man before her. She listens and she shakes her head with a laugh "you think so?" she asks "well… if I manage not to be asked to dance… um.. come and save me."

If she had not leaned away, Wilhelm would have been tempted to place a chaste kiss upon the young woman's cheek to help settle her nerves. However, as she pulls away, Wilhelm finds himself blushing, feeling hot for a reason he can't really put a finger upon and laughs nervously. "I.. I will be sure to do so, if I am present, Lady Cariste. However, if I find your dance card too full, I may find myself daunted and may not even need to pull a rescue." he points out as he pulls his legs up a bit and settles his falcon on his shoulder opposite of hers.

Noticing her boots, he takes one, and puts his hand within, feeling that they are dry. "I believe that your boots are dried, m'lady. And I shouldn't keep you from your berry picking.." he seems just a little flustered, but is doing a somewhat decent job of masking it.

Critical Fail!
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Cariste smiles tilting her head, she must be the most chaste pagan on the planet, a maid untouched and it shows in her manners, she receives her boots, and thanks him before she slides them onto her feet. The Pagan healer reaches up to touch the knights head "Merry Meet" she says as she gives him a incline of her head as fairwell "May the gods shine on your path and show you the way."

You check your chaste at 13, you rolled 19.
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As she rises up to touch his head, Wilhelm catches the young woman's hand and places a light kiss upon her fingers. "Well met, Lady Cariste. Here's to my fondest hope that I see you at the dance and that there is space for you to share a dance with me."

Cariste watches the kiss to her hand and were it any other time, she may be more inclined to flirt, but the time is over and she has her feet warmed by her shoes once again. She smiles without a word and retracts her fingers very gently from his own.. like a gentle lamb she turns to leave him along the riverbed with his faithful bird, who instead of catching him a mouse, caught him a Lady.

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