(514-08-07) A Not-So-Wild Hare
Summary: Morlois and Eirlys make their way up to Horton and meet up with Wilhelm and Lydia.
Date: August 7, 514
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Near the Horton House is a large field. Currently out in that field, Wilhelm has taken Lydia out for some training. Not with weapons or horses. But instead, he has a basket with winter hares entangled in snares. Why? Reaching into the basket, he takes out one of the rabbits, untangling it and sets it on the ground. His other arm rises and makes a circular motion as he turns his attention to Lydia. "Ready?" he asks before he realeases the hare.

As the creature bolts away from the pair of them, Wilhelm's falcon swoops down to snatch the creature up and after a flurry of feathers and fur, takes back off into the air, carrying the hare clutched neatly in it's talons. "Realease your falcon, Lydia, and let's see if your training's been taking hold." he says as he reaches into the basket to untangle another hare to release.

Lydia is not a fan of the out-of-doors, but somehow she got talked into this venture, and her brother, with the blessing of their mother Alyson, has successfully gotten her to the point where she's standing here, worrying her mouth as she gazes at the hooded raptor on her wrist. "Are you sure, Wil? What if she doesn't come back?" She needs to be more confident as she gazes at the little merlin, the jesses trailing in her fingers.

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Morlois rides well, for all that he makes even a heavy-chested rouncy looks like a pony. His mousy little squire follows along with the reins of his knight's charger, the knight's shield, and a pair of spears. And he doesn't dare drop anything. Morlois takes his squire's competence for granted — after all, he trained the little man — and rides in silence alongside his younger sister. The burst of the hare forward draws his attention, and draws it hard. Yanking on his horse's reins, he reaches for the sword at his right hip with his left hand, snarling a curse under his breath.

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While the pair of Horton siblings are without horse nor weapons, Eirlys rides alongside her brother and his squire upon her own grey steed. She is dressed in simple attire, the white chemise seen beneath her yellow bliaut which is laced tightly at her her sides. A cloak rests upon her slender shoulders, despite or perhaps, due to the summer heat, the hood warding off the rays of the sun. As the siblings are not close, there is hardly any conversation between them through most of what could be considered a dismal trip. When they reach the field around Horton, however, she does take comfort in this familiarity… or would, if her brother didn't suddenly burst off in a start after some creature or other. At first, she is simiply startled by the abruptness, but knowing Morlois well enough, she can only assume some critter had offended him in some way. For now, with her attention turned towards the chase, she fails to even notice some familiar faces in the background. Still, her face remains completely neutral to all of this, there is no rolling of her eyes nor sighing of despair. In fact, she simply stares showing no true reaction at all side from her first moment of surprise.

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"If it doesn't come back, then you have not been paying attention to my training and your little Merlin will deserve to be lost, and we will have to start the process all over again." Wilhelm says as he holds out his arm, the peregrine returning to his arm as it lands in place, the brown and white bird feasting on the entrails of the hare it snagged as the knight holds the other hare by the scruff in his other hand, ready to loose it whether or not Lydia feels it's ready. Placing a hood over his own falcon, he makes sure it isn't his bird that gets greedy and goes out for a second run.

"If it doesn't return, I could have mine retrieve it, though that may not work out for the best." he admits as he gives his sister a cautious smile before tossing the hare out so that it can bolt off into the rising spring grass, as Wilhelm waits to see if she looses her falcon or not. "If you've been training him with the rats and bell as I told you to do so, there should be no issues, Lydia." Wilhelm has been cautious with his sister's training of the falcon. While not the best teacher in the world, he is a patient one.

That is until the hare that Wilhelm just released decide to seek out Morlois and Eirlys for cover, as he doesn't hear the approaching horses so he doesn't have a chance to warn Lydia to hold the straps of her merlin so that she doesn't release it. If Lydia doesn't hear.. this could go poorly, unless she has more command over her falcon that she thinks.

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Lydia doesn't respond. She has been trying, and she's been training diligently, but well…everyone's a beginniner at whatever they try at some point in their life, right? And she doesn't have the wherewithall to know that with such distractions, she ought to be holding onto those jesses rather than releasing them as she is in fact doing. But once she does, she seems startled, turning her head toward the sound of horse hooves. "Wil!" she hisses, taking a step back, but her gloved hand remains out.

Morlois' squire knows better than to laugh. He, of course, noticed that it was a hare, and not a threat, but too late to warn his knight. And he's definitely smart enough, and experienced enough, with Morlois to not laugh, to not crack a smile. Morlois is enough of a hunter to recognize a hare after he's been shocked and surprised by its appearance. "God's Wounds." The Roman Christians get the best curses. "What kind of idiot goes hunting in a field." The kind who have a hare captured and prepped — the smart kind. Thankfully, the words are a growl, rather than a bellow. Controlling his anger, he draws in a sharp breath, lets it out. "Exciting, is it not, sister mine?"

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It would seem that her brother's little tussle with the rabbit is enough to grab and keep Eirlys' full attention, well, that is until she half-turns to view Morlois' squire, noting how stone-faced the boy looks, very much mimicking her own expression, but perhaps for different reasons. There is no kind smile or warm gesture to the poor boy and instead, her brother's words calls out to her now and to this she urges her horse forward a few steps before offering up a short response, "Certainly, the most excitement that I've had all day, dearest brother. And it is you who I must thank for this." Obviously, some of this is spoken light-heartedly enough, if even that comes out far more reserved than it should. Alas, she doesn't hear nor notice the Horton pair in the distance in the company of their falcons, but instead she asks, "Shall we continue on then? Or will you further assist in this rabbit hunt?"

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"I hear them, Lydia." Wilhelm places a hand against the forearm of his sister's free arm to steady her nerves, even as he notices the two on horseback. He doesn't readily recognize the pair at this distance, even with Morlois' armor and colors, he's rather quiet about it for now. He's not going to press out to go greet the two intruders, as he lets out a breath, looking to his sister to see whether or not she dares to attempt the recognition herself.

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For her part, Lydia narrows her eyes at the mounted pair in the distance, and then lifts her hand to her face to shade her eyes. "Oh," she says, her voice an initial mix of relief tempered by wariness. "It's Sir Morlois." Her tone has shifted into a decidedly neutral timbre at the declaration of the name, though she identifies the lady he's accompanying with a shade more pleasure. "And Lady Eirlys. We should greet them." And then her expression becomes mildly alarmed as she then tilts her head back to scan the sky, biting her lip with disapointment. Her little merlin has not come back.

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Morlois shakes his head at Eirlys' questions, "You're quite welcome." There's a glower hidden behind his overly-polite smile, "Anything for you, dearest sister." Stretching his fingers out, he shakes his head, "I'm done. The hare can go do what hares do," That draws a little smirk, "For all that I care." Urging his horse forward, he shrugs a little helplessly, studying the birding pair for a moment. Obviously, they're gentry, considering they're holding the birds, and so he nods politely, "Greetings. Sir Morlois le Rouge, and my sister, Eirlys de Willcott. We're here…" and he smooths the snarky remark he might have followed that with, his low voice rumbling from deep within his chest, "…to deliver a message to the Knight of Horton."

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For whatever reason, just the tiniest hint of a smile forms on Eirlys' lips once her brother rejoins her and his squire, spouting all of his 'pleasantries'. It's a ghost of a smile, no laughter leaving her lips to further annoy her ill-tempered brother, but it is there all the same. It is only then that she spots a couple of figures in the distance and they seem to be making their own approach, so she trails behind Morlois once more, watcing the two with some curiosity, though out of distraction or other, her eyes lift to the sky. If they were falconing out here, perhaps she could catch sight of one of their birds of prey. Unforuntately, she finds none and by then, her brother had already made his introductions to the group. She knows Horton well enough and would have easily recognized those she shared a childhood with, perhaps, if they were closer, which will happen rather shortly, with how the distance between the groups begins to slowly dwindle.

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With Wilhelm realizing that Lydia's merlin isn't responding to her, he works his own fingers against his gloves, attracting the falcon and bringing it back to land upon the ground near his sister. "You need to work some more with it before we try this again." the knight offers with a slight sigh. Not exactly disappointed, perhaps things would have gone better had it not been for the arrival of the two Willcotts. With Lydia's recognition, Wilhelm offers a nod as he steps forth and offers a polite bow of his head to Morlois. "Well met, Sir Morlois. Welcome to Horton. I know it has been a few years since we last spoke, but I was a smaller squire back then." While not the beast that Morlois is, Wil did have a healthy growth spurt and he's at least polite to the Willcott knight.

However, as he notices how much the Eirlys has grown up recently, he barely manages not to stammer, and maintains his politeness. "My. Lady Eirlys, well met." he manages as he keeps from swallowing that sudden tightness in his throat and looks to Lydia. "Is our brother available for appointments, Lydia?" he asks, leaving it to the older sibling to answer on the status of who may be available for what.

Shooting her brother a grateful look, Lydia moves to collect her falcon. It takes her a few moments, but she does manage to get the hood on it, and then collects it to settle on her wrist. A smile curves her lips as she meets Eirlys' eyes, and diminishes only a subtle shade when she regards Morlois. "He is occupied today with matters of stewardship, but if you'd like to follow us back to the manor, we will gladly host you until his return. Tonight most likely, but tomorrow at the latest. If you dine with us and he returns he will likely speak to you after supper, and if not, you should have his attention in the morning."

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It is probably good for those around him that Morlois is not the most attentive of bullies. He requires someone to really rub it in his face before he gets properly vengeful, and eyeballing his sister is well worth a pounding… if he notices it. Still, he leads his horse close enough to Wilhelm to offer out his right arm to be clasped (and close enough to loom over him, but that's just a side benefit). "Ah yes… that would make you young Sir Wilhelm, wouldn't it?" That basso voice is felt as much as it is heard, and his lids sink heavily over his eyes, giving him a considering, vaguely serpentine look, "It has been a while, now, hasn't it? I hardly recognized you. And that would make this lovely flower your sister Lady Lydia, wouldn't it?" Her words draw a slow and toothy smile from the man, "As kind and knowledgeable as she is lovely." He certainly has grown up since his days as a red-handed terror of squires younger (and older), but those smiles… they never quite reach his eyes. "What do you think, sister, of the Hortons' kind offer? Shall we not take them up on it?"

If anything, seeing these familiar faces does bring Eirlys some comfort, especially when her gaze meets with Lydia's, for the pair had been fast friends for years now. Wilhelm, however, she scarcely seems to notice, or so it would seem. Though she does dip her head in a polite greeting and even offers one of her subtle smiles in the man's direction, "Sir Wilhelm, it truly has been a while has it not." Then immediately, she turns to Lydia, whom she is far closer to, "And Lady Lydia, I've been spending much of my time at Up Avon that I've been unable to invite you over for…" There is just a hint of an awkward pause here, perhaps the mention of some lessons would have been uttered, but she quickly changes her mind, "a bit of gossip and tea. Though with so much to catch up on," Even while in Morlois' company now, her spirits seem to have been lifted just a touch, "That I would be honored to take you up on your generous offer. And it would seem that my Lord Brother thinks favorably of this as well."

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"It has been far too long since your last visit, Lord and Lady Willcott. As my sister said, I am sure that we will be more than willing to host until our brother is prepared.." Wilhelm glances over towards where Lydia is handling her falcon and returns his attention to their visitors. "And how is your wife, Lord Willcott?" he says as he grasps the arm firmly. While not as strong as Morlois, perhaps, he's wiry from years of training. "You must surely invite her to come visit with you sometime, I'm sure my sisters would appreciate getting to know the new member of the Willcott family. How is your family, sir?" he asks with a grin before he releases the arm to step back.

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Lydia does not reply to Morlois. She does dart a glance at him sidelong, and somehow manages a smile? But instead of looking coy, it probably only looks queasy. When her eyes re-settle on Eirlys, she relaxes, her smile becoming more genuine. "There will be plenty of time for gossip and tea." she promises, though her smile seems to suggest the ladies have their own plans, no doubt blathering on about such nonesense as weaving and marriage and pretty dresses. No doubt. "If you will follow us, we can make our way back to the manor."

Morlois is a crusher, one of those asshole strongmen who has to squeeze a little tighter than the other guy in the midst of an arm-clasp, smiling all the while. "Unfortunately, my Lady Wife was not feeling well." And he didn't want to put up with her peevishness on the trip this way. "Perhaps next time." He looses the other knight's arm then, settling back into his saddle for a moment before he dismounts, nodding to his sister and then tossing the reins to his quiet squire. He… isn't that much shorter when he's on foot. A little, of course, but not a whole lot. "Of course we will take our friends up on their kind offer, sister." Looking back to Wilhelm, he continues, "My son is as healthy as can be expected, God be praised." That benediction has a little smirk behind it, but the pious words are still spoken. He nods to Lydia then, offering that same toothy grin that never touches his dark eyes, "Of course, Lady Lydia. It would be our pleasure."

Most likely, with the hel of Morlois' squire, Eirlys gracefully dismounts from her own horse and unlike that of her brother, her own diminutive height does not come close to that of her steed. As his sister, Eirlys knows her brother well enough that she had caught view of his 'crushing' greeting. It was always the same and either the knights whom he greets are composed enough to not display any sort of pain or discomfor to the grip, there are those who just cannot help themselves and to this, her blue eyes look to Wilhelm now. Afterwards, holding her own horse's reigns and leading it forward as they walk, she moves to keep pace alongside Lydia, keeping to bits of small talk, but quieting her own words down whenever Morlois decides to speak up. "I know that this has been the time of year for betrothal announcements, but I had not expected to hear of so many."

"I figure we will hear of one for our own eldest brother soon enough, Lady Eirlys…" Wilhelm feels the press of Morlois' meaty digits into his skin and he is able to maintain composure for the most part before the grip is released as he turns to adjust the falcon on his free arm. "We should go on ahead to make sure everything is prepared and our brother is aware of your impedening arrival, Lord Morlois, so that he can clear his schedule with some haste." And he's not about to abandon his sister to the wolf in this case. A slight smile is cast back towards Eirlys, before he turns his attention back towards the house. "It isn't often we have company this far north, after all."

Lydia seems quite content to fall into step with Eirlys, and with her merlin hooded, it's safe enough for her to be close to the other woman's horse. "Once we're at the manor and your brother's comfort is seen to, I'll bring you to my rooms. You'll stay with me, won't you? You can help me with my weaving. I enjoy it a great deal, but I'm still rather bad at it." She keeps her conversation pointed, but well - it's clear she's making sure that there's little opportunity for any untoward situations to arise.

The squire hastens to assist the lady in dismounting, tying off the reins of the various horses to his saddle before he does. Morlois apparently assumes that his dear sister can get off her own horse. "I know quite what you mean, Sir Wilhelm. It sometimes feels as if one is falling behind the rest of Salisbury up here with the little people." The Picts, probably, but with Morlois, that could be the Saxons too. "We would have given warning, but my honored brother just needed a message sent, and a messenger would have been too much trouble." Sending his beloved second brother is less trouble. He… makes idle chit-chat as they walk toward the house. Idle… damned… chit-chat.

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