(514-08-03) Squires Teaching Squires
Summary: Arian introduces Kamron and his squire Newt to her new squire Avane, and asks Newt to give her a few lessons.
Date: August 3, 514
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Arian never visited Sarum so often as she does now. It is almost as if she has been planning these visits with someone, carefully making sure she is in Sarum at the time as another. Or at least, that's what someone could assume. Not that, that is the truth… or anything. But, here is Arian de Laverstock with her blue roan rouncy and a young woman — perhaps fourteen or fifteen years of age — with a docile mare, heading down the streets of Sarum with a casual air. The two are chatting happily with a kind of companionable air. Avane de Ford looks a touch nervous for all the comfort Arian is giving her, and she keeps fussing with her mare's bridle.

Kamron has always been in Sarum often. It's just, now he has reason to be sure he's there at certain times. And this would be one of them. He's found himself a nice place in the open ground of the Farmer's Market, and he's marking time working with Newt. The young squire is huffing and puffing, wearing his knight's armor (which is far too short for him, and a good bit too wide around the chest and shoulders) and trying desperately to defend himself from the right, from the left, from what seems to him like every which way. No offense from the squire, just defense, with Kamron effectively running him about the yard. Poor Newt. Still, he's putting up enough of an effort so that Kamron's most-unfortunate singing comes between gusts of breath. The singing comes to a merciful halt when Kamron spots the approaching riders, and he gives one more slam of a rebated Saxon axe to Newt's shield, sending the gangly young man staggering back, then holds up his free hand to call a halt to the exercise.

"Sir Arian," Avane gasps, taking notice of Kamron and his squire before the Laverstock does. "I didn't know that singing was part of the knightly skills." Avane's green eyes widen in earnest surprise at her knight, and Arian is laughing brightly in response. "It isn't, Avane… Sir Kamron is just known for having a birdsong voice… if the bird is on the brink of its death." She wrinkles her nose good-naturedly, and starts to guide the girl and her horse toward the pair. "Sir Kamron!" She calls, hoping to catch the Dinton's attention. "Please cease… you will frighten all the summer birds south before winter even comes."

Kamron tosses the axe over to his left hand, grasping it just under the head, "Go on, Newt, you can lose some of the armor." The squire heaves out a breath, leaning down to set the shield onto the ground, and then pull off his borrowed helmet. Straightening up again, he shakes out his head, letting his mail coif fall down around his shoulders. If he was a handsome man, it would be quite the sight. From a gawky, big-nosed squire, it's just kind of ridiculous. "Sir Arian, what a surprise to see you here. I'm glad that you appreciate my musical talents, it's always nice to have compliments." Newt blinks as he sees the women, casting a sidelong glance at Kamron, sighing slightly, and then offering up a silent smile to Arian that freezes in place when he sees the other squire leading her own horse. A bright blush immediately starts to shoot its way up his face. Kamron in turn glances over, covering a chuckle, and then adds, "And this must be the lovely Avane de Ford that you've told me so little about, Sir Arian."

The blond squire is quite lovely — lovelier than her knight, even. She is all smiles when her knight draws her in. She blinks at Newt when he drops his shield and removes his helmet. Her smile starts to slowly blossom on her pretty face, lighting the entire countenance up like the sun — though she does not have the wonderful dimples that Arian possesses when she smiles. "Yes… Sir Kamron, Master Jonnin… this is Lady Avane de Ford… Avane, this is Sir Kamron de Dinton and Jonnin." Avane bobs her head in greeting, and she murmurs something polite in turn. Arian shakes her head at Kamron. "I have said plenty about Avane, and here she is."

Jonnin mumbles something that is probably a most-polite greeting, but is mostly unintelligible. What can be heard of it is, "'Newt.'" Apparently he's taken to the nickname. Kamron in turn studies his squire for a moment, and then shakes his head, "Oh no, Newt, we can't have this." The squire clears his throat, already starting to draw himself up to full height and get his long limbs in some semblance of order. Kamron nods slightly, then gestures from squire to ladies, and Newt tries again. "Greetings, Sir Arian, Lady Avane. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Jonnin de Newton, Newt." It's still too fast, all running together, but at least it can be understood this time. Kamron nods once in approval, raises a hand to one side of his mouth, and notes sotto voce, "We've been practicing. How are your curtsies, Lady Avane?" Not the most knightly of tasks to inquire about, but there's something to the laughter behind Kamron's words that suggest that he's teasing. "And yes, you come well recommended by your Lady Knight, Lady Avane. Newt speaks for both of us, it is a pleasure to meet you, and to see you again, Sir Arian."

Arian bites back her laughter as Kamron gently tortures his squire, but she then sobers quickly when Newt offers a far more pleasant introduction — that can be heard! She casts a sly glance to her squire who is smiling brightly at Newt. Avane is about to say something, but Kamron's words stall her as he inquires after her curtsies. She looks over at Arian, who offers her a wry smirk. "Sir Kamron, certainly learning to curtsey is not a knightly pursuit." Then she starts to laugh, and she shakes her head.

Avane does not blush, but there is a certain shyness to her smile as she regards the two knights. "Thank you, Sir Kamron… I hope to make Sir Arian proud."

"And you will," Arian says confidently. Then the Laverstock looks back over toward Kamron. "And it is good to see you again, Sir Kamron. I was not expecting you in Sarum." She dimples. "Are you here for something in particular?"

Kamron spreads his hands helplessly as his bluff is called, and he winks over to the young squire, "Well, perhaps not a knightly pursuit, but it is still a good skill for a lady to have. Although I'm sure that you learned to handle the task quite well as a page." Newt shifts from foot to foot under the smile from the Ford girl, slowly turning more and more red. Kamron nods to the response from the squire, "I'm certain that you will, Lady Avane." The dimples draw his attention back to the lady knight, however, and he gestures back to the west, "I was running a patrol from Dinton, to ensure that there are no rogue Saxons in the way. I think it wise, however, to ensure that Newt gets a little training when it is not just he and I. After all, it simply would not do to have a knight who cannot perform under the eyes of an audience." He says this with a straight face, despite his own miserable showing before the High King in the melee.

Avane straightens up, proving that she is a shy inch taller than Arian, which makes her almost the same height as Kamron. "A skill I had before I was a page, Sir Kamron. I've been a Lady since I was born." There is a certain matter-of-factness to her tone, in case Kamron didn't already know that. Though then Arian is giving her elbow a gentle squeeze, and saying, "Avane, why don't you go and help Master Jonnin with Sir Kamron's armaments. Newt can show you what he's learned, and perhaps give you some helpful pointers to survive being a squire to an ambitious knight." And she winks to Avane, who grins broadly in reply.

Avane steps up to Newt, offering to help take his helmet and shield. "So, tell me… do you like serving with Sir Kamron?" She asks Newt, leaving Arian to smile mysteriously at Kamron.

"Really? A patrol?" Arian's pale eyes dance with amusement.

Kamron arches his bushy brows at Avane's response, but he forestalls himself from any immediate response. The description of him as an ambitious knight causes him to laugh softly under his breath. He nods at the suggestion that Avane go help Newt, although suppressed mischief dances across his lips. He steps back a little to give the squires plenty of room to work, turning so that he stands shoulder to shoulder with the other knight, "Well, it seemed as good an excuse as any. Plus rather in keeping with my position." As Keeper of the Law. "And you are… showing Avane the big city from the perspective of a knight?"

Before them, Newt shuffles about a moment, getting shield and helmet squared away, and then nods, "The best way to take off a mail is over the head…" He bends at the waist, reaching around to tape the rings of steel now gathered below the back of his waist, "Start from the bottom, roll it up as you go…" And then he realizes that he's instructing a woman in how to take clothing (well, armor) off of him, and his voice seizes up with a little squeak. Oh… right… she asked him a question. Fighting through his blush, he stammers, "um… I… that is… I like it v — very much, Lady Avane. It's ex — ex — exciting."

"As good as an excuse as any," Arian repeats with a wry little smile. Then she shakes her head, looking after the two squires with a tilt of her head. "You should be proud… I have a squire now. Which means that I can leave Jonnin to only look after you." She smiles impishly. She tilts her head a bit as Newt stutters, and she offers a soft smile. "My… love at first sight?" She casts Kamron a grin. "He's even letting her undress him." She presses her hands to her mouth to hide her brilliant, dimpled smile.

Avane listens with a dutiful, studious ear. She does not even blink as she steps up to help Jonnin out of his armor, not even realizing the possible innuendo being played with. She helps rolling off the chain, and she looks over it before her bright green eyes alight on Newt once more. She brightens. "Exciting… Sir Arian says I might see a Saxon up close soon enough. I hear that they are very… formidable."

Kamron nods his head at her first comments, "I think Newt will be relieved that he only has to look after one knight, although he may be disappointed. I think he was becoming attached." A little chuckle rises to his lips, and he studies the pair of squires, "Although the pretty young blonde may be a good consolation prize." His mirth grows, and he nods, "How long did it take you? A season and a half? She works quickly."

Newt manages to shimmy out of the mail without falling down, although his long-arms dragged the sleeves inside out, which is going to be a problem. "Um… yes. Right. They're… um… really big." He holds his hand up well over his head, and then both arms out to his sides well wider than his shoulders. "I haven't really been close to them, except for, you know, taking them prisoner after the knights beat them down or force them to yield." And then he remembers what he's supposed to be doing and looks down, "Oh! Chausses!" That would be the mail leggings. And then his eyes go wide and he hurries to grasp onto the laces tying them to his belt, "ICanGetThoseThough."

"Attached?" Arian actually smiles far warmer than her laughter-filled smiles of before. "You think that Newt was getting attached to me?" She tilts her head as she regards Avane and Newt, and she feels a warmth in her chest. When Kamron mentions a consolation prize, she gives him a right nudge with her shoulder. "Oh, quiet… Gods know that Avane will probably run the poor sod through his paces by the end. She hungers for this." Arian's expression changes a touch. "As I did…" Then she glances to Kamron, sharing a quiet, secretive smile. "Though Newt didn't hit her with a snowball…"

Avane looks at the shirt of mail, and frowns. "I don't think I should fold this, do you? Folding sounds like it might damage the mail. How do you store it?" Her brows arch high, waiting for Newt's answer even as he fusses with his chausses. She spares him and does not offer to assist. "You took a Saxon prisoner? Did he not try to eat you?" A common stereotype — cannibal Saxons.

Kamron nods his head at the first question, "Yes, he was starting to think of you as 'his' knight as well. It was slightly adorable." He rocks under the nudge, and her words cause him to go off on entirely the wrong tangent for a moment, his ears pinking before understanding flashes over his face, "Ah yes, I'm sure she will soak up knowledge like good linen soaks up water." Keeping his voice low, he nods slowly, "Perhaps not, but I think he is rather young for anything like we have either." Poor boy, that probably suggests Kamron didn't have too many crushes as a squire, or at least not until a few years later.

Newt fumbles the laces, nearly losing his belt, but eventually he manages to hold up his pants with one hand and shuck the chausses one after the other, his bright red flush never quite getting a chance to fade. "No no. It gets laid out flat," When he's talking about his duties, he seems to be alright, all things considered, "And then later it will be put in a barrel with sand and rolled about the yard to clean it and keep it from rusting. And th — the — the knights," Oh, there he goes talking about something besides his duties, "had knocked most of them unconscious." A puzzled frown crosses his lips, "But the one who yielded… he didn't try to bite anyone. I — I think maybe they only do that with dead enemies?"

"Says you," Arian retorts at the blushing knight. "I was infatuated with this squire boy named Uwn. He was a year or two my older, and oft went about Laverstock without a shirt on. My father said he was the most troublesome squire, and claimed he was out to drive the Ladies mad. Of course, my father had forgotten that I was not just another of his sons, and never scolded me for my infatuation." She sighs wistfully. "Sadly, I don't think Uwn saw me as more than a squire either." She casts Kamron an impish grin. Then she looks back at Avane and Jonnin. "Let's not assume that the two are too young for anything until they are too old."

Avane looks at the mail shirt again, and she tilts her head a bit. "Yes, laying flat… how do you travel with it? Or does Sir Kamron wear his armor when he travels?" She does not seem to notice Jonnin's torturous embarrassment. She is too focused on learning, it would seem. She then wrinkles her nose, looking thoughtful. "I suppose it does have to do with the dead, you're right."

Kamron scoffs at the mention of the squire going about with his shirt off, "Some squires never understand the bounds of propriety." And then he stops, considering something, then nods, "And some knights do not either. There are still some knights who go about without their shirts to make the ladies swoon." The impish grin causes him to chuckle softly, "No, I think it's quite good that Uwn did not know what he was missing. Quite good for me, at least." His blue-gray gaze shifts back to the squires, and he lifts his brows, "So you're saying that I should watch to see if she is driving Newt to distraction." His grin quirks at one corner, "And you can watch to see if he is doing the same to her?"

Newt shakes his head, "Not all the time. But if we're going to war, he wears it. If not, then it gets rolled up carefully." When he's just treating her as another squire, he seems to be handling things just fine. "I mean, they can't just take bites out of people in the middle of battle, now can they?" And then he stops, and realizes that he's talking to a young Lady, and the blush returns full-force, as does the stammer, "I — I — I mean… I don't know what I mean."

"Oh, I don't know… Uwn was quite chivarlous with or without a shirt." Arian is teasing Kamron now, trying to spark a trace of jealousy within the Dinton knight. Then her entire being softens, and she casually draws his fingers between her knuckles in a gentle touch — a spark of physical connection. Her gaze drifts from Kamron to the pair of squires, watching as Avane and Newt interact. Her brows arch for that sentence or two that Newt speaks without a single stutter, but then the shyness returns and Arian dimples. "She'll be very gentle with him… I'm sure she hardly notices that he is all twitterpated."

And indeed, Avane is so focused she does not notice Newt's shyness… at first. She then starts to smile — all sunshine and warmth. She offers a gentle bob of her head to the fellow squire, and she starts to gently roll the mail per his instructions. She is very careful with it, not wishing to muss Kamron's armor. Then she smiles. "So… why do you go by 'Newt'?" She asks, the conversation diverting as she offers him the roll of mail and then offers to help him carry the shield and helmet so he can straighten his clothes and hold the knight's armor.

Kamron shakes his head in amusement at the teasing, although that little crackle of connection draws his smile up at the corners, warming his expression, "When he's not thinking about what he's doing, he's quite good at… well… most everything. It would be almost disgusting if he didn't trip over his own two feet as soon as he thinks about what he's doing. And you're thinking that Lady Avane will make him not think about what he's doing more often?" His fingers shift against hers, catching one of her fingers between two of his, but nothing more.

Newt freezes under that bright smile, looking like a deer before a lion for a moment, and then he brushes his leather jacket straight and works on the chausses. And then he's got an armful of mail, and he looks down to the helmet and shield at his feet, "Um… thank you." And then there was a question in there, "Uh… Newton. My family. S — Sir Kamron… he started calling me Newt." He glances over to the two knights, then quickly away as he notices the touch of hands, "I didn't like it at first, but I kind of do now."

"You're not so different from Newt, Love," Arian murmurs in a hush here in the farmer's market. "You are quite good when you're not thinking, worrying…" Her fingers slide across the blade of his hand and then down his pinky and ring finger once more. "It is when your brain catches up that you get all flustered and worried…" Then she drops her fingers from his hand, taking a small step aside so he is freed of her tempting presence. This is perhaps because of Newt's worried glance, and Arian wishes to spare the poor squire.

"I like it," Avane says warmly as she hoists up the shield and tucks the helmet under her arm. "It is a good name." Then she wrinkles her nose, looking brightly at the poor squire. "Do you miss your family? I hear the Dintons aren't too bad of sorts, but it must be hard… how long have you been squired to Sir Kamron?"

Kamron curls two fingers around her hand to draw them over her palm, "Yes, but I can still function when I'm flustered." His smile spreads gently, "Except when you rob all thought from my head." When she draws her hand down and steps away, his smile turns a little sad and a little wry, "He'll make a good knight some day. And he's already got the roots to be a good man. The Newtons raise them right."

Newton actually laughs a little at her question, "You mean the brothers who t — t —- teased me constantly, the s — s — sisters who ignored me? Y — y — yes, I miss them. I've only been serving him since January. But it's been good, except the melee." He brightens then, "Oh! But I got to see the High King's Court! It was amazing! Glorious!"

"I don't rob your of your thoughts often enough," Arian replies as she steps away. She also feels a bit sadness at the space now between them, but she just breathes in deep and settles into a weary smile. She looks over at Newt and Avane once more, and she feels a small twang of envy at how the two so easily interact with one another without fear of judgement. The Laverstock knight breathes in deep and looks down at her feet. "He is a good sort."

Avane is radiant with patience for the stuttering squire, anad she waits until he gets alal his words in, particularly the mention of the High King. Her eyes brighten. "I hear that the High King is very, very handsome, but even he seems dull beside his new wife." She then offers a lopsided frown. "But I had heard about the melee… how did Sir Kamron show? I heard Sir Arian was doing well until she was unhorsed, and could not get back up in time."

"I don't know, Sir Arian," They're speaking quietly, but it's still in public, and people could walk past at any time. "I think that you do it just about any time you smile." He glances aside to the lady knight, a hint of smile touching his lips, "So… what is the next excuse going to be? Something you need to buy in Sarum? Bringing Avane back to see her family and you 'might as well' go the rest of the way to Sarum?"

"I'm sure he is. I — I — I couldn't take my eyes off the Queen." And the blush is back full-force, and he does his best to emulate his knight, "You, y — y — you smile l — like sh — she does, Lady Avane." He can't manage it, not as easily as the Dinton does, "And… And Sir Kamron did well enough, although he — he does not like to talk about it. But yes, Sir Arian did amazingly." A hint of a smile touches his nervous lips, "She must have drawn strength from her favor."

Arian looks up to meet Kamron's gray gaze, and her smile dimples to its fullest glory. Every part of her wishes to step back to him, embrace him, and to press her lips against his, but it is more than their public presence that stops her. She clasps her hands together behind her, and dips her head a bit to look thoughtful. "I was thinking of perhaps having to see to some armor repairs, and then I have promised your sister a visit…" She tilts her head. "I don't have to entice bandits near Laverstock for you to come calling my way, do I?"

Avane finally pinks right at the highest apples of her cheeks, and she brushes her fingers lightly through her long golden hair as she looks down. She casts a careful look to Arian, who has not yet noticed the shy exchange between the two. So, she lifts her chin and offers another aforementioned smile. "Thank you, Newt…" Then tosses her hair over her shoulder in a gesture meant to draw her from her own shyness. When he mentions a favor, she blinks. "Sir Arian had a favor?" She looks in surprise at her knight. "Did a Lord gift her one?"

Her dimpled smile sends a grin exploding across Kamron's lips, and he nods his head at her words… and then stops, "You promised my sister a visit? I mean, I'm quite glad that you're becoming friends with Wen, but when did you become friends with her?" He gestures off toward the southeast, "Well, I can always visit with my mother's kin, but they may start to wonder why I'm suddenly so interested in being friendly with them." Glancing over to Arian, his blue-gray eyes twinkle, "Luckily… my new position as Keeper of Law gives me a wonderful chance to ride throughout the county. Because you never know, there may be some ne'er-do-wells down Laverstock way who need my attention." He glances back to the squires, chuckling as he sees the blush from the lady squire. The knight gives his squire a slight, approving nod.

Newt straightens up as Avane blushes, looking inordinately proud… and then blushing brightly himself. Thankfully, she changes the topic, and he nods, leaning forward slightly to stage-whisper, "I heard she requested one. But she didn't say who it was. Not to me, at least." And that draws an embarrassed little laugh.

"I promised your sister a visit," Arian repeats, and she does her best not to laugh in amusement at his not-quite-outrage. The Knight squeezes Kamron's forearm. "Don't be so nervous… I have enlisted her help." Her smile dimples. "She knows, Kamron… about us." Her fingers linger on his arm just for a moment. "And she has suspected, so it wasn't like I was sharing shocking news… she wants to help. I thought an ally within your house might be helpful." Then she starts to brush at the dark curls at the back of her neck where her hair has been twisted up and bound with ribbon.

Avane leans in a bit at the whisper, though she still looks quite surprised by the gossip the fellow squire shares. "I didn't know that Sir Arian had any interests…" Then the squire clasps her hand at her mouth at her words. "I mean," she says hastily, "I'm sure she would have come, but she never seems terribly interested in that."

Kamron looks down to the fingers on his forearm, but he blinks at her words, "You… she…" And then he sighs, shaking his head, "Not only have we not been as careful as we thought, but I'm being herded by the ladies in my life." When her fingers leave his arm, his go there, plucking through his shirt at the yellow ribbon still wound around his left forearm. "You don't think that I'm an ally in my own house?" The words come out with a chuckle, and he shrugs it off, nodding across to the squires, "What do you think they're talking about?"

Newt nods solidly, "That's because she's a dedicated knight. She doesn't let herself be distracted." He almost sounds proud. Maybe it's a good thing that Arian got her own squire sooner rather than later, "But you never know, maybe it was just some knight or esquire that she wanted to make smile."

"I do, Love," Arian says with a warm laugh. "I do… but, I cannot look past your sex. Your sister can speak to your aunt and Lady cousins, and she wants to… she likes the idea, and that should make you feel comforted and energized." She then looks over at Avane and Newt, and she shakes her head. "Oh, certainly they are wondering what we are talking about…"

Avane actually looks toward Kamron and Arian almost at the same moment they look her way, and she tilts her head a bit at Newt's shining review of her new Knight. Avane smiles. "I hope to be like that then… so dedicated, and strong, and brave." She exhales out her nose, and she blinks over at Newt. "Well, whoever it was… I hope it turned out the way she wanted it." Then she hoists up the shield a bit more. "So, do you think Sir Kamron could spare you for a little while? We can go put these away and you can tell me about how to pack the saddles properly. Sir Arian did them herself for our journey, but I really should know."

"Of course she likes the idea, Rhi." If she's going to call him 'Love,' then Kamron will risk his nickname for Arian. "She's a romantic. Like me." A chuckle rises to his lips, "Plus… she has good taste. And you really think that they're curious about what we're talking about? I don't know, they look a little bit more self-absorbed than that. Then again, do you remember when you were that age? The world was all about yourself, and — a little later for me, but apparently you were an early starter — the beautiful people whirling around you."

Newt nods at Avane's words, although he keeps his eyes on her instead of looking around, "Then you'll have to study how she does everything, Lady Avane. Y — You're learning from one of the best. Did you know that the knight that finally spilled Sir Arian knocked down four knights before that?" When she requests his help, he blushes, "Um… I — I — I'm still learning myself. I — I can help some, but Sir Kamron still corrects me a little every time." His blush deepens, "A little less every time though."

Arian touches his forearm once more. "Will you have dinner with me tonight?" Her pale eyes dance with soft amusement and light. Her fingertips slide through the fabric of his tunic in her bold touch, though she does not seem at all worried about others spying them now. Something, perhaps, has changed within Arian concerning such things. "If you prefer public and chaste, at the Boar's Beard? Or if you would like something more private, perhaps just outside Sarum?" She glances to Avane and Newt. "Certainly they will be so caught up with themselves they won't notice such a meeting."

Avane nods tightly at Newt's advice. "I will," she promises. Then she smiles a bit more relaxed, and she bobs her head. "Then we can both learn and get corrected together, but… I feel so behind." She colors that soft and ladylike pink again. "I should have been squired years ago."

Kamron hesitates only for a moment, considering, and then he nods, "I would love to have an early dinner with you. Perhaps a picnic?" His licks his lips briefly, and then his grin goes a little crooked. Doing his best to smooth his features, he raises his voice, "Newt!"

The squire had just been nodding, "H — Happy to help, Lady Avane." He gathers up the mail again as it tries to slide out of his arms, then he blinks, "I thought you were… I mean… I thought you were about my…" And then his knight is saving him, and he looks over to Kamron, his eyes wide.

Kamron continues, "Don't forget you have to clean that mail." The squire groans, gesturing to Avane, "I was just going to show Lady Avane how to pack saddlebags…" And Kamron chuckles softly, nodding, "Be about it then, Newt. I'll see you back at the castle this evening."

Arian brightens gently, as an early dinner does mean a more private affair. She takes a step back, trying to give a casual air as Kamron shouts for Newt's attention. She rests her hands on the thick, tooled belt at her hips.

Avane jumps a bit at Kamron's bellow, but then she blinks a bit over at Newt. She offers a sudden smile, and shakes her head. "Let me help," she implores. "Sir Arian, your leave to help Master Jonnin?" And when her knight nods, Avane brightens at Newt. No escape, there is no escape.

Newt speaks to Avane out of the corner of his mouth, "You have to get used to the shouting too." At least if you're Kamron's squire you do. Kamron looks across the slight distance to Arian at the question from her own squire, then looks back to the squires, making a shooing gesture once the Laverstock gives her approval. Newt goes galumping off, arms full of metal links, "The saddlebags are in the stables." Of course.

Kamron watches them go, chuckling softly, and then looks back to Arian, "That's got the squires dealt with. Now then, does that count as showing the city to the squire from the perspective of a knight? That's what you were doing here, right? Not looking to have a picnic with another knight?"

Arian watches as Avane goes off, moving with far more grace than Newt — but that is not hard to do. The Laverstock knight reaches up to play again at the soft bits of hair at the back of her neck. "I find myself unworried by those two…" Then her words stall as Kamron speaks to her excuse for being Sarum, and she dimples impishly. She steps close to him, dropping into a conspiratorial whisper. "I came here because I knew I would find you, Sir Kamron… but yes, that would count." Her laughter is warm and smooth, and she bites softly at her lower lip before she speaks. "I'll have the Boar's Beard prepare us something… will you be amenable to wine?"

Kamron shakes his head with amusement, "Oh, you think there might have been some reason to worry about them?" His eyes study her hands at the back of her neck, "Are you truly worried about your appearance, Sir Arian?" He lowers his voice a little, "You should know by now that I would find you lovely as an angel whether you were perfectly coifed or if you had not brushed your hair in years." His left hand rises to touch the small of her back for a heartbeat, then lets his hand drop again, "That seems a mighty short tour of Sarum, are you sure you aren't short-changing your squire?" Laughter bubbles up beneath the words, but he nods and answers her question, "Of course," and then he can't resist, "unless you think I need to keep my head to protect myself from you…"

Arian stops toying with those locks, and she looks up to meet his gray eyes with her own pale blues. She catches that lower lip between her teeth once more, and she continues to smile. "Thank you, Kam…" She drops her fingers away and then looks after their departing squires. She shakes her head at his question, but then she pauses. "Well… perhaps we should stay an extra day just to be sure that we see everything." She casts him a coy look before she starts to step away. "I shall see you in a couple hours then, Sir Kamron? Meet you at the cathedral, or would you prefer the eastern gate?" She pauses then, and that terrible mischief dances across her gaze. "And no… I don't think you need to protect yourself…"

Kamron nods his head at her suggestion, "I think an extra day would be quite beneficial. For your young squire." The questions cause him to chuckle softly, "The east gate, I think. No sense parading our way across the city and making all the men sigh in disappointment." The mischievous look causes him to chuckle again, one blue-gray eye winking shut for a moment, "And you would say that. Perhaps I'll bring my axe to lay it between us as we eat, to ensure the safety of virtue." Beat pause, "My virtue, of course. You can worry about your own."

"Another day then." Arian brushes her fingers down her arm as she continues to step away, though her gaze lingers on him for far longer than it should — an obvious sign of unspoken affection. "I'll see you at the east gate…" She hesitates, turning to him to laugh softly, now several steps away. "Bring the axe, Sir Kamron, but I doubt it will protect you from yourself." And she turns to fully start to depart, and she is all smiles as she does, as if she has scored a victory.

Kamron laughs easily, "It never does." He bows his head as she steps aside, holding her gaze, "I'll bring the axe though, just in case there are any Saxons foolish enough to have snuck back into the area." And then he's stepping back, allowing her to depart. A minute later, he turns away as well, reaching up to twitch his overtunic more neatly into place. It's not like he has hours before he's to have dinner or anything.

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