(514-07-31) The Baptism of Deryn
Summary: Deryn is baptized by a White Abbey monk as the last step of her conversion from Paganism to British Christian the day before her wedding to Aluksander.
Date: July 31, 514
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Outside the safety of the walls of Sarum a small party gathers for an event that holds more importance for some then others. Brother Alfin stands at the edge of the river that flows closely to the city, the walls and garrison within sight. He is a heavy set man, and his brown robes that are clinched at the waist with a simple belt mark him as a member of the Albanite order. Large rosy cheeks are settled alongside a large rosy noise, and on the whole he seems like a pleasant man. As people approach he waves them forward. "Yes yes! Come come! A wonderful occasion. I hear many say they prefer the wedding or the feast, but I always prefer this. So much more personal…" he says with a hint of pious delight in his voice that only a monk can achieve. Deryn is likely dressed in a rather simple and unadorned white sift though she likely also bears colors of Pitton or her own Manor if she chooses. Next to the river there is a table with a few curious and unassuming objects, but few pay them heed.

Arriving with those family members and her betrothed that would see her baptized, Deryn wears a light summer weight cloak over the simple gown donned for this occasion belted with cords of Pitton and Woodford colors. Leaving her cloak folded up near the table, she clasps Aluksander's hand in her own, showing perhaps a touch of nervousness, cheeks flushed and eyes bright. To the monk, she dips her head, "Brother Alfin, good day to you." She's been in and out of the White Abbey over the weeks, speaking with the monks, learning more and more of the Christian faith in preparation of the baptism today, the final part of her conversion from paganism.

For his part, Aluksander's got an amused smile on his face as he accompanies his fiance to the river. He has, most assuredly, teased her to no end about being nervous for a /baptism/, but the teasing has stopped since this morning. Now, he merely remains close to her, supporting her quietly. He nods to the monk as they arrive, lips twitching some more as he shares an inside joke with the man. Aluksander is dressed plainly, today, though he's properly clean-faced and washed; it would appear he's saving his good clothes for some other special occasion.
Squeezing Deryn's hand, Aluksander raises it to his lips so he can kiss the back of her palm. "All set, my love? If you have even the least whit of doubt, say as much now and we can be away from here in moments until you're certain," he murmurs to her quietly, eyes searching hers for a moment. Because this is literally life or death, here!

The Vassal Knight of Woodford is present, though his is a more solemn appearance at the baptism than anything else. He is at the very back of the people watching the proceedings, in courtly garb and his trusty sword sheathed by his side. He folds his hands behind his back, watching the ceremony.

Alfin bows his head in respect to Aluksander and the other nobles who are present though he opens his arms wide to Deryn as she approaches. "Wonderful Lady!" he greets her, "All take wonder of her now, for she gets to delight in something you never have…" he says with a wag of his finger to those who are not Deryn. "Many of you were baptized as babes, able to do little more then bawl. She gets to enjoy the embrace of the lord with a full mind. Even if it is a bit clouded with pagan thoughts." he teases just a bit, not out of spite or religious dogma, but playfulness that is his nature. The Monk takes Deryn's hand and guides her to the edge of the river. "You are about to accept Jesus Christ… but we do not send you alone. I have three things here which you may choose to take with you." he says and waddles his way to the small table that is set up.

"In image of the spear of Longinus! The spear that the romans used to end our lord and savior for our sins…" It is a rather ratty looking spear, though the point is sharp. Unlikely to be the spear of legend. It seems that Alfin still holds to some of those old druidic traditions that were absorbed into the British Christianity.

"Or the image of the Holy Grail. Which our lord used during the last supper before his death…" he says and holds up a rather plan goblet. It is clear these items are proxies and not the real thing.

"Or finally… a kiss…" No not him. He looks to Aluksander and smiles. "A kiss on the cheek. So that you may know God's love both before and after you accept him. Please, choose a guide… and join me in the river." The monk slowly moves to the river, gathering up his robes so he doesn't fall in and then awaits Deryn.

A nod is passed to her cousin as Deryn walks past Acwel, turning then to accept the kiss to her hand from Aluksander. To his words, she shakes her head, her eyes clear and her words open and honest, "This is what I wish, Aluksander. More than anything.." A pause, and she murmurs, "Well, almost anything." A tease given to her betrothed before she turns and steps out of her slippers, leaving them near her cloak before joining the monk.
Listening to his words, and then studying each item as it's described, she ponders this for a moment, her prudent ways leaving her quiet. She finally reaches for the spear, holding it with a knight's firmness of grip, "I choose the spear, to symbolize the death of my own sins and transgressions.. " Only then, does she turn towards the river, to joint he monk there with careful steps.

When the monk suggests that she might choose a kiss, Aluksander just smirks and prepares to pucker up, because it's /obvious/ what she's going to choose. … except … she doesn't, which surprises him and causes his eyebrows to shoot up. (… /huh/. I didn't see /that/ coming. She never ceases to surprise me.)Oo. he thinks to himself, smiling nonetheless, quite proud of his wife-to-be. He folds his hands behind his back and stands, waiting, watching and wondering, while his woman makes her way to the water.

The monk's eyes sparkles and he tsks slightly at Aluksander shaking his head! But soon enough his gaze focus on Deryn and he nods his approval. "Few choose to take upon the Spear of Longinus… they say that even its wielder, a Roman soldier, cast away the spear after his terrible deed and after Jesus Christ forgave him." He doesn't continue the old story, as some believe Longinus was struck deaf, blind, and dumb and set to wander the world for eternity. Others believe he converted and went on to serve a holy life. Alfin offers his hand to help Deryn into the water, slowly wading out into the depths of the river until the river rises up to both their midsections. Slowly he takes the spear, and then lays it in the water for it to float down the river. He makes the sign of the cross as the object of faith slowly floats away before he turns to Deryn, "You are here to accept the love of Jesus Christ…" he reminds her, hopefully for the last time. Slowly he starts to make the cross in front of Deryn, his fingers poking her in the shoulders, head, and chest. "The father… the son… the holy spirit…"

Slipping her free hand into that of the monk's, Deryn steps into the water, wading out with careful steps until the monk stops. Letting him take the spear from her, she watches as it floats off down the river, her thoughts going with it, no doubt letting those past sins of hers be carried away like it. Attention turns to the monk then, a breath taken as she nods her head once, "I am, yes." Tall does she stand as he proceeds, the light touches to shoulders, head and chest as he speaks to soothe the nervousness.

Aluksander continues watching from the side, his smile broad as Deryn makes her way out into the water. His gaze unfocuses and he looks afar off for a few moments, his own mind wandering, before he shakes his head and refocuses on Deryn and the ordinance she's about to undertake.

His hands clasp together as he prays. "Please Lord, bless this Lady who has chosen of her own free will to accept your love, to accept your worship and return it in turn. Fill her with your love, your knowledge, your mercy, your understanding… Let her be a better person tomorrow then she is today, and let those who she touches be better for having known her. Amen." He doesn't seem to expect her to follow his prayer, as it is not traditional as obvious it is not spoken in latin. The ruddy faced monk gives Deryn a smile before his hand presses to her forehead and he suddenly guides her back into the river before he is pushing her head under that water.

Deryn listens to the words spoken by the monk, eyes half closed against the sunlight shining upon the river. A soft echo of 'Amen' is given when he speaks it. Another deep breath is soon to be taken as his hand touches her forehead, to guide her down and back into the river. As the waters close around the top of her head, she closes her eyes, relaxing, letting the waters clean her as they swirl about her form. Only when he starts to draw her up will she surface, eyes soon to blink against the water still upon her face, hair pulled back to hang down her back.

Aluksander bows his head as the monk prays, then watches Deryn be baptized. The smile on his face couldn't be more pleased as he watches her rise. And then he remembers that she's about to come out of the river soaking wet! So, he quickly looks about the few sundry items they'd carried with them and retrieves the towel, unfolding it and striking it out to make sure there are no leaves or blades of grass present, before he goes about holding its edges and preparing to wrap Deryn in it when she does get out of the water.

"Welcome back." The pleasant monk says as if Deryn had just crossed between worlds. In a sense. She has. He embraces her with a gentle hug. "May you find the love and peace that Jesus Christ hopes for us all.." he says as starts to guide her out of the river, the poor heavy set man almost tripping on some river rock but he manages to catch himself, hinting at a dexterity that should not be there. He smiles as Aluksander comes forward to cover the woman, the monk nodding his approval. "Now you can get married without anyone bursting into flames!" the monk declares as he claps his hands. Wait do they burst into flames if you don't get baptized? Thankfully no one will find out today…

"Thank you, Brother Alfin." Deryn murmurs, smiling, somewhat in awe of the moment. Guided back towards the bank of the river, she holds his hand, likely providing a hint of surport to the monk when he almost trips at her side. Accepting the towel with a thankful word to Aluksander, the large cloth is wrapped about her to soak up some of the water before she might put her cloak back on and return to the Abbey to once more get dressed. At the monk's words, she does glance to him, likely wondering for a moment, if he speaks truth. Flames? Not good!

Aluksander laughs when the monk mentions spontaneous human combustion, just grinning as he wraps Sir Deryn in the towel and sets to vigorously rubbing her arms and sides to help her dry. "Yes, that would certainly ruin what should be a lovely ceremony," he quips back, smiling. And, for a moment, he'll leave off the drying of Deryn to turn and shake the monk's hand. "Thank you, truly, so much for helping teach Deryn the way, and being here to baptize her. God bless you, Brother."

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