(514-07-21) Dining With The Hortons
Summary: Joachim and Eirlys dine with the Hortons
Date: 21 July 514
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It is afternoon, and the sun is still high in the sky, being summer. Supper is only a few hours away, but as of mid-morning, Horton has had a guest in its walls. For much of the day, Joachim has been in the company of Branoc, the older man wanting to talk about the border's defense and Joachim's fresh eyes providing perspective on any improvements he thinks might be worth noting. Lydia has been occupied with weaving, household duties, and the like.

Joachim has been providing information as well as taking notes. One of the advantages of having been built upon the old Roman defenses means that he can provide insight to possible breach spots in the Earthwork defensive line, though it is also hard to apply when you are built and split between a river. The two men are currently standing at one of the corners of the manor, finishing up a conversation. The young knight can't help but to feel the amusement of the amount of family that Branoc has running about as he explains that his own immediate family is small, but is bolstered by cousins living in the manor to make it close the same size as the Horton family.

Lydia is finally done with lessons and chores and tending to her sister, and so she makes her way over to where the menfolk are ha1ving their discussion. "Are the pair of you getting along then?" she teases the both of them. "Mother says it won't be long for supper, and Sir Joachim's to have a seat at the high table as a guest of honor."

With Wilhelm and Niclas away on a mission, it only leaves the ladies and Branoc in the house with Alyson and honestly, opens it for visitors for the young ladies. Joachim chuckles faintly. "Yes, Lady Lydia." he offers polietly, with a bow of his head as the knight turns his attention from the Lord of the manor to the young Lady that invited him. "Though you may find our talk of defenses and earthworks boring as compared to gossip of the land." he manages to tease back, though he blushes and demures into his hand with a cough at the mention of being a guest of honor. "There is no need to be troubled such, m'lady and Lord." he offers. "I did not come bearing gift nor invitation, and can only offers a prayer for continued prosperity for your home."

"Oh, nonesense. If you wish to offer prayer before the meal, we'd gladly accept the grace offered. And besides," there's a brief glance cast Branoc's way, as he understands her next declaration, "You'd not want to argue with our mother. If she says you sit at the high table, sit at the high table you shall."

"I am not one for tilting into a hopeless battle and upsetting a mother. I am sure she would inform my own mother and I would end up drummed about the ears for my issue." Joachim says with a chuckle. "Thank you, I graciously accept the offer." he recants from his early statement as the knight looks utterly amused for a moment with a small bow of his head. "Also, Lord Branoc, if you would be so kind, your sister has said she is somewhat skilled at Tafl, if I may have a game or two with her after dinner?"

Having sent word to Lydia ahead of time that she may be showing up for a visit this day, Eirlys was not expecting that the Hortons would have other visitors present, so is somewhat surprised at some of the activity going on that hints that there very well may be a visitor of some import around. She, herself, comes here often enough to know to not expect any particular special treatment. She had expected to spend the remainder of the day taking her private (and secret) lessons from her friend, as well as exchange a bit of gossip here and there, but now her own curiosity is piqued as to who their visitor may be. Being helped down from her horse by one of the Horton stable boys, Eirlys informs her traveling companion and appointed guard, who is more than likely just a male cousin of hers of her intentions before setting off and leaving him alone with their horses. It is here that she will be led in to meet with Lydia and her family.

Branoc is just in the middle of agreeing to Joachim taking advantage of Lydia's company ("If you want my sister to humiliate you as she has done me many times, feel free."), Eirlys is being brought in, and Lydia lets out a glad cry at seeing her, flying to the other woman's side to give her a hug. "There's a knight here off the border patrol." she whispers while in the embrace. "Come, I'll introduce you."

"Humiliate? Perhaps. I do enjoy a good challenge, m'lord." Joachim offers to the lord of the manor with a chuckle as he allows Branoc to lead the way to the dining area so that they can be ready for the arrival of the younger sisters of the lord and her guest.

It does come as some relief when Eirlys spots Lydia in the distance, affording her young friend one of her subtle smiles before returning the hug in a gentle manner, though her rigid posture and somewhat stiff mannerism does hint at some slight aversion to physical contact or perhaps affection, but then Lydia would probably be more used to that by now. Still, the embrace is returned in Eirlys' own way and to the whisper, she tilts her head to the side, looking thoughtful, before returning in quiet words, "A knight? From where?"

"Sir Joachim de Newton." Lydia murmurs. "Come, I'll make introductions." She does back off a bit at feeling Eirlys stiffen, but she does hold out her hand to the other young woman, "Branoc! Lady Eirlys is here. I believe she'll stay for dinner - you will stay for supper, won't you? She can sit with me. Sir Joachim, this is my friend Lady Eirlys de Willcott. Lady Eirlys, Sir Joachim."

Joachim is average for the day at five foot nine, but he's built like a stone wall - he might even be able to give Morlois a go at the size and strength department. As the two ladies approach, Joachim offers a polite dip of a bow to them. "Merry met, Lady Eirlys." Then his attention goes to Lydia and he becomes amused. He doesn't say why immediately, he wants to see if the woman does indeed try to downplay her abilities with the Tafl board. "I had plans of paying visit to your lands next, however, I could not say no to Lady Lydia's offer of hospitality to visit her home after she was kind enough to share her meal with me."

Eirlys checked her intrigue of 15, she rolled 10.

When the man's name is mentioned, Eirlys nods slowly as her friend takes up her hand, which is a far easier task the hug, it would seem. "Newton." She repeats the name, realizing that she had, indeed, heard of the Newtons before. More than likely due to the both of their families being Roman Christian, but that is as far as she knows. When she and Lydia finally reach the dining area, her cool blue eyes immediately studies the stranger before she automatically lowers herself into a curtsy in the presence of both the Newton and Lydia's own brother. "Good day, Sir Branoc and Sir Joachim de Newton." The former, she is more familiar with, thus adding to a more formal introduction in regards to the Newton. Turning a curious eye to her friend, she does sound surprised by the news, "Oh? I had not heard…" There is some disappointment in her voice regarding being left out of the loop, but she then goes on to say, "Though, I'm certain that my brother, Sir Trindham, is already making preparations for your visit if word was sent."

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Lydia seems to sense Eirlys' disapointment, murmuring, "He just came onto our lands today." With that, she turns to Joachim and offers, "Sir Joachim, I'd be honored to sit across you at the tafl board, though of course, never having played you before, I could not say how I might fare against you." With that, she looks at everyone. "Shall we head in?:

"I did not wish to impose on anyone's family, m'lady.. I am but a knight of Newton, not one worthy of the pomp and circumstance of anyone having to set up anything to recieve me, m'lady." Joachim offers modestly. Even if he is a lord, and a knight, he doesn't want to impose on anyone. "The only reason I ended up here was because Lady Lydia happened upon me as I was fishing in one of the ponds of her land today and graciously offered me a place at the table." he says with a chagrinned half-smile. Then when Lydia suggests they go inside, he steps aside to allow the ladies to pass first before he falls in step. "How is your family, Lady Eirlys?"

"Was your family alerted to his visit ahead of time?" Eirlys asks Lydia in hushed tones, "If either of my brothers had heard word, I had wished that they would tell me." Though, even she knows that it's not polite to keep up a whispered conversation in front of a guest, or anyone, and so her posture straightens just as she is told of the circumstance of his visit here. Blinking quietly, she the nods, "I see. Do you have business in Up Avon, perhaps?" She is now all the more curious as to what a Newton knight was doing fishing so far up north. When the group is led inside, the Willcott does comment regarding their prior conversation, "I always regret accepting Lady Lydia's request for a game of tafl. Though there are times, which I'm sure, that she allows me to win." There is even a hint of mirth in her tone when this is said, though that slowly fades in her response to the question most recently posed. "Willcott is doing well enough, but the summers are always difficult. Though I'm sure that this can be felt everywhere, not just in the North."

"If they were, they didn't tell me." Lydia murmurs, and a glance at her mother and at Branoc seems to not make a determination either way. "We can set a rider out ahead of him in the morning." Louder, as they move to the high table, "Sir Joachim, since you're headed in that direction at any rate tomorrow, perhaps you could escort Lady Eirlys back then?" And then it's time to take seats.

Pulling out the chair for Lady Lydia as a servant takes care of Lady Eirlys' seat, Joachim hears the request made of him, before he nods his head. "I would be honored to provide further escort, should the Lady desire." He's assuming she came with her own escort, after all. "But as I said to Lady Lydia this morning, I would not want to impose upon anyone, as much as I would appreciate making new contacts for my home, m'ladies." Once they're seated, he moves to take his own seat once the Lord and Lady of the house are settled.

It is Eirlys' turn to says, "Oh, I would not wish to impose nor rush your visit to my family's manor. If, however, you had plans on heading there to begin with, then perhaps I shall wait until you are ready to depart tomorrow." Settling herself into her seat, she does inform the pair, though this is mostly spoken to Lydia, "My cousin, Pwyll, escorted me here today. I believe he shall be joining us shortly, as he was seeing to our horses and was speaking to several of your cous—" She then sees the slightly older lad 0enter with some of the other young Horton family members, "Ah there he is."

"I hardly think that a fine knight providing escort would be overmuch for my dear friend." Lydia insists as everyone is seated. Branoc sees to their mother as well as his own wife, and upon being seated, Alyson turns her attention to Joachim. "I am led to understand you might be willing to lead us in a prayer before the meal." The older lady intones. "Please do grant us that privelege."

(…flash forward to hours later.)

Dinner was served and it was no measly thing. Certainly it wasn't a full celebratory feast, but as a matter of pride, Horton keeps its people and its guests well fed. Now after dinner, Alyson has retired and Branoc and his wife are seeing their child to bed, leaving the younger knights and ladies to their own devices for entertainment. Lydia has suggested they gather by the fire, as even in the summer, Northern nights are chilly.

The retirement to the hall was just fine with Joachim. He hasn't had a chance to visit many other manor houses other than his own so this is a chance to compare and contrast. As he takes it all in, he is only dimly aware of the few more watchful servants making sure the knight behaves with the two women as he moves to settle down in front of the fire. "This is definetly a lot more relaxing than wet clothes, Lady Lydia." he offers with an amused smile. "How many family members do you have living with you?"

"That was a delicious meal, Lydia." Eirlys says dropping the formalities due to her long-standing friendship with the other young woman. For now, any lessons which the Willcott had sought will be put on the shelf, not wishing to interfere with her friend's time spent with the visiting Newton. So the small blonde drifts along with the others to bask in the warmth of the fire. Curious at the man's statement about wearing wet clothing, she inquires with an arched bow, "You make a day of fishing sound like quite the adventure, Sir Joachim." The barest of smiles forms on her lips but there is a hint of mirth in her voice, "Perhaps it might be an entertaining tale to share."

"All of my siblings, plus the cousins and their families." Lydia says in reply as she settles into a seat. "Perhaps if we're lucky, my sister Enfys will come to sing and play for us. Evenings are often quiet." There's a grin at Eirlys, "Thank you, though it's really the cook you should compliment." Not that she expects Eirlys to go galivanting down to the kitchens. "Do you want to play quoits? Play some manner of game?"

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Joachim considers for a moment, then his eyes glitter with amusement of mischeviousness as the young knight decides to rise to the offer of a story by Eirlys. "Ah, it may make a great how we met story sometime, Lady Eirlys." he says. "For you see, Lydia here came across me this morning in the misfortune of trying to scrounge up a breakfast. I was down to the last dried fish and half a loaf of bread and a single bottle of wine when I came across a quaint grove and pond on the Horton lands. I had decided to take my chances on capturing a fish, as they were plentiful and so close to the shore I thought I could scoop them up with my hands." he laughs at that as Joachim gestures. "There was this one fish, the length of my forearm, I had thought would be a delicious meal for a day or two. And then as I was fishing, I was distracted by a lovely voice from the grove and I misstepped and found myself facefirst in the water, flailing for my very survival in knee deep water.."

There a slight grin over towards Lydia as he contines. "When the same melodic voice called out to me and reminded me that I could rise from the water, and then she was kind enough to share her meal and break bread with me. Perhaps I have not caught a fish, but I discovered something special indeed." the young man says as he weaves through his tale. "And it was on her invitation that I arrived at the Horton house this evening in the lovely company of her family and friends."

At the mention of those that live in the home, Joachim nods. "My cousins live with my parents - they are bot still alive, however my father is considering retirement soon. My older brother, Gwion, is in the southlands for partol, so I came north.." And his eyes light up with delight at the idea of a game. "I would be delighted, however, I suppose I should allow you and Lady Eirlys first turn and then I will play the victor of the game?"

"Scrounge up breakfast?" Eirlys asks, slightly surprised by that fact. "I suppose the journey north is a long and arduous one that at some point you may run out of supplies. Had the manors along the route not taken you in nor provided some provisions for your departure?" Even with these questions asked, she falls silent to hear out the rest of what the knight has to say, her expression remaining somewhat neutral even at the more humorous portions of the tale. Though, while she may not be so openly amused, there is a spark of interest that can still be seen in the intensity of her blue eyes. "Lydia has always been a kind soul and generous of spirit." Eirlys says, her voice taking on a hard mirthful tone at this now. "It's as if I can simply imagine the entire thing, you have a way with words, Sir." The mention of patrols, does bring out a comment, "Are you hear on garisson duty as well then? All of our northern knights spend much of their time doing just that, often enough." But when this game is once more mentioned, the young woman's brow furrows a touch, her lips pursed, "I've always been terrible at them, but of course, I will play." Eirlys doesn't look to be overly happy about doing so, perhaps due to her being terrible at games!

"It is not that I do not know of the hospitality of other houses, Lady Eirlys.. I just do not wish to impose on their charity." Joachim admits, a little abashed at admitting to it. "I have always wanted to enjoy the lands without having a picture painted for me." he admits as he rubs the back of his neck. "My father would probably still try to tan my hide for such a thought. He wishes me to make the first impression for House Newton, as many wonder why we are so withdrawn on our faith." Folding his hands into his lap, the young man says as Lydia rises to go collect the game board and pieces. The two Ladies and Lord are sitting in the common room in front of the fireplace as they chatter, and Lydia went to collect the the board game.

Lydia is quite enraptured by the way Joachim tells the story, though at mention of her singing - well, she actually flushes a little in embarrassment. It hadn't been that great, and certainly not of a caliber as compared to her younger sister. "It wasn't so curious as all that," she murmurs, cheeks pink, and then quickly rising, feels the need to at least temporarily flee. She darts a look at Eirlys, and can barely look at Joachim, she seems so overwhelmed. "I'll return shortly. I'm going to go see if Enfys is ready to come down, and perhaps fetch one of my gameboards."

And indeed, a few minutes later, Lydia, now recovered has returned, and while under one arm she has a cunningly crafted board - the kind that folds into a little box to contain its pieces - her other arm is slightly lifted so that it may be grasped by her younger sister.

Enfys returns on Lydia's arm, and while it might seem odd that she is 'escorting' her sister, it may become obvious soon enough that the slightly taller sister has trouble seeing. Tucked under her other arm is a small lap harp, carried carefully by the young lady. "Who was it again you said was here?" The voice that speaks is soft, and yet holds an enchanting musical quality to it's dulcet tones, her smile to curl her lips upwards as she tilts her head, listening for her sister's answer. Following along behind is a darker haired young lady, Morfyd, a cousin who generally is found about the younger sister.

Rising to his feet polietly as Lydia returns with company, Joachim offers a smile at the fact that Lydia returned to begin with, but it quckly clears up as the young knight realizes the lady on her arm cannot see well. "Good evening, m'lady. You must be Lady Lydia's older sister." he says, a grin given towards Lydia as he makes the attempt at her youth, but continues. "I am Sir Joachim of Newton. It is a pleasure to meet you."

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Just as Joachim rises to his feet, Eirlys does so as well. It is no mystery to her, of course, that Enfys needs assistance due to her sight, so while all of this may be something which she is used to, perhaps the Newton guest will find some of it curious. "I see you've brought company." She says in warm enough tones to Lydia upon the young woman's return and then her attention flickers in the direction of the two who would be joining them, "Lady Enfys and Lady Morfyd. Sir Joachim de Newton had just finished telling us an interesting story on how he'd met Lady Lydia this day, though I'm sure Lydia will be able to share her own version of the tale later. It's an amusing," enough, "one, to say the least. But it looks as if we'll be starting with some games to occupy our time for the remainder of the evening."

"This is Sir Joachim. I told you about him, how I met him this morning? Mother and Branoc had him for dinner. That is to say, he was asked to dine with us." Lydia graces Eirlys and Joachim with a smile, and the introduction is clearly for the latter. "This is Lady Enfys, my younger sister. I thought perhaps I might prove there are better voices to be found in Horton. Enfys' is without peer. I hope Morfyd brought your harp."

"Ah, yes.." Enfys murmurs, and with introductions made, there comes a soft laugh from she, "No, no.. Lydia is the older one by just about a year. Though I'm the taller." By only a few inches! Morfyd does indeed have her harp, the cousin stepping forwards once a seat is found for Enfys to sit upon, placying the stringed instrument upon her lap and holding it there till she is certain that it is held. "A game you are playing? Which one has my sister challenged you to play?" A pause, and she adds, "You have been warned that she is particularly good at games, yes?" Fingers lightly strum the strings, making a few adjustments of the pegs.

"I assure you, her version of the events will be no less entertaining, Lady Eirlys." Joachim points out as the Newton knight looks around for the said harp in case he should be needed to help move it into position. Considering his build, that may be a pretty easy task for him. And then he gets a slight downturn of his lips at Lydia's explanation of Enfys' arrival. "Perhaps, Lady Lydia, but none that were quite as coaxing to save me from a watery grave." he points out rather diplomatically as he returns to his place to sit so he can watch the two women as they set up the board so that Eirlys and Lydia may play first.

"I believe that Lady Eirlys attempted to do such, Lady Enfys - I am using the opprotunity to study my quarry to perhaps tarry any strategies that I may use should I become the next to face her ferocious assault on the gaming field."

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"I just - it was - he was in the water! Like a fish!" Lydia is usually quite spare for words, and usually when she does, what comes out of her mouth is well thought out and articulate. "He looked like a perch." A pause, as she's horrified as to what she's just said. Sitting down quickly, she looks at her hands. "Eirlys, why don't you and Sir Joachim play first, and I'll play the winner?"

While she may be finicky in the things which pleases her, Eirlys cannot overly complain whenever she must listen to Enfys sing. The young woman's voice is both soothing and uplifting to make the experience enjoyable, even if just a touch of envy may still enter the Willcott maiden's heart. "We shall be playing a game of draughts, I believe." She informs the younger of the Horton sisters, before working to help Lydia set up the board. Eirlys can already tell that this will be a frustrating game as her fingers move to place the pieces in their correct positions, but here she looks from Lydia to Joachim now, when she states, "Sir Joachim had suggested the opposite. I do not mind either way."

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"If that is your desire, Lady Lydia.." Joachim considers. "Please, you do not need to use the formalities with me, Lady Eirlys.. Joachim is fine. For any of you.." However, as Lydia calls him a fish, the young knight may look absolutely stricken for a moment, before he glances towars the older of the two Horton sisters. Lifting his hands to the sides of his face, the young knight wiggles them back and forth as he puckers his mouth and offers forth, "Does this fit more appropriately, Lady Lydia?" he asks through his plump lips, looking every part the fish as he moves to settle down across from Eirlys as he shakes his head with a chuckle and smiles warmly. "Lady Enfys, Lady Morfyd, you both sound absolutely divine.. I think I have found the house of song for Salisbury. How you are both unclaimed.." then he pauses. ".. I mean, unless you are, of course." he says, a brief redness to his ears as he turns his attention to the Draught board. So much easier than trying to flirt.

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Listening to the banter, Enfys continues to smile, to even chuckle as she listens to her sister fail horribly at describing their guest. When he goes so far as to make the fish face back at Lydia, there's a soft comment from Morfyd who is likely describing to the blind womanjust what he is doing, leaving her to giggle softly. With the small lap harp tuned, her fingers pluck lightly at the strings, running a few scales to warm her fingers up, "Neither of us are unclaimed.." She answers honestly enough before the scales fade into the beginnings of a lovely song, an instrumental background offered while they begin the game of draughts.

Lydia can't help it, she chuckles softly at the face Joachim makes, murmuring a thank you to Eirlys for setting up the board. "I'll wait." she insists. "The two of you battle it out for the honor of playing me." She's entirely lacking in seriousness when she says it though, and once again the flesh across her cheeks and nose turns pink, though perhaps not for an obvious reason. "I'm trying to persuade Enfys to enter the performance competition at the summer tourney." she tells her companions. "I think she's fine enough a musician she could do quite well."

While Lydia's take on her meeting with Joachim is somewhat different from his own, Eirlys's gaze quickly lowers when the Newton begins imitating a fish of all things, as if she felt slightly embarrassed for him. Or at the very least, to witness any of this. So while the girls may giggle, all that the Willcott can do is to keep her eyes diverted and her expression as neutral as can be. At the very least, there is pleasant music playing in the background as she tries her hardest now to concentrate on this game at hand.

When her gaze finally does return to Joachim, she does utter a gentle, "Good luck to you, S— Joachim." She corrects herself, before making her first move on the board. With each of her moves, the Newton provides a decent counter and after only the briefest of moments does Eirlys realize just how badly this game will end. There is a gentle furrowing of her brow and a deep intensity within her eyes as she studies the board, the pieces, everything before her delicate hands move her very next piece, only to find herself in a far more difficult situation. Here is where her lips purse, to hint at her displeasure. She obviously takes losing seriously!

Joachim checked his gaming of 10, he rolled 2.

As the two move pieces around the board, Joachim smiles a little, "She would do well, I think, Lady Lydia. Lady Enfys' playing is quite melodious." the young man says as he studies, and makes a few moves in counter of Eirlys' own, before finally cornering her and forcing her into a yield.

"You had a sound strategy, Lady Eirlys.." Joachim offers, as he moves to reset the board for Lydia, and glances up at her. "You will be at the tournament, then? Do you plan to compete?" he asks as he sets the pieces and awaits Lydia's accompanyment before he lets her make the first move in what will ultimately be a losing campaign for him.

Enfys checked her singing of 15, she rolled 4.

Enfys blushes a little at the compliments, especially those offered by Joachim. "Thank you.." Yet, hearing the comments given to Eirlys, she assumes correctly that the game didn't go so well for her friend. By the time her sister is being offered the go at the game, she shifts the song to another, this one to be accompanied with a counter melody hummed by she. Perfect pitch does she have, able to weave voice and harp together in a most intriguing way.

Lydia watches the game between Eirlys and Joachim silently. Occasionally her brow furrows, most often when Eirlys makes a move, but the Horton gamestress offers no comment. Perhaps she believes that Eirlys won't appreciate any form of advice offered, at least not publically. But she's nodding a little within the three moves of Joachim's victory. And of course, there may be a method to her madness; it gives her an opportunity to discover his strategy. She also perhaps wisely does not attempt to placate Eirlys on her loss. Smiling over at Enfys, "Beautiful as always." she says with pride. "You see? I think she'd come away with a victory and laurels laid at her feet." She shifts her attention to the board, and upon agreement to begin, makes her first move. She will be swift and merciless.

Pretending to be a gracious loser is a difficult task and one that Eirlys can only partially pull off. There is that nervous laugh and forced smile, one which tends to be far broader than the usual smiles which she gives, when the man… compliments her strategy. "That is /very/ kind of you to say." She says as she rises, her posture remaining slightly tense as she takes this moment to 'cool off' from her loss. "Congratulations all the same, you did a remarkable job." Her words come off convincingly enough, before she states, "Again, I do wish you luck against Lydia. I believe that you may very well need it." Finding a space closer to where Enfys and her cousin are settled, Eirlys only mildly finds the rest of the game of any interest and is more than pleased for the younger Horton's singing, using that as a distraction.

And indeed, Lydia proves to be a ruthless and merciless player. Joachim doesn't go down easily, but eventually as he's watching the moves and the pieces taken on both sides, eventually, he finds himself chuckling. "It seems I have found myself in an untentable situation. Yield." he says, turning over one of the pieces to look up and meet Lydia's eyes with a smile and a faint tinge of amusement on his high cheekbones. "You are quite talaneted, careful, you may find yourself in Lord Hwyn's warroom." he teases her slightly as he moves the pieces as he turns his attention to Eirlys. "Would you like to play Lydia, Lady Eirlys?" he asks as he is resetting the pieces should he need to move.

Enfys listens to them, but once Eirlys joins her, the music beneath her fingers does shift once more, the melody holding a haunting quality to it. Quietly does she sing then, words given here and there, as if she gives voice to the music that fingertips pluck from the strings of the harp, "I am the song that gets inside / The one that says everything you hide / I'd give you chills up and down your spine / I am an unheard song…" Lost in the music for the moment, head bowed and tilted just so as she turns her ear to the strings, taking a quick moment to tighten a peg.

"Ah, I think perhaps we should perhaps find some way to wile away the final hours of the evening with something more inclusive." Lydia is not unfamiliar with the too-wide nature of the sort of smile currently on Eirlys' face. "Though I do grow tired." she confesses. "So perhaps a bit more music before we all retire?" she looks questioningly at Enfys.

Obviously, Eirlys wasn't going to set herself for yet another loss for the evening, so when the eventual victory of her friend takes place, she does is relieved that Lydia decides against playing another game. "That is a lovely idea. It's best to relax before turning in." Rather than stress over a game! Though, it takes time for the young woman to shake off the irritation that she feels, even if Enfys' beautiful melodies work as a counter to the Willcott's frustrations. "I'm also certain that Enfys will show the rest of Salisbury what the north is made of." If she can't take pride in her own skills, she will at least emphasize this fact. Turning to Joachim now, those cold eyes simply stare out at him when she asks, "Will you be competing in the summer tourney, Sir Joachim?" She has returned to some bit of formality, it would seem. "I do wonder if any of my brothers will even have the time to spare."

Enfys blinks once, glancing up finally from her harp to turn her head slightly towards those that speak in her direction. "I can play if that is the wish of all.." Still the compliments offered bring the rose to bloom upon her cheeks, "I can only hope to make a good showing at the tourney then.. I have a few ideas for songs I might play for them." Songs that has her excited on some level. When the quesiton is asked of Joachim, she quirks a brow, "Which competitions might you join?"

"I will most likely join in the tilt for the joust." Joachim admits as he stands up and stretches out, closing his eyes for a moment. "Perhaps, I shall find the bravery to ask for a young Lady's favor to carry in the tournament." he may glance towards Lydia, but only because she says that she's retiring for the evening. "I should as well. I have a long ride after visiting Willcott in the morning, and Woodborough afterwards. However, for now, I will leave you ladies to your music. Have a good and blessed evening." he offers with a bow of his head before turning to find a servant to show him to the guest rooms.

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