(514-07-20) A Visit to Dinton
Summary: After the knights and the lady have returned from their mission to Sussex, Sir Bryce de Baverstock comes to visit his betrothed at Dinton.
Date: July 20th, 514
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Dinton - Salisbury

Set within the Nadder river valley, upon its northern bank and and backed by gentle rising hills beyond, Dinton is every bit the classic image of a typical Salisbury village. A number of wooden houses cluster about a central commons, with a placid little pond on the town's western side, filled when rain or spring runoff swells the river. Only a few buildings stand out among the quaint farmhouses, by their size or construction. Most obvious is the old stone church, its sharply angled roof giving it greater height, as does the cross affixed its gable-peak, a beacon to the faithful population. The manor house itself is a long hall of newer masonry, with a sloping, heavily-thatched rooftop. Set out before it, near the middle of the square, are set a set of wooden stocks, a reminder of Dinton justice. Other notable structures include the mill and bakery, as well as the long wooden stables.

Beyond the outskirts of the village and extending well beyond the inhabited area, lush fields line the riverbank in both directions. The farmland is divided and subdivided for use by different families and for different crops, marked off with rough wooden fences in somewhat haphazard fashion, reflecting generations of shifting tenancy. A few large patches of grassland are reserved for livestock, cattle and sheep seen out grazing their lazy fill during the warm times of year, but the majority of space is dedicated the staple grains that are the lifeblood of the manor. Scattered amongst these are some smaller vegetable gardens, and near the hills in the rear of the manor, a few rows of grape-bearing vines, a legacy of Roman influence.

One or two days may have passed since the return from a Saxon excursion a small group of knights, squires and a lady had undertaken, and it is on this late morn that a rider approaches, squire in tow; the knight riding a black charger, and the lad ahorse on a dapple-grey rouncey. At least the former is no stranger to Dinton Manor, as becomes apparent from the warm flicker in his gaze, the faint smile of recognition evident on his angular features. Because Sir Bryce de Baverstock returns to the place where he squired and stayed until leaving about a year ago. The memory still so recent, yet it feels as if all of this had happened in another life.

Riding into the courtyard, a few words of greeting are tossed at the guards on duty, an overall cheerfulness in his demeanor there, as the Baverstock dismounts and casts a glance about the place, as he keeps the reins of Devil in his grasp, waiting for Carl to dismount as well.

The atmosphere at Dinton is a mostly calm one, but among the villagers and some of the Dinton family members alike, the topic of the day continues to focus on the success of the most recent raid against the Saxons. Even as the young Baverstock Lord makes his way through to the courtyard do some faces more familiar to him speak out to share the good news. Though others focus on a different sort of 'good news' and rather than mention the raiding party at all, there comes words of congratulations offered in regards to a recent wedding banns post.

Lysanor checked her craft at 10, she rolled 6.

Just outside of the main hall, Lysanor de Dinton is seated in the company of a few of her cousins as they mend torn tunics or add embroidery to older garments so that they may be given a fresh look. All of the laughter and chatter quickly dies down with the appearance of the Baverstock with many of the young women giggling and whispering between one another as Lysanor rises to stand, placing her partially finished embroidery project down upon her now empty chair. She, like the other maidens, is draped in a simple dress, one of her older garbs which she'll often been seen in when simply relaxing about the manor or going about her chores. Her shock of red curls are left unbound for the moment, as the task she was hoping to accomplish is a small one and there was no need to keep her unruly locks out of the way.

Ignoring the soft giggling of the blushing girls that can be heard behind her now, Lysanor's own cheeks are flushed with color on her approach, but she immediately lowers herself down into a polite curtsey before their visitor. "Sir Bryce," She retains her formality when speaking with him, her gaze slowly lifts when she rises once again. "It's lovely that you've decided to pay us a visit, what with the weather being so wonderful today."

The reins of his horse the Baverstock hands to a stable boy, a nod offered to Carl to indicate him to see to the horses, while the knight will enter the Manor. The congratulations offered to Bryce on his way elicit a faint smile and a hint of awkwardness in his gaze, even so he will accept them, even if, considering things, he never would have assumed they would have turned out as they had. Since his knighting he had rarely been around Dinton, apart from that recent and oh so important visit to see his former knight and head of the manor. The tales of the successful mission and raid of the Saxon village will be less news to him, of course, as he has already received his first-hand account from his own brother, Landon.

His steps slow as he approaches the hall, and seeing Lysanor there, Bryce pauses, watching her for a moment from afar, seated as she is with the other young women, a bit of warmth there in his gaze. But then he is glimpsed by some of them, and giggling ensues, forcing the Baverstock to leave his observational spot. And it may be a bit of comfort to the Dinton lady, that her obviously flushed color of cheeks will be mirrored in the angular features of Sir Bryce de Baverstock.

The formal greeting he returns with one of his own, a slight bow, more like a lowering of his head and a downwards flit of his gaze to show his respect, before his eyes lift to meet hers. “Lady Lysanor.” The remark of hers earns the lady a glance and a smile. “The weather is as pleasant as one could wish for, so I thought Devil would be grateful for the exercise… And Dinton is always worth a visit.” He clears his throat, now suddenly caught right in the midst of what is known as courting, and so aware of it. “What pleasant coincidence that you are not detained by other matters. I mean… I hope, this is the case?” A bit of stammering there, and a hint of awkwardness, as this most probably is not a coincidental visit. A fact that most of those present are aware of – and likely enough, will give cause to giggling and cheerful tongue wagging of Dinton’s inhabitants in the days to come.

Lysanor, herself, already used to the girlish gigglings and bit of gossip amongst her female relatives ever since her betrothal banns were announced, was slightly relieved to have gained some reprieve from that chatter when she joined her cousin, Kamron, and several others on their raid of a Saxon village. And yet, despite the pleasant enough company and the importance that her full attention should be focused on their mission, there were moments when the young Dinton maiden's mind drifted off, leaving her a touch distraught with a feeling of wistfulness from being so far from…

She was home now and their mission was a success, so she doesn't mind a bit of teasing from her dear cousins. Especially not when her day only brightens with Bryce's visit. When asked whether she was preoccupied with other matters, she only briefly and rather quickly turns to look behind her where the other girls continue with their sewing and stitching, her gaze barely looking upon her own neglected tunic just where she had left it. Facing forward again, she can only shake her head, "You have caught me at a most opportune moment, really. There is very little that I need to complete. Nothing that can't be put off until later."

Bryce’s eyes drift briefly towards those giggling cousins, his slight awkwardness fading, when his focus returns to his betrothed. The stammering subsides as the tone of his voice becomes more confident, confidence that comes naturally when Lysanor assures him his visit is welcome. “Then I shall gladly keep you from your chores, at least for a moment,” he states with warmth flickering in his gaze. “Perhaps… we can go for a little stroll about the manor. I’d like to see if anything has changed since my knighting.” Also, this would bring some distance between them and the distraction of her giggling retinue. The Baverstock knight offers her his arm, lifting a brow as he waits for her reaction to his proposal. A glance of pleased relief he will give her if she accepts.

“When I heard you were gone with the others to Sussex, I very much regretted that I could not come along.”, Bryce remarks then a bit thoughtfully, as his gaze drifts over the interior of the area they are passing. “But I suspect, my uncle would have killed me if I had. No, this was Landon’s chance to prove himself, and take part for Baverstock. I was however relieved when he came home and brought news of your safe return as well…” A pensive glance there, and a smile. “Even if you were in the company of good and capable knights.”

When the man's arm is offered, there is no hesitation on Lysanor's part to link her own with his, though there is an excited warmth which sparks within her eyes for the briefest of moments when the gesture was first made. "Where ever you would like to go, My Lord." She offers, that same warmth can be heard in her voice when she speaks. This is not the first that the both of them have spent time together here at Dinton, for Bryce had spent much of his youth within the comfort and security of her very home. Nor would it be the first time that they had walked arm-in-arm, for many opportunities would have arisen in the past, for a young woman to have an escort, though such actions were always done with the utmost politeness and respect even when Lysanor had to fight back from blushing so, even back then.

Rather than setting a course to follow, their leisurely and rather aimless stroll does bring them on a less traveled road just at the outskirt of the village proper, where one can see the common folk going about their daily routines and take in the delicious aroma of fresh baked bread coming from the village bakery. Half-turning so that her eyes may look upon the Baverstock with a thoughtful look, her gaze faces forward once more when she comes to admit as well, "I, too, had second thoughts regarding this… raid. Our courtship had only just begun and then to be whisked off so quickly soon after. I had wanted to tell Kamron that I did not wish to join, but.." And here she frowns a little, as this little walk does now shed some light on the damage that was done during the course of the most recent Saxon attack. Some of the village buildings are charred from fire or left in shambles, as is part of the Dinton storage shed. "I knew that that in order for us to make all of the necessary repairs to the manor after the attacks, that I had to go along and offer my assistance in any way that I could."

Her eyes now return to Bryce, even here she barely turns to physically face him. Yet there is a soft smile on her lips when she says, "I am happy to be back home and I feel that I'm in more than adequate company even now." This is all spoken in a gentle teasing tone. "Cyndeyrn, too, was unable to join us for very much the same reason as your own." Realizing that she had not seen Baverstock since after the raid, she comes to ask, "How is Baverstock? If need be, I'm certain that we will be able to help with any repairs and rebuilding with the supplies and… funding that we were able to obtain from the raid."

It is indeed more of a welcome excuse, to share a few words and enjoy the other’s company in a setting where the presence of others cannot become a disturbance or the lack of such might lead to juicy rumors. On their stroll about the manor grounds Bryce may recall other times when he had offered the lady his arm, but in fact those had been rare and always a cause of awkwardness. Such is certainly not the case now, when the Baverstock knight walks beside Lysanor, he a rather martial presence, attired in his armor of course, and with the sword hanging from his belt, beside the petite beauteous form of the Dinton lady. Lips curve upwards at the scent of freshly baked bread, while his dark eyes scan the buildings of the village, before they shift to his betrothed and Bryce hears when she admits her reluctance to come along for that recent mission. But his eyes see the traces of destruction as well on the buildings, and his demeanor clouds a little before he inclines his head in a slow nod.

“Aye… The Saxons must have been aware that it would only be a question of time before we would lash back out at them,” Bryce muses thoughtfully. “We’ve had our share of damage at Baverstock as well, and I have to say, Lorcan led our people well, organizing the defense of our manor, while Landon and I were away at Sarum.” Where they had met the attack of the Saxon menace. His brows furrow, as the knight’s gaze drifts over the burnt structures. “Thank God, we were saved from any fires, and most of the Saxons could be fended off before they could do more damage than killing a few, keeping their pillaging to a minimum. The damage is being repaired.” His dark eyes meet her gaze as she shoots him a glance whilst continuing on their leisurely stroll. “But thank you for the offer, Lysanor.” There, no title suddenly in his address, but a smile that goes along with it. “While all of you were away, I had to see to all that, and discuss new means of defense in case of future raids with my uncle.” His smile deepens as she comments on her current company being adequate, a glint there in the Baverstock’s eyes. “I have looked forward to this visit… while I dreaded the last. Fool that I was, as the purpose was more than worth it.”

"There were a few who stayed behind to defend the manor, but most everyone and all of the women and children were sent to the fortification of Wilton's walls. It was still chaos and at times, it was easy to lose track of everyone, including your family." The entire scene is still fresh within Lysanor's mind of the day of the Saxon's most recent attack. Not that it was any different nor special than all of the many attacks which had come before during the summer season. "I am glad to know that Baverstock faired well." And though she knows that there most likely will be more strikes against them to come before the year is over, she decides not to voice this at all, preferring to focus on far more pleasant topics.

Thinking forward and looking ahead to her, no their new future together, Lysanor suggests, "Perhaps when there is time, I should Baverstock a visit, so that I may have a better understanding on how your household is run." She then realizes that she may be overstepping things and she quickly adds in a slightly abashed tone, "I mean if your Lady Mother and Sir Lorcan do not mind." As their little stroll leads them further away from the main section of the village, giving them a better view of the large expanse of fields that lay out before them, there is some hesitation, before she states, her attention now focused on Bryce, her head turned in his direction, "I was tasked on an Envoy mission to Devizes to deliver a message to the Lord Knight there. Perhaps.. you would like to accompany me? Though I would hate to pry you away from your work, especially when knowing that the Saxons could raid our manors at any moment." Biting down on her bottom lip, her brow furrows softly, "I feel that we barely have the time to enjoy one another's company as it is."

Bryce inclines his head to her comments on the recent Saxon attacks, and he too seems to be agreeable when Lysanor shifts the conversation to the future. “We shall be glad to receive you there,” he assures with a smile, “as it would be appropriate. My uncle shall certainly not mind, he has done much for us since my father died. But it is time to cut down his responsibilities. One of my cousins, Catriona, his youngest daughter has been assisting as well, in regards to trade, and taking care of the manor. But even in her case… I doubt she will be staying at Baverstock forever…” As even she would be betrothed and married off sooner or later – the bane of female relatives of a vassal knight. A slightly amused glance is shot Lysanor’s way, as Bryce de Baverstock continues: “As for my mother… she is content as long as she can stay in the manor. She hasn’t really clung to the duties of leading a manor, so I am certain she will not mind at all, if you take over some of the responsibilities. Apart from that… she is eager for your visit.” The latter part is added with warmth flashing in his dark gaze. “For obvious reasons.”

They are moving along at a leisurely pace, sufficiently so as to allow for their eyes to meet now and then, while also taking in the scenery about them. His steps slow and then come to a halt when Lysanor mentions the mission she has been tasked with. However, the question he does not have to ponder for long. “Why? Of course! I shall leave Baverstock once again to the care of Lorcan and Landon… That is if Landon is to stay there for a while. But yes. I insist that I accompany you to ensure your safety, especially with the threat of Saxons. And besides… it could be interesting to meet the Lord Knight of Devizes. As of course…”, his words trail off, as his gaze lingers on the Dinton lady’s comely features, and the bottom lip caught there by her teeth. “I would be happy to spend more time with you. My Lysanor.” For a moment it seems as if he were to reach out with his vacant hand to place it against her cheek. But then it is only a strand of red hair he pushes from her view, almost casually, a slight flicker there in his gaze before he turns his attention to their surroundings.

When Bryce mentions his cousin, Lysanor's gaze lifts lightly, their eyes meeting for the moment when she listens to him speak. She knows full well that the women in any particular manor tend to be married out, less they remain at home as some spinster. Though this is also reminds her of something which she has been seeing more and more frequently since the announcement of her betrothal and even before… "I have sensed a hint of melancholy within my brother's eyes when he looks upon me from time to time. I believe he is still coping with the idea of my leaving Dinton even if I am not traveling so far. I suppose without a sister to look after, you might not feel the same sibling bond when one of your own relatives is married out?" While this is more of a question, she does hope to gain some insight or reassurance regarding Cyndeyrn's feelings of her own inevitable departure. That said, however, her lips curve into a pleasant smile at the discussion of her betrothed’s mother, "Your Lady Mother has always been kind to me. She is such a generous and loving woman. I truly cannot wait to spend more time with her and listen to the tales of wisdom and experience that I'm sure she must be eager to impart."

When a cool breeze passes through the area, the young woman's wild curls dance in the air with some of these tendrils failing to behave and settle down neatly from whence they were before. Once their leisurely stops come to a pause, the young Dinton has doubts that Bryce will have the time to accompany her, thus when she is told otherwise, her features are aglow and a warm spark can be seen within her bright eyes. There is this sudden vibrance in her being, almost like a bounce in her step, even when she is not in motion, but her entire demeanor perks up all the same and this can be seen in her physical movements. "I am so relieved to hear this. The way to Devizes will most certainly be a long journey north, but this way…" There is a sudden pause in her words, just at the same moment when her betrothed’s hand lifts to brush fingertips against her already hot cheeks, if merely to brush aside a stray lock that had fallen forward to obstruct her youthful visage. Those very words, 'My Lysanor', fills her with lightness and joy and here she nods, one of her own hands now lifting to place gentle fingers upon the back of his, softly pressing his hand against her cheek once more and with this she holds his gaze with her own, staring up into his eyes. "Riding at your side, despite the arduous length and the danger that may be posed along the roads, I know that this upcoming journey will be a memorable one. We will be able to travel the countryside together and see all of the natural beauty and wonder which God had laid out for us."

The expression in those angular features shifts slightly, when Lysanor mentions her brother, a thoughtfulness showing in the Baverstock's gaze before he lowers it for a moment. "Cyndeyrn knows he is free to visit us whenever he wishes to, and the Lady Seren as well, of course. The ride is not too far, with us being neighbours. I'm glad I have only Landon to worry about, and it is rather unlikely that he will leave Baverstock, so… I can only imagine what it is poor Cyndeyrn will be going through." A moment of silence follows, as Bryce considers the thought further. "But I can hardly imagine that… distance would change how you feel about your brother and he for you… There is more to the saying about blood being thicker than water… He'll remain your sibling and my friend." His gaze meets Lysanors and he smiles at her remarks about his mother. "My mother uses praise rather sparingly," he says with a flicker in his gaze, "but on the topic of my choice of match, she quite promptly congratulated me on my suprisingly good pick."

Lysanor's relief at hearing him approve the idea of him accompanying her on her mission is bound to catch Bryce's attention, and he cannot help but be captivated for a moment by the elation evident in her eyes and movements. The gesture of his hand is clearly not intended to be as direct as it ends up to be, helped along by her intervention, and so dark eyes lock with her blue ones, his chin tipped down as he regards her beautiful features, mesmerized by them and the sound of her words, and so… even if most of the meaning is lost on him he inclines his head and replies with one word that might fit her remark. "Indeed…"

There is a flutter of wings, as a flight of swallows rises into the air from a nearby tree, the sound enough to distract the Baverstock and dispell the magic if the moment. Dark eyes break away from her as his head turns, and he scans the scenery for any sign of what caused the disturbance.

A soft sigh slips from Lysanor's lips at the very mention of Seren, that bit of joy and amusement never leaving her fair features as she thinks upon her dear friend, "I've yet to speak to Lady Seren about any of this. Her own betrothal, ours as well. The last I saw of her was when we were at Court and shortly afterwards when she helped me get acquainted with my position as Envoy. With how my brother adores her, I am both pleased and thrilled that she will be joining my family. And then there are my cousins, who will all be joining other manors as well." There is some relief in her eyes due to at least one of these matches, but this she does not dare to mention. Her face brightens all the more at the praise which Bryce sings of his mother's opinion of her. She cannot help but be pleased and relieved by this news.

The moment which follows, no matter how brief, seems to go on forever with the pair staring deeply into each other's eyes. And if Lysanor had her way, it very well would go on forever. She enjoys the comforting feeling of his warm palm against the side of her face, that spark which he lights within her with just his gaze alone. Never had they been this intimate, this close, despite having known one another since they were children. Then the moment was gone, the fluttering of feathers is enough to break the spell that had left them enchanted for what could have felt like an eternity and even that was too short in Lysanor's opinion. Of course, her cheeks grow all the more heated, flushing red against her pale skin, as she finally 'awakens'. Though, she doesn't release his hand all at once and begins to gradually lower it, every so slowly, before finally allowing herself to let go.

"I…" Her words come out breathlessly to start, before she can better compose herself, "I will need to find others to join us. I believe Cyndeyrn will not allow me to go without him. And I will take any other suggestion that you may have." The change of subject is made partially as a cover for her embarrassment and also as it is still a task that must be done.

Bryce de Baverstock listens to what Lysanor has to say on her brother and Lady Seren, a smile curving his lips. "It's the way of things," he comments idly on the topic of impending marriages, and some joining other manors. But then his sense and senses are captured in that brief magical moment, and he gets dangerously close to forgetting the rules of courtesy and decorum, as this is indeed a situation new to them both. It is the distraction that saves them, in fact, his dark eyes leaving the enchanting gaze of his betrothed, and when they return to her, her own blush will find an echo on his angular features.

While he is not exactly pulling his hand from her grasp, there is a tiny shift backwards, a bit of gratified bewilderment flashing in the knight's gaze as it shifts from her face to the hand holding his as it is slowly lowered, a soft inhale there when she lets go, and he is feels regret as well as relief about that passed opportunity.

But thank God, there is conversation to carry on with, and so Bryce raises his gaze and nods to Lysanor's remark about her mission. "I'd be happy to have Cyndeyrn accompany us," he says with a smile, "as for others… I might ask Landon. Even if that will earn me a lecture from my uncle, as any mission Lan and I depart on together might pose a risk to our line."

Talking about this important mission is enough of a distraction for Lysanor to draw her attention away from her own sudden bashfulness in the presence of her betrothed. Where she should be so happy and glowing brilliantly in her own joy, there is still that awkwardness between them at times as both have been very unfamiliar with anything more intimate, their strict adherence to what is proper keeping them both in line to what is perceived as acceptable behavior, the very ideal of courtship may very well be something to alien to the pair. No matter how often Lysanor had daydreamed about this very day in her youth.

"Your Lord Brother is a force to be reckoned with and if Sir Lorcan can afford to allow him to join us, I believe that his presence will be a comfort and reassurance to all." Lysanor states of Landon's rather impressive track record in fighting his various foes. "I will have to ponder on a few of the others, though at this time of year, there are many who will out and about as it is, in their own scouting missions to try to find further signs of Saxon encampment near by, that I fear that our selection may be rather slim with so many conflicting schedules."

But even she knows that she is a fool to continue to waste this opportunity speaking on such things, when instead, her full attention should be focused on her betrothed. She has known him for all of her life, but does she truly know him completely? "My apologies for spending so much time discussing these matters, I'm sure that you have other things that you wish to touch upon while you're here." Her steps pause in their leisurely walk once again, just as they had reached the beauty of Dinton pond, a place where as children, perhaps, many of them had played at. "I know that there are other important matters to discuss regarding our betrothal and our wedding date to follow." Just speaking those words aloud brings out this quiet giddiness within her.

Bryce is keeping to that thin line of propriety, even if he is not impervious to the enchantment of the moment, but he owes it to her, even more so because of his feelings being as strong as they are. His respect and unwillingness to add any taint to her name keep the upper hand.

"Landon is strong and brave," the Baverstock comments on his brother with a fond smile. "But at times he needs guidance. I shall speak to him. But maybe his new duties as tax collector for Earl Robert will keep him from joining us." Her apology brings a warm smile to his lips and he shakes his head. "I'd gladly discuss this for as much time as you deem necessary." Any excuse to spend time with her apparently reason enough. A brow lifts at her mention of other matters, and Bryce exhales, his gaze becoming distant momentarily as he considers. "What time would you prefer for the wedding?", this the most pressing question in his mind at the moment. "Fall or Spring? After your brother's wedding to Lady Seren? The feast should be held at Baverstock, should it not?" Clearly wishing to hear her thoughts of the matter, he meets her gaze, and if the pace of their stroll seems to slow once again he certainly does not mind.

"Oh that is right, he is one of Sarum's new tax collectors." Lysanor says with a gleeful laughter in her voice, "That is quite the task and if I find that the Baverstock coffers are suddenly filled to the brim…" She leaves that statement incomplete, though the look which she offers the Baverstock Lord more than expresses that she continues to tease about the matter. Soon enough, she says, "But no, a tax collector. That's a rather difficult job and while he is only simply doing what must be done, there are some who will loathe him for doing his duty. To be a tax collector, one must have a thick skin and I'm sure that your brother can more than handle the task."

Then there is the details of their wedding that is spoken of and for the longest moment, Lysanor merely has this thoughtful look upon her features as she remains so close by Bryce's side, her arm once more linked with his. She is a little shy when she says this, thus her words come out hurried, "If I had my way, we would be wed tomorrow, to start our life together." The color at her cheeks expresses just how embarrassed that she feels for even uttering so bold words. "But yes, after my brother's wedding, I suppose. With so many banns, I can see that rather than spring, fall seems to be the season for love… or for arranged marriages at the very least." Her face half-turning to look upon her betrothed again, she considers, "Spring has always been favorable, though.." The hesitation clear in her voice, "It seems so very far off.." And that desperation in her voice is a telling sign that she would not care to wait so long, but if she must, she will.

The tease earns Lysanor a surprised glance, but it does not take long, and Bryce cannot help but chuckle and shake his head. "I'd rather suspect Landon to pursue his duty with utmost precision than him being capable to betray the Earl in such a manner." Clarification, offered with an amused glint in his eyes. "But yes, I think he will handle the office quite well. And I look forward to the time when he will come to Baverstock to collect our taxes." If such would ever be the case.

Lysanor's thoughtful demeanor and shy manner he notices of course, when talk turns towards their wedding. And a smile appears on his angular features, when he hears her confession and sees the blush. He considers her words for a moment. "We should perhaps aim for fall as well then. As your wish very much reflects my own…" A confession that leaves his lips now, when his feet come to a halt, his dark eyes locking with hers, warmth and affection evident there in his gaze. "Fall, the season for love… Aye it would seem so," is added in a low murmur, when the Baverstock once again is in danger of losing himself in contemplation of a pair of very fine blue eyes.

So very thrilled that Bryce is in agreement with her in regards to coming close to setting a wedding date, Lysanor is practically beaming with joy, making her features look all the more angelic. "Splendid then. I shall continue to count the days until our wedding date." While she had always been a rather happy child, if not fussy at times, since learning that the boy, no the man whom she had a crush on for all these years had harbored similar feelings towards her, each new day has become brighter and brighter. And soon they shall be wed, something which she was eagerly looking forward to. The closer that they have become, the more opportunities arise to be lost in these moments, for there was a time where their eyes rarely met nor have their ever held their gaze for so long. With the rest of the day ahead of them, Lysanor continues with her little tour of a place that her betrothed was very familiar with. The nostalgia was truly there, for they would speak of particular places where they had played with the other children during your youth, but for the most part, they were simply bonding in a way that surpassed even their greatest of friendships.

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