(514-07-13) Nothing Like a Pack: The Hunt
Summary: Master Huntsmen Erylys comes out to Steeple Langford to help Perin and Evae deal with a local situation; the hunt the next day.
Date: July 13, 514
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The day of the hunt is underway. The plan followed, Erylys suggested a poison, and those who could help the master huntseman did so. That night laced meat set about on the nearby trails. Perin does his best that night to rest. A good day dawns for them. An early morning shower that is quickly away. The ground covered but not muddy even. Could help with the tracking for all he knew. Breakfast prepared, better than usual for their guests even, as well as bedding allowed at least away from any others. The hunstemen and those assisting could set up as they choose. Better portions of food preserved for the group. Perin is quick to eat and be out on the grounds, ready to go. When others arrive, he finally is talkative. "I hope we slept well. I think I'm ready to end this. That the folk here can have one less worry. Now it is only the stock." And no children yet is what he means. Horses ready of required, he is wearing armor, shield and sword. Ready to do what he can to be done with the wolves.

Erylys checked her profession of 10, she rolled 17.
<OOC> Perin says, "its all good :) I posed in rain, maybe that affected the poison and the wolves didn't take to it"

Erylys was awake off and on during the night, likely as excited as the lord of the manor seems to be. And yet there's a slight frown when she comes outside to find that it has rained off and on during the evening. "As much as I hoped that the poisoned meat would help us out, I fear it might not do the deal with the rain last night." Until she speaks with apprentice and sees the meat herself, she leaves it at that. "If it washed it off.. then they got a free meal last night." Maybe they'll be too full in belly then? Could hope. With her own preparations made and the few dogs she brought ready to go, she nods to Perin signaling all is ready.

Evae is with Perin, she knows there were wolves and all, but she was going to walk or ride with Perin and the huntress, she was going to help if she could at least. There were dangers in so many ways, but she would be careful. She is also wearing her armor, carrying her shield and sword, every precaution taken. There was no chance she was taking in endangering herself or..anyone else. She is silent though, for now, listening to Perin.

A smile given to Evae, glad she is with him. It is there home, they must defend it. A united front, under the leadership of Erlys. Perin nods to the words he hears. "Either way, I think we are determined to end this today. We took the chance, but if we wait longer, they may grow more bold." He isn't sure, he just knows he's protecing the land. When she is ready, he gets the men he has with them, armor and swords too. They line up and start to move. They'll follow Erylys' lead on all of this, only there to deal the final blows as needed to the animals terrorizing the livestock near and around Steeple Langford. "It will be there last free meal Master Erylys. I am sure today will be a success."

Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 4.
Perin makes a check for Wolf Avoidance at 5, he rolled 3.
<OOC> Perin says, "win!"
<OOC> Perin says, "we'll get a surprise round, Erylys can pose us sneaking up, there will be 2 wolves per PC here for us to deal with"

Once they are ready, Erylys heads out, remembering the way where they discovered the den might lie. Through the woods they travel, and once they are near where they left the apprentice, they are joined by the young boy. "They sniffed at the meat, but the rain washed it. Don't think it got any of them. They came back this morning and ate it though." With that information, Ery turns to them, "Quiet now. As thought, don't think the poison got to them. But, if we can sneak up on them, we'll have the advantage of hitting first. Hit hard, hit true." The words are whispered to them all before she turns back, spear in hand.

It's just down from the stream at the base of a hill, where a small cave has been dug out by some other creature that the wolves have laid claim to. Coming up from behind, she motions for two to go around one direction, while she and the other, goes around the opposite. Sneak, sneak, sneak.

Following the lead of the huntsman, Evae remains behind her, letting her lead the way as she travels with the necessary equipment. "I look forward to this all being behind us." She does keep her sword in hand, wanting no surprise attacks to catch her unaware. She doesn't talk much though, not wanting to alert the prey to their presence in a way that would make them the prey instead.

A nod of agreement to the both. "If we gain that advantage, I shall be greatful." Perin already is though, for the assistance to hung a the wolf back. "I do as well," agreed to Evae. Then they follow the lead, back around. Two to one side, two to the other. Perin matches sides with Evae, slightly taking the lead. He can't help but be prottective for the moment. Before they are off, he whispers, "I'll be quiet as I can. If they do not come from the cave, should we flush them out, or guard the way?" Which ever she says, he will do.

Of course, once they are down there, the den has a good dozen to fifteen. They would outnumber the party 2 to 1. Depending on what Erylys says, he will attack or flush.

Critical Success!
Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 15.

And for once, Evae doesn't mind the protective gesture from her husband, so she doesn't protest him taking the lead slightly in front of her. There will be no objections for the duration of their hunt either. She looks towards the huntsman though, impressed with her skills in tracking.

Pausing to whisper to Perin, Erylys murmurs, "Flush them out. If they're all inside, then we have the advantage of defending their only opening to the den, forcing them to come out a few at a time." At least, that is her hopes if all go well. "I've got my bow if I need it, but will use my spear at first.." If they can manage to keep them stuck in the den, all the better. And so she nods, turning to sneak around with the other hunter from their manor, approaching from one direction while the knights take the other. Seeing that they manage to do so without alerting the wolves so far, she grins to herself.

Evae looks from Perin to Erylys, her own sword drawn for the moment, just waiting for whatever it is they are talking about to be relayed to her so she can figure out what to do herself. For the moment, towards the back of the pack, she remains there, watching and waiting.

Taking that lead, Perin moves around. With the man coming opposite, they form a quick plan. They will flush 2-3 out as they can then use shields to block the entrance, serving as a barracde so they can deal with the wolves on their own terms. Once in place he looks and nods to Evae then the other man. Seeing that everyone is in place. Once there of course, he nods. Taking his sword to hit his shield and stir up the wolves. Once three are out, he and the other seal off the entrance to deal with the wolves that are out.

Erylys checked her spear of 10, she rolled 12.
Evae checked her sword of 15, she rolled 17.
Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 2.
Perin rolls 4d6 and gets (5 5 1 1) for a total of: (12)
Perin makes a check for Wolf Con vs. Perin at 12, he rolled 13.

Erylys steps into the area, readying her spear in hand. The first group coming running out for those not having to hold shields against the hole. Even prepared, it's a narrow miss as the wolf snaps at her, trying for her spear, enraged as it is. Dancing back, she pulls her spear back, growling at the animal as she readies for another strike. She's dimly aware of the others around her as they deal with their own wolves.

As prepared as she thought she as, Evae wasn't, not at all, and when the wolf is noticed, she goes at him with her sword, but she misses, completely, only succeeding in alerting the wolf to her presence now. She brings her sword back up now, it was a fight for life or death. On each of their parts.

With shields in place to secure the cave for the moment, Perin turns lacking a shield, but two hands to his sword. With the two wolves amongst the others, growling at the attack, he turns with his two hands to cleave at the last wolf to come out in that group. Its a solid blow from behind, and the wolf falls, spilling its life there for the moment, eyes closed. Then he looks up, to see how the other wolves fair.

<OOC> Perin says, "two wolves left, Erylys' and Evae's We have only two, can assume an NPC is helping, so we get them two vs. one (they lower their attack roll is all)"
Erylys checked her spear of 10, she rolled 9.
Perin makes a check for Wolf Bite vs Erylys at 10, he rolled 7.
Erylys rolls 4d6 and gets (1 3 6 1) for a total of: (11)

<OOC> Perin says, "more than twice his size, you knock him down, but he's going to get up again"

Evae checked her sword of 15, she rolled 18.
Perin makes a check for Wolf vs. Evae at 10, he rolled 9.
Perin rolls 3d6 and gets (1 6 5) for a total of: (12)

Better prepared is Erylys this time, her spear thrust towards the wolf as it rounds upon her. A thrust of her spear that finds home in the shoulder of the beast. Pushing forwards, she manages to knock the wolf off it's feet, though as enraged now that it's hurt that is, it won't take it long to get back to it's feet again to come after her.

Now there was a wolf attacking her. Razor sharp teeth had found chain mail and she was finding it difficult to get a swing in with her sword against him with him so up close and personal. Evae does cry out, but not in pain, "Perin!" she calls his name, needing his assistance if he could offer it, since she was at a disadvantage.

Perin stays by the cave to keep the other wolves out for now. They can be heard gnashing at the shields that guard the entrance. He pushes with the other knight there as one wolf falls, the other nipping at the armor of Evae. He gives a nod to the one with him, he nods in return. Moving with sword, he comes to assist Sir Evae in this battle.

<OOC> Perin says, "perfect, top of the round, Erlys can go against wolf, +5 to her for him being down, Perin joins with the two on Evae's wolf, he will go 7, 7 and 6 on his attacks, divided between three this time …"
Erylys checked her spear of 10, she rolled 19.
Evae checked her sword of 15, she rolled 11.
<OOC> Perin says, "you miss, he stands, no chance to hit with two opponents and being on the ground, but he stands"
Perin makes a check for Wolf vs Evae at 7, he rolled 14.
Evae rolls 5d6 and gets (6 1 6 6 1) for a total of: (20)

Erylys pushes forwards, trying to hit the wolf again, but misses him just as he gets to his feet. Muttering a curse as the thing manages to evade her, she pulls back to once more attempt to pin the wolf while hearing Evae call out to Perin nearby.

A growl emits between Evae and the wolf, only anyone nearby can realize it was from the knight and not the animal. An expectant mother fighting for her cub, she was proving to be dangerous herself. Still, she had called for Perin, because protecting the baby at any cost was important. Her sword is plunged into the wolf and she twists it, successfully ceasing the attack on her. She pulls the sword out and looks to ensure the others were unharmed.

Perin is there with his sword, but before he can move in to help, Evae lands a solid blow against he wolf and it drops completely. Then he turns. Ready to move against Erylys' as well as it seems to get up. He only moves in if there is room to move in.

<OOC> Perin says, "only three people on foot can surround an opponent …, he will be 7, 7, and 6 for the round against us, Erylys can go first again :)"
Erylys checked her spear of 10, she rolled 7.
Erylys rolls 4d6 and gets (5 2 6 1) for a total of: (14)
Perin makes a check for Wolf vs Erylys at 7, he rolled 19.

Erylys is not without her own pluck, even when facing a dangerous animal like the wolf before her. While she missed it getting up, this time the spear is set just right for when the wolf lunges at her, it instead, throws itself at her spear, the tip sinking into the animal's chest where it dies. Only when the thing stops moving does she step forwards, foot laid on the shoulder for leverage so she might pull the spear out. Looking to the others, she nods, "Ready for the next group?"

Seeing that Perin was going to assist the huntress, Evae doesn't try and squeeze in there at all. There were too many there to work on it. She does take the moment to check herself over, the place on her armor, to make sure she was unharmed. Still, she makes no moves to take the front of the pack so that there are others between herself and the wolves, if there are indeed more coming.

Once Erylys drops her wolf, Perin looks to Evae for the moment. "Ready here," but suggesting he'll stay close should he need to come to her again. Then he moves over to the cavern and his shield. Both men give it half a moment in an exchanged glance, then pull shields away from the cavern. He and the other are careful and wait for three more to come forth before pushing back against the wolves that remain.

Erylys checked her spear of 10, she rolled 2.
Perin makes a check for Wolf vs. Eryls at 10, he rolled 8.
Perin rolls 3d6 and gets (4 5 3) for a total of: (12)
Evae checked her sword of 15, she rolled 2.
Perin checked his Wolf vs Evae=10 of , he rolled 12.
Evae rolls 5d6 and gets (1 3 2 3 2) for a total of: (11)
<OOC> Perin says, "twice his size, he falls, will try to get up next turn"

Ready and waiting is Erylys, and when the next wolf jumps out and heads her way once it spies her, she grips her spear tightly, thrusting towards it though only barely catching it before the beast is there, snapping at her chain-clad arm. Teeth manage a small score, but nothing that cannot be bandaged later.

Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 14.
Perin checked his wolf vs. Perin=10 of , he rolled 12.

As the wolves are allowed out, by three, Evae takes up another defensive stance and the wolf comes at her, she swings her sword, finding a vulnerable position again on the wolf and bringing it down. She breathes a sigh of relief.. but she's going to go help Perin now.

Perin turn, shieldles to face his wolf, but misses completely. At least enough to get its attention and keep the fighting in the favor of the hunting party. It snaps back at him and he manages to stay out of the way of those jaws. As the group works, some of the other men with swords put out the downed wolves that are still breathing simply to be sure they are down.

<OOC> Perin says, "Erlys can go against hers, no change, Evae makes this wolf attack at 7 and 7 for them"
Erylys checked her spear of 10, she rolled 5.
Erylys rolls 4d6 and gets (3 4 2 6) for a total of: (15)

Evae moves to Perin's aide and she draws her sword, not wanting her husband hurt in any capacity also. So, she tries to dodge the claws and teeth of the wolf while assisting, glad the huntress seemed to have her own things well in hand.

Perin makes a check for wolf vs. Erlys at 10, he rolled 6.
Evae checked her sword of 15, she rolled 6.
Perin rolls 3d6 and gets (5 6 5) for a total of: (16)
Perin makes a check for wolf vs. Evae at 7, he rolled 3.
Evae rolls 5d6 and gets (6 2 2 1 6) for a total of: (17)
<OOC> Perin says, "Erylys takes some damage (6 points) if that's over her size, she checks her dex for knockdown. Perin's is down with Evae's strike, they can join her next round for the 7,7,6 of the wolf …."
Erylys checked her dex of 15, she rolled 5.

It would seem this wolf has worked itself up being unable to get out of it's den earlier. Turning about on her, the animal pushes off and snaps, once more catching her clothing. Somehow, Erylys manages to keep ehr feet even with the thing running into her legs. The spear sweeps before her, if nothing else, to keep the animal from catching her and pulling her down.

As Evae comes over to down his wolf, Perin pauses, ready to strike but no reason to. Thus, once the wolf is down, he moves over to help Master Erlys with her wolf for now. One man moves over to the shield blocade to help. Perin brings his sword to the aid of the hunstsmen.

Evae does manage to help Perin and she slices through him with all the combined anger and frustration she can manage. When she looks back though, Perin was back over assisting Erylys and the wolf there. She doesn't try and intervene with so many there though, just watches the cave to assist if more came out.

Erylys checked her spear of 10, she rolled 3.
Perin makes a check for Wolf vs. Erylys at 7, he rolled 14.
Erylys rolls 4d6 and gets (4 5 1 6) for a total of: (16)

Erylys does take notice when Perin and anyone else moves into place to lend her a hand, making sure to not hit anyone else though msot of her concentration is on the wolf who turns back her way again. This time, the spear finds home, sending the wolf down to bleed into the ground. Panting slightly,s he looks up, grinning at the others. Oh, she's having fun.

The wolves are dealth with, the few that remain are taken out by the remainder of the men. THough Erlys may be more injured, Perin has another first concern. He turns to Evae and comes closer, "You are well?" Looking to her eyes as she might hide bodily injury but maybe some truth there in her eyes. That is his concern.

As the den is cleared of wolves finally, the light is revealed. Four current pups from the spring, young enough to train perhaps. If Evae is allright, Perin turns to Erlys, "Thank you again master huntsmen, I shall hope the cubs are good in your care."

Evae checked her energetic of 16, she rolled 8.

Evae was fine, it's in her eyes, she was fine, but there was still a flicker of fire in their depths. Could it be from the ferocity in which she had fought the wolves, the protective instinct there? Or was there another reason? She does move from him when he turns to the huntsman, and she walks over to wipe her sword in the thick grass, removing the blood from it for the most part.

Once the wolves are dealt with, Erylys makes sure the den is cleared, crawling inside herself. Finding the pups, she gathers them out, bringing them with her as she crawls back out again. With a bit of a grin, she nods her head to Perin, "This is a successful hunt.." Surely can't mind the way it turned out! "You'll want to skin the wolves for their pelts?" If they don't want the fur, she'll take it as well! The meat will be saved for the dogs back in the kennel, if nothing else.

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