(514-07-10) They Only Gossip at Night... Mostly
Summary: Newt informs Kamron and Arian of some squire-ly gossip
Date: July 10, 514
Related: Hay and Religion and Rites and Wrongs are referenced.
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The return from Sussex is more tense than the trip down, what with a badly-injured knight, three injured Saxon prisoners, and a small herd of livestock. It means there need to be more guards, and less sleep, but the knights survive. And so it is that as the fires are starting to become necessary against the encroaching dark, that Newt comes up to Arian and Kamron, "S — S — Sirs? Could I speak with you a moment?" He nods his head upward, out toward the camp's perimeter, but that is the only casual thing about him. Thankfully, the firelight masks his faint blush, "Question about sword on axe, sirs." He's not a good liar.

The Laverstock is warming her hands before the fire, rolling her knuckles into her palms in a slow, continuous motion to roll the heat around her hands. She looks up at the stuttering Newt, and her brows arch high as she glances toward Kam and then back to the young squire. She tilts her head. "Oh…." She then smiles, her dimples soft and kind. "Well, I'm sure that I can help." She looks almost suspiciously to Kamron, particularly since this doesn't seem like a fireside chat.

Kamron narrows his eyes suspiciously at his squire, glancing across the fire to the lady knight, but he nods, "Of course, Newt. Happy to help." He nods to the others at hte fire, then starts to work his way out of the firelight. He ducks beneath a low-hanging tree-branch, holding it up for the others, then slowly lets it down, "So… axe and sword, Newt?" The squire blushes further, although the darkness hides it nicely. "Uh… yeah… sorry Sir… it's, um… it's about you and S — Sir Arian." He clears his throat, shuffling his feet, as Kamron's brows rise sharply.

Arian draws her cloak around them as they step further from the fires, and her arms cross to keep her warmth bundled in. She ducks under the low-hanging branch being held away by Kamron, and she casts him a soft smile of thanks. When Kamron starts in on the conversation topic, she is happy to offer her advice and support. But, big surprise, this is not what Newt actually wanted to talk about. She blinks at the actual topic, and she intakes a breath. "What?"

"Um… yeah. I know that… um… you've been… um… slipping away." Newt looks a little miserable, although he relaxes just a touch as Kamron nods slowly, the squire hurrying on, "And not doing anything wrong." That's a quick, quiet reassurance, and Kam glances to Arian a moment before he nods slightly. Before Kamron can say anything, however, Newt bubbles on, still keeping his voice to a hiss, "But Kalan, Sir Agramar's squire, saw you both in the stables, and he's telling the other squires that you were doing… uh… things wrong."

Arian blinks sharply as Newt continues. "Newt—" But he hurries on, cutting her off as he explains that a squire saw them in the stables, and that they were doing it wrong. She almost laughs, but manages to hold it back with a sharp clasp of her teeth on her lip. She clears her throat, bringing a hand up to her cheek as if she is trying to look coy and embarrassed. "Doing… what wrong, Newt?"

Kamron's eyes widen at Newt's words, but as he continues, the knight brings a hand up to cover his mouth and keep from laughing himself. His eyes flicker over to Arian a moment, and he opens his mouth to respond and Newt is bumbling onward, "Things, Sirs. Doing things wrong. Like, more than kissing." His blush flares bright, "Like sex. Like you shouldn't be, and I know you're not." Just how he knows that… is another question altogether.

Arian bites at the heel of her hand as she covers her own mouth, trying to look surprised at the squire's boldness. "Ah, Newt… Sir Kamron and I… we have expressed affection for one another, and have even shared some stolen moments, but I assure you that we have done nothing more than kissing." Or at least that's the lie she's sticking to. "And perhaps some affectionate touching… but certainly whatever your squire friend saw…"

Newt nods his head rapidly at Arian's words, "I know!" That's a little loud for the hushed conversation, and he ducks his head down into his shoulders, glancing behind him for a moment before he blushes his way back to the two knights, "Sorry. Too loud. But yeah. I told him you wouldn't do anything like that." Kamron nods his head, "Well thank you, Newt. And… thank you for the warning." Newt nods rapidly, "Yessir. Um, yessirs. I just… I just don't want either of you to get in any trouble for things you aren't doing."

Newt's words cause her to actually pink slightly, and she ducks her head in an attempt to look modest. Really, she is just a little shy that she is getting a warning talk from a boy several years her younger. She certainly didn't expect such from Newt. Then she intakes a breath, offering the Knight and squire a soft smile — the latter in particular. "Thank you for your concern, Newt… Kam and I will be more careful, and make sure that no one can question our innocent affections." She casts Kamron a look, and her pale eyes dance with unspoken laughter.

Kamron glances across to Arian again, and once more he's trying desperately not to laugh. He actually succeeds, but it is an incredibly near-run thing and includes pinching in hose. A slightly-gasping breath later, and he's able to respond, "Exactly." Newt nods more readily, "Of course! Like, the night in Dorsetshire. Innocent picnic!" Which… he somehow knew about. "I'll keep telling him, but just… I thought you should know." He blushes darkly, then starts to back away, evidently aiming to leave them alone once more.

Arian does not trust herself to speak anymore, so all she does is bite hard at her inner cheek and wait for Newt to lope away back into the shadows. It is only when she is sure he is out of earshot does she burst into smothered laughter. She bends over slightly, grasping gently at her side as she tries to gets herself under control. It is only then does she look over at Kamron, straightening up and tugging at the lengths of her cloak. "So, we are now the most talked about couple in the squire circles… and it sounds like the most criticized." She flashes him a small smile.

Kamron pinches his nose shut again, cutting off his laughter — and his air — long enough that Newt can depart. Besides, it would be offensive to laugh at the squire when he's so concerned. Finally, he turns toward Arian, ducking his head into her to smother his laughter in her cloaked shoulder, helping to support her so she does not bend over entirely. Once he has control again, he lifts his head, noting, "Well, I suppose it's good to know that he is more attentive than I thought." That threatens to bring his laughter back, but he keeps it down, "In a stall with a horse? Is Kalan stupid?" It's not really criticism, just amusement.

Arian's arms sweep around his shoulders, drawing him up close against her as she joins him in this soft bout of laughter. Then she presses her lips against his cheek, nestling in close. She swallows her own laughter, calming herself into just broad smiles. She looks toward the fire, and then back to Kamron. "Indeed… we would have chosen an empty stall… Blaze does not need to witness that." Then she shakes her head. "Though… I suppose the moral is that we are not as sneaky as we think we are."

Kamron steps back, although he draws his arms around her as well to pull her along with him. The step puts them in the shadow of the tree that he stepped around earlier, and then he draws her close, leaning back against the narrow trunk. His laughter catches a little at her first comment, but he nods, "Exactly. And no, apparently we are not as sneaky as we think we are." One hand comes up to her cheek, brushing his fingertips across the soft skin, and then a memory comes to him, of having his back to another tree, and his ears begin to heat.

Arian is drawn willingly into the shadows, and she smiles as the nestle into the tree. Her pale eyes lift to meet his, and hers are warm with unsatisiated desire. She does not seem to make an immediate connection between the tree and Kam's memory, but the sight of his ears heating draws her smile deeper. "Kamron… what are you thinking now?" Her smile turns impish. "You're not wondering if maybe we can get away with a bit of alone time… you don't think Newt will be trying to guard us?"

Kamron shakes his head, "No, I think this is as alone as we'll be able to get on the way back." His voice stays quiet, a bare hush. His fingers continue to caress her cheek, and he chuckles low in his throat, "I was just remembering the last time you had me backed up against a tree, and what you… what we almost did then." His fingers apply just a little pressure, looking to turn her face up where he can kiss her, a soft, warm pressing and parting of lips.

Arian releases a soft sigh. Of course this is the only alone time they are going to get, because the Gods are cruel. She leans in closer still, and her arms slide more surely around his shoulders. She slips her fingers across his hair, lavishing in the feel. When he moves in to capture her in a kiss, she is a willing victim. Her lips sink into his, tasting the familiar flavor of his mouth and tongue. She starts to speak around this kiss, murmuring with a tilt of her head. "And you let me do to you quite recently…"

Luxuriating in the kiss for a long moment, Kamron allows the a soft sound of pleasure to rise from his throat, and he chases after her when she tries to speak, although eventually he allows the words free. Her words set him blushing brightly, but he still smiles against her lips, brushing his nose against hers before he responds, "Yes… I did. Quite dangerously, as I recall, considering where it was." His left hand still at her cheek, his right runs down her spine, curving aside to hook his thumb over her hip.

"Quite dangerously," Arian agrees with a soft murmur. She brushes her fingers slowly along the collar of his tunic, touching his skin more than his clothing. Her breath catches when he curves his thumb across her hip, and she is almost arching hungrily into his touch. Her forehead rests into his, and she starts to shake her head slightly. "We shouldn't," she murmurs against his lips once more.

The touch of her fingers to the skin at the base of Kamron's throat sends a shiver through him, and he twists his head to draw their temples together, pressing his lips to the corner of her jaw, "No… we shouldn't." The words are spoken against her skin, and for a moment, his fingers tighten at the point of her hip, and then he looses his fingers, smoothing them back around her waist as he lets his head drop back against the trunk of the tree behind him. "…we shouldn't." Disappointment is clear in his voice, for all that he is agreeing with her.

Arian intakes a sharp breath as his fingers tighten, and she almost is driven onward by that mere touch. But then he is loosening his grip, and almost letting her go. "We shouldn't…" The Knight lifts her eyes to meet his, and her fingers lift to curl against the line of his jaw. "But…" She draws his head forward, pressing her lips against his once more. She touches the tips of his ears with her forefingers.

Kamron would not dare to release her that easily. He lowers his head as she repeats the words, turning his head into her touch. Even as she is rising up to meet his lips, he is descending to hers, although the single word does cause a chuckle to build in his throat even as his tongue slips between his lips to flirt with hers. His ears burn beneath her fingertips, and his left hand flees her cheek to slip beneath her arm and up her back to the nape of her neck.

The Lady knight murmurs softly as his tongue inadvertently soothes the place where Padrig's fist had split her lip. Then she releases a soft sigh as she sinks further against him, nestling gently into his warm, slightly-taller body. Then she starts to slip back, breathing out a slow exhale that sinks her shoulders and relaxes her. She smiles gently up at him, and her eyes are warm. "Poor Newt," she murmurs, her laughter caught at the edges.

Kamron draws back half a heartbeat as he tastes copper on her lip, but as she sinks into him, he smiles, the hand at the back of her neck rising up to stroke over the short waves of brown hair. "I didn't know that you hurt your lip in the fight. But yes… poor Newt, defending his knights… although I suppose just his one knight now that you have your own squire."

Arian laughs in a hush against his shoulder, and she looks up to smile up at him. Her head tilts slightly, and she reaches up to touch her lip. The trace touches of blood on her fingertip is rubbed between her fingers, and then she shakes her head. "It was mostly an accident… I didn't expect the swing…" She then looks up to meet his stormy eyes, and her smile remains soft. "I know… he cares for us… but I'm sure Avane will be just as thoughtful to our mysterious secrets."

"And maybe, if we can figure things out, they won't be secrets anymore." Kamron's voice is a warm hush, soft as a spring breeze, "Although even then… there is something ever-so-scandalous about a husband and wife showing too much affection in public." His fingers still at the back of her head, and a little grin twists up one corner of his lips, "Do you know Avane then, Rhi?"

Arian's smile softens a bit at the mention of doing away with their secrets, though she releases a soft sigh and drops her chin. Her eyes close briefly. "Have you been thinking about that?" When she looks up next, her expression is thoughtful. "I know the Saxons took our focus… but we're on our way home now…" She intakes a breath through her nose, and only releases it when the talk turns briefly to Avane. "Oh yes… well, in a way… her older sister and I were friends in our younger years before she was married north. Her sister was always a bit more akin to me, though… very serious."

Kamron nods his head slowly, "When I'm not dodging Saxon axes, or watching out for Saxon tails, or thinking about the softness of your skin or the luster of your hair or…" he lets that trail off to another crooked grin, "Let's just say that I've had a great deal to think about, but I've still been bending my mind to the problem." His thumb brushes over the skin just above her ear, "So you're saying that Avane is… less serious, then. I'm sure she'll fit right in while you teach her some serious skills."

Kamron's words spark a soft pink at her cheeks, and Arian offers a small and shy smile. "All of those things, you say? I'm surprised you can remember to breathe." The dark-haired woman leans back in, resting her forehead against his. She almost catches him in a kiss once more, but her willpower strengthens and she leans away from him once more. She tilts her head slightly. "Avane will be dedicated to learning… and perhaps everything else. She is far too eager."

"Sometimes, I don't." Still, Kamron doesn't seem to mind, tilting his head forward to brush his nose past hers and steal a quick kiss. Willpower is to be rewarded, right? Or maybe he just wants to reward himself. "So you're saying that she and Newt are going to burn things down together?"

"You really should breathe now and then…" Arian's words taper off into a soft sigh as his lips touch hers, and she sinks even deeper against him as if she is trying to merge with him and the tree behind him. She bites softly at her lower lip as more laughter threatens to spill from her, and she shakes her head slightly. "Perhaps… though I think Newt is going to be far too shy around a lady squire… he is shy around everything else."

Kamron looks at the collection of her lower lip between her teeth in the dim night, "Yes… that would be one of the things keeping me from breathing." The fingers at the side of her face drop down to brush over her lower lip, first his fingertips, and then the pad of his thumb. "Oh, I'm sure. But at least I'll have someone to help me teach him how to act around Ladies… she's not going to be scared of the court, is she?" Now he might be teasing her, just a little.

Arian's expression turns wonderfully impish as he brushes a fingertip across her lip. She dips her chin a touch, looking up into his eyes with a touch of love and lust. Her fingers slide up his arms, gathering up near his shoulders and rolling him back against the tree once more. This allows her to press comfortably against him. "Avane and I will do our best to help teach Newt how best to handle being around the fairer sex." She smiles. "You never know… he may prove to be better at it than you are."

Kamron brushes the bad of his thumb down over the point of her chin, meeting that lowered-head gaze evenly, his pale blue-gray eyes blowing warmly in the darkness. The brush of her hands up his arms sends gooseflesh up in the wake of her touch, and his eyes flicker shut for a moment. His fingers curl, brushing his dull nails across the side of her neck, "If he's motivated enough, I suppose he might. That was always the problem with me… my motivation was toward the wrong direction, away from the altar rather than toward it."

Each grace of his touch draws a sudden shiver through her. Her eyes flutter shut, and a gasp escapes her lips when his nails tease at her soft skin. She closes her eyes, head falling back a touch to open up her throat to his touch. Her jaw trembles slightly, but then she starts to laugh softly. "And now you wish to charge the altar with me in tow," she teases him. She draws her hands back down his arms and then drops them to his hips.

Kamron ducks his head to nose into the exposed skin of her neck, pressing his lips at the base of her throat, then curling his head in close to hers for a moment of silence. Finally drawing up his head again so that he can meet her gaze, "Perhaps not quite charging…" His hips rise to the touch of her hands, and his eyes flicker shut again, "…'marching resolutely despite all obstacles?'"

Arian's smile redoubles when his lips touch her throat. Her eyes remain closed until he lifts back up from her skin. When she meets his gaze, hers smolders with warm desire. The roll of his hips into her hands causes her fingers to tighten for a moment, before loosening to glide around his hips to settle at the base of his sacrum. His words spur another soft laugh, and she shakes her head. "I'll take the march."

"Good. Because last time I charged in without hesitation or thought," Kamron is talking to avoid thinking about the feel of her fingers on his hips, or sliding across the small of his back. "I ended up in the hands of another woman, getting my hip and ribs stitched up. I think I'll avoid doing that again. And what about you? Have you been thinking as well?"

"Mmhmm," Arian murmurs as her hands slide further down the small of his back, curving over his buttocks and down the back of his thighs ever so slightly. "And why were you doing such a silly thing that lead you in stitches?" She murmurs the question only as part of conversation. She is quite distracted herself. At his question though, she tilts her head slightly and her smile softens a touch. "I have been thinking… thinking about what offers can be made to both Laverstock and Dinton… thinking about if we can make a match profitable… should it not matter my faith?"

Kamron draws in a sharp breath as her hands descend, then sinks into the feeling, his hand running slowly up her spine to draw her close against him again, glorying in the feel of her warmth. "Amusingly, the fact that we are both knights may well help us. Since His Grace pays for our keep anyhow… so we won't cost either manor anything further. It's simply the fact that marriage is a thing of God in the Christian faith…" A sad little smile touches his lips, "I never thought that my own faith might bind me against my happiness."

"Shh…" Arian touches her fingertip to his lip as he starts to find sadness in this warm, secretive exchange. "I know…" She offers him a small, sad smile of her own — but it is only in passing. She inhales, and leans back into him to press her forehead against his. Her finger slips from his lip, and hooks lightly in the collar of his tunic. She touches his skin softly. "We will find a way… or we will accept our fate as unwed lovers…" She offers him a weary smile. "If we can both avoid being matched elsewhere."

Kamron draws back the hand from her throat, running his fingers down her side. The hook of her finger to his tunic's collar causes him to laugh huskily, the sadness slowly slipping free of his smile, "I'm sure we can do that. Love as strong as ours can do anything." Brushing his nose across hers, he chuckles again, "But we probably shouldn't make Newt's job of covering that much more difficult, Love."

Arian breathes in sharply, and then she nods at his warning words. "So, we should go back to the fires and be social?" Her eyes lift to meet his, and she offers him a wry, if not slightly disappointed, smile. She brushes her fingers across his gently, and then she starts to step away from him as if she is assuming he is about to escort her back to the fires, and thus the others.

Kamron nods his head, "Yes, we should." Not quite yet though, apparently, as the Christian knight steps forward, away from the tree, his hands at her side and back tightening to draw her in closer once more, "In a minute." The latter words are whispered against her lips as he ducks his head that little distance to rejoin his lips to hers, letting the heat of her passions wash over him, stoking the banked fires within. His own desire sparks bright and clear within, driving his mouth over hers in a slow, blazing conquest of ground explored before, but not often enough.

"Kamron…" Arian murmurs as he draws her back in before she can escape — not that she is trying to escape. She draws her arms back around his shoulders. "In a minute." She agrees. Then her mouth joins his, and her whole body melts against him in a wonderful surrender. Her nose brushes across his as her tongues intertwine and dance. She presses him back up against the tree as she sinks into this warm, glorious moment. Her fingers pull lightly at his tunic, expressing her desires quite readily.

Luxuriating in the close press, Kamron loses himself in the kiss, turning his head to brush his nose past hers and indulge from another angle. The Dinton man's hands curl at her hip and against her side, and one even manages to get his fingers beneath her tunic, sliding over the side of her hip with just her breeches between him and her warm skin. Eventually, an eternity and an eyeblink alike, he draws back with a final flirt of his tongue across her lower lip. Murmuring wordlessly at first, he slowly resolves to, "We should probably get back, Love. Do you want to go first?"

Arian sinks woefully back onto her heels and leans back away from him. Her eyes lift to meet his, and her gaze lingers for a long heartbeat. Then she sighs, and nods. "Oh, yes." She rolls her shoulders a bit, gliding her hands down his arms before she hooks her fingers briefly with his. She hesitates, and then her smile softens a touch. "I love you, Kamron. Think of me tonight." And she leans in to press her lips quite chastely against his cheek.

Kamron meets that gaze quite warmly, his fingers teasing from beneath her tunic to brush along her jawline, the fingers of his other hand squeezing hers lightly, "There has not been a night for months that I have not, Rhi." He accepts the kiss to his cheek with a smile, his fingers caressing the apple of her cheek briefly, and then he leans back against the tree once more, his eyes remaining locked on her.

Arian is quite resistant to walking away — but then she breathes out a sigh and steps another series of steps back. She starts to turn, her eyes lingering as long as she can until she looks away and starts to head back toward the fire. Her fingers brush across the summer greens, rubbing the leaves between her fingers as she heads back toward the camp.

Kamron squeezes her fingers one last time as she turns, and then he releases them, his other hand coming up to brush down alongside her spine as she steps away. His lips purse in a little kissing motion, and then he watches her weave her way back toward the camp with a soft, almost regretful smile.

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