(514-07-10) Foolish Actions equal Foolish Consequences
Summary: Braelynn needs some patching up after making a poor decision.
Date: 514-07-10
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Braelynn enters the manor house with a singular purpose - finding Arta. Though it is summer she has a blanket draped over her shoulders, and her left hand holds it closed around her shoulders. She begins to ask, quite methodically any servants she sees, "Have you seen my cousin Arta?" Finally one of them points toward the Solar, and Braelynn makes her way toward the family's living quarters.

Arta is spending time inside the manor. No, not treating any patients or doing anything with herbs. Rather she is trying to concentrate on writing down a song or a poem. She absolutely has to have one of those for the summer tourney, she promised to the earl. She would rather have it be an original work. Sure she could think of something if it came to that but those ideas for a song would not be as nearly as rad as completely original one. Moreover this might be her chance to gain glory should the song be very well liked.

Braelynn enters the room, and moves quietly behind Arta to peer over her shoulder. "Am I interrupting, cousin?" She seems to know she is, but her purpose, though ridiculous, is necessary and interrupting her dear cousin is unavoidable.

Arta checked her modest of 7, she rolled 9.

Arta looks at her cousin Braelynn "Yes, you are interrupting. This song could very well be the next big thing." Arta makes a small pause "What is it you are here for?" Arta continues writing on the piece of parchment. Then pondering silently for a moment.

You check your proud at 13, you rolled 17.

Braelynn sighs and says apologetically, "I'm sorry. I need your help." She glances around, before unclasping the blanket with her left hand. It falls from her shoulders and she drapes it over the nearest chair. Her arm is now exposed, and the ripped blood stained sleeve can be seen covering her right upper arm. "I can't reach to bandage it myself." She says this matter of factly, and rather calmly.

Arta checked her merciful of 16, she rolled 4.

Arta looks at her cousin's arm "Where did you get this from?" Arta moves swiftly to consider the wound before Braelynn can answer "Does not look that severe. No need to get the axe out." Arta gives Braelynn a look "Don't worry, i would not like to do it anyway, unless your life depended on it. Even then, i bet i would feel bad but not for the obvious reason." "First aid should do to stop the bleeding."

Braelynn glances at her cousin and gives a little lopsided grin before saying, "No need to be melodramatic, dear cousin. It's just a scratch, or several of them I suspect. I haven't quite… looked." In fact it is, simply a series of small scratches, but one of them is quite deep, but still not so deep that much is needed in the way of healing, other than keeping them clean and free of infection. "The falconer told me Lia wasn't ready to be taken out. I didn't listen. I've no one to blame but myself. She missed the glove."

Arta checked her firstaid of 15, she rolled 12.

Arta cleans and bandages the wound. "What else happened today?"

A sigh escapes Braelynn's mouth as she says, "Absolutely nothing. I mixed some salve, made some notes." She shrugs, "Much like any other day, I expect."

Arta nods at Braelynn "You know, I daydreamed the other day." "I thought about rallying together all of the rivals of the Burcombe's and marching together to crash a specific wedding. When one should happen." "Imagine it, before the priest would say 'Amen' we would break through the door and walk down the aisle with weapons in hands hollering curses." Arta smirks gleefully at Braelynn "I know its very childish and inappropriate to think or act that way but I could not help myself." "Don't you ever wish things upon people you are prejudiced against?"

Braelynn shakes her head and makes a tsk'ing noise at her cousin. "As long as it remains in your imagination, dear Arta. We don't need scandal to touch our family, at least not now." She tilts her head and looks at her, asking curiously, "Did you tell Myfanwy what I told you?" There is no accusation in her voice, just curiosity.
Arta shakes her head "No, I did not." Arta keeps a small pause "She is my sister, she knows when something's not quite right but there is no way she would know what exactly is not quite right." "It is a heavy secret to keep but it is safe with me."

Braelynn nods and gives Arta a smile. "She said she heard I was sad. I just wondered how much she had heard." She moves her arm to test out the bandages, and steps back slightly, "I told her. What little there is to tell, anyway." Braelynn pulls herself up to sit on a nearby table, letting her feet dangle as she does.

Arta says, "You told her? Well, i hope you made the right choice for both of you. I won't continue if you do not like me to, but i do have a couple of visions."

A tilt of her head is given, sending a red curl to fop onto her forehead. She reaches up to brush it off her forehead rotely and gives a little wince as she is reminded of her scratched up arm. "Visions, Arta? What do you mean?"

Arta chuckles almost inaudibly "I have planned your wedding with Sir Seraphina from the ground up. Albeit I’ve left the most important details open for changes." Arta beams at Braelynn "Of course, that is also a daydream."

A loud sigh is given, and Braelynn shakes her head. "You and your daydreams." She looks at her cousin sternly and informs her. "I haven't heard from Sir Seraphina since the day following the siege. You really must get these ideas out of your head." Her voice is clipped, and perhaps a bit tense as she says, "The distance has been good. Clarifying, really." With that her facade of bravery falters for just a split moment and she says, "Please Arta, I just don't want to discuss her. It's pointless, and painful."

Arta nods at Braelynn "Is there anything you would like to discuss rather?"

Braelynn seems to ponder this for a moment, and she says cheerfully, "I want to hear something about you. Have you met anybody new?" She tilts her head and asks curiously, "And have you heard from your sister?"

Arta shakes her head "Not really anybody new. I really need to someday." "Myfanwe? Yes, last time we met we where riding along the bourne river talking about Custard and life."

"I don't think I've ever spoken to her quite so candidly as I did the other day. She's more pleasant than I thought. Not that I thought she was unpleasant, but you know… " Braelynn smiles, and says to Arta. "You're not going to meet anyone sitting here writing poetry you know." She nods toward the books, "I know it's important, but you need to get out more. Come to the market with me next time I go!"

Arta nods serenely "You are right." "Wanna hear what a knight in Carlion named John said to me once?"

An eager nod is given, and Braelynn cheerfully says, "Yes! I do!" It's hard to tell if this cheerfulness is forced, or genuine, but she is grateful for something to distract her from her own thoughts.

Arta makes nonchalant gesture with her hands "Don't worry, i am sure some man will marry you one day." Arta then stops gesturing "I was so offended. Like i would marry just -some- man." "He was fortunate I did not give him an earful about it."

Braelynn chuckles and says, "Why is it that men are so reluctant to marry? It seems the women are the ones with all of the inconveniences that come with it. They have to leave their homes, family, court positions and for the next portion of their lives their body is not their own. It's an incubator for their spawn." She shakes her head, "I simply do not understand. By the time women are done having their babies and raising their children they are simply too old to enjoy it."

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