(514-06-30) Gaining Earl's Permission
Summary: Idmiston and Newentone Heads along with their children, visit the Earl and get his permission for marriage.
Date: June 30, 514
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As is usually the circumstance and a standard day, the Great Hall is open for household knights and visitors from vassals just the same. From time to time, Robert is available here to meet with anyone who would need his attention of course. There is usual some food out from time to time to feed those who live here, and guests alike. Having just finished a small meeting with some officers, Earl Robert enters and makes for a dish of some sweet breads. Reaching to take one in hand as he sees who is gathered here today. His mood seems light at least, open to anyone, not distant or closed off at all. With a roll in hand, he moves near his chair, but doesn't take a seat just yet. A lull as it is, making him very much available.

After much deliberation and back and forth between Glaw, his father and Gwyn's father, the audience with the Earl is finally sought, to finalize the agreement with the blessing of the Earl. Or to make the necessary adjustments as the case may be. The four figures will take the opportunity then, to approach the man, Gerralt of Newentone to begin the converasation. "My liege. Would you spare us a moment of your time?", he inquires, preferably when Robert does not have half a sweet roll stuffed down his mouth. Ahem.

Gesturing then to Glaw and Gwyn who trail behind, he makes the introductions. "This is my son, Sir Glaw of Newentone, and this is Lady Gwynaelle of Idmiston, daughter of Sir Gwynedd de Idmiston over here.". Needlessly formal, perhaps, but then, with perhaps 100 knights or more under his command, surely Robert needs a reminder now and then who is related to whom.

It is Glaw however, that steps up then, putting a light hand on his father's arm, nodding. "I am aware that this is not quite how things are done in recent years, but I prefer some of the old ways, my Earl. So witht he permission of my and Lady Gwynaelle's father's permission, I would seek your blessings for a marriage between her and myself.".

Dressed in a gown of green and black, Gwynaelle follows her father into the main hall of the castle, walking at Glaw's side behind the fathers. As his begins the introductions, she bows her head, offering a curtsey to the Earl before rising and facing him, her blue eyes much like her father's. Quiet does she remain at the moment, letting men talk, though she seems fairly alert to what is being said.

At the approach, Robert finishes the bite of his roll he took, putting the remainder of the roll down at least. Chewing and a nod is given. He won't open his mouth to speak until done with that bite, courtesy prevails certainly. Casually he listend to the introductions, the names important and glad they were given. Even with some recognition, having it all there laid out is certainly a good thing for the Earl. "Ah Sir Glaw and Lady Gwynaelle," he says, turning to both of them as his father both introduces and directs him there, whereby his son picks up. Half more looking to Gywnaelle as the son explains they approach and the request for a blessing. "I would certainly grant such a blessing," admits the Earl without need for thought on that. Though there is a pause after that is said, and he looks to Gwynedd de Idmiston. Then some recognition comes to him there, more than face and name, but circumstance as well. "Ah, this woman was your heir?" A beat, enough to suggest that is the bigger curiousity in the Earl, beyond simply the matter of such a wedding. "My blessing to the marriage. As for the matter of Idmiston itself, perhaps there is another in the family who would serve as an heir?" That one certainly more directed at Gwynedd. Its hanging for the moment as if the answer to that could bear some affect upon the Earl's response.

Gwynedd turns to the Earl, the man he's often serving. A nod comes to the knight's head, "She is, yes. My sons are both dead, one at battle, the other to a winter plague that hit us." Lips are pressed together before he continues, "None of my blood, but there are cousins, yes." The words are spoken quietly, his gaze going once to his daughter, then to the Earl.

Gwynaelle ducks her head, hands clasped before her, though soon looks back to the men, standing straight and tall before the Earl's study after a brief look of warmth and feeling isg iven to Glaw.

Glaw seems to be relieved at that answer at first, though the apprehention does not quite leave him, perhaps knowing that more details need to be hashed out, even if Robert had not directly noticed the special circumnstances. As the possible terms are taken into consideration, Glaw remains quiet for now, letting Gwynedd speak for himself, of course. There is a light sigh from the young knight, an almost appologizing look given to the Idmiston patriarch, though Glaw remains standing tall enough, waiting for the conversation to require his own input again. After the words given, Glaw does speak up again. "It pains me a little that I would put my foster-father in such a position, to have to name an heir from among one of his Nephews.", he admits, "…but it is something we anticipated.", he admits. "Newentone would not expect Idmiston as a dowry. Our families have been allied and neighbors for at least three generations now. Should another heir be named for Sir Gwynedd's lands this will not alter our willingness to go forwards.", he says, to which the Gerralt only nods his head. Apparently the older knight is training the son to take charge of the lands more hands-on.

Robert nods aproval to this, the idea of a cousin being available. As well, he takes a moment to heed what the young knight has to say. Or younger at least, Robert himself only a few years older than those called young at least. He's a few more years to train and test himself, and provide his own successor. Those in the works of course. "This is good, my blessings remain that you find this a prosperous marraige. I'm certain Sir Gwynedd will adapt to this position. It is best it remain in the family for the now. If you were more tested and ready, the concern of the house would be less of an issue." A breath is taken, "For now it it trusted to the family. Should circumstance change of course, time will tell. I'm sure the cousin can well be trained as you prepare to head your household, Sir Glaw."

Glaw might not like to be called untested or unready, and surely his shows with the lift of his chin a little, though he knows better to mouth off to his liege. Still, he nods his head, glancing at Gwynedd, then at Gwyn, before he lets out a deeper sigh. Gerralt does take over then, the old knight not giving the reigns out of his hands completely quite yet. "It is agreed then. We shall make the announcemnts soon and hope that both of us live for many years yet so that such matters of heirs do not have to be decided hastily.", the man does dare, grinning at his Idmiston counterpart. Well, the two been in more than one battle together, surely the old men have grown fond of a certain gallow's humour by now. "We hall leave you to your dinner then, my liege.".

Gwynedd nods once more at Robert's comment, soon to speak, "There is Tomas or his brother, Talfryn, who should be knighted in the next year.." The man offers the names to the Earl before gesturing to his daughter to step forwards, to receive the Earl's blessing. "Gwynaelle can help train either of them into taking her place until the wedding, with your permission.

Gwynaelle steps forwards, to offer the Earl another curtsey, rising to smile, "I thank you, Sir, for your blessing." Stepping back to allow Geralt and her father continue to talk, she reaches for Glaw's hand, offering it a squeeze, smiling all the more now in a way that suggests - see, that was easy!

The Earl nods his head with the full agreement. "You are welcome to enjoy some of the offerings today, though by the sounds you two may be interested in getting the announcements posted. It sounds like you two are well on your way as it is, but my thanks that you have come to me." For the blessing of course. A look to Gwynedd, "I trust you in this matter and will be glad your daughter is available to them. I look forward to what may come of this union." Between the houses for now at least. Better them some of the others houses, at least its only squabbles this year, no fights have occured between vassals as of yet. The Red Sior may have helped delay some of that by giving the knights a focus at least, that and the Saxons.

Glaw listens to the older knights talk for a moment, before Gwyn distracts him for a moment with that hand of hers, that look. Oh, he is sending her a bit of a dirty look. Easy. Right. A deeper breath is taken then, before he glances at Robert again. "Thank you for your blessing. And I shall strive to not dissapoint the trust you have put forward in me…and…mine.", he says then, glancing at Gwyn. Yep, already claiming her as family is he, grinning.

Gwynaelle is drawn in towards Glaw as he makes his claim, ready to head out with him with one finaly word of thanks to the Earl. As for her father and his? They will likely stay and talk some more with the Earl, rehashing old battles, and those newer recent ones that left Sarum in need of a little rebuilding.

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