(514-06-27) Casual Reunion
Summary: Ffion and her older sister Sir Letha finally get a chance to reunite and catch up a little.
Date: 514-06-27
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Stapleford Salisbury

A manor of shadows, hidden away in the middle of a forest thicket.
walls of stone surround the grounds, with a single turret on the side of the
manor walls that face the river. Rectangular and squat, the manor itself sits
within those walls, a twisted oak reaching skyward above even the manor from a
courtyard in the center of the manor proper. The construction of the manor is
with sturdy stone - dark painted oak breaking up the stone to give the house
structure and support. The sigils of a cross are seen often in the structure
of the manor - whether it be cut into the stone to make windows, or above the
doorway that leads into the manor.

Above even the mighty oak in the center of the manor rises the
steeple of the church that the walls protect as well. Although the steeple is
decorated with a cross, the church boasts reliefs in the door of the archangel
Michael, and inside the chapel, a statue of the Archangel watches over the
Virgin Mary, bearing holy sword and armor worthy of the mightiest mortal

The Stapleford people are a grim lot - peasant and noble prone to
simple colors of garb and serious looks as opposed to smiles. Women are
prominent - peasant and noble alike, oft being able to be caught outside
practicing with sword and other martial things - inbetween their normal

While fishing is plentiful, with trout, eel, and grayling from the
bounty of the Wylye river, livestock seems limited to chickens and the
occasional goat or sheep. A mill sits by the river proper, a lazy waterwheel
turning to help the peasants crush grain. Most of the farmland is wheat,
although a number of vegetables are grown. Most notable is the sugar beet -
the Stapleford sugar beet is prized amongst the family, and often appears in
the dishes served here.

While most of Stapleford squiring occurs out in the wilderness, the children
that grow up in the manor itself often need a good head start, and women who
don't go on to become knights are expected to keep their skills sharp enough
to fend off would be raiders or invaders. There is nothing grand about it,
but Ffion usually tends to the upkeep of the range herself, since she figures
she's the one who uses it the most.

Today, however, Ffion is not following her normal routine. The target is
already full of arrows never retrieved and Ffion has unsheathed her sword with
eyes on an unsuspecting dummy.

Letha was never taught the art of the bow, but that doesn't mean it doesn't
interest her. However, Ffion has already moved on to swordplay, and that
interests her even more. "You've been working a great deal since I've gone
out." rumbles Letha from her spot where she leans on her spear and observes.
Sure, she has a sword, but she's never been as good at it as she has when
working with the weapon she's currently clutching.

You check your Awareness at 13, you rolled 11.

Ffion blinks out of her concentration, a rapid shift from the circling private
thoughts that made her want to murder the poor rucksack bastard. He can wait.
Her sword arm slackens and she offers her older sister a small, weary smile.
"I never stopped." Some were drawn to the blade in their family. Growing up,
Ffion was not immune, but then, not everyone in the family were allowed to
squire. No doubt Ffion's skill with a sword has suffered for it, but it isn't
her purpose. Ffion sheathes her blade as she approaches to greet Letha. "It's
good to see you in one piece," she admits. "Did you just get back?"

"Good to be in one piece." An arm held out in invitation for an embrace at
Ffion's discretion, adding, "I arrived on the very day the tourney ended, so I
had no chance to compete. And then I rode as quick as could be managed for
home. I've seen a few familiar faces, but I'm glad to finally see yours."

Ffion tucks in underneath her sister's arm, wrapping her arms around the
Knight's midsection for a tight hug. Ffion has been under her own training,
and it has shaped her too, turning her more inward as if the intent were to
make her match all of the other solemn women around the manor. There is a
gravity to the girl, no woman, but it cannot replace the joy of seeing her
kin. "I never doubted you would make it," she tries to explain for herself.
"It's just with the attacks…" The talk seems to be an adequate distraction
from whatever drove her intensity at her targets earlier. "Will you be staying

"Yes." That's all Letha has to say about the attacks, though she caught some
of the fighting when the Saxons breached Sarum. The hug in return is tight.
"It gives me a glad heart to know you will strand strong in the face of our
enemies. And I will remain, for a time at least." She works her jaw a little,
heaving a sigh. "I hear Chalke is preventing Maeve from returning home to us.
Has Gideon said anything of it?"

"Good. I will have to take you hunting." Ffion nods to herself with a
strained smile. "Of course. Though I think now I work at it out of avoidance
than anything." Ffion has always been this way, offering what information she
will, leaving something to be desired. The reasons, if there are any, aren't
clear, but for those who have known her long, they do know a few things. It
is not due to lack of raw intelligence and it is not ill-willed. Beyond that,
nothing is constant. Whether the Stapleford is even aware of it could be
debated, and it might be one of the contributing factors to her prolonged
difficulty in attracting a suitor (not as if she's ever applied half as much
effort to it as she has other endeavors).

"Yes." Ffion purses her lips. It appears that these days, most of her
communication travels through micro-expressions. when she was younger, she
was never so guarded. "I have not spoken to Gideon lately. He is very busy
and…I have something I need to discuss with him." Realizing how ridiculous
that sounds, the contradictions, Ffion frowns slightly. "There are things to
do. I haven't found the time," she explains it away, knowing that /her/ using
such an excuse is wildly obvious.

"Is it anything I can help with?" The thing about Letha; she offers help, but
when someone tells her it's a thing they must do themselves, she doesn't push.
Instead she observes, "I think it's wise. To know how to best do the things
that suit you, will buy you time until those who can offer more direct help
can come to you." Letha too, isn't one for suitors. Of course, there has been
occasion for cruel tongues to offer question as to Letha's actual gender.

You check your Generous at 13, you rolled 4.

"Actually, yes. When you were away, I decided to study in healing of all
things." Ffion saves Letha the trouble of asking her why on earth she would
study healing of all things, an odd choice for the Stapleford. "I didn't do it
to become some village doctor. In our present state, I want to be of use on
the battlefield. I need to. I cannot learn anything more here, but I have no
experience," in battle that is. "I will not stand by while my kin suffer."

Letha blinks in surprise. "I only know enough to get buy on a battlefield,
myself." says the taller woman. "But whatever it is you think I can do - "
there's a sudden pause, and she grins, "Do you want me to stab people for
you?" She lets out a belly laugh.

You check your Trusting at 10, you rolled 19.

You check your Suspicious at 10, you rolled 8.

"Well, if you're offering. I've been maintaining a list over the years,"
Ffion lightens up in turn, mirroring her sister's mood. "I will have to speak
to Gideon first. I wouldn't want to waste your time. I wouldn't want to
supersede Gideon's will in the matter," of her getting up to par, if there is
to be such a thing. And now for something Ffion never expected, a stint of
silence between them feeling so awkward. Silence between her and her siblings
is not an uncommon occurrence. They are Staplefords. They each harbor their
own interior worlds, no matter how simple or complex they may be. But yes,
this one is awkward in Ffion and eats at her. "I'm sorry. I have not been
myself lately," she offers as a paltry excuse.

"You are always yourself." Letha replies pragmatically. "It's just sometimes
what that is, is kept inside. I understand." Ffion will tell her - or not, as
she is inclined. "I should go inside tough, I need to try and speak to Claire
about an internment. If you're inclined later, we can spar. And whenever you
need me, Ffion. Even if it's just to know that I'm around."

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