(514-06-25) Paying Respects
Summary: Sir Kylan sets off for the Steeple Langford manor upon hearing of the recent death of Sir Aeryn to pay his respects to her husband. He arrives to find Lady Rose instead. The two engage in a conversation from healing to siblings.
Date: June 25, 514
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The manor of Steeple Langford was lately decked out for a wedding, and now shows the black of mourning. But life must go on and there are commoners that are manning the twin mills that take up the grounds near the manor itself.

The day is bright as the warm summer winds blow into the small valley offering the scent of growing things to mix with the water tumbling the mills wheels. A few horses are being used to haul grain and two bakers are having some little "talk" about who gets to have there grain milled next.

Nearer to the manor is Rose, dressed in a soft linen over dress that is as close to black that she could fine. It fits well enough and has the soft blush hint of color that seems to be the one she wears the most.

Dismounting once the manor is in sight, the scruffy knight takes hold of his steed's bridle and walks him the rest of the way up the path to Steeple Langford. There is a relaxed gait to Sir Kylan's step as he takes note of the familiar lady and redirects his movement towards her, "Lady Rose.."

He bows smoothly from his waist upon stopping, his hand reaching over to affectionately pat the neck of his dark steed, "I see that you have returned home safely. Please allow me to offer my condolences over your family's recent loss. How is your brother recovering?"

Rose looks up from what she was doing, her hands in a basket of herbs, she blushes for some reason and then stands to offer a curtsies in greeting, "Sir Kylan…" She says softly, that voice soft and warm, soothing as always. At this words Rose shoulders shag just slightly but then she stands to her full slight height and looks up at the Knight. "And yes, thank you for seeing to my return. I have not had much change to speak with my brother really. I was at the battle and he rode off to Winterbourne soon after, I am still waiting to hear more. Atleast I was able to keep him alive so he could do so.." Her lips twist slightly and then she glances around, "Would you care to rest and allow me to offer refreshments? It will not begin to repay you for your hospitality, but the bakers have been working over time."

"My dear lady, there is no need to repay me for the hospitality. I did what any other man would in my position," he replies simply but does offer a slight grin at her words, "However, if you feel you must I would not decline whatever delight your bakers have managed." Kylan allows his attentions to slip away and take in the lay of the land before offering easily, "Keeping a man alive is no small feat. I have seen plenty a knight fall upon the fields of battle and even more do so under the hands of an inexperienced healer." He pauses for a moment before considering,

"Hmm, your words remind me I should make a greater effort to afford more time in the company of my own sisters. Life is too short to squander and neglect one's family."

Rose gently runs her fingers down her skirts, making sure that any grass and herbs do not find there way to trail behind her. A dip to pick up her basket and slide it on her arm and then she offers a smile in return. "I take any offer of hospitality seriously, to many times I have traveled on mission or to follow a battle and such niceties are forgotten. While I can forge for myself and others, it is never pleasant when one needs to be seeing to other needs.." She nods towards the manor and will turn to start that direction, but not before he has joined her.

She nods towards a stablehand who comes and escorts Kylan's horse to the stables to be taken care of and then she turns back to the Knight. "We lost to many in that raid, so while I did save a few, I lost to many.." Her features are pale but then she shakes her head. "But yes, family is important, it is good to see a brother worrying about loved ones.

Kylan easily relinquishes the reigns to the stablehand as his hands come to fold behind his back easily, posture impeccable, "It is easy to forget courtesies in times like these. Raids, battles - they bring out the darker side of man. Some of us lose ourselves within it easier than others." His gaze eventually finds its way back to the young noble healer, "I am the heir of House Chalke. It is my duty to worry over all under my care from sister to the lowliest of woodcutters."

"And I know many an Heir who does not think the same way.." Rose admits, and there is a little anger in her voice before she shakes her head and offers a tiny smile in apology. "But I was raised to care, I might not end up running a household, but that does not mean I do watch out for everyone when I can.." She turns her eyes from the Chalke heir and nods towards the doorway, once they step into the manor she leads him over to the central table and motions to the side, "Please, make yourself comfortable and I will see what tempting treats we have.."

"I cannot profess to be in the majority when it comes to my ideals, Lady Rose. But just because others of my position may not share the same sentiments does not necessarily make them a less honorable man," Kylan counters with his calm baritone as he makes his way on over to select a seat, "Rarer these days are the heir that was born to be so. Given all the raids of the Saxons, Picts, and Frankes - a decent portion of us came to the position by mere misfortune alone."

He does take his seat, hands reaching out to settle upon the arms of the chair at his sides almost as if testing out the craftsmanship of the bracers, "It is within a woman's nature to care. Not to say we men do not possess the ability to do the same, but emotions and sentiments are a luxury we frequently have little time to indulge within."

Rose watches Kylan for a moment, those eyes thoughtful, the deep indigo, a deep purple in the lightening within the manor. But after two breaths she dips her chin gracefully and steps over to speak with one of the serving girls who is working folding so linens. A soft word, a quick smile and then the girl is heading into another part of the manor as Rose gathers a pitcher and a couple of glasses.

It is not till she is pouring a glass for him, that she speaks again. "I don't know if I agree that is a male or female nature to do one thing or another. But it is in one's nature to do what one can. There are heirs, Knights, ladies and many others who do not put others needs into their minds. I do not say this is good or bad, it is simply something I feel does not make a good leader or caretaker…" She offers him the glass of wine before pouring her own. "But I do understand, maybe more than a should, of what happens within families when second and third sons must become something they did not foresee."

A tiny wrinkle of her nose appears as she moves to settle down in a chair near his own, the workmanship of the seating very well for the time. "Families sometimes react to those who could not save their loved ones before sense can be retained."

Reaching over to accept the glass of wine, Kylan nods soberly, "Aye, restraint is unfortunately not among the easiest lessons learned. Even the most disciplined man, or woman, can find themselves robbed of the ability to think logically in the heat of the moment. We seek a source of blame in others because it is easier upon the soul to believe our loved ones departed due to the failure of another to save them than to accept that the fault dare lay with our own inability to have prevented the attack which rendered their departure to begin with." He pauses as his gaze lower to survey the contents of his cup before adding, "It is not to say we truly believe the healer at fault, but merely that attaching such fault to them at that precise moment in time helps ease the burden weighing upon our souls."

He takes a sip of the wine, mulling it over for a moment or two. Upon lowering his glass he offers, "Is it fair to the poor healer? No, but it is sadly what is needed by those who engage in such behaviors at the time. I cannot say I have always been rational."

The wine is a slight sweet purple full-bodied wine and does not seem to be watered down. Rose's glass is swirls in her fingertips as she listens to Kylan's words. "It is not that I disagreed that a Healer needs to learn to death with not only the wounds that we see, but those who react after. Many simply can not deal with such things and do not moved within the battles…" A soft sip of her wine is taken before she wrinkles her brow and then gives a tiny sigh.

"What many can't or don't wish to see is the danger than Healers are in, we are not fighters but must protect our patients, we are not warriors but must at times protect ourselves from those who can't be rational. It is something that has come up of late. Learning how badly some think of healers and that we can be attacked without a thought, is painful.." Rose then blushes and shakes her head.

"Do forgive me, you did not come to speak over such matters. Have you visited our lands before?" She tries to change the subject just as the young serving girl comes out with a small platter; seven different baked treats or bread, abit of cheese and a small pile of roast is placed down before she looks at Kylan, then Rose, then Kylan and blushes as she moves to get out of the pairs way. Rose can only give a soft chuckle as she shakes her head.

He lifts a hand simply as if to silence the apology in the making, "Speak your mind as you see fit, Lady Rose. You are entitled to your opinions upon matters and may voice them without impunity in my presence." Kylan's lips twist a bit wryly, "Frankly, I find words spoken freely to be a bit refreshing. The plight of healers is clearly a passion for you and one you should be willing to discuss. I will concede that I have never really given consideration to the dangers they face. I respect their willingness to heal when needed and their courage to venture into dangerous arenas in order to do so. But never have I given a moment's thought to precipice upon which they walk."

When the food is brought he settles back in his claimed chair and allows his brows to narrow a bit in scrutiny of the woman before him, "Do you really wish to pursue a frivolous avenue of discourse over a topic which you appear so thoroughly invested within? If so, allow me to state that - No, I have never been to your family lands before. In fact if we wish, we can discuss any measure of topics from the weather to the state of travel upon the roads." He pauses for a moment before leaning in a bit more with that wry smile again edging upon his lips, "Or, we may continue discussing the plight of healers and frustrations sisters often feel for their brothers. I must confess I find the latter to be much more enlightening than the former."

Rose can't help a soft amused chuckle at this words, those eyes flicker back to him, as she reaches up and starts to pull out some of the better of the sweets and place them in front of Kylan, before taking one small brown puff herself and nibbling on it before speaking.

"A frivolous as it might seem, I was curious in such a way to see if you would like a tour while you are here. During such a tour we could not help but speak on topics. Including the later that seem to interest you so.." Rose is teasing him, but it's clear she is being truthful as she settles back with another nibble on the puff and a soft sweep of the sugar from her lips.

"I am passionate on many topics, but I fear for the safety of some of the younger healers. They don't understand just what they are stepping into when they heal after a battle. I've taken enough knives to the skin to worry for those who can't defend themselves.." As she speaks she rubs at her shoulder but it's clear she doesn't know she does so.

Favoring the wine with another draw from his glass, Kylan nods again in understanding, "Experience is the best teacher, Lady Rose. You can worry and fret over their safety ad nauseum, but in the end, it is they who shall need to be responsible for saving themselves. No one truly understands the dangers or casualties of battle until they have experienced it first hand." He lowers his glass and reaches for one of the rolls before breaking it in half with ease.

"There is a rare beauty to be found in innocence to be sure, but in order to survive the realities of the world upon which we exist one must be willing to shatter that innocence. Not everyone is ready to see the truth of things and until they are left with no other choice but to do so, they are highly unlikely to listen to the wisdom of others meaning well," Kylan argues easily before plopping part of the broken roll into his mouth and washing it down with another sip of wine.

"And those who have had that innocence lost in brutal ways, can't help but wish to save others from going through the same thing.." Rose returns with a little smile that twists her lips. Another sip of her own wine and she seems to ponder something. "I am not one who wishes to stop any from an experience they need, but I am one to speak of what is to come. I am hoping the Earl will think on setting up a Healer's Hall or some such where those who have seen and done things, can speak on the matters…" Of course Rose looks nothing like an aged Healer, but then one battle could mean all the difference.

"Innocence comes in different ways, just because one has not shut there eyes to the world, does not mean they don't hold an innocence in other ways. But then beauty is held also in different ways.

"I do not discount the wisdom in words and advice given to the innocent from those who have been hardened in battles. Yet I would be remiss if I were not to inform you that such an endeavor would be a waste all the same," Kylan echoes easily with that calming baritone, "You may speak all you wish, but no measure of words can prepare the innocent lambs for the brutality of battle. Hell, I know countless squires who still are incapable of grasping the brutality after years in service to their lords." He offers a little easier, "I do not mean to dissuade or make light of your hopes upon this Healer's Hall idea, but merely to impress upon you the likelihood that it will make little impact as a whole."

He pauses long enough to lop the other half of the roll into his mouth, again washing it down with the wine. Through it all, his eyes never quite waver from the woman allowing him to finally add in return, "Innocence is a blessing and a curse. We seek to maintain it for the sake of those we cherish and yet by doing so, frequently damn them in the process."

"But that is both a honor and a failing to those who wish to make life easier for those they love. It is neither good nor bad, or right or wrong, some simply need to follow there own hearts and do what they feel is best. That again might not be right.. But atleast they follow a path that they have set out.." Rose offers, another sip of wine before she gives him a lovely smile. "I do not think you dissuade, and I also do not think you are wrong. But it is still something I wish to do. Even if it has no meaning in the greater outlook of our world, it could in some way help, and it will make me feel as if I tried.

Rose's voice has been soft, but the passion of her desires is there to be hard, those eyes of hers watching him before she leans forward and places some cheese between a roll, and offers it to Kylan to try. "I am sure you do and say things that you think are important even if you feel they will be ignored. Every brother in the world does.." The last is said with an adorable smile as if sharing some joke.

The last of her words commands a slight snort from the man with a nod of agreement, "Aye, there is an element of truth to that. I am half-convinced it is in the nature of sisters to deliberately ignore the words of their brother on principle alone." Kylan offers a mock sigh, "Blessed is the man who has no sisters, for he is bound to be a degree saner than the rest of us."

The words are given with a light mock as his hand reaches to lift the wine glass again to his lips - polishing off the contents within. Granting her a conceding nod, he offers again in return, "Well, I wish you the best of luck with this Healer's Hall idea. If you succeed in it's establishment, I will be sure to at least make a recommendation of its services to those practicing the healing arts within my family territory."

"Thank you, I do not see myself in service for it, but I am a little more outspoken than some healers, so it will atleast be an idea there for those in need.." Rose says before she wrinkles her nose again, "Oh, I doubt they are saner for long, for they do not have an idea about woman at all when they go and dip their toes into the courtly pool.." She is amused before she dips her chin, "Brothers at least know what they are getting into to. It makes them better and stronger males I believe."

"Dipping toes in the Courtly pool is much like swimming with sharks," Kylan adds almost bluntly, "And frankly, I think I would prefer the company of the sharks."

There is a soft chuckle, but her eyes sparkle with amusement as she lifts her glass to him, "And the sharks you can at least understand.." She agrees before she gives a soft sigh. "I guess I like them a little more simple myself. But we don't always get what we desire.." She wrinkles her nose one more and sits the glass down to give him another curious look.

Not having touched anything more than the single roll and his glass of wine, the Chalke knight appears to have had his fill as he sets his now empty glass off to the side, "No, we do not. I prefer my dealings to be plain and tidy. There are far more pressing concerns in need of address than whether or not I have offended someone or another with my frank assessment of the situations at hand."

His expression grows a bit more stern with the marring of a brow, "Can I play the game? Absolutely, I can play in the thick with the best of them - but I choose not to. The time we waste brandishing words over petty squabbles could better be served training and discussing tactics for pushing back the Saxons before they conquer and lay waste to everything in their path. My brother and father before him lost sight of what truly is important. I do not intend to do the same."

Those almost purple hued eyes watch him as he becomes serious once more, her expression is hard to read as she runs her cup of wine between her fingertips and takes one last sip before placing it carefully down. When she speaks her voice is soft and thoughtful. "I do not believe you will do anything other than what you feel is best. And I respect you for that Sir Kylan, but if you might accept a small bit of advice?" She waits to see how he takes that before she speaks again. "Find time for something or someone to help the burden that is on your shoulders. It will only make it easier for you to do all you need to do."

"Wise words, Lady Rose, and ones I will consider when the time allows," Kylan reaches to brace his hands upon the arms of the chair before rising, "As much of a pleasure your company and hospitality has been, I should be riding back out to my family holdings. I have much still to attend to and correspondences still to send. Do inform your brother when he returns that I came to pay a call and express my deepest condolences for his recent loss."

He starts for the door as if to show himself out before turning to regard the healing hostess once more, "And if I might offer some advice in return, Lady Rose?" There is the briefest of pause, though not nearly enough to grant her much of an opportunity to refuse the offer, "Do not discount your brother's concern over your interests or well-being too easily. Sisters are a most frustrating lot to deal with and there is no measure of instruction available to us on how to handle them. We do the best we can with what we can. Sometimes we are just fortunate enough to have succeeded in our attempts."

Rose is not the type of Hostess to allow the guest to leave on his own. So she stands gracefully and dips her chin at his first words. But as he nears the door and she is a few steps behind, she pauses as he does and can't help a soft and warm smile. "I do not discount their concerns, It simply selfish of me to wish to see them more than I do.." She offers softly before giving a tiny shrug, "But I will take your advice as long as you take mine.." She then moves closer to see if at the very least to the door if not farther, catching the sight of a stable lad and motioning him to ready Kylan's horse.

"Fair enough, Lady Rose, fair enough," the Chalke heir concedes as he offers his hostess a deep bow from the waist. Kylan gives a polite nod of his head to the stable lad as he retrieves his horse before mounting and heading south towards his own manor.

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