(514-06-25) Pain Relief
Summary: Idris stops by the apothecary shop to get something for his pain from Maerwynn.
Date: June 25, 514
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Approaching the end of June, and the summer's heat has started to rise outside. This afternoon, the door of the apothecary stands open to allow any breeze to find it's way inside. The door that leads to the private room beyond, and evne the small yard outside the back of the shop are left open as well, to drag that air from one door to the other. Hopefully. Within, Maerwynn is found at the hearth, watching a small caldron over the fire, while wrapping long strips of clean white cloth into rolls. Thoughtful is the healer, occasionally looking to the door when things are heard outside in the market.

While he might have healed somewhat, Idris still feels some pain from time to time where the spearman hit him good enough that he was out of combat for the rest of the battle. So when he enters the apothecary, it's pushing the door with one hand before this same hand presses against the opposite shoulder, though he doesn't seem to be expressing much pain beyond that. There's a look to Maerwynn, then the potions in the shelves and he states, simply, "I require something for pain, Miss. How much is it?" No good evenings when you're feeling it, looks like.

When he steps in, Maerwynn pauses in her work, setting the bundle aside to rise from her stool. "A good evening to you, sir." Her gaze takes in the man before her before tilting her head, "Pain, you say? If you do not mind me enquiring, but what might be hurting you, and have you been taking anything else for it?" Important questions inher line of work.

"I haven't been taking anything from it, and it just … hurts, ever since I got hit by a spear during the battle at the gates," Idris replies, his attention falling upon Maerwynn as she tilts her head. He approaches, in an unspoken cue, and exposes the part on his shoulder where a very ugly scar can be seen. Well, not exactly his shoulder, but below it, near the pectorals and too close to a lung.

A gesture is made, to draw him in closer, and once he reveals the area, Maerwynn hmms, and steps closer. All business is the healer who's hands will touch his shoulder, sliding over it, feeling the ridge of scar tissue with a firm, but light touch. "When does it hurt the worse?" She questions, voice dropping softer with his nearness.

Maerwynn check your profession at 15, you rolled 14.

"There's no time like 'mornings', or 'nights'. Whenever I use my shield more than a few moments, maybe. I spend long periods of time training, and I did have this arm more or less paralyzed after my injury," Idris tells Maerwynn, looking as she reaches out to touch the scar. He doesn't move away from it, however, considering her question.

Listening to him speak, Maerwynn frowns a little as her hands move over the area where the injury was, "A nasty hit it was.." A sigh escapes her then as she steps back, soon to gesture that he might cover himself again if he wishes, "You may always feel the pain, I'm thinking. The best you can do is attempt to train, perhaps starting with something lighter than your shield and work your way to it. I can give you something for the pain, but know this… it will only work for a little bit, and if you take too much, it will dull your senses." A look to her shelves, then back to him, "I can give you a few different things to try, depending on the level of pain you're having. "

"It is nothing that keeps me disabled, but it inconveniences me," Idris comments, regarding the pain. When she makes her recommendation he nods, flashing her something of a smile at that. "I'll try, at least," regarding training with lighter shields. "And I would appreciate whatever you have for pain very much. If it works, I might even buy you a drink at the Boar's," he grins at that, following her look to the shelves before nodding again.

"Tell me, do you feel tingles in your fingers? Like it might have gone to sleep?" Maerwynn asks then before turning to begin to gather the various items she might need to make the different tonics. "As for a drink, I would accept such.. or merely your word to others who might have need of healing, hmm?" Into one small bottle, she mixes the liquid from a few others, while in a second, she merely fills it from a larger bottle. "This first one, is something light, to use if it's truly bothering you." The first bottle is handed to him, the glass more green than the second, which is more blue. "This one.. is milk of the poppy flower seed. It is stronger, but will dull your senses and likely put you to sleep. Use it sparingly?"

"I will do both, of course," Idris replies, reaching for a coin purse at his side, from which he draws a few coins and offers them, palm up, to Maerwynn. He listens to her instructions quietly, nodding along to them as he glances to the first potion. "Alright," he replies, before his attention moves on to the second, the milk of the poppy. "I will."

"Then, I thank you, Sir." Maerwynn offers, soon to take the coins that are held out to her, pocketing them in her apron. With the bottles handed over to his safe keeping and instructions given, she offers, "If you have need of anything else, my door is always open, even late night. Just go around back and knock on the door there. If I'm not here, I may be out tending to a birth or someone ill…"

Idris nods once to Maerwynn's offer, taking the potions and carrying them very carefully. Surely his good squire is just outside the door, so he will take these in hand. "Thank you," he smiles to her, nodding once to her words before he departs.

"A good day to you, Sir." Maerwynn offers to Idris before the knight leaves, her gaze to follow him out of her shop. Thoughtful is she once more as she returns to her bandage rolling.

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