(514-06-24) Unnamed Feeling IV: Nemesis
Summary: Sir Sior is tried by Earl Robert for his crimes.
Date: June 24, 514
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One issue at hand for Robert had him present in the court of late. A renegade in the borders that had brought death to one already. While staying healthy, he was eating little for the day. Focused on the ongoing issues with Saxons as well. He'd just finished a meeting with his Marshall and some of the other officers. They already getting up those who would run for them, carrying word to the Lord Knights on defenses and infiltration issues, a few asked to take initiative against Sussex and the Saxons still haranguing Hampshire. A quiet moment at least in the court at the moment.

Quiet is good, it means no one is currently talking and Seren can get things in order there at her table where she sits with her assistant. Missives written, notes of the meeting done, she takes the moment for a breath or two that is so rare in the whirlwind that is Earl Robert's busy life. A few words are murmured to her assistant who hurries off with the papers to pass along to the next person who deals with them.

There's a new member in Earl Robert's household apparently, a young dark-haired lady in dark-red fine dress. Eleri has taken it upon herself to receive visitors and lead them into the earl's presence in the great hall. Waiting for a sign whether the person is in good graces and should be offered refreshments. When she isn't needed, she'll hover respectfully on the side of the room.

Kamron is not in armor. In fact, he doesn't even have a weapon on him besides the standard utility dagger. Instead, he is dressed for court in a well-embroidered tunic of dark green. He is trusting to the guards and knights of Sarum to see to the prisoners, now that they has been delivered unto the Earl's care. He advances down the hall, bowing formally to Robert, "Your Grace." His future good-cousin is offered a nod as well, and a smile with just a hint of amused mischief at the corners, but that is quickly smothered by the more serious matter at hand. "As requested," since the Earl's request is his command, "I've returned to answer what questions I may and assist you in seeing justice brought for Sir Hadyn de Tisbury and the Knight of Winterslow upon Sir Sior and his surviving men." There were three of those, two of youngsters and one more seasoned man, although the man's second was dead on the field. "Most of the party is dispersed to other duties now, but I have Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston here," he gestures to Bradwyn, "and the Lady of Winterslow has traveled to Sarum to speak as well."

Wearing his best, ducking down instinctively as he walks in is the six foot tall knight from Idmiston, Sir Bradwyn. As he is introduced the tall man bows formally as well and says simply, "Your Grace." he is here more as a witness than anything else anyway.

The guards are diligent to bring, with them, the bruised and somewhat bloodied prisoner in question. Sior is still sporting the battle wounds, though it appears that the guardsmen of Sarum have seen fit to have a healer tend to them lest he dies from infections, and thus the much-needed justice be denied to those who clamor for it.

On the other hand, a lady clad in black approaches the court hall, her eyes downcast, solemn; she had expected to visit the Earl at some point in her life, but not in this manner. After a brisk curtsey, she steps to the side.

Even from where he stands, looking ready for serious business, an eye is turned towards the Lady of Woodford. Seeing what she may be getting to eat even, an slight raise of brows. Appraising the choice like one may appraise some art, a fine choice indeed. As Sir Kamron and Sir Bradwyn arrive, he turns his attention to them. "Sirs," he greats the both of them, a nod of his head. "Yes, I do not mean to have this issue linger for us." He turns towards any officer at hand, glad they have brought the prisoner forward. The main at least, the accomplices not as big an issue
"You sir, and your men, stand accused of taking challenge to Sir Hadywn de Tisbury and the knight of Winterslow. And without justification or cause, you took their lives where they stood." That is the summation of what he understands. He does look more to Kamron and Bradwyn, "You two may present what you know of this, then we shall see what Sir Sior has to say of his actions." Though he may have judged already by the tone of his voice.

Kamron half-turns to be able to study the captured knight as he is brought in, although he looks past the villain to provide a low bow of his head to the mourning lady as well. When he is called upon to speak, he nods, pursing his lips and letting a slight frown settle on his his brow as he gets his thoughts together. It only takes a moment, and then he speaks, "When first I saw Sir Sior, it was in the Eagle Market. He and his men were searching for someone, in full armor and with shields and weapons. They did cause a good deal of upset among the merchants, and at the Boar's Beard. When they laid eyes upon the late Sir Hadyn, they called him by another name, Sir Andras, I believe it was, and showed very wroth. He drew upon Sir Hadyn, even after Sir Hadyn proclaimed his innocence of being this other man, gave his identity, and I called upon them to take themselves to Your Grace for aid and judgment." He takes a breath there, only to continue, "Sir Hadyn was forced to draw to defend himself, but Sir Sior cut him down, and his men assaulted myself and Sir Lainn de Laverstock when we attempted to block their escape, despite ourselves being unarmed and unarmored. They fled the city after killing Sir Hadyn. Sir Lainn, my sister Lady Heulwen, and my cousin Lady Amalthea, were all present. We began our search immediately, but he eluded us for a time." With that said, he gestures to Bradwyn for the other man to take over the testimony.

You check your courtesy at 10, you rolled 9.
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Just as Kamron speaks, a number of knights, bearing heraldries not belonging to Salisbury but the badge of the Earl of Dorset on the clasps of their cloaks arrives. They are off to the side, after bowing respectfully to Robert, listening to the Dinton's words quietly. They whisper amongst themselves, but other than that, not much of a ruckus is caused.

Seren checked her profession of 15, she rolled 4.

Seren is writing down the things said, she takes a second to look to Kamron as he speaks, impressed by the courtesy if not so much the actual speech. Dipping her quill, she sets back to writing, the food on the table untouched for the moment. But it's delicious! Noticing it there, she glances towards Robert, catching his attention there briefly, the smile widening just a touch.

Bradwyn waits for Kamron to speak first, as he took charge of the party. Once doen Bradwyn states, "While I was not present for the murder of Sir Hadyn de Tisbury, I did join the party to bring the former Sirs Sior and Iorveth and their entourage to be judged." As Kamron leaves it to him to cover that part, Bradwyn continues.
"When we arrived at the manor of Winterslow, their location found by speaking with Houses Porton, Boscone, Allington, and finally Wilton. Upon arrival we found the Winterslows removed from their own manor, the vassal knight himself slain in a brutal duel."

He then looks to the Lady in black and bows his head solemnly adding, "Forgive me Lady." Back to the Earl he continues, "As we arrived and discussed how to go about matters the rogues were divided. Some within the manor some outside. As we discussed options those outside formed up to meet us with lances. As only some of our own lances I attempted to lead the charge, leaving those with swords to form a second wave. The results were a bit mixed as there were those who were unhorsed and those that weren't on both sides. We dealt with those outside relatively quickly, those surviving the fight brought in for judgement, those that didn't had their heads returned to show their part was accounted for."
Pausing once more he continues, "As we discussed options for drawing out those who seemingly barred themselves in the manor some of our party took note of those within having slipped out and were attempting to flank us, including Sior and Iorveth. This took more of a challenge to result but ultimately Sior was captured, sustaining many blows and knocked from his horse as he attempted to flee as the coward he is. I engaged Iorveth personally, and repeatedly demanded his surrender, however he was adamant in his refusal and I was forced to take his head. I apologize for not being able to bring him to proper justice Your grace."

Bradwyn checked his courtesy of 10, he rolled 17.
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Robert checked his just of 10, he rolled 12.
Robert checked his arbitrary of 10, he rolled 14.

The knight being accused in question is still silent as the tales of his misdeeds are retold. He is either waiting for his time to speak, or, having spotted the knights of Dorset here present, he is simply biding his time for something else. The guards continue to hold him, however, as he is a rather dangerous, and skilled, criminal.

The Lady of Winterslow bows, then, and makes her own case after Bradwyn is done. "My father heard the calls to deny this man succor, my Lord, and in an attempt to capture him to your good justice, we were forcibly removed from our homes, my father killed in single combat, and my brothers wounded in an attempt to have us escape safely to Wilton. I want nothing more than this man to face your justice."

Succintly said, she bows again and withdraws to the side, the one away from the Dorset knights, who spare a glare at her.

Sior makes a check for Winterslow Daughter Orate at 12, it rolled 7.
Critical Success!
Sior makes a check for Winterslow Daughter Courtesy at 11, it rolled 11.

Taken in the words of both men, those in anger, those spoken hastily even, Sir Robert measures them. Kamron well spoken having spent much time around the hall and court being part of the household in his time. Sir Bradwyn missing in the delivery but well spoken in how he presents himself, even with his anger showing. A longing look to the food for a moment, and Seren, but pressing business at hand for Robert.
Turning to the man, he says, "Thus, you stand, accused not only of murder unjust, but with treason to the realm of Salisbury. Not merely did you come to slaw some man without cause, but you choose to take the justice of our realm into your own hands. There is only one sentence for any of these crimes and you shall be dealt justice this justice sir." He moves a few steps to look at the battered man. "If there is anything you wish said in your defense, now would be the time. I wall gladly hear you side, but do not dally your neck from the block, I wish to be done with this business." He seems to place Sir Sior as already guilty and would just as soon be done. Courtesy dictating the hearing of the mans side of course.

Kamron is perhaps a little too forceful in his decrying of Sir Sior's action, his anger harshening his voice for all that he maintains his courtesy. He allows Bradwyn to describe the action, his ears pinking just a touch at the mention of some of their own being unhorsed, but he nods along with the rest of it, "Beyond Sir Bradwyn and myself, the party consisted of Sir Trystan de Laverstock, Sir Arian de Laverstock, Sir Dillion de Bishopstone, and a huntress, Tria of Sarum." And then he is silent to allow the others to speak. He has not yet noticed the Dorsetshire knights' arrival, focused on getting the facts out and straight to lay them before the Earl. Robert's near-sentence draws a sharp nod from the Dinton knight, his own sense of justice much in line with the Earl's words, for all that he has not yet heard the words of the foreign knight.

Bradwyn checked his reckless of 10, he rolled 12.
Bradwyn checked his prudent of 10, he rolled 4.

Listening to Kamron and noting the Earl's judgement so far Bradwyn allows Sior to state his piece before starting to speak but seems to think better of it.

"I do, in fact, have something to say," now, it appears that Sior deigns to speak, lifting his chin as he regards Robert, then Kamron and Bradwyn, but back to the Earl. "I am a man in search of justice. Justice that was denied to myself. And perhaps I have erred, but God knows I tried to act in righteousness. I want a trial by combat, and in the absence of this, my Lord, I should wish to die by your own blade, that my brothers of Dorset here present might tell others of my story."

He gestures at the small gathering of Dorset knights.

One of them speaks up, "Hand him to us, Your Grace! This is under the purview of the Earl of Dorset, as he is his knight!"

Sior makes a check for Dorset Knight Orate at 7, it rolled 13.
Sior makes a check for Dorset Knight Courtesy at 8, it rolled 12.
Sior checked its orate of 15, it rolled 19.
Critical Fail!
Sior checked its courtesy of 3, it rolled 20.
Robert checked his prudent of 9, he rolled 7.

"I am certain you've demonstrated well that your search is in vein, Sir Sior," returns Robert, looking more at the accused. A pause though, he turns to the knights of Dorset, "I would expect any knight of mine acting renegade beyond the borders to take full charge of his circumstance and his self. This man has shown he lacks justice by slaying one of my own, he has admitted his err."
That said he turns to Sior, "Which you have confessed before us and God. In Salisbury we only resort to trial be combat should we be unable to determine the accuracy of the accusations. You have confirmed for by admittance of your err, that you have taken the lives of knights of Salisbury in your quest for justice. You quest ends here sir." He looks about, "Jaradan, an axe, let us retire to the bailey and be done with this nonsense." He looks at all around, they are welcome to come, but he will swing the blade shortly in the courtyard of Sarum Castle.

Kamron looks to Sior as the man speaks, his lips tightening. The claim by the men of Dorset draw him up to his full and utterly unimpressive height. If he were a cat, his tail would be lashing in vexation, but he minds his manners, settling down as Robert passes final judgment. The Dinton bows his head as sentence is passed, and he allows the gathering to begin to break up a moment before he touches Bradwyn's arm a moment, "I'll be right out with you." And then he moves over to the side of the daughter of Winterslow, his voice pitched quiet, "Lady, if you do not wish to see more blood, perhaps you might remain here? I know the Ladies of the Court would be pleased to find you a place to rest from your trials and travails. If, on the other hand, you wish to see justice done for your knightly father, it would be my honor to escort you to the bailey."

As judgement is passed Bradwyn starts to speak up once more, but decides it better to wait until after the execution is done first. He then looks to the Dorset knights, equally displeased, but is interrupted by Kamron's touch which yields a nods of understanding as the tall knight moves to follow when the party goes to see to the execution.

The judgement passed, Jaradan offers an axe to Robert, who, without saying anymore words, simply gestures for the guards to bring Sior to the courtyards. He does not wish to bloody the hall with the blood of the impious, after all.

The prisoner does not say anymore words, instead being dragged by the guards, resigned to his fate in that moment.

The Dorset delegation all seem to have departed already, though some courtiers start whispering among themselves. The words 'revenge' and 'retribution' were thrown about by those knights before their departure. It is an ominous sign of strife to come, perhaps.

The block has been prepared, with the guards roughly placing Sior's hands into the slots dedicated to do so, first, before pushing his neck into the stocks. Then, with a loud creak, the stocks close upon the man, held helpless. Were it a happier time, without the need to rebuild Sarum from the Saxon attacks, surely more people would have gathered around to watch the execution. Such as it is, only the courtiers will get to watch this bloody business.

The Earl of Salisbury is every bit a regal man as he takes the axe in his own hands, lifting the weapon to the sky. When asked if he has any last words, Sior says nothing. And so it is that the judge and executioner heaves down with the blade, as it severs flesh and bone and parts torso from neck in a bloody, but efficient display of carefully measured justice.

The criminal's head falls into a basket hastily kicked into place, just as those in charge of disposing of the body start to remove it from the stocks, and cart it away to parts unknown. It is better off to not know anyway.

Kamron escorts the daughter of the late Knight of Winterslow out to the bailey as she assents to watch the death of her father's killer. The Dinton knight glances over to the knights from Dorset as they make their way from the hall, a frown of concern touching his lips for a moment. And then he shakes his head a little, focusing his attention on the woman he is escorting and guiding her to walk alongside Bradwyn as well. They stand to one side, hopefully outside of blood-spatter range, but within easy viewing distance of the execution. "It will be sudden, Lady." The words are a warning, "And it will not bring your father back, but it will at least be the justice that his memory deserves. You can know that he is watching from Heaven with approval."And then the axe rises and falls, and Kamron's features tighten. Blood is different on the battlefield, somehow, less… shocking, more a part of the setting. Still, justice must be done, no matter how disturbing it may be.

You check your courtesy at 10, you rolled 11.

Not addressing the rumors from the Dorsets, Bradwyn follows to witness justice done for his 'brother'. As judgement is done Bradwyn says, "Forgive me Your grace. I have been asked by the Tisburys and the Lady Dywana to bring the heads of those responsible for Sir Hadyn's murder so they know justice has been done. I understand that is likely to not be possible, I intend to inform them in person justice has been done. Is there any words, gift, or otherwise Your Grace would like given to the parties in question concerning the justice done here today?" even as the remains is being carted away. Bradwyn seems unfazed by the gore, perhaps even approving of it but then he is a pagan.

The lady of Winterslow watches the proceedings quietly, coolly. At the end, and she is gallantly escorted by Kamron, to whom she offers a gentle smile, she reaches up to brush a tear away from the corner of her eyes with a sleeve. She glances up to Kamron, yes, she is short, as he speaks, nodding affirmatively to what she says before murmuring a quiet, "Thank you."

With the bloody business done, she excuses herself from him with the slightest, daintiest touch to his arm she can manage, and heads over to the gardens kept by Lady Esyte, where her chaperone awaits her.

From a window above, a very pregnant Lady Esyte watches the proceedings, unflinching and strong in her own right. When the man has fallen at her husbands hand, she lowers her own hand over the swell of her abdomen and murmurs softly, something that could not be heard down below. A quiet look of strength about the lady as she watches her husband only, allowing the rest of the courtyard fall into nothingness for her, too concerned about his well being.

Kamron nods to the lady of Winterslow's murmur, bowing his head once more as she excuses herself, "Go with God, Lady." He goes his separate way himself, although he does add a, "Well struck, Your Grace," to the Earl. It's not easy to part a head from a body with a single blow, after all. And then he is departing, for he has other tasks to complete before he can leave for Sussex.

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