(514-06-24) Onion Juice
Summary: … is what Braelynn de Cholderton has in mind when she encounters two Baverstock knights who are discussing rather different matters.
Date: June 24th, 514
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Farmer's Market - Sarum

The eastern road heading out of Sarum, through the Damas Gate, is more open than any other roads or avenues in the city itself. During the day it is a mingle of colorful pavilions and carts, some covered but most open air. This is where the majority of produce is bought, sold, or traded in Sarum itself. Most of the produce is raw, various fruits and vegetables, but some vendors have prepared various dishes or specific items. While the backside of Sarum Castle rises up to the east of here on its Hillock, the dominant feature is the Cathedral to the North. Built in stone, it's the one structure that rivals Sarum Castle in its marvel.

Four days have passed after the attack of the Saxons on Sarum, and the city is recovering slowly. Most of the damage done to the market place near the Eastern Gate is being repaired, the gate itself escpecially, and whatever damage has been done to buildings in closer vicinity to the gate, where the battle had raged. Sir Bryce de Baverstock is taking a slow afternoon stroll, attired in maille and tabard of black and red, sporting the golden bear of Baverstock, his sword hanging from his belt. For those with attentive eyes his gait is indeed less dynamic than usual, an almost unperceivable limp there. But apart from that, he is upright, hazel eyes scanning the square attentively as he murmurs a comment on the progress of the repairs to a Baverstock knight walking beside him.

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Having been walking around for a bit as well, Martyn is leaning towards a wall as he watches the crowd go by. His expression looks a bit distant, which is probably why he hasn't noticed his cousin walking by yet. A bit absently, he humms some kind of slow tune to himself as he keeps on leaning. As good a place to rest a little as any.

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That humming sounds familiar, and so Bryce pauses in his step, his searching glance soon finding his kinsman leaning so casually against a wall. "Cousin!", the Lord Knight of Baverstock exclaims with a smile, as he crosses the distance with two quick steps… and a third slightly slower one, a slight grimace there on his angular features. "Martyn! I'm glad to see you!", he smiles, taking in the form of his cousin with one quick sweeping glance, seeing him more or less intact. "I've heard you made it through the skirmish at the Western Gate… but I'm glad to see you hale and whole." The other knight has fallen back a bit, allowing Bryce the space to interact with his relative with all the privacy he could wish for.

Martyn blinks once as he hears that call, shaking his head very briefly as if to clear it. Looking up, there's a grin as he pushes away from the wall. "Bryce! It's good to see you in one piece, cousin!" Moving the rest of the way over to the man. "Ah, yes. I ended up getting knocked off my horse, but it would seem the wounds I took are healing well." Studying his cousin a bit more, he adds, "How about you? I hope you got through things without too many wounds as well?" A nod given to that other knight, as well as a brief smile.

How kind of Martyn to shorten the distance. Bryce comes to stand when his cousin approaches him, and a sigh leaves him, as his gaze shifts briefly away from Martyn. "I got pushed out of the saddle as well, by a Saxon great spear… then lost my unit." Dark eyes meet the gaze of his cousin again and he smiles faintly. "I was able to hold my own, surrounded by Saxons, until Landon and Sir Elrick Laverstock broke through and got me out of there…"

"Well done, both by you, Landon and Sir Elrick," Martyn replies, nodding as he listens. "The most important thing is that you made it through there alive, and the enemy was turned back, right?" There's a brief smile, before he grimaces a little as well. "Surviving the battles always happen to be a good thing, after all."

Braelynn enters the Farmer's market carrying a small basket. There are already a number of items inside. She eyes the market intently, as though she is searching for something in particular. Her clothing as been covered with a large white piece of linen with large pockets swen into the front. Nearly pouring out of those pockets are clean bandages, and a few small containers of salve.

"I managed to give a nice reminder at least to one Saxon as he tried to get away," Bryce states almost casually, were it not for the slight flicker in his eyes. "A good hit across his back, with my sword." His gaze turns distant for a moment. "But yes. You are right. Making it through it all alive, is a good thing." A pause there, as thoughts wander further, and the Baverstock considers for a moment. He shifts his weight a little from one leg to the other, and after shooting a glance over the shoulder to gauge the activity on the market - spotting perhaps a redhead there, but another than he may have hoped for - his attention returns to his cousin. "You've heard the announcement, haven't you?" A rather vague question. But Bryce seems to be curious what answer it will provoke.

Martyn nods as he hears that, offering a brief grin. "Let's hope that is the only time they will try to attack this summer, although I have my doubts." At the mention of the announcement, he pauses for a few moments. "The one about you and a certain lady?" It's offered with a brief shrug, and a half-smile. "I'm very happy for you, cousin."

Pale green eyes seem to alight upon the item that Braelynn is seeking, and she makes her way toward it. Passing by the two knights she gives a polite nod, and murmurs "Excuse me." As she skirts around them to a stand near them. She lifts an item, an onion, in fact, to her nose and smells it before squeezing it in her hand. A dissatisfied shake of her head is given, and she replaces it, picking up another in its stead.

"Yes.", Bryce de Baverstock states, "I've heard of Earl Robert sending some knights out to enact vengeance upon Saxons that might still be roaming about." No sympathy there in his dark gaze, and a hardening of his features. That expression cannot last very long, when Martyn addresses the matter of his betrothal to Lysanor de Dinton. "And yes. That announcement. I'm glad my former knight, her father, agreed to this." But in fact, it must be a prestigious match for the Dintons, to marry their daughter off to the Head of Baverstock Manor. Then there is a slight interruption, and Bryce offers a polite incline of his head towards the woman skirting about them. "My lady." His gaze lingers curiously on her for a moment, recognizing the red hair he had glimpsed earlier, but as she seems focused on her business, his attention shifts back to his cousin.

"That's a good thing. The Saxons need to know they cannot do this unpunished," Martyn replies, before he smiles again as he hears the part about the lady's father. "I'm sure he is very happy to agree to it, Bryce." A pause as he looks to Braelynn as she makes her way over as well, offering her a polite nod and a smile.

A slight smile spreads across Braelynn's lips as the two knights glance her way and she nods to them politely. Her gaze is averted easily enough, however when she discards the second onion and call out to the shopkeeper, "Do you have any onions that are older? Overripe but not quite rotten would be perfect." While he looks she lifts another onion, however she seems to toss it idly in her hand while she waits.

The lady is not really that close to them, is she. And so Bryce continues, but lowers his voice a little. "I hope you are not mad about what happened with Sonya. Her betrothal, I mean, to Sir Malcolm de Wylye. It was your father's idea after all, but neither was she particularly happy with it, nor was it really required to establish a match to House Wylye. And so it will be your cousin Ormond, who'll wed a Wylye lady." A pause, and a glance shot Martyn's way before Bryce continues: "And you… I won't force you, I'll promise. We are still young. And… I don't intend to demand you to do your duty and marry someone you dislike." Just to set that straight. "Oh, by the way…", he leans slightly closer to Martyn whilst shooting the lady at the vegetable booth a glance. "If you have someone in mind who could be a match, you will tell me, won't you…?", is inquired in a low murmur.

Nodding a bit as he listens, there's a flash of something in Martyn's expression at the mention of the Wylye family, but it's gone about as quickly as it comes. "Why would I be mad about that, cousin?" A brief pause, as he looks around, especially at the rest of what Bryce said. "Ah…" A brief pause, as he seems about to say something, before he reaches out to place a hand on his cousin's shoulder. "I trust you, Bryce." As for the part offered in that low murmur, he grimaces momentarily. "That's…" He shakes his head momentarily. "Complicated…"

As the shopkeeper drops a basket of very aromatic onions in front of Braelynn she lets out a little squeak of surprise. Half of the onions look plain rotten, but they are mixed with others that do not. She very carefully selects the first of the onions and lifts it to her nose, sniffing it tentatively. A nod of approval is given and she drops it into her basket. She begins to search for a second onion, lifting one to her nose and sniffing that one as well. She drops it back into the basket rather quickly, and raises her free arm toward her nose, covering it with fabric. She coughs twice, and her eyes water. Her voice is muffled through the fabric as she states, "Just this one please, I'll make do."

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Bryce smiles when he sees and hears te reaction to his question. But then the amusement dims from his expression and he sighs. "It's not easy to have all these… considerations resting on my shoulders, cousin.", the Baverstock knight admits, casting once again a thoughtful glance about them, while his voice is once again raised to a moderate volume. "I just… want to do the right thing." A slight twitch there at the corner of his mouth when he hears Martyn's comment to his murmured remark. A brow is raised as he inquires: "Is it?" Complicated, indeed. But then the movement at the corner of his eyesight, and the sound of a basket hitting the ground distracts the Baverstock and he turns to regard the onion seller and his lady customer. "Everything alright there, my lady?", Bryce inquires politely but ready to step in, should there be a problem.

"I can imagine that. But remember, it is impossible to make everyone happy all of the time," Martyn replies with a nod, offering a brief smile, which might seem a bit distracted. "You know we are all ready to help with whatever you might need help with, don't you?" He sighs a bit before he nods again. "Yes, it is…" Pausing as Bruce turns to the lady and the onion seller, nodding a bit as he hears Bryce's question.

Braelynn seems almost startled by the knight's inquiry and as she glances toward him she shakes her head while saying, "Everything is fine, thank you." She gives him, and his companion a polite nod, and steps away from the stand, and toward the exit, which requires her to head in their very direction. As she approaches she says, "My apologies for interrupting your conversation. The older onions seem to have more juice, you see." She gives no further explanation, and moves to step around them.

"Thank you, I… am glad for any support I can get," Bryce states towards Martyn, but that rather vague reply to his question makes his brows furrow ever so slightly. Then the lady is startled at first and then moves towards them, a faint smile appearing on Bryce's angular features when she assures them she is fine. "I am Sir Bryce of Baverstock Manor," he introduces himself with a polite bow. His dark eyes shift to the basket, and then lifts to meet her gaze. "One onion? What do you need it for?", the question in itself rather odd coming from the Baverstock, as he is known to be of a rather quiet and reticent disposition.

"They do? Have more juice, that is…" Martyn offers to Braelynn, before he looks back to Bryce now. As his cousin introduces himself, so does he. "Sir Martyn, his cousin," he offers to the lady, with a brief nod in Bryce's direction as well.

A look of surprise crosses Braelynn's face as the knights address her, and she stops, giving them a polite curtsey. "Lady Braelynn de Cholderton." As she rises she glances at both of them again and says, "Well, my theory is that they do." This she answers to Martyn, and to Bryce she replies, "Many of us who were in Sarum during the fires are suffering from a cough. I'm going to mix onion juice, honey, lemon juice, and perhaps a bit of chamomile. I'm hoping it will be sufficiently soothing to the throat."

A sideways glance is given Martyn as he introduces himself, and Bryce lowers his head in an approving nod of acknowledgement. Then his gaze shifts to Braelynn and his smile intensifies by a few degrees. "Glad to make your acquaintance, Lady Braelynn," he states in a calm and matter-of-factly tone, taking in her words with attentive curiosity. "You are a healer then?", he inquires, not questioning the ingredients of her coughing antidote as he most probably does not know better.

Martyn nods a little at what's said now, going quiet as he listens. Nodding both at what Braelynn said, and at Bryce's words, he offers them both a smile, before he looks around rather quickly, then back to the two.

A little nod of her head is given, and she smiles. "I am, though I usually prefer to work behind the scenes mixing remedies. These hard time require us all to step outside of our comfort zone, I suppose. Don't you?" Her eyes move to glance around the market nervously as she sees Martyn do so. Her brow furrows nervously, and she looks back toward the knights. "I suppose we're all on edge, after what this city has been through."

A faint hint of a frown appears on the Lord Knight of Baverstock's features, when he notes Martyn is falling back to his guarded ways, clamming up so to speak. Bryce gives him a meaningful glance, of the 'we talk later' sort, before his glance returns to Braelynn. "This is much safer, I would think," he comments to her working on potions rather than administering first aid. "And you are right… Such times require special measures. But do not fret, I believe Sarum should be comparatively safe now, after the Saxons have been fended off. I doubt they will return soon." Calm words that aim to soothe her unrest and concern, obviously. "There are many capable knights here and out there to teach them better not to mess with us."

"Ah, most of us tend to have to step outside our comfort zones in time like this," Martyn offers after a few brief moments of pause, offering a brief smile to Braelynn. There's a brief pause at that glance from Bryce, before he smiles a little, "And we are all here to protect the city, so you should be safe here," he offers to the lady.

Her eyes darken briefly, as a memory becomes momentarily vivid in her mind, but her smile does not falter. "Thank you for risking your lives to keep the rest of us safe. It is a valiant thing you do." Her free hand reaches up to rub her arm, as though she has gotten a chill. She starts to say more, but seems to check herself at the last moment, and she glances around again. "If it weren't for the knights present in the city I can't imagine what would have happened."

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"Ironically enough, when one considers what happened four days ago, Sarum should be the safest place to be, currently," Bryce de Baverstock muses thoughtfully. "So… if you are so lucky as not have lost someone dear in the fighting, you should not ponder that day overly much, my lady." The smile fades, and he gives her a brief intense stare. "If the Saxons should dare ever come back," Bryce says with a coldness in his tone that is unusual to him, as Martyn would know, "they will certainly come to regret it."

Martyn blinks a few times as he hears the coldness in Bryce's tone, before he simply nods. "We will make sure they regret it, cousin," he offers in agreement, before he offers a brief smile. "And yes, you should not dwell on that day too much," he offers to Braelynn, along with a smile. "And we're all glad we were able to keep you all safe."

Braelynn gives a slight smile and nods. "I was lucky not to have lost any of those that I care about. I wish the same could be said for the people I failed at healing that day." Her smile widens, and her voice becomes more cheerful, perhaps falsely so as she continues. "I shall rest easy tonight knowing that you are both here, protecting me." This seems to lighten her mood as she adds playfully, "And the rest of the city too, of course." The darkness has not completely left her eyes, but it is at bay, for the moment.

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