(514-06-24) Hay and Religion
Summary: Serious discussions in a stable in Sarum before the raiders depart for Sussex.
Date: June 24, 514
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Since her moody departure from the fireside, Arian has been startlingly absent and nearly impossible to locate. She isn't with her family's tents, she isn't in the markets, she isn't getting her armor fixed. In fact, it probably takes Kamron several askings and proddings to finally find out that the Pagan has secluded herself to the stables with her tired gelding. It is impossible to actually stable a horse here as there are so many knightly steeds in the city, but the stables are where horses can be brushed down, tended to, and fed before being brought back to the tourney grounds to be hobbled or tethered. She has Blaze in one of the stalls, and the scarred horse has been stripped of his saddle and bridle so that Arian can brush down his red-flecked dappled coat. She is out of her armor at least, dressed in her leather pants and a loose tunic.

She hums a soft tune under her breath — more of a collection of notes she has chosen to string together rather than anything familiar.

Kamron did not start his pursuit until more than a half hour after she departed the little circle, so he has some ground to make up. Thankfully, he knows many people around Sarum, and so it doesn't take long before stories of debts owed and worried family members and the like lead him to the stables. He still wears his armor, since he's been spending his time tracking down his runaway amor rather than settling in. Kamron follows the sound of the humming, a smile slowly gathering at one corner of his lips. Glancing around him, the knight steps to the edge of the stall, swinging open the door, "Rhi." The one-word greeting is a quiet murmur, since there are other knights and squires around, even if none are visible at the moment, "You really do need to get a squire."

Arian looks up at that murmured diminutive, and her smile cannot help but soften at the sight of Kamron. She is still a bit morose as she does not bless him with dimples, but she is at least isn't giving him the full chill. She has started to brush down Blaze, and she nods to one of the other brushes hanging from the stall wall. "Well, put yourself to use and be helpful…" She continues brushing. "I know I do… I think the attack on Sarum slowed that whole process down. I'll remind Father next we speak." She is careful around a fresh wound on Blaze's shoulder, careful of the patching that was already provided. Another scar to the old gelding, but he wears them well.

Kamron touches his chest and bows his head at her request… command? Chuckling softly, he moves to pluck up the brush and start brushing down the gelding's other side, "As My Lady wishes, so do I obey." He nods slowly, "I rather hope that the backtracking of the Saxons doesn't take us anywhere near Laverstock, but if the trail goes past, you can always find some likely cousin there. Unless you'd like to look further afield."

Arian works at the dappled coat, glancing up over the withers as he joins her. Blaze is a handsome separator of the pair, which is probably for the best. She is thoughtful as he speaks, and she frowns at the mention of the Saxons. The Laverstock woman exhales, sinking her shoulders a bit. "Summer's here…" Then she smiles up faintly toward Kamron over Blaze's smooth back. Then she shakes her head, sobering a bit. "Do you regret it?" She asks, almost abruptly. "That we do not have a courtly romance." Those words are mostly said under her breath so they do not travel far.

Kamron keeps brushing the horse, avoiding nicks and scratches here and there without comment. He returns the smile without hesitation or question, meeting her pale gaze with his own. The abrupt question catches him by surprise, and he blinks in shock, "But we do have one, Rhi. There is little more romantic than a secret love, hidden from all who might misunderstand it, is there?" Not that all that many people would misunderstand attraction between a Pagan and a Christian, given that there have been plenty of intermarriages between the religions, but that's how it feels to the Christian knight.

Arian watches the brush move across the short coat of the gelding, and she doesn't speak right away as she lets his words sink in. Then she looks up, halting her hand on Blaze's back. "Do you not…" Her voice falters a bit, and then she shakes her head. "Do you not wish that we could be in the open, allowing others to see our love and affections?" Her words drop a bit. "Do you not want the Court to know that you are mine and I am yours?" She flexes her fingers around the brush before she resumes the methodical motion across the dappled coat.

Kamron keeps brushing the side of the gelding, until her voice falters. That's unlike her, and it causes Kamron to reach across the charger's back to rest his hand atop hers, "Eventually, yes." His fingers tighten lightly around hers, and he offers up a crooked smile, "But you have to admit, there is a certain excitement to hiding. Even if I do get jealous every time I see another man close by you, or you touching the arm of another man." A little bit of a chuckle rises up to his lips, "Even if he turns out to be your cousin."

When his hand comes to rest on top of hers, Arian stops again and her gaze hold steadily with his. When he mentions his own jealousy, she looks down and laughs softly. "I know," she murmurs after a moment. "I know… and I know that it isn't always my cousin." She thins her lips a bit. "Just like it isn't always an innocent Lady seeking your attention." She shakes her head, and her fingers tighten around his as she forgets her brush for a moment. "I do not like the idea of your outings and attention-givings with other Ladies of the Court."

Drawing his fingers away from hers so that he can lace them in between one another atop Blaze's back, Kamron brushes his thumb across the Pagan's palm. "The ladies may not be innocent, but you know that I always am, Rhi. Just as I always have been with everyone but you." He leans forward, close up against Blaze's side, "Before you, that's all I ever wanted." There's a little chuckle then, and he adds in the same hush, "You know that I have friends among the Ladies of the Court, but that I mean them nothing but friendship."

Arian has all but forgotten the brush and its purpose as their fingers crisscross and Kamron leans in against the gelding — Blaze, it should be noted, has amazing patience for these two silly knights as he merely chews at the bit of oats in the bucket hanging off the stall wall. The Laverstock breathes out a slow sigh, and then she nods. "You mean that before me, all you ever wanted was to be a wifeless knight… and now…" Her lips quirk with a small smile. Then she works her fingers with his, massaging his knuckles gently. "I know… but…" Then she shakes her head, and just repeats, "I know."

Kamron has the good grace to blush, but then again, he usually does. "I mean that, before you…" and then his tongue stills, he bows his head a little, and his thumb brushes against her palm again. The knight takes a long, slow breath, and then he responds, "Yes, I suppose you're right. That is what I meant."

Arian arches her brows now, and she curls her fingers up tighter around his hand. "No… what did you mean?" She starts to frown a bit. "Don't let me assume, Kam… if there's something else you were trying to say." She starts to step toward the gelding's head, moving to release his hand so she can duck under Blaze's neck to be on the same side of the horse as the Dinton knight. She reaches out to touch his arm, drawing herself in close.

"I mean," Kamron turns to face Arian as she comes around the horse, giving the gelding a pat on the withers, setting the brush aside, and slipping his arm around her waist as she steps close, "that before I knew you, I meant to seek my fortune, perhaps to win a manor, and only then, of necessity, find a wife. Now that I do know you, I've been thinking to ask the Earl for a job, that I might support a wife."

Arian slips up close, resting her hands against his chest as she nestles against him. Her gaze lifts to meet his, and she looks a touch surprised at his words. "Kam… I do not wish you to give up your desires for me…" Then she starts to smile gently, fingers curling against the rough mail of his jerkin. Her eyes fall away, and this lusty Pagan almost looks demure. "We can still seek fortune, and win a manor… but perhaps we can do it together."

Kamron's lips curl up into a slightly-crooked grin, "Who said anything about giving up my desires? I'm just re-ordering them due to new priorities." The arm not looped around her waist rises up, his fingertips touching her cheek with the cover of the charger. "We can collect loot on the raid south, and if I can get an office to hold in Sarum, it might be enough." A little chuckle lilts on his lips, and he lowers his head to press a kiss to one side of her long neck, "Or maybe you can get an office."

Arian starts to laugh, but she is quick to muffling it out as to not attract the attention of others in the stables. She closes the distance between them, sliding her arms up until they twine under his arms. When his lips touch her throat, she releases a soft, pleasant sigh. "No, no… there is little in Sarum's court that interests me." She then tilts her head into his, breathing softly against his ear. "Besides, I have my own plans… though you should not ask what they are… I want to be a little mysterious." Her lips curve. "I hear that it is important for a Lady to have some secrets."

When she closes the distance, Kamron smooths his hand back through her hair, shivering at the feel of her breath against the curls of his ear. "I see how it is. I bare my soul to you, and you keep your secrets." Still, the words are murmured amidst chuckles, his head lifted up so that he can study her from oh-so-close. "You would… you would like, someday, for us to live together, as husband and wife? I would feel very foolish indeed if I were the only one of us who has had such thoughts and considered them favorably."

"Yes," Arian murmurs without hesitation at his question. "I want nothing more, Kam… I don't care how it is done… whether it is the Dintons accept me into theirs, or you join mine, or we forsake both…" She shakes her head, and offers a light smile that warms her pale eyes. "Or that we never marry, and spend the rest of our days making love on grass fields and in forest clearings." She offers him a wry smile.

"I would prefer an eiderdown bed, Love." Still, the thought has Kamron shifting his stance, and he shrugs slightly, "Although I am not adverse," Yes, he's blushing, but at least he's still talking, "to fields and glades either, when the time comes." One hand strokes the small of her back, the other brushing her cheek and the wavy fall of her hair, "Do you think you'll be well enough to ride south with us? With me?"

The knight's blushing cheeks draws a warm, secretive laugh from Arian as she nestles in closer to him. She reaches up to touch one of those cheeks, drawing him ever closer to her. "When the time comes," she repeats as she leans in toward his lips. "But when will the time come…" Then she touches her lips to his, speaking softer still. "I cannot wait a lifetime…" Then she falls away, looking up at him now, and she dips her head gently. "Of course, Kamron… I will always be well enough to ride with you."

Kamron moves his lips over hers as she leans close, crossing that little distance in their heights, "I don't know." When she drops back, he shrugs a little helplessly, "One day, one of us will be. But until then, I'll enjoy your company," a mischievous smile curls one corner of his lips, "and trust to your family and mine to protect me from you."

Arian bursts out into laughter, unable to quiet herself in the wake of his words. Then she shakes her head, leaning in close to press her forehead to his. "Protect you from me…" She then shakes her head slightly, lifting her pale eyes to meet his. "As if I am the most dangerous woman you could be caught in the company of." Then she starts to step away, sliding her hands from him.

Kamron leans back from the laughter, although it sparks his own chuckles. Rising up on his tiptoes to peek over the side of the stall, he drops back down to his heels, then leans in to steal a quick, sparking kiss before he lets her go, trailing his hands down her arms to squeeze her hands and release them. "Certainly one of the most dangerous, for the same reason as the other Lady Knights, and a much more… tempting… reason as well."

Arian starts to step back toward Blaze's nose, brushing her knuckles up beneath the horse's jaw. She glances over her shoulder to him, offering a smoldering little smile. Her chin drops slightly. "And what is that tempting reason?" She tilts her head, trying to look coy as she starts to work her knuckles up against Blaze's ear, and he tilts his monstrous head into the gesture.

Kamron gathers up the currying brush again, freezing for just a moment in the face of that smoldering smile. It's just a heartbeat, and then he's back to brushing out Blaze's coat, and he chuckles softly, "That would be because you make me think of all the other things that stables are used for in stories." The hand without the brush pats Blaze's flank, "Besides playing host to beautiful creatures like this."

"Oh?" Arian's brows lift and her innocent look remains carefully in place. She tilts her head slightly, glancing toward the door of the stall before she then returns her pale gaze to Kamron. "I don't know what stories you're talking about… enlighten me." Her lips twitch slightly, though she keeps her smile carefully hidden as she waits to hear about these supposed stories Kamron has heard concerning stables…

Carefully keeping his voice low, Kamron chuckles low in his throat, "Well," Once more, he leans across the back of the charger, letting his voice drop all the lower, "the stories say that stables are excellent places for a roll in the hay." The brush moves back along Blaze's spine, but it's mostly just to keep his left hand busy, "In fact, I believe that's where the saying originated."

"My…" Arian's eyes flare with warmth. "I imagine a roll in the hay would be quite itchy… I think just pressed up against the wall with my legs wrapped around your waist is far better course of action." Temptress. The Pagan cannot help her smile now that spreads so easily complete with those hallmark dimples. She at least spares Kamron by keeping Blaze between them as she ducks beneath the horse's neck to get a blanket for the old gelding's scarred back.

Kamron starts to nod agreement at her first response… and then she has to continue, and he gets utter brainlock, his eyes flickering first to the nearest wall and then back to Arian, but she's already ducked under Blaze's neck, and he pushes back from the charger's side. After a long moment of silence, he clears his throat, looking back to the mulberry's flank and carefully returning to his brushing as he shifts his feet through the hay. When he speaks, his voice is a little strained, "Well. That is… I believe the hay is traditional, but your… um… idea… sounds… distractingly good as well."

Arian laughs brightly at his brainlocked expression. She then shakes her head, looking away to fuss with the coarse blankets. "Something to look forward too," the Lady knight murmurs as she shakes out the blankets, and prepares to throw them across Blaze's back once Kamron is done brushing out his flank. Her pale eyes lift to meet his, and she smiles a soft, secretive smile.

Kamron gathers himself quickly… he's getting better at drawing together the shattered remnants of his poise around this distractingly good woman. Pulling in a breath, he tosses the brush underhand toward the shelf at the back of the stall, sending it bouncing off the wall, skittering across the shelf, almost falling off, and then staying just barely poised in place. Kind of like Kamron. He steps back, reaching out to catch the end of the blanket when it's tossed over the charger's back. And finally, he admits, "Something to look forward to." That soft smile causes him to chuckle quietly, glancing from one side to the other, and then meeting her gaze again, "What?"

Arian watches her almost-lover with a coy interest, and she laughs softly at the successful — barely! — toss of the brush. She sets her own aside alongside his, and works on making Blaze comfortable. The gelding is most unimpressed with the flirting and exchange of the two humans, and continues to enjoy his oat mash as the blankets are settled around him. Her smile redoubles when he seconds her statement, and she seems almost mollified. His question draws her brows up, and she shakes her head. "Just… thinking," she murmurs.

Kamron actually makes the advance this time, ducking under Blaze's neck to chase after the Pagan knight. His hand trails across the gelding's chest, and then he reaches out, attempting to enfold the woman in his arms, taking advantage of his short height and the walls of the stalls. "Well, it looks like whatever you're thinking of is making you happy, and I like that."

Arian is a touch surprised when he sweeps beneath Blaze's chest and captures her easily within his arms — she does not put up a fight, after all. Her hands settle against his chest, fingers curling lightly against his tunic. Her smile softens. "I'm thinking of you… so of course that is what is making me happy…" She tilts her head slightly, biting a bit at her lower lip. "Thinking of…" And she intakes a deep breath. "What lies ahead of us…" She lightens her touch against his chest. "Summer is here… weddings all around…" She lifts her eyes to meet his.

Kamron curls his fingertips in behind her shoulder blades, leaning his shoulder against the wall of the stall, "You're thinking of me and weddings." A little chuckle lifts to his throat, and he manages to remain easy and smiling, "And are you thinking about sneaking into the chapels during these weddings to sit at my side?" There's a pause, and then he adds, "Or pulling me out to the…" he searches for the word and tries, "fain… where handfastings will take place?"

Arian finds herself easily leaning into him, and her heart jumps a bit at the warm closeness. She drops her gaze a bit when he pinpoints exactly how she is thinking, but then she looks up almost shyly at the mention of the chapels and fains. She shakes her head. "No — well, I do wish to be at your side in all things, Kam. But, I was more thinking…" She hesitates. "I lust for you, Kamron… often, and always. But I also love you. Marriages are popping up all around us… do you not wish to ask for a match yourself?"

Kamron strokes his fingers down either side of her spine, pressing hard enough to let the gesture be felt through the paired tunics, "I see no reason you should ever be free of my side." Another little chuckle touches his lips, "Perhaps beside sacraments for both of us." Leaning his brow against hers, he still blushes faintly at the mention of her desires, "There is no match outside of you that I would ever seek, Rhi. But I would also never ask you to give up the religion that is such a part of who you are." He clears his throat, "I may have, however, sought out an office with the Earl. To supplement my income."

Arian breathes out a slow exhale, settling into him fully. Her fingers touch the collar of his tunic, gracefully brushing across his skin. Her eyes remain closed, breathing in the warm scent of hay, sweat, and general Kamron-ness. She shakes her head slightly at his words, trying to not disrupt their closeness. "Marrying in one of your chapels is not giving up my religion, Kam… you must know that." She lifts her eyes to meet his once more. "If that is all that is holding you back from asking Sir Gallaloc and Trystan for a match…"

That little connection of fingertips to the skin above his collar sends tingles darting through Kamron's body and up and down his spine. "Religion is… it is not…" He lowers his forehead against his, and then he straightens up, "I may not take my religion as seriously as you do yours, Rhi, but I do believe. I believe that the Eucharist is the body and blood of Christ. I believe He died for our sins. I believe that if you are participating in a ceremony, you should believe in it. Yes, that is what's holding me back, now that I have a way to support a family."

Kamron's words send a change through Arian. She straightens up away from him then, hands falling away to his elbows. She looks down, staring at the space between their bodies. The sting in her eyes causes her to blink sharply. "Oh." She offers a small, curt nod. She squeezes his arms slightly, and then she starts to step out of his arms.

Kamron looks surprised when she pulls away from him, but he looses his arms from around her, letting his hands run down her arms as she withdraws. Letting out a sigh, he looks down at their feet in the hay, his hands grasping for hers as he comes to the end of her arms. "I love you, Arian. I want to be with you in every sense of the world. But I don't want any public life together that we have to start with a lie. I would rather never take that life public than I would be to see you profane yourself and your beliefs along with mine. I'm not saying that you have to give up your own beliefs, Rhi. British Christianity has lived alongside Paganism since the time of Christ. I'm just…" he shakes his head, "I don't know what I'm saying."

"If you loved me, you would let me do this," Arian says without thinking twice. "You would go up to your father, to Cyndeyrn, to your Lord… and you would ask them to seek a match with me. You wouldn't care if I was Christian or not, you would do whatever necessary to see us together… no longer hiding, no longer finding private moments on grassy fields, in quiet stables." Tears rush into her eyes, but they are tinged with anger as well as sorrow. "You wouldn't let anything hold you back." She holds up her hands, as if to keep the distance between them. "But you are…" She intakes a deep, shaky breath, and she offers him a watery smile. "I'm a Summer child, Kam… I cannot live happily in the shadows." Then she turns to depart the stall.

Kamron opens his mouth to protest her ultimatum, but slowly closes his mouth as she continues. The full withdrawal of her hands causes him to drop his own, his shoulders deflating. When she turns, his hands twitch, looking to chase after her, but instead, he reaches out with his voice, tone low and plaintive, "I've been trying, Rhi. I've been trying to…" He looks up, searching for her clear eyes, "I've been trying to find a solution. One thing at a time. First finances. That's done."

His words stop her just as well as his hands would, and she turns back to him. His words only seem to anger her further than the mollify her. "There is no solution." The words are returned low, but sharp. "If marrying me before your God is making our marriage into a lie, then there is no solution. Because you're right…" Her words thicken as her tears start to roll freely. "I'm not going to stop being a Pagan… I'm not going to stop going to dance around the fires at Imbolc, or participate in the Wild Hunt of Samhain… I'm not going to stop leaving milk and honeyed bread for the faefolk." She intakes a breath through her nose, though it is nasally and tearful. Arian is not a pretty crier, than is for certain. "You're a fool to think that if this does not become a public life that we will be allowed to keep it at all. Look at how many of our fellows are marrying, how many banns flow from Sarum… do you not think that one day it will be my name matched with another, or yours?"

Kamron glances over the wall of the stable, for all that he has to rise up on his toes a little to do so, then centers his gaze on the angry woman before him, "I'm not trying to change you, Rhi. I loved seeing you free and happy at Imbolc." He draws in a slow breath, and lets it out with a shuddering sigh, "I'm trying to come up with a way that we can be married that respects both of our religions, that is recognized by both of our religions." He swallows, then admits, "I've been thinking about it ever since the High King's wedding, when they gifted me their handfasting cord, when they showed that there can be a way to mix the traditions."

Arian's tears flow freely now, and she almost hiccups with smothered sobs. She cannot look at him as she lets herself sink into this hopeless, sorrow-laden moment. She breathes heavily, trying to pull herself together. His words still do not comfort, but at least she seems to be staying instead of fleeing. She hugs herself, trying to bring a comfort into her bones. "And what if there is no way?" She looks over at him. "What if marrying before your Christ is our only option?"

Stepping forward now, finally, Kamron reaches out to put his hands on her upper arms, "Then… I don't know." He lets out a breath, "Then we ask our cousins to ensure we're never married to anyone else." His voice is relatively calm, but his brow is furrowed and concern and worry floods his gaze, and he sighs, "Or we accept that lie, that love has to become public on the back of a lie. I don't know. I don't have all the solutions, Rhi, but I'm looking for them." A little laugh bursts from despite his worry, "I thought I was looking alone, but now I know that I'm not, and we can look together."

The Pagan finds her heart catch at his words — to never be married, to be hidden in the shadows. Her tears don't stop, and she doesn't look at him as they cut lines down her cheek and dribble freely from her chin and jaw. She flinches slightly at his laughter, and her smile is weak and weathered. Arian nods slightly at his words, though she does not seem totally rallied to the cause. No, she is tired and stretched thin.

Kamron smooths his hands up from her arms, over her shoulders, and then to cup her strong jawline, his thumbs brushing aside those falling tears, "And if we cannot find another way, if we fail to conquer this problem, then there is nothing to say that we cannot be public, even without banns."

Arian's cheeks sink against his hands, and the brush of his thumbs, and she breathes out a heavy exhale. She nods slightly, trying to not disrupt his fingers against her skin. Her eyes close, and she tries to find her center once more despite how heavy the world seems to be now. "As you say," she murmurs. Then she reaches up to squeeze his wrists gently. "All is alright," she tries to reassure him.

Kamron shakes his head, "No… it isn't alright, because the woman I love is crying." His thumbs continue stroking at her cheeks, doing his best to smooth away the salty stain of her sorrow. "But it can be alright, and I honestly believe that it //will/ be." Ducking his head those few inches that separate them, he looks to lay the softest of kisses atop her lips, "Because whatever happens, I will ever be true to you, and to no other, Rhi."

The kiss settles her. She is certain of his words, knowing Kam is an honest and genuine knight. She just must be a patient woman — something she has never been good at. Arian finally surrenders, stepping into him so she can sink into a far more comforting embrace. Her arms nestle into his chest and her head tucks near his. She just breathes, taking in his scent once more.

Kamron lets out a sigh of relief as she steps closer, his hands sliding around her back and shoulders to draw her close, "I don't like it when you're upset, Rhi. And I like it even less when I'm the cause of it." The Christian knight tucks his head in alongside hers, letting his eyes close as he glories in her warmth, and the warmth of her recovery.

Arian does not respond right away, but instead just remains tucked against him with her body curled tightly against his chest. She closes her eyes, which sting from those tears. She feels… exhausted. She could fall asleep there in his arms. "This cannot be avoided," she says in a hoarse hush. "But, I should not be quite so harsh with you… it is not all your fault or doing that this is so…" She struggles for the word. "Unfortunate."

Kamron shakes his head slightly against hers, although the movement is minimal. "No, I don't think it can be. But maybe we can find a way around it or through it." He turns his head then to press a kiss to her wavy hair. "It would have been so much easier if I were a Durnford or a Tisbury, wouldn't it?" A low chuckle transfers from his chest to hers more than it moves to her ears, "We would have both had a very satisfying Beltaine, and Banns would be being read right now."

"If you were a Durnford or a Tisbury, you would not be the man I love," Arian murmurs. Though she offers a weak laughter in response to his chuckle, and she shakes her head slightly against his in return. "That is really what concerns me," the Pagan murmurs in jest. "If we are never married, you will never give yourself to me or allow me to give yourself to you."

Again, that chuckle reverberates from his chest to hers, and Kamron draws his head back just a little to study him, amusement painting his features and soaking into his voice, "We're discussing marriage, religion, and our future, and you're concerned with when we will slip away to some private bower to consummate our love?" Shaking his head in clear amusement, he leans forward and stretches up to press a kiss to her brow, "You don't think you can wear down my resistance? You don't think you have been wearing down my resistance?" His voice lowers even further, almost consumed by chuckles, "You don't think that I have been wearing down my resistance?"

"If your resistance is being worn down, you are terrible at showing it," Arian sighs. She offers him a soft smile all the same, but her pale eyes are tired and weary. She rests her hands against his chest once more, curling her fingers into the tunic slowly. "And I am concerned about lots of things… do not fault me if consummation is one of them." She closes her eyes as she rests her head against his once more.

Kamron leans forward as she curls her head in, pressing a kiss to her cheek, "I do not fault you, Rhi, considering that it is one of the things that I am concerned with too." His fingers stroke the back of her long neck, and he glances behind him, "You need sleep before we ride out to Sussex, and if Blaze hadn't already… claimed… this stall," in that way that horses are wont to do with stalls, until they are mucked out, "I would suggest a short nape here in my arms. Despite the prickly hay you were complaining about earlier."

Arian closes her eyes at the press of lips to her cheek, and she nods ever so slightly to his recommendation. "As you wish, Sir Kamron." Her lips curve with a small smile, and then she starts to disengage from him, but only long enough to curl her fingers with his and lead him back toward the small cluster of hay on the stall floor. "But, this is an innocent nap… no funny business."

"I'll stay awake, to make sure your hands don't stray in your sleep." Kamron chuckles softly, but he follows willingly, settling down on the pile of hay, shifting around to try to avoid the worst of the prickles — an impossible task — and then opening out his left arm for Arian. When she sinks down, however, he does not merely wrap her up with the arm, but turns toward her to engage her lips in a slow kiss that is not nearly as restrained as it should be.

"Kamron…" Arian murmurs when she settles in against him. The kiss is a bit of a surprise, but she sinks easily into him as his lips move against hers. Her eyes close, and she breathes in a sharp inhale at the wonderful warmth of his kiss and the warmth it stirs within her. She draws her hand up against his cheek and then back behind his head, rolling her fingers across his scalp.

Kamron wraps his arm around her shoulders, his other hand slipping down to her hip to half-turn her toward him even as he mirrors the motion. His lips move over hers, drawing and pulling, until he draws his teeth lightly across her lower lip and releases it. This time, his chuckle is a great deal warmer, "I can't promise that my hands won't stray a little," he's teasing… probably, "but you really should sleep some."

Arian rolls toward him, and her fingertips touch the tops of his ears gently. She breathes out a slow exhale, feeling her entire body sink against him as she nestles in close. "Your hands can stray… I'll even sleep." She brushes her nose against his before she releases an exhausted sigh. "Let me sleep, but don't let that stop your hands… I enjoy your touch." And her lips quirk gently.

Those ears pink lightly at her words, but his hand does not leave her far hip, enjoying the warmth soaking through her tunic. "They won't wander, Rhi, but they won't wander away, either." The horse and the hay dominate the scent he draws in with a long, slow breath, but there's some of Arian there as well in her hair, and he settles back against the wall, holding her close, "I enjoy it too. Now sleep, Love."

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