(514-06-24) Calling upon Idmiston
Summary: Nalia and Glaw come by Idmiston for a visit about the time that Bradwyn finally returns as well to his family home. Some important news is shared with Glaw.
Date: June 24, 514
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It's turning into a warm summer, but with just enough rain to keep things nice. Idmiston seems to be busy with this and that, though alert to any trouble. Household knights can be seen in armor, ready for trouble that might come their way in the roaming bands of Saxons that have been reported since the attack on Sarum. One can never be too careful in these days. Even Gwynaelle is keeping her crossbow readily available. Just in case. Atthe moment, however, the lady of the manor is found within at a table with a book before her, quill in hand to make marks upon the paper. Lysette is near as well, doing some sewing upon a dress. The two ladies are talking quietly, laughing plenty.

Nalia has arrived for a visit, and it is the scent of blueberry pie that might announce her before the tiny woman steps into the manor, a manor she has visited many times. There is a look on her features though, a hint of worry that disappears as she sees Gwyn and Lysette relaxing at the table. An impish smile soon appears and if she can not be seen by Gwyn, she tip toes up behind her, tempting her with the scent of the pie.

The door to the manor opens as a call goes out, "Sir Bradwyn returns!" as indeed the six foot cousin to the main line enters the area Gwynaelle can be found looking very tired and worn out. Perhaps a bit stiff in the legs as well. Horse taken away to the stables, gear being unloaded, with luck the knight can finally remain home for at least a week to catch up. Eleven years is a long time to barely ever see family and there is much to catch up on. Wearing his simple traveling garb the giant of a man who looks years older than his mere twenty-one years limps slightly deeper into the room looking at the floor as though only half away. The limp however, to those familiar with such things, seems more due to riding too long than injury.

Lysette might notice Nalia first, but doesn't say anything to the young lady as she works at the household books. There comes a sniff, eventually, her head lifted, "Smells…" And then she turns to look to the kitchen, and thus, catches Nalia there, "Nalia!" Quill is stuck into the inkwell, and she jumps up to welcome her friend, "And a pie!" Oh, what is she happier about? The friend's arrival or the pie? Hard to say! And then to make matters even better, her cousin's arrival is announced, and she ohs, "Bradwyn?" Happy times!

There is a little chuckle and then the pie is being handed off to Lysette before Gwyn ends up getting it tossed all over her. Nalia steps in to gives Gwyn a hug before she smirks in the most adorable way. "Of course a pie, I still remember when I didn't have one last time.." She winks before she blinks at the announce and turns Bradwyn is announced. There is a moment where she tilts her head to the side, a small arched eyebrow follows but then she is glancing away to look over the rest of the main hall.

Bradwyn limps over slightly and says, "Welcome by beautiful Ladies, what more could a man ask for?" in a playful tone. Nalia had her chance, now it is Bradwyn's as he slowly makes his way over and if not stopped he wraps his arms around Gwyn to give her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek asking, "Doing well cousin?" Once the answer is given, as the question is asked whether the other gestures are permitted or not and then his Idmiston eyes turn to Nalia and he says, "Lady Nalia am I right? Always good to see one of Gwyn's old friends, especially one of such beauty." with that charming smile and easy flirtation he has.

Yes, the hug is taken from Nalia as soon as able, Gwynaelle to chuckle when teased so, "Well.. I've come to expect it. Your mother's pies are the best, after all.." Still with an arm about Nalia, she turns to watch as Bradwyn joins them, stepping from Nalia then to return the bear hug from her cousin, "It's so good to see you. Seems the last few times you managed to make it by here for a moment, I wasn't here. And I completely missed you while in Carlion, though… did see you fight a few times." Tight is the hug before it loosens, and she steps back again, "Have a seat.. look like you could use it." Yes, she's taken note of the limping and stiffness in the man. Lysette has already contacted the cook who's making usre there will be enough to have, returning to see if Nalia or Bradwyn would like a drink of some sort.

There is a mix of a flush and a smirk on Nalia's lips before she dips her chin gracefully at Bradwyn, "Sir Bradwyn, it is nice to see you once more. I am sure the last time we met has slipped from you mind.." She is amused as she moves to take the seat Gwyn offers, her cloak being untied to rest on the chair as she gets comfortable. "Thank you Lysette, anything will be fine.." SHe tells her before she look back to Gwyn and shares with a whisper. "There are two already in the kitchen, the stablehands were very excited.."

Bradwyn says, "We did speak briefly after my own challenge though yes far too little time cousin." The hug also reveals to Gwyn some bandages wrapps around his chest under his tunic though he doesn't seem harmed by the strength of the hug. He then nods and walks over to heavily take a seat and says, "Thank you. I haven't rode this much since I was learning how to stay in the saddle." chuckling softly. When asked about refreshment he calls back to Lysette, "Only one thing can match the beauty of the company here. Idmiston wine!" in boisterous praise, but then he has always loved the fruity wines produced by Idmiston, and with a healthy appetite for food and drink as much as he has one for flirting.
He then looks to Nalia and says, "I believe I saw you in passing at the tourney, or the wedding, or some such. I remember asking who that beauty before me was and the name was given." winking playfully, a bit of flirt in his tone once more.

"Aah.. I see.. yes, there will be much in the way of excitement in the kitchens then." Gwynaelle offers back to her friend when the whisper of more pies being in the kitchen is made. With the hug, there comes a slight frown at feeling the bandages, and once she draws back, she peers at Bradwyn closely, "Do we need the healer to take a look andmake sure your bandages are good?" Nevermind there is Nalia there as well! Still, she waits for him to sit, to reach out and ruffle his hair a little as she glances between cousin and friend, curiosity in her gaze as their bandied words.

Those steel eyes of Nalia narrows slightly as she looks over Brad, they flicker over his form as if to the trained eye trying to look over these wounds that are being mentioned. But as this is between cousins, she simply dips her chin at his words and glances towards Gwyn a little smile on her lips, it's clear Nalia will help if anything is needed.

Bradwyn turns serious at Gwyn's concern and says, "I'll be fine. Mostly a bruise now after traveling so long. I took a lance from one of those that murdered Hadyn. He refused to yield so I took his head, so he certainly got it worse than I." with a touch of pride in his voice, after all he helped bring justice and also avenged a Tisbury he viewed almost like a brother. He allows his hair to be ruffled, though he does reach out to take Gwyn's hand after if she will allow to give a reassuring squeeze that he will indeed be okay.
Then the flirtation continues as he looks to Nalia and adds, "Unless your friend has any skill in the healing arts, I wouldn't mind her having a look." with a charming smile and playful wink. Good thing he is a harmless flirt, even if a shameless one as the only ones he doesn't seem to ever flirt with are blood relations like Gwyn.

"I'm glad to hear that justice was served.." Gwynaelle offers, frowning a little. Worried still is she, but if he insists he's okay, she won't push it too far. A glance to Nalia is givne, then back to her cousin, "Other than that, have you heard news of Sarum? We got a messenger about the attack here, but not much more than that. Father is well, I know that. HE was with those protecting the Earl.." With wine delivered, she takes up the wineskin and pours them each a glass, passing them out to Nalia and Bradwyn first before finally taking a seat with her own.
The flirtation between the two earns a wry smile, and quiet words, "You'll have to forgive my cousin, Nalia… though if he gets to be too much, I can smack him for you?" Ever so innocent is the look given then.

That blush still hovers on Nalia's cheeks and she can only shake her head with an amused chuckle. The wine is taken with a little dip of her chin in thanks before she swirls it in her delicate fingers. "I have not yet heard anything, but Cynrain must be ok, for he was there and no word has been sent that he's harmed. So father has made me stay near to home. I had to sneak out to visit.." She admits as if that is only normal.
At the teasing and flirting, Bradwyn is just given a curious glance but then she chuckles softly, "Do not make your cousin worry to much Sir Bradwyn, but if it will make her feel better than I can check your wounds before I leave.." This is offered more towards Gwyn, then it is followed by a soft chuckle. "I will remember that Gwyn.." Amused with eyes sparkling.

Bradwyn nods and says, "I was at Serum to report about the fate of the murderers. Chaos, but seemed rebuilding was being seen to." He then takes the wine gratefully, it has been a long time since he's had a taste and says, "Thank you cousin as he takes a mouthful, holding it in his mouth and laying back his head emitting a groan of near ecstasy before swallowing, "This is a taste I can always have more of." After a few moments the words seem to sink in and says, "Smack me if you wish, but I can still pick you up cousin." a playful threat returned. He no doubt could pick her up but obviously wouldn't actually hurt her. He then raises his goblet to Nalia and says, "You won't hear a complaint from me Lady Nalia." with another playful wink and another mouthful of wine.

"The same.. father ordered me to stay here, but.." Gwynaelle dares to blush a little, no doubt glancing to Nalia, "And you snuck out here? Hmm.." A tease in her voice is given,t he young lady to take a seat then with her glass of wine. While she doesn't savor it with the same delight that Bradwyn does, she enjoys the sip taken from her glass. "I'm glad to hear that things are well in Sarum then. I hadn't heard yet more than the basics, with father telling me to stay home and not make the trip to Sarum." Stay home, stay off the roads, keep the guards close at hand.

Nalia narrows her eyes at Gwyn and tsks at her. "You know as well as I do, I can get back to the manor, but well. Yes.." She finally says with a little grump in her tone. She takes a drink of her wine but really who can't watch Bradwyn when he goes on in such a way about the wine. There is a little blink and then a blush before she glances back to Gwyn for help.

Bradwyn nods to Gwyn and says, "Sound advice." He then looks to Nalia and adds a bit more serious, "As you snuck away, I assume you have no guard with you." Then back to Gwyn adding, "I would not see your old friend risk harm. I am home now and can see to any protection needed for either of you, or I can escort Lady Nalia home if there is a need." looking back to add, "And of course if you have no objection."

"Yes, but.." Gwynaelle murmurs to Nalia, "I would not have you harmed in any way.." As Bradwyn volunteers to see her firend home safely, she smiles, "Thank you, yes.. if she does not mind.. it would put my head and heart at ease knowing she made it home safely." A hand reaches out to touch Nalia's hand to offer a squeeze, "Right now with the Saxons out there.. please?" She asks of her friend the, blue eyes turned to study Nalia.

Nalia is so in trouble with those blue eyes of this family, she keeps her eyes narrowed on Gwyn and then gives a long drawn out sigh. "Fine, of course I don't want you to worry Gwyn, so if Sir Bradwyn wishes to escort me home, whenever I decide to head there, then I will accept. But I hope you are not trying to get rid of me right away? I want a piece of pie as well.." She throws the last out with those large eyes widening and batting her lashes at her friend. She then almost giggles before glancing to Bradwyn, "And thank you, knowing that Gwyn has someone here to protect her is heartwarming.." Since well, /other/ family members seem to have /other/ things to do. Grump.

Bradwyn nods to both and says, "It is decided then. I'll remain at the disposal of you both for whatever is needed till Lady Nalia is ready to depart, which I'll admit I would not object if it isn't soon." with another charming smile and flirty wink before adding serious once again, "I will then escort her home and protect her with my life."

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Gwynaelle blinks, then snorts, "As if I would send you immediately back home again?" Shaking her head, she laughs, "You are welcome to stay here for a few days, if you'd like?" That coming likely after Bradwyn speaks of hoping itw asn't too soon that he would escort Nalia back to her home. "Then it's settled further.. Nalia shall remain here for a day or two, then go home?" And she will get the chance to talk with her friend again!

Bradwyn chuckles softly as Gwyn gives orders and says teasing, "Yes mother." chuckling a bit more in his own amusement.

Gwynaelle looks between friend and cousin, then hmmphs, "Okay then.." So her gaze then falls upon the pie, and truly, it has to be somewhat amzing it's sitting there, still uncut. Quickly does she order a knife and plates from the kitchen, "I'm hungry." As soon as things are delivered, she'll see about cutting into the pie and sharing it with the pair if they wish some as well.

When the knife is ordered and delivered, the servant leans in to Gwyn. "Riders from Newentone, M'Lady.", she informs the heiress of such news.
It won't be long before Glaw and Cadfan would be let into the hall, the two messangers on riding horses left to tend to the steeds for now. While Cadfan is in leather armor, Glaw is for once again decked out in full reinforced chainmail, though he does not seem to be overly hurried or worried at the moment. Handing his helmet off to the squire, nodding to a sidetable for the young man, he does stride towards the table with the trio seated. "Now that is not a meeting I anticipated.", he admits, nodding to Nalia as he says so, before briefly peering at Bradwyn, then offers a smile and outstretched hands towards Gwyn. "Lady Idmiston. I thought I'd detour our patrol to make sure you are well, but I see you are in good spirits and being bribed with pies.", he seems to chuckle at that.

Bradwyn chuckles as the order for food is given and says, "Already Lady of the manor I see. Do I have to start bowing now?" chuckling more as he teases his cousin, though he does accept the offered pie. Then more enter and after being peered at Bradwyn stands to his full height of six feet and studies Glaw silently a few moments before extending his arm, "Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston." by way of introduction, clearly not recognizing the other man, at least not right away.

"Oh, please.." Gwynaelle answers to Bradwyn, going so far as to tease him with the lack of a plate handed to him at first, "I should eat your slice myself.." Hmmph! Keep the delicious treat to herself, she will! But hearing the news of who is approaching, she ohs and smiles, a hint of color coming to her cheeks. And yes, the pie is FORGOTTEN for now! Rising to her feet, she brushes her hands along her skirts, and soon smiles towards the Newentone heir, "Sir Glaw.. I thank you much for coming by. Will you and your squire join us for some Idmiston wine and pie from Dinton brought by Lady Nalia?" As for introduction, she turns to her cousin, "Bradwyn, Sir Glaw here was our foster brother for a while.." But he may not remember such being fostered out to the Tisbury's about then as well. "He was here until right before Hadyn's death.." Hadyn, her brother, that is.

Nalia is a guest and so does not rise when Glaw makes his way into the manor. Those steel eyes flicker over her old friend and she tilts her head to the side, only to smile with sparkling eyes as the pair greet the other. She sighs with a knowing smile and then then gives a tiny chuckle. "I never bribe, Sir Glaw, but you know I'd not be welcome without a pie or two.." She teases them both before she glances towards CBradly and then to Glaw and back.

Glaw chuckles at Gwyn as she steps up, and he tries to take a hand of hers to lift to give it a little handkiss. "Durnford pie? You offer to share it, freely?", he peers at Nalia briefly. "Something is amiss here, wouldn't you agree?", he teases the Idmiston, before he chuckles. "I will gladly accept such hospitality for a time.". He the does nod at Brad being introduced and he ahs lightly. "We missed each other then.", he nods. "Sir Glaw of Newentone.", he echoes his name, just to make sure he is introduced to the other knight, even if piecemeal that has been done by Gwyn already. "I have seen you at the Tourney in Carlion. I was not aware you were one of the Idmistons', otherwise I would have sought to speak to you. Our houses are allied for a long while now.". That out of the way, he steps to Nalia, to repeat the gesture if she lets him, hand to be kissed. "You are always welcome at Newentone without pied, m'Lady Nalia. If my foster-sister is imposing such harsh tolls on you here.".

Bradwyn nods to Glaw silently as he is explained, seems Gwyn isn't the only one to have forgot the pie. Perhaps it is a lie too? Gripping Glaw's arm with a firm pump the arm is released and the tall knight reclaims his seat and says, "I suppose I should make my colors at least better known. Course I also had a rather poor showing outside of the grand melee so it could be argued it is good I wasn't identified with my House. Even with as much of a lesser branch as I am."

A brow is quirked upwards as she takes Glaw's hands, one to be lifted for the kiss given to her knuckles. Blue eyes meet those of green as she smiles towards the neighbor knight. "You are always welcome here, well you know, Gl..Sir Glaw." Almost called him by his name without the title! Whoops. Dare the blush get a little darker still? Stepping back as the men begin to talk, she speaks with a servant quietly to get yet another glass and plate sent from the kitchen for their newest arrivals. A seat is offered to Glaw then, Lysette to give Cadfan a smile as well.

Nalia tilts her head to the side and can't help a soft sweet chuckle, Glaw is allowed her hand and she squeezes his fingers in return. "I will keep that in mind, It has been awhile since I was at Newtentone, maybe we can talk our fathers in allowed Gwyn and I to visit, since we are sorta of.. confined to our lands.." Then how the heck is she there? Well, everyone knows how Nalia can be.

The forearm grasped witht the other knight, Glaw soon laughs at the man. "Please. That tourney was one of the largest ever held and some of the knights we faced truely known across both Logress and beyond. There is no shame to be beaten by one like that.", he grants the other knight. "I am certain you made a good enough showing.". As he is offered a seat by Gwyn, he smiles at her, watching the color creep into her cheeks. Oh, surely he is not planning to be wicked? Ahem. "Speaking of great knights. Did I miss your father again, Lady Gwynaelle?", he wonders, oh so formally. As Nalia speaks of being out and about despite being forbidden, Glaw sighs at her. "Saxon bands are still roaming. Please do not make us worry needlessly. Though I would gladly host you at our manor should you ride that way with appropriate escort.", he states.

Bradwyn looks to Gwyn silently, obviously catch her 'slip', though he remains quiet as he gives a bit of a knowing look to Lysette. After a few moments he then turns his gaze to Nalia and watches her silently for a few moments in passive silence. After a few moments more he looks to Glaw and says, "We have recently settled Lady Nalia will remain a few days so she and my cousin can spend some time together then I'll escort her back to her family safely." Leaving out the fact a few days of rest will also help with his own wound covered by his tunic, as he wears his travel garb instead of his armor.

"I would agree with you there, Sir. Glaw. The tourney was so big, I fear that I did not even see a third of the competitions…" Well, with her foto hurt as it was, that might have something to do with that as well and being told to rest and elevate it by the healer! With warmth in her cheeks, Gwynaelle brings the glass of wine to Glaw, a hand to lightly touch his shoulder once he's taken a seat, "Father is still in Sarum with the Earl, though he makes sure the manor is safe…" As for Nalia and her plans to remain at Idmiston for the moment, she smiles to her friend, "Perhaps if we are bored we could go to Newentone and make trouble there, hmm?" Oh, the impish tone in her voice that shows then!

Nalia wrinkles her brow a little as she glances up to Glaw and tilts her head to the side, "I was safe.." She simply leaves it at that, she is reckless, not stupid. But that means she takes a sip of her wine and then motions between the cousins. "It also seems I have been invited to stay for a few days, though when the three pies run out, I believe we could then be talked into visiting Newentone. Though I would need to return home first.." She admits before finally reaches for her pie.

Glaw nods at Bradwyn as he pipes up. "I am glad to hear it.", he says, smiling over at Nalia. "The young healer is very dear to me, but she needs to be reigned in at times.", he claims, teasing the Durnford quite blatantly. Still, as Gwyn offers him the wine, he turns to face her, peering up to her. "Thank you, M'lady, for the cup.", he offers her so politely, after she speaks of causing trouble at his manor. "Though I warn you, Bethy does not tolerate much trouble.", he tells the Idmiston. Bethy? Well, he lets Gwyn explain that! Nalia's assertions? Glaw only shakes his head a little. "You were careful. That is not the same as safe.", he argues, the teasing tone gone for a moment, green eyes to give the healer a look. Surely such talk from someone not in her family might be considered unusual, but Glaw seems unrepentant. "I think even the Idmistons would agree no pie is worth this much risk. Not when there are plenty of knights who would give you an escort willingly.".

Bradwyn looks to Nalia and says, "While a return home might be prudent, given the circumstances of your departure your father might have objections to further travel. Still I will see you safely home when the time comes, whether a brief trip or one to stay Lady Nalia." He then extends his long arm and gently lifts the pie to move to closer to Nalia. Yay the fun of being tall! His eyes then shift to Glaw as he adds, "A healer than, good to know." Though Nalia or Gwyn would better know why he'd say that due to their discussion prior to Glaw's arrival.

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"Nalia is a good healer.. she helped me with my foot, and even saved Glaw's life once in the past.." So Gwynaelle will crow her good friend's talents! Enjoying the banter is the young Idmiston lady who lifts her cup up for a sip, only to pause when Glaw speaks. Blue eyes darken as she turns to the Newentone heir, her gaze to linger upon him while Bradwyn and Nalia do continue conversation. No look is given to cousin or friend before she leans in to boldly kiss Glaw. On the lips! And not some short brief peck either! Ahem. Maybe she got carried away at the last moment? Just ignore her.. and the flaming cheeks of her when she finally draws back again. Even Lysette is left staring at her recklessness with eyes gone wide. Oh my.

"That she is.", Glaw agrees to Gwyn praising Nalia, grinning at the Durnford, before he looks back to Gwyn. Oh, he is smiling smugly at the look she gives him. Surely he did not pick those words intentionally? Of coruse, if he knew what they would cause, perhaps even this oh-so-valourous knight might have faltered. As she leans in, kisses him, Glaw practically freezes for a moment. Shocked, yes, surprised. He wan't expecting that! And yet, after a heartbeat or two, when it filtered in his brain that now there is nothing he can do, he lifts a hand to cup her cheek, gently. When she finally draws away, Glaw smiles, watching her, ignoring the stares from handmaiden and perhaps the rest of the table, merely looking at her. "Gwyn…", he calls her nickname of old then. Well, Glaw is not exactly blushing, but the shock is still there in his gaze, as is a hint of worry and plenty of a darkened look given to the Idmiston lady.

*SLAM!* A heavy blow strikes the wood of the table as Bradwyn drops his fist to the furniture when he notes the passion behind the kiss and states in a serious, calm, stern tone, "Gwynaelle de Ismiston! May I have a word!" Yep full name, this isn't good. There is no anger in his tone, but it is certainly heard carried in the sudden quiet of the hall. He then stands to his full height. Glaw does get a bit of a look, but it is clear Gwyn is the one in trouble with her cousin.

Nalia has blinked at Gywn but doesn't seem shocked, but Bradwyn does get her attention and she frowns softly, and whatever senses she has, well she is the reckless one and she stands gently and walks over to place a gentle hand on Bradwyn's arm. "Bradwyn, no.." It's soft and maybe the others do not hear her drop the title, but it is clear she is going to stand between Brad and Gwyn in this. Hell maybe she will distract him.

The fact that Gwynaelle manages to surprise and shock Glaw so much? Well, there comes a somewhat pleased smile to tilt her lips upwards, turning to kiss his hand that cups her cheek as her hand rises to press it againt her cheek, "Yess?" She would ask of him, seeming uncaring of who stares at the pair of them. A whisper is given in turn, one so soft that he might have trouble hearing all the words, those at the end likely cut off by the sudden slap of hand to table, and the call ofher name by her cousin. Bright cheeks cannot darken any further as she turns blue eyes to Bradwyn, drawing away from Glaw slowly though her hand continues to hold his. Chin lifted, she looks to her cousin, even as Nalia comes to her rescue. Or tries too.

Bradwyn looks to Nalia and leans in to whsiper to her if permitted. Then whetehr the whisper is allowed or not he walks over and says, "Gwynaelle." calmly, but his tone makes it clear he expects her to come speak with him now rather than later. as he moves to stand out of earshot, and looks to Gwyn waiting for her to join him.

Glaw seems shocked, yes. Or is that lost in those blue eyes of hers. At least until that fist strikes the table, and he frows at Bradwyn. For a moment his eyes narrow, though when Nalia interjects, he holds his tongue for a while longer. Or is that being distracted by that kiss to his palm, the light inhale of air to distract him? Well, in the end he clears his throat, tightening the hand around Gwyn's to tug her back closer towards him, if she does not fight it. "Sir Bradwynn….", he begins, then shakes his head a little. "There are no need for words to be had.", he tells the man, lifting his own chin. They are pagans, after all, pride and honesty are in their blood, and the man will not let Gwyn take even a heated word when he was the instigator. "If any words are to be had, then you wish to have them with me. Your cousin is blameless in this.". Words stated oddly not even angrily, or what might be called challenging. He just seems almost delighted by that kiss. A deper sigh is given then.

Nalia keeps her hand on Bradwyn's arm, those steel eyes looking up to his as he leaves down to whisper, she let's out a very long breath, causing the fabric to pull against her form. It can't hurt to tempt a flirt like Brad right? But it's clear she has not done this on purpose as she speaks in return. If allowed she keeps him from walking off as well as keeps herself between him and the pair at the table. Her shoulders even stiffen as Glaw makes his challenge, but those eyes simply stay on Brad

With hand held still by Glaw, Gwynaelle is drawn easily closer to him to stand. The light catches on the bracelet that hangs about her wrist of the hand held by he. "Bradwyn.." Words begun soon cut off by those spoken by the Newentone heir, further fussing to come from Lysette who has jumped up and move closer to her mistress. Just in case Brad might be thinking something else! "Words are not needed at all. I love him, Bradwyn. You should be happy for me, yes? Not glowering and growling. My father knows my feelings, and is working it all out.." She dares to look down, then back at him, "Who knows, perhaps Tomas or one of your siblings shall get Idmiston if things work out differently.."

Whatever temptation might be offered, even unknowingly, Bradwyn doesn't seem to notice, though Nalia is successful in preventing him from crossing the room. Listening to the words of all he simply says, "Discretion till formalized." is all he says in reply. His striking blue eyes, what is it with the Idmistons and those things anyway, pass to Nalia and says, "I believe I will retire. When you are able to see to my wrappings you need only knock Lady Nalia." a bit more formally, after all the offers was made and accepted. Might as well make the entire room patients of the visiting healer. Bradwyn then turns to make his way to his chambers, grabbing his goblet of wine as he goes. He isn't leaving that behind.

At Gwyn's words, Glaw turns to look back to her, nodding, before he turns to look at Bradwyn as he seems to prepare to retire. He wisely does not speak further to the other knight. Oh, he would gladly make it a real challenge if he had pressed Gwyn more, but there seems no need for that. Turning back to look at Gwyn for a moment, he gives her a bit of a narrowed look for some reason, before he finally lets go of her hand, as harmless as it may be. "Perhaps it is I who should depart again.", he says, looking at Nalia then, to give the woman a thankful nod. Lysette? Oh, he will surely have to endure her yelling at him later.

A squeeze is given to Glaw's hand before he releases hers, the young lady standing tall as she turns back to her cousin. When he reminds her of discretion, she dips her head, but then finally moves forwards, to stop him before he might leave for the solar and his room beyond, "Cousin?" She will offer him a hug, if he will accept it, likely whispering something to him then before stepping back again to turn to Glaw, "No, you need not leave, Glaw. Please.. stay?"

Bradwyn senses: Gwynaelle whispers should she be able, "I do love him, and he loves me.. he would not do me harm at all, but would protect me even from you. I am /happy/ with him… please understand?"

Nalia gives a tiny sigh as Bradwyn walks away, but her shoulders stiffen at something that Gwyn had said before and a soft flush and flicker of something appears in her features before she shakes her head and turns back to the couple. "Sir Glaw, please keep Gwyn company and don't let her eat all the pie. I will see to Sir Bradwyn's wounds. When one is wounded they seem to be over protective…" She offers, giving a helpful shrug to the pair before she moves to gather up a small healing kit that is never to far away.

Bradwyn does stop and returns the hug without hesitation, even whispering back. He then looks back to Glaw and says, "Your protection of my cousin is welcome, yet the blame does not lie with you, proven by your surprise Sir Glaw. Remain. Perhaps my cousin can show you our orchards." in a calm voice. He has likely seen the orchards before, however he did speak of discretion and who might see something done among the trees?
As Nalia decides to join him now rather than later and gathers her supplies he nods respectfully to her and says, "I thank you for the offer of your skill Lady Nalia."

From afar, Bradwyn whispers, "I have nothing against the pursuit of love cousin. I simply wished to remind you to show some discretion. Invite him to the orchards, fields, or anywhere else to provide some privacy so rumors do not spread among the household staff. Once matters are formal then such activities will be accepted, until then however I would not see your honor questioned, even for the sake of love. You are a smart woman, hold your passions till you are alone."

Glaw lets Gwyn go, when she seeks to speak to Bradwyn afterall. His words back to him, however? They cause the Newentone to rise instead, and the almost silly smile he held in the aftermath melts away, those green eyes focusing on the other knight, even as she steps closer, with measured steps, just so he does not have to yell and cause more of a scene. "Do not mark me a liar, Sir Bradwyn. Or heap praises on my I do not deserve. I own what troubles I cause, your Uncle taught me such, as did my own father.", he glances at Gwyn then. "Surprised I was, for I did not think I would tempt her to kiss me so openly, but tempt her I did. It was my failing of discretion, when I should have put the protection of her name before my own wishes.". With that he turns back to the knight. "Now have your wounds looked after, and shall you have need to speak more on this, I will be easily found here for some hours yet.". He pauses then, a faint smile to curve his lips. "And I would not dare to stand between her and her pies.", he teases Nalia.

Gwynaelle check your awareness at 10, you rolled 16.

Quiet words are given to her cousin before Gwynaelle steps back again, a wry smile to touch her lips at whatever is said in return to her by Bradwyn. Still, her steps will take her to Glaw's side, her hand to seek out his even when discretion has been advised - at least she's not kissing him, right? With Nalia's offer to help tend to her cousin's wouds, she smiles to her friend, "Thank you, Nalia.. and remember.. if he smarts off too much you have my permission to smack him in the head as needed?" Amusement is shown before she glances aside to Glaw, "Would you wish to take that walk with me?"

Those eyes flicker towards Bradwyn and while she is about to say something she simply shakes her head with a tiny smile and dips her chin at this thanks. But Nalia then turns to look at the couple and she can't help it, she gives a tiny chuckle at Glaw's words, "You are learning Sir Glaw, you are learning.." She then motions for Brad to show her wherever she is heading.

Bradwyn seems about to say something as Glaw confronts him, yet then there is a healer to remind him of his wound and she simply turns to depart silently so she can look him over and tend his wrappings.

Left by the two, Glaw pauses, watching them head off, before he turns to look at Gwyn, his eyes narrowing again a little, then nods. "Perhaps we should.". Take that walk, even if surely the servants scattered by now, unsure how things might progress. Lysette, however, is given a look then by the knight, a crooked smile given as she hovers nearby, as if to ask: You going to shadow us now? Yep, he is still a brat. Not that they need her, he is in armor: Even getting it off would take longer than proactical, right? Ahem.

Setting her hand upon his arm, Gwynaelle turns to half lead, half let him escort her from the manor proper and out in the nearby grove, "I am sorry.. I do not know what came over me.." She's blushing again, any lessening that had come about flaring to life again. "You tease me so with such words.." She whispers then quietly, head ducked a little, not even looking to Lysette who may hover..nearby. She won't follow them into the grove, but remain just outside of it, likely talking with Cadfan if he remains with her.

Glaw does not mind her on his arm, though he once more cautions her about the chainmail's penchance to catch skin painfully in a pinch. Or even clothing and sleeves. Cadfan surely will follow Lysette, to keep her company, even as they walk into the orchard. At her appology, he laughs softly, the blush of hers watched with some glee. "And you me. I should appologize however. I…meant to make you blush, but..", he smiles then, licking his lips. "…I did not think I would have such a big effect.". Yes, he is still teasing her about it, while pretending to appologize. Bad him. He leans in then, to whisper.

Careful of the pinch that might call, Gwynaelle's hand remains there, lightly touching. Her skirts brush his legs as they move into the grove, her gaze only paying half attention to where they go, first making sure there are none nearby before turning to him again. "Well, you got that and more, I would safely say." Again, the wry touch of a smile to her lips as he leans in to whisper, his words then to cause the blush to renew, to look upon him with a heated gaze in her eyes.

As they talk like that, surely Glaw is playing with fire, given the way they look at each other already. When she leans in to whisper, he takes a deeper breath, and once they are deep enough in the orchard that they are out of sight of most of the manor, he does lean in to kiss her cheek again, unless she turns in the last instant! "I would say I am sorry, but that would be a lie. Worried, but not sorry.", he admits.

When he leans in to kiss her cheek, Gwynaelle will be wicked eough to turn, to allow his lips to find hers in a soft kiss. Such a sough of pleasure then to come as sh eleans in, to deepen it further before they might pull apart, "I am not worried… and Bradwyn only takes me to task for not being discrete before the ban might be posted. "

<OOC> Gwynaelle says, "These are a few rolls made for after Beltaine…"
You make a check for Lysette awarness at 12, you rolled 2.
You make a check for Lysette firstaid at 12, you rolled 9.
Gwynaelle rolls 1d20 and gets (13) for a total of: (13)
Gwynaelle rolls 1d6 and gets (6) for a total of: (6)
Gwynaelle rolls 1d6 and gets (4) for a total of: (4)
Two boys.
Gwynaelle rolls 1d20 and gets (11) for a total of: (11)
Gwynaelle rolls 1d20 and gets (13) for a total of: (13)
Both live.
You check your honest at 13, you rolled 2.

Kisses stolen by the evil Idmiston heir! The scandal. If it hasn't happened before. Ahem. Glaw does not pull away, letting pleasure grow in that kiss, for a while at least, before she draws back, speaks of not being worried. "And if he knew the truth?", Glaw wonders at her. Yep. if he will react like that about a kiss. Ahem. Glaw shakes his head, moving to push his forehead against hers. "Discretion is indeed still needed, as much as I hate the idea.", he smiles a little at her, whispering again.

Turning towards him fully, Gwynaelle curls against his chest, to tiptoe to press the kiss further. Not going to let him go immediately! "I think he might well know, and merely cautioned discretion." A brush of her fingers against his cheek, and she laughs quietly at the whisper, soon exchanging such soft words with him again.
You whisper, "Too bad we cannot figure out a way you might be able to do so.. oh wait.. talk to my father?" to Glaw.

Such words from the heir, and he has to laugh softly, when the kiss is finally broken. As for him knowing? Well. "Suspecting is not knowing.", Glaw points out, then has to laugh. "IF he wishes to make an issue out of it, though..", he shrugs a little. "Well, accepting a challenge from him while he is injured would be unfair, but..", yep, he would accept it. Stubborn knights, right? At her whisper back he gives her a dirty look, only to shake his head, lips curving into a bit of a wicked grin, before he answers.

Gwynaelle blinks, only to stare, to laugh at the whisper that comes, "I'm a mare now?" She asks of him, only to then sputter out without thinking, "I will become as big as one, but I am not yet.." And then, realizing what she's said, she ohs, a hand clapped over her mouth as she draws back, uncertainty to show in her gaze as she waits his reaction.

Shock her, he sought to do, and as she stares like that, he has to laugh, only to grin as she laughs as well, and the question gains a nod from her. Yep. Mare. That's her. Ahem. The latter words, however, make him laugh again, and he nods. "You sure will if you keep eating Nalia's pi…", he trails off then, when he catches her reaction, the way her hand covers her mouth. Wait, what? Green eyes study her, the smile fading. Well, he does not blush, but apparently his color can drain from his face. A blink. Two. Then he looks down at her belly, then back up into her eyes. "…You…are certain?".

Oh, while he gets pale, Gwynaelle gets darker as she nods her head, still staring at him. The first hint of tears appear in her eyes as she lowers her hand then, "I did not bleed when I should have… I've been sick in the mornings at times." Worrying her bottom lip, she whipers, "Lysette said it was signs that I am with child." That is likely why Lysette might have given him a look, and why the handmaiden has given them their distance now to speak privately. "I'm sorry.." She whispers then, though soon turns back, "And yet not truly. "

Such news were unexpected. As she speaks of such things, he nods. Well, surely he is no midwife, but he is the son of a manor-lord. Surely he knows how such things work with animals at least, and with the servants if they got pregnant. For a moment he just processes such, and when she says she is sorry, he blinks once more, though when she says she is not in truth? Glaw seeks to place a hand on her belly, whispering. "You are a silly woman, sometimes.", he tells her, almost callously, perhaps making her worry for a moment, though for once it is not intentional, he just smiles at her then. "Did you not think I knew what might happen, if I fill that cup over and over?". Yes, he is once more seeking to make her blush. "You are giving me a heir…a son or daughter…", he seems to smile more now, watching her, before he leanin in to once more put his forehead against hers. "I will speak to my and your father as soon as possible.", he agrees then, the grin only growing further. Oh, he should be worried, but he is not. "It is me who is sorry.". And does not look like it, before he explains on a whisper, "…for making all those other ladies think you a hussy, if you show before the handfasting..".

Her hands fall to his when it comes to her still slim belly, his words to draw the slight duck of her head. But then as he speaks, as he smiles at her, any worries are soon gone. The smile returns to her lips, to spark within her blue eyes as she laughs quietly, "I did ask that of you, yes.. that it is what we both wished. Said we did not care whether it would happen or not." But sometimes, one can say hte words, and not truly mean them, right? "You?" She begins to ask, only to glare at him at his quiet words given, "Then we shall have to handfast soon.. guild that tongue of yours in readiness to speak with father and the Earl.."

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