(514-06-23) Who Knew?
Summary: In which Sir Martyn admits his feelings for Lady Amalthea.
Date: 514-06-23
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The stables are grand. Certainly much more grand than the stables at Dinton. The horses, too, are more numerous, more… pungent. The pervasive smell of hay and horse flesh soak the cavernous affair of stone and lumber, and all those who work within it, Amalthea included. The stablemaster is by the entrance to the stables, giving an order to a young squire, grinning at the young man and waving him off. "Go, young Adam. Go, and stay in the saddle this time. I care not if the flowers are especially pretty. You will fill this place with them at the rate you're going!" Off the boy dashes with a bob of his forelock, leaving Amalthea to turn back to her task at the table she sits at. Ledgers. Numbers. Headaches.

Ever since the conversation at the inn, Martyn has been planning this one particular conversation in his head, although each time, it turns quite different. He's finally realized the only way to keep it from changing each and every time he does is to actually have that conversation. And so he makes his way over towards the stables, coming to a stop just outside as he looks inside. Does he seem to be a little nervous? Quite so.

You check your awareness at 10, you rolled 7.

Amalthea knows when someone is procrastinating outside of her stables. She just knows when someone isn't using their time wisely. The lady pushes to stand, unfolding the long length of her, using the momentum to stalk towards the wide doors, about to give a thorough dressing down to whomever happens to be loitering instead of working!

Having pulled back from when he was looking inside, Martyn is looking around at the area outside the stables as well, taking a few deep breaths as he prepares to step inside. "Just say it…" he mutters to himself, unaware of anyone stalking towards the doors from the inside.

And suddenly there's Amalthea, appearing in the open archway, framed by the massive stone. "Sir Martyn! I thought you were some squire, dragging his feet upon his return to work. I did not expect to see you again so soon," she offers, coming to a halt, her smile widening when she sees who awaits her. "Just say what, sir?" is her next utterance, looking curious.

"Lady Amalthea, I thought I might find you here," Martyn offers in return, with a nervous smile. "And I was some squire, once… A long time ago, though." Another smile, before he adds, "How are you? Lot of work to be done?"

"I can hardly picture it," Amalthea replies to Martyn, her laughter low and warm. Her eyes fall on him and sweep the knight from top to bottom. "Truly, you are so serious most of the time, sir, I find it hard to think of you as anything but a man full grown." Which is probably a good thing. "I am well, and thank you for asking. There is /so/ much to be done. Tis not that things were not run well prior to my assumption of the position," Thea qualifies, waving a hand to the impressive stone structure, "tis only that much more could be done to make this stable one of legend. But I shall always have time for a friend. Would you like to walk with me, sir?"

"Really?" That to the part about her finding it hard to think of him as anything but a man full grown, as Martyn offers a brief grin, "Thank you, my lady." Nodding a bit as he hears the rest of what's said, he smiles, "If anyone can make it one of legend, it is you." Nodding again, at the question if he would like to walk with her, he smiles, "Of course."

"Your chivalry is most becoming, sir," Amalthea tells him with a grin. "And as always, you pay me far too high a compliment. I will do what I can, and trust to the lord to guide my hand. If success is to be, then it shall be by his grace, of course." She turns, beckoning Martyn into the darkened stables, leading the knight down one of the several branching halls lined with stalls. Her pace is meandering, in no hurry for once. "What brings you here, sir? Did you wish to know more about Sir Evae?" she asks, a cheshire grin parting her lips.

Following where Amalthea leads him, Martyn smiles, "I don't think I'm paying you too high a compliment." He pauses momentarily at the mention of Sir Evae, and he shakes his head slightly, before he smiles, "In a way, it's Sir Evae that brought me here. After you left, she gave me some advice." A brief pause, before he adds, "Remember that day when we ran into another at the marketplace, when you were watching that particular stallion from these stables?"

"When I almost knocked you over by accident," Amalthea reminisces, that smile remaining firmly upon her generous lips. "Yes, I remember. Honestly, sir Martyn, for the amount of times I have almost done you physical harm, you are still the gallant." She strolls the stone hallway, their footfalls echoing around them. "What advice did Sir Evae give you? She was quite beautiful. All that lovely flaxen hair!"

Martyn smiles as he hears that, nodding a bit. "That would be the time, yes," he replies, looking around for a few moments. " A brief pause, and another smile. "You spoke back thn, about somebody who would steal my heart away…"

"I did!" Amalthea replies, ever-exuberant, her long legs slowing pace a bit so that she might turn and regard sir Martyn. "Have you found one? OH, sir Martyn, I knew such a day would come! Who is this most fortunate woman, to have won the heart of such a bold, brave knight? Tell me, that I might congratulate her on her intelligence!"

"I have," Martyn replies, words offered rather quietly. "A wonderful woman, who stole my heart away, I think one of the first times we ever met." A brief pause, before he adds, "She is lovely, and kind, and really enjoys spending time with animals…"

Amalthea tips her head in that birdlike way of hers. "Hm." The lady, for all her finer points, does not immediately pick up on what the knight is laying down. "Lovely. Kind. Likes animals." There's a long pause and even her footsteps stop as the woman contemplates. "Is it Lady Bronwen? I had no clue she liked animals, but she is certainly both lovely and kind. Oh, you must tell me!" she implores him, smiling a toothy smile.

Martyn shaes his head very briefly at the question, before he gently reaches for her hand, should she let him. "It is you, my lady. I think you stole my heart from the start…"

"Oh, that's wonderful! Bronwen will make a wonderful…" Amalthea had that response ready to go, fully expecting the declaration, and so it comes out even as her brain races to catch up to her mouth. Her hand is already in his, ready to celebrate his revelation of a love, and so it stays there, the stablemaster to shocked to do aught else. "… me? I…" For one of the first times, Amalthea is completely at a loss for words, surprise clearing everything else from her face. She looks rather dumb, with her mouth hanging open.

Giving her hand a gentle squeeze at her reaction, Martyn nods. "You. My heart belongs to you, and I think it always will, no matter what the future will bring." Watching her rather carefully, he offers a quiet smile now.

The squeeze does a little to tug Amalthea out of her shock. She blinks wide golden eyes back at Martyn a moment, mouth snapping shut, only to open carefully once more. She offers, "I… sir Martyn, sir Rowan has… he has already asked if he may court me. And I have told him yes. I cannot, in good godly conscience, encourage such feelings, sir. Once upon a time," she murmurs, eyes searching him, "I would have. I stand by all I have praised in your character. I greatly admire you, and have done for some time."

While he does his best not to show anything, those words hits Martyn with the force equal to the saxe of the Saxon he fought outside the city. Not letting go of the lady's hand so far, he offers her a quiet smile. "I cannot change the way I feel, my lady…" A brief pause, as he takes a bit of a breath, considering what to say. "Even though…" He trails off, before he adds, "Sir Rowan is a very intelligent man, then…" He goes silent again, looking a bit thoughtful. "No matter what, my feelings for you will remain, Amalthea…"

Thea expels a long-held breath, blowing a gentle stream of distressed air out before her. Her own hand squeezes his like a vise for a moment. "As I will always have warm feelings for you, sir Martyn. You have been the most noble of friends, and I pray that that will not change, no matter what the future holds. But I implore you, sir, to keep your eyes and your heart open."

"I will always be your friend," Martyn replies, before he adds, "And if you ever need me, you need just send word, and I will come." A brief pause, before he adds, "I was afraid someone else had already found a place in your heart, but I knew that you had the right to know how I feel."

"I am honored beyond words, truly," Amalthea replies, the earnestness in her voice ringing audibly in the stone hall, aided by the soft whicker of the horses. "You need never stand on ceremony with me. We are friends and you have my trust such as very few others can claim." She dips her chestnut head, bringing it up to offer the man a wistful smile. "I should return to work…"

Martyn smiles as he hears that, nodding at her words. "Thank you…" Nodding again at her words about returning to work. "I should get going as well, I have a few things I will need to take care of…"

Impulsively, Amalthea leans forward to attempt to give sir Martyn a small, quick hug. It may be bold, but the situation drives her to it. It is brief and chaste, but warm, if he doesn't stop her. "Of course. I hope I see you again soon. And you might call me Thea, should you wish," the lady offers, cheeks a little bright, but the friendly sentiment there the same.

Not doing anything to stop that hug, Martyn hugs back for those few brief moments. "I will see you again soon, Thea," he offers to her, before he steps back. "Be well until then…" Waiting for a few moments more, before he starts leaving.

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