(514-06-23) Fame, Fortune, and Vengeance
Summary: Landon and Kamron catch up on recent events and plan how to score a trifecta.
Date: June 23, 514
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Sarum Castle itself is unharmed, even if large sections of the town have been burned and several gates have been breached. The smell of smoke still hangs in the air, however, and Kamron is in his underarmor — no mail, but the padded jerkin, sleeves, and heavy leather pants that otherwise protect him from harm (and his armor). He's just outside the front door of the keep, speaking in low tones with the gangly Newton squire who is already several inches taller than Kamron, even at fifteen.

The knight that locals near and around Baverstock call the 'Bear of Baverstock' lumbers with a faint favouring of his right side toward the keep itself. While a healer had seen to him, she honestly wasn't any help to him. He was in search of a person of notable skill who could and likely, some would be found in the castle if not the chapel, pending the chapel didn't get razed in the plundering and the chaos to defend the town. He spots Kamron up near the entrance to the Keep, offering when close enough, "Sir Kamron. Glad to see that you made it through another Saxon raid!"

Kamron glances up — and up — at the Bear, offering up a smile, "Sir Landon. I missed it, actually. Several of us were up north, tracking down the murderer Sir Sior." Nodding down to the man's right side, he notes, "It seems that you got a little the worse for one of them, but at least you're up and about, yes?" He nods first to the southeast, and then the southwest, "Were you out at the Market Gate, or outside the walls with Sir Earc?"

"I did not realize there had been a murder," the Baverstock says with a hint of a grumble. Someone had been fishing! Or doing other things and a murder became a bit of a minor affair when Saxon's came to town. So it was, that Baverstock had questions aroused behind his gaze, though turned to the matter of Saxon's all the easier when given the excuse to do so. "Aye, some stupid git called out ordres to rally at them and distracted me during the fight… Spear was right close to going through my side if Brute didn't yank back as trained. Apparently some people don't know the chain of command—" oh yes, he'll grouse about it, "I managed to do double this to a few of them." A nod, to the former, "Inside the gate."

Kamron blinks at the first comment, nodding and gesturing out into the town again, "Sir Hadyn Tisbury. He was the Heir to the manor, and was cut down in the Market." He grunts softly at the description of the fight, but nods again, "There are quite a few young knights who are looking to make a name for themselves however they may." Chuckling quietly, he grins and notes wryly, "Speaking of which, I'm planning to speak to the Earl about gathering a small force to follow the trail of the Saxons and return the favor."

"I can't say I knew him," the indifference shows on Landon's face, "What happened? A duel?" Unlike a lot of knights and ladies, he wasn't up and up on the gossip. He was probably working the fields or trying to work with the master fisherman that came with Arthur's gift. Or … who the hell knows, he just apparently didn't know about the story of Sir Hadyn. "Yes, but pretending one is in charge while our real commander tries to hold the lines, is not a good way to get recognized - in a good light!" He grumbles, "Should I ever run into the Knight who gave that call, they'll get an ear full." He glances toward the squire, casually noting the size difference, before his mis-matched eyes swing back to Kamron, "Now /that's/ a plan I can get behind."

Kamron shakes his head, "No. Mistaken identity. This Sir Sior accused Sir Hadyn of being some other knight, and drew on him, killing him before Sir Hadyn could really defend himself while his fellows, armed and armored, held off Sir Lainn de Laverstock and myself, without arms or armor, as we tried to protect Sir Hadyn, and get Sir Sior to take his case to the Earl." The short knight nods again at the grumbling, "Some knights thirst for glory at any cost." Once more, that self-deprecating grin touches the Dinton's lightly scarred face, "Some of us like to think we can restrain that thirst in the most ridiculous cases. Like this one, in fact. Generally it would be suicide to send a small force to Sussex to poke the hornet's nest, but with their best warriors dead here in Sarum, or scattered about Salisbury trying to avoid vengeful knights, this may be the best time to do the most with the least."

The news of Sir Hadyn delivers a hint of shock to the Baverstock, his body giving a jolt to signify that he couldn't fathom what provocation it must have taken. "You managed to take him into custody?" asked, curious, to know if Kamron's mission was successful that caused him to miss the action of the Saxon attack. He rolls his shoulder at Kamron, willing to drop the matter of the ill-timed order that nearly cost Landon a few ribs. Eyebrows lift up at the matter of vengeful knigths, his eyes then squinting, "I'd already be out there if I knew I wouldn't be ambushed by … a squad. One man alone would be sport for the Saxons, but a group of us, even if small, a force to be reckoned with. They've destroyed livelihoods, taken lives… They won't get away with it." The Baverstock's passion clear in his tone.

Kamron nods, "Myself and several other knights. Sir Trystan and Sir Arian Laverstock, Sir Dillion Bishopstone, and Sir Bradwyn Idmiston. Along with a huntress from the town. We rode him down where he had killed the Knight of Winterslow and taken over the manor, killed four of his followers, and captured him and three more of his men." He waves that aside however, focusing in on the matter of the Saxons, "I'm sure there will be groups of knights and footmen scouring Salisbury to hunt down the surviving bands of Saxons. But I do recall your fervor at Imber. I also recall how following after your fervor got me rather hurt. Do you think you can control yourself if we find one of their towns, Sir Landon?"

Landon checked his Modest of 13, he rolled 8.

The main focus of the conversation was carried forth, with Landon making a rather sheepish wince, sligthly comical, "About that - yeah, well, I didn't anticipate the reckless nature of the charge." Then in good sport, he jests, "Though I do hope you've had more time to keen your blade sense in tourney to prevent yourself from duplicating the outcome of Imber?" He leans in to clap Kamron on the shoulder, "You can count on me. I'll maul them, at command-"

Kamron chuckles easily at the wince and return teasing, "Well, I have to admit that I went a little overboard there myself at the end, trying to take on too many of them at once. I have no one to blame but myself and a Saxon who was either lucky or good." Then he rocks under the blow to his shoulder, "Not at my command, I'm sure. I'm sure there will be a Vassal Knight or Heir or senior knight along to make sure we don't mess things up too badly."

"What choice do we have? If we leave them to flee back to their homes, even with this loss, they'll come back… again and again. We should make sure they cannot flee so easily at least…" Landon is obviously in tune with the risks and the stakes, "Those of us who are expendable," meaning no title, no land, no heirship nor vassal knight rank, "should do as we can, for that is the oaths we gave. If some of us are lucky enough to find glory in it and return, then it will have been worth it." He draws his hand back with a chuckle, "You'll let me know when you head out then? Or of what the Earl's response is? I'll be ready and keep my blade's edge sharp. Promise not to leave without me…!" He pushes verbally before he nods toward the door, "I should go find me a proper healer to look me over once before hand, however."

Kamron shrugs a little at first, "Well, they'll come back again anyhow. Unless we kill them all. But that's exactly the point I'm hoping His Grace agrees with… that a strike to their own homes will remind them that they cannot attack with impunity." Or, you know, rile them up further. "But yes, so long as the Earl gives permission to recruit whom I will, I'll look you up before we leave. And if not, then I'll recommend you to whichever more important knight gets set above us. Heal well, Sir Landon, we'll find fame, fortune, and vengeance soon."

"The last one is all that matters to me," Landon expresses with honesty, as he starts to shuffle step around Kamron, "I'll leave the fame to the prancy knights…" He chuckles a little, "And the Fortune to the Heirs." He opens the door, looks back and nods, "I'll keep an eye out for your or your squire, should you send word." And then, he steps through and disappears on the other side.

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