(514-06-23) Confessions
Summary: Two cousins have a candid discussion.
Date: 514-06-21
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As one enters the shed they are assaulted by the scents of many herbs, meshing together into a smell that is almost overpowering. For some, this scent is comforting, like coming home. To others, the smell makes their eyes water and their throats itch. It is obvious which that is for Braelynn, as she has apparently dragged a number of blankets and furs into the shed and made a bed for herself in one corner and she is currently curled up on this bed. Lying next to her is a pot of burn salve, and it has been applied liberally to the back of her right hand, where the perfect imprint of something long with straight lines blisters the back of her hand. She sleeps fitfully, whimpering as though she is in the throws of a particularly troubling dream.

Arta enters the shed. Arta's entrance is not particularly unnoticeable. It is rather loud to someone that would try to sleep in the shed full of herbs. Arta does not notice Braelynn at first. She is not out here to gather herbs, she only knows so much about them. It is rather the morbid curiosity that drives her into this shed, much like the once she spied upon her Cousin and Sir Seraphina. There had to be something interesting to be found in this herb shed.

Along one side of the shed are shelves, and housed upon those shelves are the concoctions that Braelynn has created and stored. The shelves are labelled neatly with tiny pieces parchment to indicate what each lotion, salve, and tea is. This shed mirrors Braelynn in both practicality and purpose, as everything seems to be lined up in the most logical way possible. The noise does startle Braelynn and she sits up with a start and a little cry of surprise.

Arta blinks at her cousin "Braelynn?" Arta pauses for an awkward moment "What are you doing?"

Puffy eyes blink as she shields her eyes from light entering from the doorway of the shed. She reaches up to swipe at her eyes with the unburnt back of her left hand. Braelynn seems surprised at the moisture she feels there, and her words are clouded with the remnants of sleep. "Arta?"

Arta nods at Braelynn. She then looks about the shed "Quite a nice place for a tryst with Sir Seraphina. Would you not agree?" she then focuses on her cousin. "I see you have it all planned out for the evening." Arta draws her breath. "Don't worry, i won't tell anybody about your secret."

Braelynn sighs and shakes her head. "Arta, please don't say such things." She sits up, pulling her knees to her chest and pats the blanket next to her. "I will share a secret with you Arta, if you swear upon your honor that it does not leave this shed. Ever." She looks up at her cousin pointedly. Her sight is still bleary and the many tears shed over the recent events in Sarum cause her eyes to burn as if they are filled with sand.

Arta sits besides her cousin. "What's wrong?" she asks "And what is this about a secret?"

Braelynn ponders which question to answer first, as they are two distinct questions and two distinct answers. She says first, in clarification "Please forgive me. I was inside Sarum when the fighting broke out and I… " Her voice trails off before she begins to speak again. "I'm just tired. So much death and pain in one day. I'm not used to that." She motions toward the inside of the shed and cofesses, "We both know I'm awkward around others. I much prefer this to actually treating living and breathing patients." She leans back, glancing at the burn on her hand as does. "Now to the subject of Sir Seraphina." A deep breath is taken, and she begins to speak.

You check your prudent at 10, you rolled 8.

You check your honest at 16, you rolled 14.

Arta tilts her head curiously waiting for her cousin to continue.

"When I said that we were childhood friends, dear cousin; that was entirely true. We lost touch when she left to squire." Her eyes turn to her cousin and she leans her head forward to rest on her knee. "Before that we imagined that there was some feelings toward one another, but displaying wisdom that is not often found in youth we did not act upon it. Eventually she left and I thought about her less and less, until eventually she was a pleasant memory that flitted across my mind only occasionally."

Arta checked her merciful of 16, she rolled 15.

Arta smiles at Braelynn "But now she is back is she not?" "I won't pry further if you do not want to."

"When we saw one another again it became obvious very quickly that these feelings were no longer to be attributed to the folly of youth." She takes a deep breath and awaits a response before she goes on. Anxiety written on her features, along with exhaustion. When she begins to speak again, she does so with her eyes welling up. "Arta, our decision was sound then, and it remains sound today. What you speak of cannot happen. Imagine what it would do to our family's reputations." She looks at her pointedly and says, "What you speak of must not be spoken of again, Arta. It could ruin us - both of us." She looks at her cousin somberly and says, "You do understand, dear cousin, that nothing has transpired to put Sir Seraphina's honor in question, or my own. Don't you?"

Arta nods at her cousin. She opens her mouth to say something but decides against it on the last moment. Arta then mentions "Its not dishonorable as long as nobody knows." she then smirks gleefully "Do you wish to hear how much i put on a stake once for the sake of love? I understand your concern for our family and honor but those things are replaceable something that can be attained again through work. I only want to see you happy."

Red curls bounce as Braelynn shakes her head. Her voice is sad, but determined when she says, "You are braver than I, Arta. I can't do that to my family. Nobody would escape the scandal, even you." She straightens herself and gives a decisive nod. "It cannot happen. Not now. Maybe not ever."

Arta just sits there in silence for a moment pondering the situation.

Braelynn glances at her cousin and gives a brave smile before saying, "Your turn. Tell me of your dastardly deed. Perhaps it will lighten my spirits slightly."

Arta says, "I think you have already heard about what I did to Sir Cynrain, haven't you?"

Braelynn gives a brief nod and says, "I have. You told me, though I don't see that you put anything on the stake. You spoke from your heart. Honesty is a trait to be commended." She tilts her head and asks curiously, "Or is there more?"

Arta says, "Imagine if his betrothed had walked onto that scene or eavesdropped on us. She would had no doubt freaked out. Crazy is an understatement when we are talking about her."

Braelynn laughs lightly, "Then I suppose people would be too busy speaking about you to notice what I do." She reaches a comforting arm around her cousin. "We must both be more careful. We will have to marry, if we want to or not, and a scandal now could make that very difficult." She squeezes lightly and says, "Be heartened though, perhaps we will be lucky and we will like them."

Arta changes the subject "Now, why where you sleeping here in the first place?"

Braelynn shrugs and glances at Arta. "I've done it often, you know." she grins slightly and says "There are benefits to not being noticed sometimes."

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