(514-06-22) Modesty and Marriages
Summary: Amalthea, Martyn and Evae discuss positions within the Earl's court, marriages and finally love.
Date: 06-22-514
Related: Recent betrothals, Trouble in Sarum.
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The Cony
The Cony is perhaps the largest Inn in the city of Sarum, established in the Market Quarter to cater to visiting merchants who can afford to stay here. One of the only such Inn's in the city that offers private rooms. The main room is open with a hearth in the middle, smoke venting through a small opening in the roof. Here is usually brewed a stew or a soup that is offered to those wishing to stay here for the evening. This location tends to gather a few in the evenings to tell stories of their day, and to hear news traveling from the realms.

Martyn is staaaaaring at the flames from his table near the hearth, with his half-eaten bowl of stew in front of him. He's entranced. Amalthea is sneaking up on the poor Knight. Her booted feet are slinking eeeeever so quietly towards the man, a cheshire smile playing across her lips as she bites them hard to keep from laughing. When at last the stablemaster to the Earl is just behind Martyn, assuming the smell of stables doesn't tip him off, she gets close to his ear and whispers simply, "Boo."

Martyn rolls 1d3 and gets (1) for a total of: (1)

That was not what Martyn expected at all. At the whisper in his ear, which he had no idea would happen, he moves forward in his seat, only to lose balance and end up on the floor, blinking up at the ceiling. Looking quite like someone not having a clue about what's jut happened. All rather comical for those watching, surely.

Evae walks in just as the man loses his balance and falls, but since she wasn't aware what happened before hand, she looks a little concerned if somewhat amused. The two may look somewhat familiar to the Winterbourne Stoke, but she doesn't know names necessarily. She does walk over if only to satisfy her curiosity. "Are you hurt?" She does smile though, at the lady and the knight.

It's not quite what Amalthea had in mind, but it certainly seems to suffice for the Lady. Her earnest laughter probably draws stares from the other customers, possibly some glares. Ignoring the latter, she towers over the downed Knight, extending a slender, work-roughened hand. "I owed you that, Sir Martyn," the lady says, no word of apology springing to her lips. But then someone else is asking if he's okay, and the tall Dinton has the grace to look at least a little abashed. "I fear his pride may be," she offers to the approaching Evae with the flash of a blushing grin.

Martyn blinks a few times more as he looks to Amalthea. "What… where did you come from?" Shaking his head a little as well, he takes the offered hand. "Ah, thank you…" And then as Evae moves over, and asks him if he's hurt, and the first reaction is the color on his face turning a nice shade of red. "Ah…" Taking a few moments to try composing himself, he offers a brief smile. "I'm not hurt…" he says, words kept rather quietly.

The laughter was the first clue that it was all simple fun and Evae adored fun. Laughter springs to her lips, matching that of the lady, "Pride is able to be mended, I think." There is a smile to the Lady and the Knight, "I am Sir Evae de Winterbourne Stoke." Despite the smile, there is a sadness in her eyes, but she does no focus on it. "That you are not hurt is good."

"I came from behind, of course," The Dinton lass tells Martyn congenially, giving his hand a squeeze before releasing it. She adds, earnestly, "I, too, and glad you are not hurt. We have too many hurt already, with these raids. Lysanor would have my hide if real hurt had resulted from my actions. The medics have enough to deal with, do they not? Might we join you?" Evae is included now, whether she wills it or not. "Sir Evae, might I introduce Sir Martyn de Baverstock, a most chivalrous Knight of sir Robert, and myself, a Lady Amalthea de Dinton, simple stablemaster."

"Of course…" Martyn offers as he hears Amalthea's words, shakig his head momentarily. "I deserved that…" Another brief pause, as he seems to consider something, then he simply smile. "Of course." That to the question if they might join him. "A pleasure to meet you, Sir Evae… And Lady Amalthea is a bit too modest. She's one of the best stablemasters I have ever met."

Grateful of the introductions and the invitation, Evae does take a seat with them at the table, "So nice meeting you both, Sir Martyn, Lady Amalthea." She perks up, "Stablemaster? That is interesting, I adore horses but know little other than basic care." She smiles as she remains seated with them.

Amalthea checked her proud of 7, she rolled 17.
Amalthea checked her modest of 13, she rolled 2.

Amalthea, Evae, and Martyn are all settling at a table near the hearth, chatting amiably together as they do. A blush is creeping up on the first's cheekbones, rosy and warm. "Sir Martyn exaggerates. You have only to see the way /his/ horse reacts to me to know that." She casts the male knight a pointed, teasing look that speaks of the truth. "The brute despises me, despite my bribes and adoration. And I've yet to truly prove myself in service to Sir Robert's mounts. Though I find myself needing several stablehands. The place is understaffed!"

"Oh, he's behaving like that for most people, really," Martyn offers about his horse, before he smiles. "You will truly prove yourself soon enough," he offers to the Dinton lady, smile widening a bit, before he looks over to Evae, offering her a smile as well.

"I have a stubborn horse myself, only an apple makes him happy sometimes. I have found the need to carry them everywhere. Or carrots." Evae laughs, sympathizing with Martyn and Amalthea both. "You're the stablemaster for the Earl?" Admiration flashes in her eyes, "That's really good. You must be as good as Sir Martyn says."

"Only just appointed," Amalthea is quick to qualify to Evae with a shake of her chestnut head. "I promise you, the man greatly exaggerates my achievements only in order to deflect against his own." Oh, it's on. Time for a modest-off! "Sir Martyn is one of the bravest, most chivalrous knights I have yet seen, Sir Evae. It is a wonder to me that he has no gaggle of admirers following him." Beat, and a pointed, speculative look to the other woman. Uh oh. "Do /you/ have a betrothed, lady-knight?" Danger! Danger!

Martyn checked his Modest of 13, he rolled 12.

Okay, now Amalthea's words has really caught him off guard, and so Martyn looks entirely unsure of how to respond. "I… You…" A brief pause, and a quick look around the room. "I'm sure those that deserve it have those gaggles of admirers following them…" he offers, words not much more than a whisper.

"Even just appointed, to score such a position is admirable all on it's own!" Amalthea's modesty is appreciated though, she certainly wasn't bragging! Evae laughs, until she realizes there was attempts at matchmaking there and she blushes, ducking in her seat a little, pointedly not looking at Martyn. Or Amalthea for that matter. "Food sounds good!" she blurts out of nowhere.

Food? Amalthea will take food any day. It serves to distract the Dinton, but only briefly. "Is the stew any good, Sir Martyn?" she asks him curiously, casting her warm golden eyes his eyes. "I think I should like to try that. I have been here very rarely. It is odd, not living at Dinton now, but it serves to expose me to new things, at least. And you, Sir Evae? When you are not fighting, what do you like to do?"

"Huh? Oh, the stew? It was… I guess… it's cold now." Martyn sounds a little distracted, as he looks between the two women, offering them both a smile. "It is quite odd, knowing I need to travel all the way here if I'm wanting your company," he offers to Amalthea, before he looks to Evae, curious about te answer to the Dinton lady's question.

"Oh I like food, all food." Mostly. Evae does order stew with bread and cheese and perhaps some fresh fruit should they have it. The question as to her own doings brings a lopsided smile. "I like to dance. I like to dance and fish and reading some, when I can find something to read." There is a look between them though, and a sly smile. "And Sir Martyn has come all this way to see you, my lady." Not above matching making herself!

"That," Amalthea tells Evae with a chuckle, "is a bit of a stretch to believe. Not the dancing and reading and fishing, of course. You look full well capable of those things, but of Sir Martyn's reasons for being here. I happen to have it on good authority," she shakes her head with amusement, "that the good man was here already, fighting at the borders." Her gaze cuts sidelong to the man in question. "And that, were it simple desire to see me, he likely would have remained at Baverstock until the wedding between our kinsmen and seen me then."

If he's aware of any match-making going on now, Martyn doesn't show it. "It would be too long a wait…" he offers to Amalthea, offering her another smile, before he looks to Evae as well. "Dancing and fishing sounds quite fun, but not if it's done at the same time, of course."

"Have you never danced in the water?" Evae counters, leaving the subtle playing of words of visits between the two alone, but she does offer a smile between them. "You know not what you are missing, Sir Martyn. Perhaps other than the eels, I mean." Amusement plays over her features. Her features turn a touch sad. "Weddings are happy things."

Amalthea flushes, as she /always/ does, at the compliment Martyn pays her, perhaps unknowinly. Or completely knowingly. In order to avoid allowing him to see the blush, she turns her face Evae's way, and so she catches the downturn of the other woman's pretty expression. "If weddings are so happy, why do you look so sad, Sir Evae?" the young Dinton enquires, cocking her head birdlike.

"I've never danced in the water, no. My cousin is far more comfortable with the water than me." Martyn replies, shaking his head a little. As for the subject of weddings, he looks aound the rest of the room, perhaps hiding his expression or something.

From amusement to sad in a single look, but Evae offers a quiet sort of smile. "My sister was only recently married. Sir Aeryn, she was one who perished in the recent fights here in Sarum, she was in Sir Earc's unit." Perhaps not wanting to linger on it, she gives Martyn a tentative smile. "You should try sometime, but mind the eels."

Amalthea dips her head to Evae. "I am sorry, m'lady. I hope it comforts you to know that she found her salvation fighting against an evil so great it threatens all of us. She is a great part of why we sit here, safe, today. We all owe her much for her valor." It seems the lady will follow the subject change as well, glancing back to Martyn, not quite so cheerful but trying. "Yes, Sir Martyn. I, for one, should very much like to see you dance in the water."

"Sir Aeryn was your sister?" Martyn looks to Evae now, offering her a quiet smile. "I'm sorry for your loss, Sir Evae. From the few times we crossed paths, I can say your sister was a good knight, and a good person. I'm sad we didn't manage to keep her from getting killed out there." A pause, as he looks to Amalthea at the mention of wanting to see him dance in the water. "Only if I'm dancing with you, my lady."

With a solemn nod, Evae takes the encouraging words of her sister and offers another tentative smile, "Thank you." Refusing to be melancholy around such wonderful company, she tugs herself out of it and offers, "Perhaps everyone should try it at least once. If you're not adept at swimming at least dance beneath the sun or the rain or the moon."

Amalthea's cheeks burn just a touch brighter. "I feel certain that Sir Evae would be much more adept at dancing than I," Thea tells Martyn, shaking her head. "It is a warrior's dance, I think, fighting. Does it not seem that dancing lends itself much more to fighting than riding upon horseback?" Her food finally arrives, saving her the embarrassment of having to explain this theory further. "Ah, starving! Look, the food!"

"Maybe so, but I still want to dance with you," Martyn offers to Amalthea, going silent again after his words, as he looks around. He's gotten some hot food now, starting to eat some of it in quiet. Probably not sure about what to say now.

"Anyone can dance.. whether it is graceful or if you break someone's feet only distinguishes how clumsy you are. I am clumsy." Evae inputs with a laugh. As the food arrives, she nods eagerly, agreeing with Amalthea's sentiments. "Food, it looks good." Her lips quirk. "Dancing on horseback sounds interesting."

Amalthea shoots Martyn a fulminating look. There are people around, it says! Shhh, it says! And then the lady is turning back to Evae gratefully, chiming in with the woman's laughter. "Dancing on horseback sounds like a foolproof way to break one's neck, and a terrible way to spook the horse for life! Yet, I can only imagine it in my head." A head which she shakes at the thought. "Perhaps I shall prepare a new entertainment for Sir Robert. Will either of you petition His Grace for a position at court?"

Keeping quiet as he considers what's said, Jarret eats in quiet. That is, until the question about the positions at court, when he looks a bit thoughtful. "I don't know," he admits. "I'm not sure what positions are offered, and if my cousin would prefer me to do so or not."

"It does sound dangerous!" Evae agrees easily with the dancing on horseback. "Unless you remain seated, but that sounds awfully difficult." She breaks off a piece of the bread and looks at Martyn at his musings, "I will not seek one, I will focus on being a knight and serving my family as needed, as well as my liege lord."

Amalthea listens to the both of them intently, in between bites of her supper. To Evae, she replies, "That is sensible of you, Sir Evae. Your family will surely want to keep you close." The unspoken 'now' is not uttered, but is certainly hanging in the air. "Though, Sir Martyn, if you sought out a position, you would be here more often. I certainly would not mind a friendly face around the castle. It is a daunting place."

Martyn nods a little as he hears Evae's words, offering her another smile. "That is more or less my reasoning as well," he offers, before he nods as he hears Amalthea's words. "That is a good point. I will have to consider it very carefully." Offering her another smile.

"You should do it, Sir Martyn. A stipend from the Earl would always be welcome in the house, would it not? You could help or save or.. prepare more for marriage," Evae gives Amalthea a look, trying to turn the matchmaking around.

"Yes, you could," Amalthea replies, looking back at Evae, and then over to Martyn like 'see? she's smart, and pretty, look at her!' There's a pointed pop of one dark eyebrow to the knight. "Think of the possibilities. I plan on saving for a new saddle with mine own wages." Her food as good as finished, the lady settles back, stretching out her long frame. "And then who knows? Perhaps I could open stables of my own here in town one day."

"Maybe…" Martyn replies, loking between the two now. "It would probably be useful…" A brief pause at the mention of perparing more for marriage, and he looks over at the Dinton lady, offering her a smile. "Stables of your own sounds quite nice."

Food was good, much better than the talks of marriage and hints at matchmaking! Eating several bites while she listens, Evae follows with a sip of her drink before responding. "I hear there are already several marriages in the works. Dinton, Woodford, even Baverstock. It's interesting to follow." Course she loves listening to the latest news.

Amalthea nods, looking forlorn. "Yes, my cousins are marriage-minded, it seems. My cousin Cyndeyrn to the Lady Seren de Woodford, my cousin Lysanor to Sir Bryce de Baverstock, and my cousin Heulwen to Sir Acwel de Woodford. It is… interesting, to be sure." She glances away to the windows and then starts. "Oh! Where did the time go!" To her feet the tall stablemaster springs, straight as an arrow. "I hope to see you both soon! Do stay, chat, get to know one another." Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. "I must away back to the castle!"

"Yes, my cousin's getting married. That is what we need right now…" Martyn goes silent again as he sees Amalthea get to her feet. "I'll see you soon…" Watching her as she leaves, expression thoughtful.

"It sounds like Sir Cyndeyrn, Sir Acwel, Sir Bryce are getting gems. I hope they will all truly be happy." Evae offers to Amalthea. There's surprise when she mentions leaving, but as Martyn follows her with his eyes, she laughs softly. "If you are interested, you should make the interest known, Sir. Otherwise, marriage fever is going on and someone will ask before you do." She lifts a hand in a wave to the parting stablemaster. "It was lovely meeting you."

Martyn pauses a bit as he hears Evae's words. "I probably should…" he replies, before he adds, "To be honest, that is what I was thinking about before…" Trailing off again now, he offers her another smile.

"She is lovely, Sir Martyn. You really should. Hopefully it works out for you." Evae gives him a genuine smile, warm and sincere. "If you believe the lady to be interested."

"She truly is," Martyn replies with a nod, and a smile. "I… I don't know. Why would she be interested in… you know… me?"

"You heard her relaying all of your virtues," Evae tells him, finishing up her own meal. "Perhaps the fact that she noticed them is an indication." She laughs softly. "And you were speaking of hers also."

Martyn nods a bit slowly. "Ah, yes…" Looking towards the door again for a few seconds, he then looks back to Evae. "She's captured my heart…" It's spoken a bit quietly. "No matter what happens, that is a fact…"

"It sounds as if it has the potential to be something wonderful or something heartbreaking. Go all in," Evae offers. There's a small frown. "I am not certain that I have much choice in my own future. As the only daughter left in Winterbourne Stoke, my marriage may be arranged as my sisters was. Since the marriage contract stated an heir must be born of the marriage, since there was not, I may have to wed the Steeple Langford, to keep the alliance." Evae speaks hesitantly.

Martyn nods as he hears that. He pauses again as he hears the part about the alliance there. "We are all at the mercy of our families, I guess…" A brief pause, before he adds, "I hope things will work out for you, no matter what they will be…"

"Thank you, and I hope they work out for you as well. I hope you get your marriage you seek with the love you already feel." Evae is finished with her meal, she leaves the coins to pay for it before rising. "Thank you for the pleasant company."

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