(514-06-21) Eleri Meets Leodwen
Summary: … at the Boar's Beard Inn at Sarum. An acquaintance is made and some information is offered, over a late breakfast.
Date: June 21st, 514
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Boar's Beard - Sarum

Lined with dark wood, the atmosphere here generally matches the wood. Smoke filled on some days, this tavern can fill up quickly once night falls. Usually music is provided by some traveling musician or another. The name is echoed in the motif, with several wooly Boar's heads adorning the walls. Namely, a large one above the entrance from the street outside and a matching one over the bar itself. A pair of smaller such heads are over the mantle of the fireplace here. This is the best place to get a few drinks and, some evenings, a decent meal even.

The morning it is after the attack on Sarum led to various skirmishes, and Leodwen de Falt sits in the common room of the Boar's Beard, attired in a modest dress of dark blue color, long blonde tresses worn in a loose braid, hazel eyes directed towards the late breakfast before her - some bread, cheese and a mug of ale. The young lady is young, comely and of a certain unrest, her slippered foot tapping impatiently on the ground as her gaze lifts to regard people moving in an out of the inn. A single armed shadow lingering at the wall closeby is tasked with her safety, and as such, shooting her an occasional glance. But it is rather quiet now, at this late morning hour, and only few people are about.

Sharp words can be heard from the stair case that leads to the guest rooms of the inn. "Yes, that is really quite appalling. I'm used to better standards.", a female voice can be heard chiding someone, "Anyway, see to it getting fixed promptly. For now I shall require a little light breakfast. Bread, fruit, water.", she sums up before she strides into the common room in a burgundy-red light summer dress. She picks an empty table near the one that is presently occupied by another single lady and sits down with a sigh.

Leodwen looks up, and a curious glance is shot the way of the new arrival, her expression friendly, should the young woman look her way. "Good morn," is offered, as the blonde woman hesitates. A slight shrug of her shoulders then, and she introduces herself, "I am Leodwen de Falt." Forestalling any inquiry, and in a way offering a minimum of courtesy to the other, but in fact her inclination is another. "I haven't seen you here before, my lady. Visiting…?" Yes, curiosity. Leodwen is dying to know - even if only to be distracted from the dramatic events of yesterday.

"Is it?", Eleri replies a little crankily, to the suggestion of a good morning. "I'm visiting my little brother.", she offers by way of an explanation, "He suggested I stay here until better lodgings can be found but it's rather dismal up there, isn't it?" She gestures vaguely towards the upstairs section. "At least it was somewhat safe during the ruckus last night."

Leodwen checked her Trusting at 10, she rolled 3.

"It is," Leodwen insists with a smile, not at all taken aback by the slightly cranky tone in the other woman's speech. "Your little brother…?", she echoes then. "And you are…?" She does not give up the hope to receive an introduction, and warmth flickers in the Falt lady's gaze, as it shifts up to where Eleri gestures. "I find it actually quite comfortable," Leodwen opines. "But even so…" Words trail off and her smile dims. "Ah yes, the ruckus. It was Saxons attacking, my lady." This is stated with a slightly sobered glance, before Leodwen reaches for her mug of ale - to have a good sip from it.

"I heard about it. I didn't know whether to be frightened or thrilled by the thought of a Saxon warrior appearing at my bedside.", the other woman replies with a little smile that hints at her being joking. Hopefully. "I trust we are safe now?" She pauses when her breakfast is brought, consisting as instructed of some fresh bread, a sliced apple and a few fresh plump strawberries. "Oh, yes, my little brother. Dear Caerdin. I'm Eleri. De Broughton.", she introduces herself somewhat reluctantly.

Such a jest. But there is a smile, so Leodwen's own deepens in turn. "I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Lady Eleri. There are many knights in Sarum, and Earl Robert will guarantee for our safety," she states cautiously, and her smile dims completely when she continues. "But in fact, I was there to help yesterday. The Saxons have been fended off for now, but there were some casualties. Sir Aeryn de Steeple-Langford, just recently married to Sir Perin. I hear he is devastated, and he was there as well and saw her die. Now, there's a tragedy."

"What a tragedy.", Eleri replies, though she doesn't move a muscle in her face, "Marriage is such unbridled eternal bliss after all." She plops a deeply red strawberry into her mouth and takes her time chewing it with full enjoyment. "My brother suggested I find a place at Lord Robert's court. I'm not sure it would suit be, but then I don't really know what else I could do.", she admits and looks at the other woman as if perhaps hoping for some advice.

The remark earns Eleri a glance, as Leodwen tries to gauge her tone. The moment of slight confusion is only of short duration, however, when the next words of the Broughton lady elicits a chuckle of the Falt. Melodious, heart-felt, good-natured… not at all meant in any deprecating way. "I've been there to speak with the Earl," she confides then. "More or less sent here by my brother as well. I am hoping for a position as auxiliary lady-in-waiting to Countess Esyte, but I need to be presented to her first, to see if she would be agreeable. As for other offices… there are some positions of perhaps more prestige… But you should speak with the Earl, and discuss possibilities."

"Is it difficult to get an audience with him?", Eleri asks curiously, "I suppose I can offer some decent handiwork and entertainment and so on. My parties back at Grosmont were rather popular along the valley after all." She busies herself with her breakfast, apparently not too concerned about anything though.

"There are regular audiences where the Earl can be approached," Leodwen states with a genuine eagerness to be of help. "But… I am not sure about whether such would be possible today, with the current troubles." Her hazel eyes flit thoughtfully from the meal on her own table towards the next where Eleri still sits. "And even if I am still waiting for a formal invitation to present myself before the Earl's wife… I have had plenty to do yesterday, and today I'll have several people to pay my calls to, checking on bandages and the like." An amiable smile there, as Leodwen de Falt continues with her late breakfast.

"Ah, I'll wait a day then, I suppose. If there's one thing I know, it's to always get your timing right.", Eleri replies, grateful for the information, even though she doesn't smile very much. She finishes up her breakfast and looks at the other young woman. "So we remain neighbours for another night at least."

The smile deepens, and Leodwen nods to Eleri's final statement. "I believe so. And should very much like to share more conversation with you, should the possibility arise, Lady Eleri. If anything… perhaps, if I get that position with the Countess Esyte… Would you want me to make mention of you to the Countess?"

"Perhaps.", Eleri replies slowly, apparently not too enthusiastic, "I suppose it's good to have a plan B. But I really thing my place should be at court. Now if you'd excuse me…" She rises to her feet again in a swift fluid motion, "I should seek out my brother and make sure that he's alright. It was a pleasure to meet you, Lay… Mylady."

"Oh, certainly!", Leodwen agrees, straightening when Eleri moves to stand. "May the Lord watch over you," she adds, her gaze flitting down where her hands fold briefly before her, an amiable smile then offered to Eleri de Broughton. "The pleasure has been all mine." Hazel eyes follow the other lady as she takes her leave, the smile remaining on Leodwen's features as her attention shifts back to the meal before her.

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