(514-06-19) Sit, Don't Sit
Summary: Angharad and Cerys meet in The Cony, and things don't go quite as well as they could.
Date: 514-06-19
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The Cony is perhaps the largest Inn in the city of Sarum, established in the Market Quarter to cater to visiting merchants who can afford to stay here. One of the only such Inn's in the city that offers private rooms. The main room is open with a hearth in the middle, smoke venting through a small opening in the roof. Here is usually brewed a stew or a soup that is offered to those wishing to stay here for the evening. This location tends to gather a few in the evenings to tell stories of their day, and to hear news traveling from the realms.

Court has been held and, as he's seen fit, Earl Robert has granted positions to those that have been judged worthy of them. One such worthy person now sits quietly in a chair that's pulled close to the hearth, her feet tucked up beneath her and her hands curled into the cradle of her lap. The room is still quite busy with those that linger before retiring, but it would seem that Angharad, for Angharad it is, is simply enjoying the company of herself. She has no companions with her tonight; no brothers nor sisters. No friends. A quiet smile lingers upon her face, her thoughts perhaps placing it there since her eyes are fixed firmly on the fire and nowhere else. And though she sits with nobody tonight, other chairs drawn close that might welcome those whom might also wish to warm themselves.

The door of the Cony opens and Cerys de Tisbury steps inside. The ginger is no longer wearing a formal dress, which had to leave an impression on the Earl and somehow influence his judgement. This time she is wearing a black dress that is ankle-length, made of linen, with a rounded collar showing no cleavage, and sleeves that descend to cover the hands to the knuckles. This dress clings to the body, what can be seen of it anyway. Over this dress is an outer dress, which is also ankle-length, sleeveless with a pair of simple straps secured at the front with broaches of bronze set with a central semi-prescious stone. Two sets of strung beads of different shapes and coors connect to each of these broaches. The outer dress is a very dark gray, also made of linen, with beaded bracelets at the wrists.She is also wearing two bronze pendants hanging from bronze chains, a narrow belt of leather straps and bronze discs complete the attire. A pair of cloth shoes of black adorn her feet. So, to sum up, it's a dress much more closer to what some richer commoners may wear. It is comfortable to go for a run in the woods or just sit on the grass and enjoy the view of a sky.

However, the redhead doesn't look in the mood for such things, which used to amuse her playful personality. Just a lovely tangled stack of the red culrs may suggest the existance of such personality inside this overall exhausted and sad body. Cerys look the gathered crowd over and when she sees fmailiar face sitting all alone by herself, her lips form a tiny smile. The ginger takes a few steps toward where Angharad is sitting. Though, on the middle of the way something scares her off. She stops and moves to take a seat behind the closest table of Angharad, but not the same one.

You check your recognize at 5, you rolled 7.

Angharad's face might be turned towards the fire, her eyes lost in it for the moment, but the entrance of Cerys is caught within the periphery of her vision and there's a reactionary turn of her head the other's way. The tip of her tongue touches to the corner of her mouth as she follows her to where she sits, and there's that moment when it's quite possible that she might recall her from the earlier gathering, but ultimately does not. The hall was crowded after all. Attention caught however, and being the open-natured and generous person that she is, she finds a smile for the other girl and there's a tilt of her head towards one of the chairs near her own. "Good evening, milady. Should you wish to draw closer to the fire for a little more warmth, I am not expecting company to claim any of these. You are most welcome to join me."

Cerys checked her Recognize of 7, she rolled 5.

Cerys looks up at the other lady, who so warmly welcomes her to the table. The ginger raises up and approaches Angharad. This time with a little bit more confidence, but the same grievious expression in her freckled features, "Thank you for your kindness, M'lady. However, you shouldn't be so welcoming to the strangers. I do believe you do not recognize me… I may be not the best company to you for two reasons," However, she does settle down in front of Angharad. Cerys leans with her elbows against the edges of the table, "I am sorry in advance, because usually I am not like that… I just recently lost my brother. We buried him two days ago. This is one reason, why I shouldn't keep you company. The second one… You were there to request for a position in court. You are lady Angharad de Newton Tony. If you are at least a little bit similr to sir Glaw… Well, I just do not feel in the mood for bitting and hissing. I am lady Cerys de Tisbury and if you will request me leave this table, I shall do so." She fixes her eyes on the other lady's.

You check your courtesy at 9, you rolled 18.

You check your honest at 16, you rolled 14.

Angharad's smile falters once Cerys introduces herself, the name of Tisbury not something that she can simply ignore given the history of her house and their's. She looks back to the fire, her hands tightening in her lap, the angle of her shoulders bleak as she draws a breath. "I am not given," she says quietly, "… to either biting or hissing, but neither am I able to lie to you. Your family is not liked by mine and likely were my brother here, he would be escorting me from the room." She pauses, looks down to her hands and then back to Cerys where she sits. "But since he is not here to do so, I would request of you that you leave, yes. You may sit for a minute or two if you choose however, for whilst I have no love of your family I would not wish to be the cause of bringing down embarrassment upon your head in front of these others here present." A flick of her eyes to the room before she goes on to add, perhaps in a slightly softer tone, "My condolences on the loss of your brother, to lose someone is never easy."

Cerys rolls her eyes, "The ignorance and stubbornness is much bigger embrassment than just a simple standing up and leaving a pointless battle of words and assumptions," So that is exactly what the ginger does. She stands up, "It was your family who created false rumors upon our name. I apologized your brother for the behviour of my grandfather. I offered to make peace once more. That was all I could offer. Everything else is just in the mind of your family members and it saddens me. However, he said, he needs time. Who knows, maybe he needs whole eternity. It doesn't matter how much time it will take, I can wait. However, I won't play all this," she waves with her hand in front of herself, "pity childish game during that time." She takes a step backwards, !Condolences from the people who do not even care hurts more than no words at all." She turns around and heads out of the Cony.

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